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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Larry Reid and V. Terrill “Buddha” Hill of Larry Reid Live about leaving the church and finding God. Some of the topics discussed are about how spirituality is universal and no one religion holds ownership to spiritual abilities nor encounters but only to the names and ideas attached to these universal principals. The conversation also touches on being able to laugh at our beliefs and how we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. Laughter is as a medicine and it does us a great deal of good to be able to view our own self with a sense of humor especially looking back on some of the ludicrous things that we’ve all once believed in and fought so strongly to protect. At the end of the day we find ourselves only holding to doctrines that fade as the wind and only serve as an idea of comfort to religions and beliefs that somehow must be right in light of all the other false beliefs.
Larry Reid is a singer songwriter who has spent years in the gospel music scene releasing records that charted at the top of Gospel Billboards.
After leaving the confines organized religion V. Terrill “Buddha” Hill now focuses on inspiring others to find their true authentic self. He also practices daily meditations and has his own weekly broadcast.

Leaving The Church to Find God | Larry Reid & V. Terrill

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TruthSeekah and all its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and/or remote viewing please be advised – a simple decision [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and all pain spiritual ladies and gentlemen Shalom Shalom I’m your host true seeker and you’re now tuned in to another exciting episode of the true seeker podcast you guys know that we’d like to come on here and have discussion with people about spirituality people from all walks of life know I’m saying no matter the background belief system all of that stuff we just like to talk to interesting people who have a piece of the puzzle and so I really believe that we all have a piece and we can take our piece of the puzzle put it together and see if it formulates a picture and so we begin a lot of feedback lately man we’ve been growing a lot a lot of people are subscribed on the podcast in the youtube end as well with the live video and all that good stuff so I’m super duper excited to be live with you guys again tonight so I want to say a quick thank you to everybody we’re at the 1st of the month everybody who is supporting the show and my music on patreon patreon comback slash true seeker you guys mean the world to me allowing me to do this full-time now so thank you guys again from the bottom of my heart everybody who’s given over there and if you would like to give you get exclusive music you get special podcasts and all kind of stuff I’m just kind of making it creative over there and just trying to add things over there to give to you guys just a little something extra man for just you know I’m saying supporting and making this all possible so there’s a bunch of new music uploaded over there go over there and check it out all the new stuff that are up every every new song I do I upload it over there people asking me when’s the new album coming out there’s tons of new music over there and it’s exclusive for the people who are supporting on patreon I want to say a huge thank you to canto Jerry canto and he he just gave a donation thank you so much man you’re holding it down in the chat room everybody in the chat room laughs thank you so much for the donation it means a lot so tonight’s show like I said we’re just gonna have some interesting people on here we’re gonna have a discussion and it just formulated with what this show is to have people on who I think would make a good discussion and give you guys inside to it and let you guys be able to hear a discussion with some really cool people so tonight we have Larry Reed and tarot Hill aka Buddha of the Larry Reid live show what’s going on brothers how y’all doing what’s what’s going on did I get the name right man Terrell no you missed it all it’s interchangeable man Terrell and Terrell I know you got it all you like no it’s just for people of York thank you guys for coming on hanging out with me tonight spending some time with me and my audience here I like to talk to people about spirituality and and everything in between christianity religion no religion or whatnot one of my friends cortez he would always post whenever you guys go live and so i would always see you guys popping up in the stream whenever y’all were live and finally just you know clicking on random stuff on facebook when you sit there scrolling click one of y’all’s live sessions man and just you know saying from the back I really loved it I love you guys keep it light-hearted and touch about really deep subject sometimes or even in places that a lot of people don’t want to go and you guys are speaking on it with a comedic edge and I think that’s awesome for right now because sometimes like dealing with the church folks everybody wants to be so serious sometimes you have to laugh at this stuff if not you’ll freak out like if you take yourself too seriously to see you guys with the comedic edge man and what you guys are doing I think you guys are blowing up I think your numbers are increasing and I’m a fan of the show minute and that’s how I found you guys I didn’t know anything about the gospel music I didn’t know anything about the background or nothing like that it just started with Larry Reid laughs so uh yeah man thanks thanks for coming or hanging out with me it means like cool cool so my background a little bit I was in the church doing gospel hip-hop so Oh white Christian rapper who uh you know saying not not not not not to brag but I was I was one of the ones who kind of had everything on deck all the merch all the the t-shirts the sick the stickers the CDs you know I’m saying I took it serious man I did it since like 2004 to about 2011-2012 and so was doing Christian hip-hop and I had an awakening kind of just to having supernatural encounters spiritual experiences and things like that that were kind of outside of the realm of the Bible or you couldn’t talk about it with church people and they kind of just opened me up to a broader audience so that’s why that’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you guys about tonight talking about like reconciling faith of where you guys are now and how it still ties in or if it does at all cuz I’m kind of new to to implant in your platform without being a too long-winded man you guys were in the church you were into the Apostolic prophetic movement preaching and doing gospel music right Larry at least yeah both you guys so what what was it like the kind of like the last straw that you’ll say okay I’m I’m leaving this this church organization and what they were they about well what the way that it happened I mean just to keep it really really really sure we were grinding 100% always have been head in the business and getting the job done absolutely and that’s just how how it always was and from what I understand from knowing his mom and his dad he’s always been that kind of way and this will happen die paths cross and so I was already not doing the grind and he just came along and matched his ground with my granny we began to just set up churches we began to go around different countries and set up churches and then I begin to release my music and really got heavily into the gospel music side which really was I interesting to the entertainment industry like although gospel music is a small niche market is still a part of the entertainment industry and so we began to work and work and work with billboard and reporting ourselves and our number ISM we began to realize that the whole film TV digital show platform thing which has always been a part of what we’re doing we were doing churches because we always had to simulcast meaning we were here in America and shooting it to other countries and I always have to deal with different leaders in different countries and so we’re already on this platform others behind the scene so then we started on stream and get more into it began on Christian TV where Network t CT I don’t forget the name of them please man I love them all audience channel and so the inspiration that we’re knowing what we were doing and they want us to train other churches on how to put their product broadcast on let’s travel my books and music and doing it doing and doing and doing and then eventually we just start to pay more attention to the streaming and the digital side of things and so when we had this epiphany I must say I was they encounter that we needed to move to Atlanta Georgia and so we had the main Church the main Church was in Raleigh Durham North Carolina so I just decided to move here and continue to keep the church there but this really when I begin to touch this I knew this is where we belong and so in doing that it really sort of just opened up a whole different conversation cuz this kind of platform you can have very intimate conversation we need a pulpit at church you really can’t have the intimate conversation right so when I started just talking every week you know off with the phone in my face then people begin to pay attention I say you know what this is really what I’m supposed to be doing this is the what I’ve always talked about reaching the world and that it you know so I’m just going to be myself and our relationship you see Larry live remember seven o’clock that is our real relationship it was the same way on the road all the girls because then you tell the he started as like my personal assistant right and we’re like the Manitou my two kids you know I mean my wife at the time I a mare and I’m oh you know but yes so I just it just happened right go ahead you good for me I think my record PIFAN II happen in Las Vegas hmm we were at the still Awards if you familiar with still awards you know I guess arguably the biggest gospel award out and we were doing something called Hollywood confidential and they were talking about they were talking about how if you want to move further in your career you have to leave the city you’re in yeah naturally we’ve been Raleigh North Carolina it’s not much thinner you know as like entertainment if what I felt my heart I was supposed to be doing personally and so I said I’m not gonna be able to be where I’m at and grow and what I feel like I’m here to do so but my issue was but my home church in my pastor is in Raleigh and I don’t know if you know but in certain sets of the black Pentecostal church you’ll leave your man of God and I struggled with that inwardly and when he’d said I’m moving to Atlanta it was like it was like this is the moment I instinctively knew this is the moment that happened to me in Las Vegas I guess coming into fruition and so like he said I just we started out traveling back and forth mmm to the church in Raleigh and then we went totally digital and as well as he was having some revelations that he was sharing with us or Enlightenment’s or whatever yeah I mean but I started shaking them tell you had Church four kids don’t listen I started strandos revelations the insight I don’t go like a regular preacher I don’t know but now when they go back let’s justify us and just eat like six years ago oh my god he said the same thing knowing that new you just won’t listen what he got was saying you know but so now it’s just that everybody get it now so I had I got rid of the tithe and the offering that’s totally dissolved even the church name and everything that was and just really began to focus on doing a digital TV and radio network and we set up the whole thing like I think you would think of some of your donators or partners right people there partners with us right here for a little as $25 a week 100 hours of a month that support what we’re doing you know this stuff is expensive proper software no the cattle going down right and then if you’re gonna put your heart in it you really need to be able to do a either one of us you know can do a very good that’s the floor because when you start moving away from some of the traditional ways of church you have to move away from that weekly income yes money that money I mean let me ask you this so talking about y’all’s relationship together real down-to-earth real laid-back funny cracking jokes on one another all that type of stuff coming into the church the pulpit was you able to be yourself around regular church folks where they cool with you cracking jokes and then it’s time to take the platform and now let’s be serious and this is what the word of the Lord is and then come down and still be able to be yourself like where does that tie in what you always able to do that freely well I’m a very serious person when it comes down to business or anything like that even you probably can sense that from talking I’m serious about what I do I am going to be myself so there are so many videotapes and clips you probably can find online if ain’t took them in private to where I’m in the pulpit I mean for bless comedy I mean the church is screaming and hollering you know because I I was myself but a lot of people that wasn’t what was put out there yeah you know that wasn’t showed on the word net where it wasn’t showed on TCT it was not show don’t and padding it where it wasn’t on the YouTube clips and I was laying hands on casting out demons and yeah you know that kind of thing you know but they there I always kept my person now it’s as it was but of course no people paid more attention to the other part yeah I feel that absolutely.i I allow the church in its structure to suffocate who I was yeah and what I want one of the toughest things as I dissolve some of those traditions and teaching the principles ideologies is coming back to myself mm-hmm and and not even back to myself but learning what I never learned about myself before I really got deep into the church so no I think read did a way better job than I did at keeping it real inside of the church mm-hmm so what are some things that is new now as far as like spirituality is concerned about ok the religion of Our Fathers like that’s still ingrained in us that’s like a foundation but now as far as maybe inclusion as far as Jesus time for sin does everybody get in where’s your mindset now when it comes to moving forward and the old rugged cross the old well you know the thing this this is how I how for me I don’t have any problem with this is so funny because my one of my best best friends better than this one sitting right here what am i well you know asked me to come over he asked me something about Jesus this morning in the text field oh yeah oh yeah tomorrow do you believe that Jesus is coming back see I’m always you know I like saw Laura Terry I mean I mean I still like all of those songs I still sing them in my person the time I don’t have no problem with the Christian faith or the faith of our forefathers because that is what introduced me to God for me that’s how I got connected to God and my spirituality comes out of there so when I sing those songs I feel very spiritual I feel very you know Otherworld and you’re not get into that realm where you can meditate you know and pray in tongues and you know I you know I you know that if I can still be spiritual with that I always have understood it to be a path to be it was somehow Jesus coming back I I didn’t think about hell I didn’t think about judgment I thought about you know this there’s a day of reckoning with you everything you sold you’re gonna reach so and that’s not when Jesus come back it’s today Jesus Jesus is back he’s here already and that is Europe reaping for what you sow so that’s how religion always get was in me it was never fear-based I was never you know caught up on this that Melvin now there were some traditional things that I hailed too many years ago but I let go of those things many years ago because I focused on you know being an example of God in my world in the entertainment industry where we are now you know I can do it if I’m acting if I’m dancing if I’m cracking jokes just being that light and you’re I’m sure people love and stuff you know so yeah yeah I’m for me I believed at one time personally a heaven in a hill and I believed you know if you cuss and smoke and gay as a woman act to women as a man you don’t have but now I have scrapped or more of a personal belief and what the individual beliefs yeah so I don’t know what you call that but I caught it me and so so I I personally don’t believe in heaven or hell like Reese that I believe that basically on a principle of what you sow you reap and your hell and heaven experience has to do with your actions and what you put out and if you want heaven on earth it’s inward it’s not outward I my experience in the black Pentecostal church was we were always crying out word for God to come come come but I believe that he is in us and he is us and the more we connect with that the more we get to experience him yeah because him more about them yeah because he is when we are him so the more you connect with yourself the more you connect with God that has nothing to do with what you’re doing some ritual whether you go to church every Sunday give tire offering your sex from reference or do you cuss or smoke a drink that’s you should focus on connecting with yourself and being your best that you said something you said the word inclusion I don’t normally like to subscribe to that word I like to subscribe to interfaith and the reason for that is because some of the doctrine of inclusion and conversation I heard around conclusion and from what I’ve studied I don’t know if it isn’t it sounds as those made it may be becoming another religion right so I like the nomination for the game yeah oh oh you know so I don’t even want to add it on I just look if anything I will use interface so whatever your religion or belief is if it’s love center absolutely and you talk about loving yourself and loving others and then they’re in their light and bringing goodness to the world and I know I don’t really subscribe to a writer own I subscribe to good and evil yeah you know and so and which is not totally for me is totally different from right or wrong or right or wrong is relative you know when that can be recording whatever you think but we talk about what brings good to you what brings good to others as opposed what is evil for you and evil for others I think that is that is what the Bible the Quran in its purity any in any other religion I believe in this periodic I know religion is a man’s attempt to connect people to God but in its purity I think that is what all those stories Moses Daniel even story Jesus everything’s trying to teach us you know good and evil bring it good to yourself and others you know and what isn’t the best for you you know they’ll stay away from those things and just live a good life that’s that’s it spirituality to me and be connected to your humanity and the humanity this and other that’s reality man I got so many questions so many questions to pull out of that I don’t know where to go first so imma go I’m gonna go with this one to kind of kind of weave it in because I know you’re like a life coach and and your spiritual counselor and I don’t know I don’t know exactly what you do if you do like one-on-one sessions with people with therapy or kind of dealing with childhood wounds and trauma I don’t know if you do that okay so so what so what so where does Jesus fit in to that with you because I do the same thing and I’m I’m out of the church as well but the Jesus talk wants to come out sometimes but but I’ve been in different seasons where I’ll go on spiritual talk shows and I want I liked Minister biblical truths when I’m without mentioning one verse at all but then there’s other times where you want to just say okay you want to say his name you want to speak his name so where do you reconcile that you know I’m saying with your personal time with your clients and people that you’re helping out well you know because I did pass the Pentecostal church I had a whole lot of different goings on when it came to the counseling couch and over 15 years ago maybe well about ten years ago strong and definitely the last seven years I just 86 that out of my council sessions I took it out of it first of all I just fell out of my daily life and my daily conversation and then it was bled over into my counseling session everybody’s ona journey towards whatever Jesus is for them yeah you know I well what they call them or whatever well ultimately the principles that Jesus taught you find them laying all over the world and basically everybody is basically trying to get back to themselves and recommit to God and that path some call of Jesus I’m calling this call some call of different things and so I don’t really find a need to Jesus folk over the head but if I’m talking to people that are Christians all of them and the Geoffrey Noer I’m on a platform that is for that I’m gonna use the map because in the Bible those universal principles are there all of those things are there you know is little muddy and you gotta do looking so digging you know but it’s there you know that you can get on that path you know and and and get a reconnect to God you know so I don’t have any problem with not using his name I don’t have any problem with using his name for me Jesus is God but Jesus is not God for everybody else you know you know but everybody’s trying to get God you know so I just that’s how I used it’s like when I talk about parents who are still heavily I’m talking about they was my my mom was telling my dad was casting out demons this past Friday my hopefully in the back Pentecost Church what I’m speaking to them about spiritual things I use their language to get the conversation across so I’m so it’s not a matter of your God over there my god over there and if I say Jesus then I’m weakening my stance for a religious freedom I think it’s about if we’re gonna have the conversation you know what I don’t know what’s wrong you as the role yeah I’d be like the wrong man that scripture I’m talking to them I say I say you know Jesus so and so and so but then if I’m when I over and I got a passenger in my car I don’t know their belief I might say the universe are good energy but basically I’m saying the same thing it’s the exact same thing ain’t no difference there’s no difference but and I and I and I believe this with all my heart if you believe something and you hold that belief in the Spirit of God you don’t care what nobody else believe and it’s not doing right and but if you hold your belief in ego yeah if you hold your belief in narcissism that’s right you are gonna feel this this this energy that you make all the anointing and you may call a push from the divine to push to push your agenda that same spirit is once Jarama what’s happening in our nation everywhere it just happened in Las Vegas they happen they’re false that’s happening in the White House that’s happening in a whole lot of churches it’s this is that they’re getting Oh God open air yeah I study I study a lot of Eastern religions just as far as like all the religions to see like because you know the church teaches us to study them and find out what makes us different why are we a peculiar people but I like to study them now on this side to say okay what makes us the same with a teaching assistant this is different but we look like you said the Holy Spirit like every religion or or every nation has a word for what they call the Holy Spirit in Houston mysticism they call it the Kundalini they call it jackie on energy in egypt the great spirit like every religion has something and speaking in tongues that’s practice in every religion tithing is practiced in all of these similar things man and like when you start clock come on that so when you start bringing this stuff up to religious people man they they get they get irate man this is what I do I deal with a lot of religions people coming out of the church right and they need somebody to talk to without being condemned or somebody speaking their language who’s not gonna condemn them or whatever for having supernatural encounters and stuff like that so there’s a lot of different places we can go and I know we’re kind of limited on time but so I love to talk about supernatural encounters and I know we talked about the Holy Ghost and falling-down supernatural encounters right so in the church casting out demons all that kind of stuff is it’s it’s a supernatural thing but essentially I’m sure you’ve studied that we kind of bring that down to earth like casting out demons is just simply changing the way somebody believes or somebody functions or whatever and and and releasing trauma and stuff that’s been with them their whole life or even with their generations dealing with that stuff you call the casting out demons or childhood think I think that’s the practical or the clinical and what you’re saying that’s the practical clinical lens and looking yeah so have you ever had any any supernatural encounters with any type of like negative entities or anything like that ghosts UFOs anything like that have you Larry Reid have you so many so so so so many and I still do I guess that would be a modern day exercise I mean I still do house cleansing yeah I still you know get contacted for people who are troubled with demons and and go meet them up and cast them out I still do that you know so I believe in the supernatural you know and the supernatural is very real Energy’s real just believe in Deena don’t believe in those okay well do you believe in energy is real am houses can be haunted people can be possessed people can be vixx people can be Hicks um and I’ve seen it myself you know and had I not experience that I do believe that a belief whether you put value you put power and I believe that if you have a strong absurdity as relates to the supernatural and the negative men like demons and yos you’re gonna attract so an antigen someone that’s gonna be what you thought up what you create it because you are spirit and you can invite and invoke energy you know so I believe that happens a whole leap you know you know but it is there is definitely a supernatural world in the spirit world and it does affect our emotions and it does affect our thoughts and our behaviors yeah yeah you don’t believe at all what I really really believe is that number one energy is real yeah and what probably in my opinion what a lot of religious people call demons and in spirits you can sort of interchange with energy somebody was molested in there holding that energy in their soul and they need to like you said release it well the way that some of us were taught was you in the name of Jesus come out and ha come out flat you know but I think that part of it maybe this the what’s the answer how’s it used theatrics oven is more because we were tall and we’re only weighing when you release that energy when you release a demon you have to go do those changes but the reality is I was in my room Monday last Monday meditating and I released about I say about 10 years worth of energy I didn’t flip I didn’t feel out I cried yeah I didn’t flip and flop and beat walls because I because I just I think that lava cycle on that demon came out [Laughter] yeah yeah definitely man but that just shows you like how powerful is it you know I’m saying the brain is or imagination is and I found out that like when we’re talking about the spirit realm of the supernatural encounters whatever you believe in and this is so much intrigue just for the universe in itself in general whatever you believe in you like you can seek it out and find it that’s even with if we look at just the Bible by itself whatever belief system you have that that a woman’s supposed to cover her head or in any type of doctrine or you believe in that you know men can have multiple wives like they will live their life and do that but when it comes into the spiritual realm man would you start attracting things there you begin to look for things and I mean I’ve dealt with so many people even some groups in Atlanta like the black Hebrew Israelites and the way they read the Bible the way they interpret the Bible its truth to them and it shapes the way that they view since I even though it it may not be right and it may be totally wrong like I would say go ahead I miss your show but I would I was saying it may be good it may be evil and only reason why I just get rid of the hole right and wrong thing it’s so relative you know but when it comes to good and evil if what they are believing and the way they’re interpreting their interpretating makes them view society and in a condescending judgmental critical it but if they see it like that then I think that is that is an evil doctrine yeah I think that that is a and I don’t think it’s pure when religion no matter what it is is pure you’re gonna find am i what I believe in what I find in my experience when the religion is pure that person experiences the love of God and and the love of God can’t be faked you know SOI and it’s in ask in them they have it for themselves and they have before others I agree with you and I think that anything that helps you not to do what this man did the other day and and you’re saying in Vegas whatever you got to do not to do that whatever religion you involved with if it brings you peace and understanding no matter how crazy it is if it works for you to make you a better person and below peaceful I’m for it I don’t care what it is I don’t care if it’s like you don’t saying if you are in a peaceful Islam if you are in Hinduism or the Southern Baptist Convention like I don’t care what you’re part of if it makes you a better person Jehovah’s Witness I had a Jehovah’s wouldn’t come over the other day and I just went back and forth with them on a peaceful tip I said I don’t want to be converted to your religion but I enjoyed this Congress religious conversation with you because I don’t have it too much anymore and it was like a genuinely peaceful loving dude who cared for my soul or whatever you know no and to that point when when I first converted out of the traditional Church if you will I carry the language like oh they they so stupid over there I think we all did every Sunday you know lost a minds and then I had to realize I’m being a hypocrite up my own mess because it’s working for someone at work for me I had to change my language mm-hmm and that’s that’s so cool man because like it’s like a lot of condemnation and stuff that comes with they have you received a lot of backlash from I know I know I know you I know you talking about your departure when you act when you told him you was gonna move to another Church how was that received when you told it that um saying did they bless you and say okay brother we bless you you guys go out and and and do what you’re supposed to do or did the backlash start there oh you can’t leave this you know God don’t want you to leave you you know now release tell me ya know that was his church when I was saying that I didn’t know if I was gonna be I didn’t know how I was gonna move forward and still be a part of the church I was going to church it was his okay how was he I mean how was y’all’s relationship any of the he know I was you know I’m dedicated to the call I followed my gut all the way to this place right here my gut said my gut said stake my heart said I don’t know how long you’re gonna be able to stay and I was think about this yesterday I every time I probably should have made of step to move something here said no no no you belong connected with this guy I only told him my experience in Vegas after he said let’s go to it no he said I’m loving we were already in it units him to a gang they may be some but he said I’m moving to Atlanta do you want to come with me I was like yeah I want to go with because because that same thing that touched my spirit I guess I can say that I knew I knew I knew his move to Atlanta was connected to that that moment I had in Vegas I remember we were actually traveling somewhere I had the preacher saying something I don’t know and you said read the OCO never gave him a painting pitch for him yeah he he was my assistant in that world so he was always with me anyway right so I didn’t even know he was having this whole conversation we was in Vegas who I know nothing about none of that he didn’t tell me we were in Atlanta for a while in the mood and everything before he even told me you know I was about what I said and I only remember this we were in the car one time he said read do you think you’re gonna always be enough Carolina all right yeah and I said I don’t know I said he said do you think you move somewhere I think you may call some city that’s there I don’t know all thing I know I’m doing right now what I supposed to be doing and if I ghosts go somewhere it’s cause God telling me this would the path and the ship that I’m supposed to make right now you know so it just worked out yeah and the reality is because I stayed I was able to see the whole thing work and walk itself out I could have easily left and then realized that once I left that God was gonna drop a piano in my head it hurts me but I’m glad I stuck it out and follow that inner voice that said no no no hang in there because what I was feeling and that manifested anyway manifesting anyway a lot of times I think that I think a lot of people have they get some knowledge they get a trip to get a revelation I think it was your gift honestly I think it was I mean I hate him I mean just we don’t start having conversations yeah I think I think it was honestly no reason has a prophetic gift I think it was his gift that’s what I think it was you know cause sometimes we just know and with you call a second ability or whatever and I just think we just we just know and that’s the only thing it is we just know to that point and we won’t start having the conversation I’ll say this we’re doing but to that point because of the part that I play in the big picture then and now and that a lot of people that still that’s a partner of the imbiah network and that’s not a partner but still coming on the videos and looking and carrying on I think they look at what I’m gonna say as well as what Reed is gonna say so I need it that year and a half for that thing to sit in me so when Reed started coming out with this stuff I was right behind them I was like yeah I’m getting a tattoo the earring yet I get a little hard time like I said it wasn’t gonna be long religiously thought my pastor was going to hell when he got earrings I think they all thought I was crazy you know and that’s okay you know cuz I started sharing sharing things that I hadn’t shared I had shared some of what my then wife at the time you know but I just shared why she in that way I’m single now okay by the way [Music] but what I was saying is I began to share Co this platform is very intimate and you put a mic in my mouth I’m gonna talk yeah and so I started sharing stuff the Bible says this and they’re nice playing the well you know I see when I first started preaching at 17 years old my it’s like second or third message I picked up my Bible high as I could and I joy I was I know I started off about right out the pulpit and if I was on the high stage it was real dramatic can’t be hold it from the hat stays and drop into the flow and also eerily and I would say this book means nothing and and I will begin to talk about how relationship with God was more important at a turn at a time and it’s so funny that I went right back to where I started that’s how I started and I’ve done it every different places I went on the road and I went right back to where I started and just begin to just make some things plain yeah so we we have suffered a lot one big thing is financial because we were employed by the church and we got a whole lot of gifts because venture so we use all of them to make money right you know but uh it’s six figures and now and I have people employ and that was a over yeah and and people said some mean things yeah and people didn’t want like because the thing was I really fleshed that if you if you ever find some of the old videos live and I put it down Oh rightfully so cuz it was wild back in the day and because I walked out a great part of the beginning of my journey in front of the camera and people would say you know he don’t need to be up there yeah he’s there and people would comment you know read I like your show but your holls he’s full of yeah he got demons you don’t need to get up there and let it just throw that out there he got a really big and they didn’t even think about that how my kids look to you as you know man L mr. Hill so they I mean they didn’t think about I’ve been on your own time and he is and you a person you’re a human you know and they told me that you need to get him off the show but I said no I want him up here because he he’s him you know and and that’s and that’s what I want and it just and it has worked it has worked well they don’t know it’s gonna work until somebody else that they look up to come around and something out okay this show you need to take it to this with every man oh yeah we always knew you ain’t always right yeah I know I know you said like that are you still go to churches and stuff like that and you still if it like if you get asked to come speak your do it I find it for for me personally it’s kind of hard to kind of move around in those circles because coming out of it you can see the circles you can see the elements of control by the pastors and everybody who wants to be the pastor it’s very overwhelming like all the small churches want to eventually be a mega church and they want a structure like that and then you got to look the passes with the bodyguards outside the door I don’t know how many you had but uh yeah the triggerman yeah because one was do you know he’s a boy doll you knows he was the main person went came secured and stuff but then if he wanted in there will be a lot live he wanted and he’ll be all about it you know but let me say that that tattoo on their right arm this is all the business listen Joe what’s there only of the this program the on them stars know that’s the UH the circle of life the flower of life I’m sorry Oh flower life that’s it I got the caduceus and I got the Holy Spirit which is you don’t and the the spine and then as you’re enlightened through meditation oh the Kundalini I love God a lot of people say these people are the apostles are operating in this time space yes yes that’s new now yeah that’s new now that’s something new I did a video on that that was the video that kind of pushed me over the edge like cuz we were still operating in church circles leading worship I did like worship hip-hop my buddy saying he was anointed man he’d get in there and talk playing and it’s the presence of God and I do hip-hop just rapping about the love of God and we still we still do churches but then I’m I’m doing podcast with people about spiritual encounters we start talking about the Kundalini is the same thing as the Holy Spirit and so I’m you know saying filled with the Holy Spirit since I was 13 had a supernatural encounter in somebody’s living room at a prayer meeting and I never knew anything about that the fire of God hit me come down my back I’m shaking crying felt like it burnt out all the wrong that I ever did in an instant when I gave my life to Jesus or whatever burnt everything got felt totally new and then years later about you know I’m saying 15 years later we start doing yoga and we’re doing Kundalini Yoga and it’s okay just breathing I’m feeling the Holy Spirit all over my body that same energy it’s the same energy I know the Holy Ghost I fell to see one of those daily of whatever you want to call it you don’t care that’s not his name well I gotta get into that presence you can feel it so I’m like okay let’s see what makes us the same just Kundalini energy people start crying people start shaking they start speaking in tongues and the fruit of it’s the same they leave changed they touch God God touches them whatever and they leave change so you’re talking about this it’s demonic these people whole lives are changed for the better after they experienced this you know it’s just a name as it style in it and I understand if you’re watching yeah you should all go with hearing you know truth seekers say you know it’s the Holy Spirit and come to the game what are you talking about I know the religious man yeah I know what happens to war but if you just look at what what it bring it’s just the name it’s got this gear God God and that the energy that comes around it’s the spirit the Holy Spirit whatever you want to call it if the fruit of it and you can use the text say you don’t know the tree by the food and the bear so you look at what’s bad and you know how long this is just this path this isn’t that path and it’s all the same thing you said somebody asked me it was a hard to move around those circles I moved around in those circles and most people aren’t going to invite me now the appointments are not coming no more have an appointment with the proper deposit in months you know as proper deposited a Plaza and proper ain’t coming no way there ain’t God the devil told you to write you know so I I just I don’t have no problem with I don’t have to go into a church there’s so much many wonderful things that can empower people that’s in the Bible that I can breeze from and I’m a technician I’ve done it 20 years and retired in the field you know so I know how to go into your church and build the people up in a way that my conscious can allow me to feel okay we’re doing yeah you know use the Bible and and there will be empower and prophesy I got to give a prophecy and really minutes to do your people I can work in wherever yeah I got good good sense but they think I can write you know so that’s what they did is get him a get an essay get about this trick and I moral support they gonna check you at the door I had dude I had I had an instance here and just just a couple of months ago a buddy of mine was doing a gospel concert at a park a city park he they rented the park they got permission they ministering to the people in the community and they’re begging me to come out like they’re close friends of mine and I don’t want to go in those circles I’m they know me like you know I’m saying my my renowned precedes me people people who I don’t know know me and they me they know my story I got to figure out who in who told him about me oh he told you about me down you think I’m a witch okay okay they told you about me now you think I’m a mighty man of God okay so I have to figure that out so I was so I was asked asked to come out and I saw a man this is this my buddy I’m gonna come out it’s in the park I’m gonna do it for him they put my name on the flyer well the day of I was like man I can’t I can’t go man there’s no way I can’t I can’t go down there man and people to run me out of there they stay they come down there so I didn’t go I say bro I’m sick man I can’t make it Oh we’ll catch on the next one so a couple weeks later I just show up at one not to perform not the minister just to show up in support I get there and the interns up you know they have their their event and stuff and they said yeah man yeah I’m kind of glad you didn’t come to the the one you were invited to as they why they said well the lady who’s over the part not the church folks but the lady who’s over the park said that if you showed up they were gonna shut the whole event down if you showed up they see my name they’re gonna shut the whole event it’s come up because I you know I talk about mushroom in experiences and stuff like that and you know I’m saying ayahuasca and stuff like that on the show too and they said well you talk about Jesus and going around giving people mushrooms and stuff so it’s kind of hard to kind of still moving them circles even though sometimes you get you get you know I’m saying beg too or whatever but it’s just about being real to yourself man and you don’t sound like you were saying teru teru am i saying all right Terrell I’m sorry man I’m gonna say it both ways all night but no can we edit that out I’m sorry in any way you kind of you you you find out who you really are and like you can be yourself and it’s okay even in the spiritual movement but I think I’ll pick this up from the church though it’s like you couldn’t let them see your human side that’s why I asked you at the beginning like was it okay to joke around and all in it talk and in the circles we were it kind of which show that you wasn’t spiritual enough or you you know I’m saying you didn’t want to my praying you couldn’t pray for people because we seen you telling jokes are just being regular person or whatever so it’s a lot for me to say okay this is who I am I enjoy like I got a bunch of video game posters and stuff like that in my background and I’m into all kinds of stuff to be able to show my listeners that side of me they say okay you don’t because I do it because so I don’t do gospel rap anymore but I do spiritual hip-hop so but I use all the Kundalini terms and even the Christian biblical terms to do all that so – but it paints me as this huge spiritual leader and people just think I’m this guru which I am but I am the down-to-earth side – so it’s about truly being yourself and understanding like the yin and the yang the positive and the negative and it’s okay it’s good to be spiritual we can get deep but it’s okay just to be who you are and like the stuff that you like man and and there’s so many people in the church who can’t who can’t come to terms with that and I take and even people out of the church man people envy that when you can just be yourself no matter what it is if you can if you can tell jokes and be funny if you can talk about Wendy Williams and talk about Donald Trump and speak your mind regardless of the audience this is you being you and they see you shine and doing what you’re put here to do what you’re born to do and it drives the nation’s to envy man and we see that I’ve I see people who are doing what they love to do for a living I don’t care if it is the tattoo artist like like it’s crazy to go to the tattoo shops and see these guys who are bad at what they do and they get paid and they do it for a living and I’m driving a truck like a box truck delivering stuff and it would move me to envy to see my people who are spiritual gurus and hip-hop artists making a living off what they love to do it drives people to envy so that’s where a lot of that negativity and stuff response from so kudos to you guys for being yourselves man it says a lot I should say this this is my personal opinion you have not had an encounter with God if you have not had an encounter with yourself I think one of the things that popped the top for me as relates to my present spiritual journey was the conversation reading I was having about me going to the doctor for my I was not right in my head yeah and I say that jokingly but the reality was I was raised that you don’t go to counseling you don’t get on medicine yeah and one of the most hardest things I ever done was embrace the fact I needed help I was clinically depressed severely clinically depressed this that and embracing that was the beginning of my true spiritual journey and that taught me a lesson on the onset that the way to God is through yourself and if you cannot embrace your reaching this all the time your flaws and all if you can’t embrace your flaws at all you’re you I don’t believe you’ve had an encounter with God I think you’ve had an account of a religion I mean I am and now I have to echo that and one of the things that I heard is when you were saying this true seeker something that I say all the time I believe at the crooks and the core of true spirituality is humanity and so if you feel more human you are the more spiritual you are yes and so and I think it is extremely important for all religions to start pushing that because what happened is there is this thing that is in religion that says in order to be spiritual you need to in order to be spiritual you cannot in order to be richer than you need to become and Ashta is teaching without knowing yeah you can disassociative disorders clinical and all list of it creates depression and all as opposed to saying okay be you you be more of that you know be and be good to yourself yes be good to yourself yes and that create spirituality so at the crux of spirituality is humanity and being a human being that spirit in clay that comes from God and shining as God in this world period point-blank if I could share real quick yeah all the time is getting past 2:00 this morning meditation I woke up when you when you have to Kirk you know cuz I came off my depression medication so it’s I’m always working on staying at a certain level and sometimes you wake up not your best I got in my closet I put my candle on because that’s how I choose to meditate and I didn’t like I said I asked myself Vincent I said it out loud how do you feel right and as I start verbalizing how I felt the more peace peaceful I got and then I could connect and that’s when I started meditating so the ideal of pushing it away to get to some time something very old place versus embracing and the feeling that I was feeling at the moment was fear I admit I am being fearful right now and as soon as I admitted it embraced it it was like and but but but that’s not what religion that I learned was at all it was a bad fear of the name of Jesus I will not fear you know I believe in God and I’m gonna become this thing yeah I have to be yeah and you push yourself away from you pushing yourself yeah and you creating another step in front in the clinical standpoint you absolutely you’re creating another step but this you disassociated from your core self if you want to begin the journey of spirituality ask yourself Who am I and what do I want when you ask yourself those two questions you over and over every day even if you don’t we’re blast them just hold them in your heart and you just askin God Jesus higher power I don’t know who you talk to who am what what God name somebody but am I Who am I what do I want and if you just so end those two questions you’re gonna for you I give I give you good three months then another chicken with you know six months chicken even an eight enough twelve you’re gonna consistently become closer and closer to God and yourself it’s just gonna happen mm-hmm SSO it’s so powerful what you said man just about what you can and can’t do and this is acceptable this isn’t acceptable just four years we’ve heard it and I’ve seen it’s been like a like a meme I’ve been seeing not a picture mean but she’s everybody’s saying it Christians can Christian can’t see and opposed to my said Christians can’t believe in horoscopes Christians cannot like you want to bet and we you know I’m saying we we actually talk about psychedelics Christians can’t eat mushrooms you want too bad you didn’t you didn’t you didn’t make the rules though you you’re adding to it like you’re you’re adding to it and so you didn’t let me in the club so you can’t kick me out of the club so they say you can’t have faith in Jesus or you need to quit preaching Jesus because you preaching Kundalini as well or whatever you mix it needs to go they get mad you guys know it you guys are talking my Wendy Williams and you talk about the prophetess and people and what’s going in the church world you guys get it everything right yeah every live we literally cover it whatever is going on right so whatever’s going on have you have you seen have you seen the video yet of Donald Trump throwing paper towels I can’t believe I come and I can’t believe what he said throwing a wrench in our pledge yeah we don’t spend a part of my weight on the show we call him a Perez butane er he is our prayers but he’s the president cause in position you it’s coming from his best man and then Tanner causes entertainment yes okay the entertainer he is oppressed retaining he is not what we will want to see is a sitting president right you know and and and I don’t know when I say he was throwing the paper towel I think it’s okay yeah that is a businessman know the business is evil and so I like him Ethiopia oh I’m bad man hey I appreciate you guys coming on here hanging out with me plug to show again you know saying your links are Jerry you could plug your stuff to whatever you got going on Jerry Jake it’s a mixture between taro and Larry Larry okay Alabama yeah born in New Orleans New Orleans and I’ve been here since like your skin is pale but I just don’t see right here right in your voice there’s something when he was setting up the thing and you were talking I said hey it kind of helps for the for the hip-hop man I’m you know especially when I got a bunch of white friends and they’re like would you what do you do man and they just sound SuperDuper white I was like it’s just the way I talk but it’s good for that but when it’s time to give lectures and stuff like that it kind of okay now you now you kind of ghetto but in the rest the rap realm it works really good so I got to try to straighten up the vocabulary and stuff you got to do both form I just said on the show the other day I said they bar for us for the from the entertainment and things an HSA but when it comes to public speaking that kind stuff we borrow from there we go away yeah oh but yeah we come on Mondays at 7 p.m. never realized or senator it’s a standard time you can subscribe to our YouTube channel maxed less Larry Reid live go ahead and subscribe right now right now and you can also watch his lab huh you can watch us live on Facebook and periscope forward slash Larry Reid live and periscope dot TV for stress for slash Larry life or you can subscribe to our text club oh yeah by texting Larry Reid live no spaces to three three two two two yeah your and the linker come there you know exactly where that what are going to see a slab when you do that awesome man it’s so it’s so awesome which what you guys are doing and especially for such a time as this it’s now okay like whatever’s going on with technology and people everyone having a voice you guys are vocalizing what it wasn’t okay to say even though the majority thought about it like they had we feel this way about Trump we feel this way about the pastor who’s sleeping around we fit us what about Eddie long and all this stuff when we talk about it we get in trouble we can’t do it we miss you but there’s a um it’s like almost like a there’s a Christian rock band I used to follow back in like 2004 or five six by the name of Emory and so they have a podcast it’s called the bad Christian podcast and they basically do the same thing they cook they come on there they may have a few beers they they talk that they’re dudes they talk about they struggle to talk about what they love they talk about reconciling faith and and beliefs changing and is there a hell well I don’t believe hell I’ve been studying it and they just kind of reconcile faith and they’re just keeping it real and they’re blowing up that they’re like showing the humanity side the same thing that you guys are doing and still talking about spiritual topics spiritual issues and giving your opinion on them so man kudos to what you guys are doing it’s very much needed and it’s uh it’s it’s it’s paying off and I’m a subscriber like I pay attention me every time you guys go live I’m watching and even the behind the scenes stuff man you know I’m saying dude do you do what you got to do I’m you definitely got a subscriber here and I’m sharing you guys out right now with all of my fan base and everybody who I’m involved with so make sure you guys go subscribe Larry Reid live check them out guys thanks so much for coming on the show hanging out man preach all right do it again we have to do it again oh yeah all right Shalom peace peace all right Larry Reid live ladies and gentlemen one thing that’s pretty pretty big on this show is you’re gonna hear a lot of religious terms and stuff so I don’t know if it’s just because I know the terminology and then hear them crack jokes about it or tell it like it really is you may not like them if if you don’t have those frames of references I’m not sure but definitely go check them out cuz these guys are man whether they’re talking about religious stuff because they kind of its kind of inter woven throughout their whole show but they like I said that they’ll cover whatever’s happening in the media with a comedic twist so those guys are awesome make sure you go check them out so delighted that they came on the hangout thank you everybody who’s hanging out in the chat room as well you guys are awesome so you guys all chatting here Kristy Lee Edward Carolyn AR monk canto who else we got here a whole bunch of people so a lot of people who listen to the podcast and where there’s no video they catch it on iTunes or Android whatever your favorite podcasting app is I get emails from new people all the time and they want to know how to listen live like how do I call in because I always have the phone lines open how do I call in how do I catch you live and so if you’re listening on that end that device you just subscribe to my youtube channel and you’ll be alerted every time that I go live or join the patreon too and I’m gonna start sending out alerts right before I go live to just so you guys will be informed and kind of you know I’m saying grab that cup of coffee and like the incense and kind of go live with me and join some spiritual chat I am helping Christie Lee who’s a good friend of ours she has a broadcast that she does on Wednesday nights over on blog Talk chill go-to blog backslash tap in and tune in I think it’s tap in tune in or tap in and tune in just type in one of the other you’ll find it so I’ll be live with her tomorrow night and every Wednesday so we get a lot of response over there man she’s leading open meditation and teaching people how to go into the trance state and experience the healing that they want for their bodies it’s so beautiful what she’s doing so with that I’m saying thank you again to everybody who was supporting on patreon helping me month them off like I said I am doing this full-time I’m doing the music I’m doing the podcasting and I do graphic art and video work and stuff on the side as well so if you want to support what I’m doing and get rewards all the unreleased music that I have is available at WWE Tree on compacts less true seeker you can sign up for any level of giving and it would mean so much to me and my family for you to do that if you want to see me succeed if you want to help if you want my music all the good stuff backslash true stick I love each and every one of y’all and we’ll do this again very soon Shalom Shalom peace

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