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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Larry Reid and V. Terrill “Buddha” Hill of Larry Reid Live about leaving the church and finding God. Some of the topics discussed are about how spirituality is universal and no one religion holds ownership to spiritual abilities nor encounters but only to the names and ideas attached to these universal principals. The conversation also touches on being able to laugh at our beliefs and how we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. Laughter is as a medicine and it does us a great deal of good to be able to view our own self with a sense of humor especially looking back on some of the ludicrous things that we’ve all once believed in and fought so strongly to protect. At the end of the day we find ourselves only holding to doctrines that fade as the wind and only serve as an idea of comfort to religions and beliefs that somehow must be right in light of all the other false beliefs.
Larry Reid is a singer songwriter who has spent years in the gospel music scene releasing records that charted at the top of Gospel Billboards.
After leaving the confines organized religion V. Terrill “Buddha” Hill now focuses on inspiring others to find their true authentic self. He also practices dailymeditations and has his own weekly broadcast.

Leaving The Church to Find God | Larry Reid & V. Terrill "Buddha" Hill