Jordan Maxwell seems to be in good spirits as he recently announced his partnership with Gaia TV on The TruthSeekah Podcast. Jordan Maxwell has been one of the leading forces in occult research and the truth movement for many years. Jordan got into a bad partnership with some people a few years back and ended up losing the rights to all of his original work as in a ton of documentaries, DVDs, lectures and more. These other people are profiting off of Jordans Maxwell’s work and he isn’t receiving any of the royalties from those entities. Many have said that this seemingly has cast somewhat of a dark shadow over Jordan as he has had his life’s work stolen right out from under him. In recent interviews though Jordan seems to be in better spirits as he has just partnered with Gaia.Tv to re release his teachings and studies in esoteric research. Gaia.Tv is one of the world’s largest online database for spiritual and enlightening documentaries and internet based web series that you can find. They do have a small monthly fee to join but the wealth of knowledge that you can access with the membership is otherworldly. We are very happy for Jordan Maxwell and believe that he will continue to share his research and work with us as he is a huge inspiration for those in the truth movement. His work will now be available to a new generation and be accompanied with top notch quality working with Gaia.Tv. Check out the video below where Jordan talks about his new partnership with Gaia.Tv

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