Our Connection To God Through Plant Medicines and Psychedelics | Koi 3rdEyeOpener

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In this episode TruthSeekah is join by Koi 3rdEyeOpener as they talk about using plant medicines and psychedelics such as Rapé, mushrooms and LSD in relationship with God.

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What is up? I’m your host TruthSeekah here again that with another guest today I’m speaking with my brother Koi aka third eye-opener huge Instagram following reached out to me on Instagram showed some gratitude and respect for the music we’ve been building ever since what’s going on chord man how you doing yeah I’m doing fantastic I am so excited to be here bro you have no idea your music changed my life if I could tell you like two years ago I’m sitting in an apartment I’m wondering what the hell’s happened with the world I see everything dying nature’s being killed humans are warned I have a job I hate girl I hate a cheatin girl I had no there was no love less than me you know I heard your song fearless and I just said fuck it all I dropped I dropped my job it got the girl within two weeks I gave all my shit away and I went to Maui and I lived on this it was like a former tantric retreat that had turned into kind of like a whooping farm type of deal it was a weird place bro but it set me off on my journey but I haven’t even look back and now I have this giant Instagram following a good website I’m helping tons of guys feel fucking great dude and honestly it all comes back to that one song fucking not great it is it’s not it is crazy dude like it’s I don’t know weird thing is I don’t take responsibility for it I feel like I’m blessed to be a part of that experience for you you know I’m saying like and I’m blessed to have other people’s music do that for me and by a just crazy chain of events where my music is setting people on spiritual journeys and being the soundtrack for their spiritual awakening like people are coming out of bondage people are coming out of religion all kind of stuff by the words in the light in the vibration inside the music super crazy man and I’m just blessed to be a part of that experience too I get these messages every day I know it’s crazy she’s nuts right like he’ll never lay by it it’s weird it really is it’s super weird having people know you too and not knowing them that’s come to me now I said it’s real weird brother in person and personal weird I know bro it’s creepy as shit right yes it is in dude it sort of happened to me like in high school because I was like in high school I was big into Marilyn Manson and Gothic and wearing lipstick and black eyeliner and painting my face and stuff and really gothic and anti-god and like doing stuff to piss people off like and been there about I was it was weird because like people would come up to me maybe I’d like a football game and it’d be following me like stalking me like God right like over shit like it’s fucking weird well it was the opposite back then because they wanted to fight me like a god and making fun of Jesus and all of these things and so everywhere I went I go through Walmart and these people would be following me trying to fight me and I had no idea who they were and so random people would come up to me because people know who I was or whatever right and so it was weird then and even now in public people know who I am it’s weird for me because I deal with religion and I come out of the organized institutional Christianity and with it they hate that dude they call us witches you know that well I do tada and that’s the thing because I’ll meet people now in public who know me I have no idea who they are and it’s all your true sick again man I heard about you so I have to go back and say okay who did you hear about me from you know I’m saying right because if they tell me yeah I heard about you through this guy I’m like damn now you think I’m a witch damn right I’m a druggie or was it like or pencil yeah it depends on who you ask so I’m like the oh hey man I know you shit you don’t need to do that definitely have a shady past yeah so I got a hobby know me through man that is a weird walking around and super wearing at you it’s because they know you and right they’re intimidated by you or star stroke is weird it really is man comes with it’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever come across in my life is the notion of Fame yeah it’s the strangest just they look at you and they’re just like I know you and you just look at them back blank you’re like I have no idea is it good or bad or you going kill me are you gonna help me or what are you here for a bracelet yeah the weird thing is they say that you can only like the mind can only really remember about 150 faces 150 weird right that’s the one HH and even and so it’s weird for me because like once you almost hit that 150 limit those people mentioned before the hundred and fifty kind of fade out and you forget them so people get them too me too man remember me from and I don’t want to be rude so I’m like yes I remember you me and I really don’t and then you have two can play catch up with him the whole time pretending like you know I’m and it’s all fucking blank they want me to take their number and my phone do call me I’m like okay okay blah and I just said how do you spell your name I do it to Braille if I do it all for you babe right they’re like bro it’s Chris and felt like every other good you know it could have been with a gay bro I always make some bullshit excuse at least I’m not the only follower that’s fucking like you know lying a little bit and telling people I remember me I don’t know hurt people’s feelings because they’re like have some of them even have a magical moment you know I’m saying they look up to you and right they want to feel needed they want to feel loved and I don’t want to be the one who’s like who are you again dude you know I’m saying so I just try to go and they are super needed and they’re super loved is that they just you know I just I’m not conversely like a lot of good you know too much yeah so too much I want to be able to talk about psychedelics spiritual awakening and and their connection there’s definitely a resurgence I’m not an expert I’ve had my encounters I’ve had my chances I’ve put put it in my music before we went live you did I don’t know if you call it a line I hit a bump of repay oh yeah and I want to know more about that man I’ve been doing a little studying and our rapid is great no I want to know more and it’s amazing all right so so they see thanks David so my there’s a tribe’s indigenous tribes all over the world that practice the art of Cambo and Cambo is frog medicine and they basically take this frog is called the giant monkey frog and they scrape the venom alerts back and they burn little holes into it’s about nine holes on the first try depending on your body weight they burn them in a shaman does and then you purge for about all use a variety of brought a rep a is shamanic tobacco it has so it’s plants that have been prayed to and treated properly they’re not formaldehyde is like cigarettes you know tobacco is a connective herb and the wrap a is the powdered shamanic tobacco sacred trees that have been prayed to for hundreds of years they burn the ashes they burn the tree and the ashes are put into the into the rat peg and then there’s a sheet in this particular variety that’s called yopo which is it contains high levels of DMT so it’s not to say to you blast off with every single time that you that you do I don’t call it a bump I just say rat peg you want to do Rev yeah once you’ve blended format pegs and it hurts like hell it’s very painful but it’s a good connective it’s very good next to it hurts when you snort it or so you take an applicator so take this and it’s made of bamboo and then it’s held together with resin or beeswax or anything like that mine was held together with surgical tape because it’s what I had available so bamboo with surgical face it’s a hybrid of technology in nature and so you you put one end in your mouth and then you put the other end up your nostril and just you just blow but you don’t inhale inhaling it very very bad it goes into your lungs can cause mold inspections and I’ll just blow it in there without you you blow it in yet it lodges right in the in the canal in between your brain you know and your and your septum I guess so it lodges up there and it first it kind of it burns a little but as you ground yourself into the pain it kind of aligns your energy field in your body you can feel your root chakra being very connected and you envision it as you’re going through that brief purge of the pain you you also envision your chakras energizing and then your crown chakra kind of explodes you can feel it open up like thousands had a loaded stylus how long does it take is that almost instantly er it’s instantly and it’s not something that’s you know it’s not a drastic you know it’s not powerful but it’s very earthy you know that earth is in you you know it’s really good it’s about $40 for a bottle like this which i think is like 22 grams there a specific website or are you selling it or we have eyelid bring down through and we have some shamans down here that do apprentice classes that my friends attend so they go to the ceremonies where they make it and they actually engage in making it with the indigenous tribes and then they bring it back to the city that we’re staying in and they sell it here for a discount to great because it’s made by an apprentice normally for good stuff like this with Yoko it’s probably about $85 for 25 grams or something like that there’s websites online but honestly which sacred gotta go to it like a trusted place because I came across the link yesterday and we’re talking about it now that was selling it they said he sell it for 100 but there was a discounted rate of 60 bucks but it was a ayahuasca retreat center in the US and I want to talk about that a little bit as well now there’s a few reputable ones I know in California that I have friends that are part of the facility and they do sell rep a I mean there are places that that go to Peru bring it back but ordering the real stuff from like just a random shady on my website I’d be like yeah nah this is a retreat center so there’s that so much trust there yeah they probably bring it back with them from when they go abroad traveling which is probably the way to get it yeah and so it’s uh is it um it’s legal to write for now legal yeah uh-huh okay sweet because it doesn’t it doesn’t contain at least the kind that I have they don’t all have Yoko but the kind that I have it’s a crush seed so it’s not actually like you extract the DMT with any other various methods you just have a crush speed that’s naturally occurring and all life has DMT I mean that’s what we release upon birth and death that brings us to this reality vo rock’ visit it it doesn’t have Cambo in it right no no no can’t vote ghost roots you got a cheek Ambo it’s the shit bro it’s the fucking shit what a god-like substance it just makes you feel so much better when you come back to that room you’re just like wow I just got out every bit of negativity that could possibly be on watch i watch the Hamilton Morris documentary on it and it didn’t he didn’t you didn’t seem like he really I had a great experience with it obviously he’s going to kind of trip out and just see you some type of a psychedelic encounter but that that does my oppressor from it was you know Hamilton Morris was with Vice what did you see that I didn’t see it although I’m familiar with device with device series yeah I try not to watch too much stuff because my head is so cluttered with thoughts that I like to think are important that when I watch other people stuff I get so screwed out them um but I hadn’t seen it but he made it seem like it wasn’t well he was just saying he felt sick there was no really nothing from it then he was just there in the middle of the Amazon and getting in the water then he was talking about how there’s the waters disgusting and I’m supposed to be in the water you know I’m saying it he didn’t seem to have a good experience off of it but um Wow that’s all I know you don’t saying this all of really so well so so so what exactly is the wrapping I don’t know if you said and I’m just not not getting it it is just the ashes and wrap page is just tobacco sacred trees ashes and then in some cases it has something added like menthol or or eucalyptus or yopo or other fees that have hallucinogenic or anthropogenic properties it depends is such a wide range but generally rat pay is considered shamanic tobacco or snuff it’s a it’s a medicine that’s used by tribes indigenous tribes to blow it basically you blow up snuff into your nose that has sacred meaning because it’s been prayed to for so many years the tobacco is intended and loved for a very long time you know where you put your energy you know it manifests right you know if it manifests into a plant because you’re praying to it then the plant will have sacred sacred meaning to other people who do it or so I’d like to think I mean I could be wrong about also definitely with you on that some of the like they had like three or four bottles some was like brown green yellow there was different that just the different plants that they are getting it from for that take up to cut the color or would it would it what do you know about that well a lot of times as Snickers a lot of times if Snickers don’t really identify what’s going into the plant or enters into the rat a it would depend if you based on company or based on tribe what it was the color of the wrapper yourself like it was just a bottle of powder like one was brown another bottle was green other was oh so they were clear bottles yeah yeah okay so so the wrap way that makes it green would probably have eucalyptus in it which is a lot of times what they get the menthol variety from this stuff that’s yellow sounds like they mixed it with a lot of ashes I don’t know of anything in the wrap a family that would be yellow the tobacco is generally brown and took a powder brown mine is brownish it’s the yoga variety has a darker tint to it and there’s one that I’ve had that’s a little earth here it’s more grounding and that’s reddish but it’s still along the brown variety I’ve never seen the yellow for it okay everything I’m reading says that kind of like what you were saying you go through a purging process do you do that with the wrap a or is it just a combo so the the Cambo the purging process is very quick it’s about a ten-minute purge after the water you spray water onto the venom into your burns and when it gets wet it goes into your bloodstream there’s about a 30 second onset and then you’re just violently purging but it’s painless purging but you are throwing up very intensely dirt on you drink about two liters of water before each one yeah so what about it silver the rat pee is generally what they give you to complement the Cambo afterwards to get to have to the Cambo you can feel a little frazzled yeah and the rat pee is a medicine that grounds you so it’ll collect your thoughts will that help you get your material body back in line Jimbo’s pretty hectic experience yeah so yeah you ever had like a bad trip like a real bad trip and yours like I need to come back from this right now having I’ve been with people who have it so bad were people who have had and I’ve had to pull myself together yes suck right yeah to kind of help them but um yeah good luck it’s a weird place I’ve been I’ve kind of kind of been fortunate man to like have been a lot of places in my mind mentally emotionally in the spirit realm and things like that naturally before I kind of got up to you know the bravery to try to take a psychedelic or a mushroom in my in my case because I was kind of I went through some really dark experiences this with like black magic and Wicca and open my mind to spirits and IB spirits came in and was messing with me dude I was going to get a friend it going crazy and stuff like that and so for me through my journey to say okay I’m ready to have that psychedelic experience after all the research I’ve done so much research amber Lyons was really me Joe Rogan Terence Mckenna you know just doing research and so you know what it’s calling to me right it’s calling to me so for the longest time I was kind of like happy that I didn’t have he’s not the word but I was kind of bragging with the fact that we can achieve higher states of consciousness without yeah a drug or whatever the case is and I say yeah I don’t need that we can go into meditation we can be we can ask for travel we can commune with our higher self to meet with God angels all of these things which is all good but I crossed the line and said okay I’m ready to do what it was calling me and I did it but that fear of like because I didn’t want to give my mind to some kind of demon or devil for eight hours or four hours and not have any cattle a lot and that’s it a lot it is a happy you know yeah it sucks when it happens it’s bad yeah I’ve heard cuz I’ve heard I’ve heard I’ve heard those stories I’ve had friends fighting with spiritual anacondas wrapped himself around their bodies and they can’t breathe and every breath they take that getting tighter tighter and tighter and tighter now it’s like fighting with this team and I’m like you know what I’ll stick the meditation man you know I’m saying but for me to kind of go over there and say you know what I’m not afraid of that I’m going to trust God God put this here for us this is yes like I’m gonna trust him if something bad happens I trust him to get me a holy plenty of faith into it I’m not putting it’s like everything else it’s not any chemicals like I’m not making something that’s not pharmakeia I’m not creating this this potion and then gonna do it this elixir that was made bad like it’s totally God yeah this is right here put it here for us you don’t say it like it’s a gift like I’ve come to learn that it is the most powerful mushrooms in particular the most powerful medicine that we have as a culture as a society and it’s you know and you ever saw it maybe like a dried mushroom head is like the pagan body of Christ is that ever like the bread of Christ the wafer like here we thought about that um with the work of John Allegro with the sacred mushroom in the cross like I’ve looked up that stuff I’m not sure if you’re familiar with him but then I was I’ve seen some stuff well they kind of say I don’t know Joe Rogan and a lot of those people they try to debunk Christianity and say that they were all just having psychedelic encounters because they were eating mushrooms because the manna which comes out early in the morning before they do yeah whenever the Sun hits it they kind of leave so what I got and that was the whole thing with the manna that the children of Israel was eating there would be going out picking this man and eating it and so they need that yeah they try to play that that that that’s what all these the burning bush was and these spiritual encounters were everybody tripping on DMT I don’t think so honey I don’t think so either because it’s like you stated right there’s a second you can have a psychedelic experience without like well out of meditation and like the whole thing for me that kind of debunked that is that like in that story in that narrative everyone was eating the manna but only Moses and Aaron were having the encounters right so that that’s totally not what would happen like if everybody was partaking of the Simon or whatever it was then everyone would have encounter and that totally wasn’t happening and that totally kind of know you have very very isolated pockets of what would seem to a person versed in psychedelics has definite psychedelic experiences but to say that they were brought on by mushrooms I don’t know yeah you have them without mushrooms I have a with mushrooms to your data potato everybody’s having them both and I tried to liken it to the same because there’s just like a beautiful spiritual encounter when you can just get alone by yourself with God with your own thoughts and press into his spirit and say god I’m here I want to know you more deeper the Holy Spirit comes in and you feel the Spirit in your body connected without healing well you can do that without mushrooms or ayahuasca or whatever but it is a different experience though because I try to say yep it’s the same levels of it’s not like the mushrooms it’s it’s fucking different right a friend it yeah it was the same you know Kundalini Yoga you can come with something similar kind of like if you were really breathing right like your fire breath or something you could after extended periods of practice comes in same exact state where things are fucking flowers everywhere and you smell it the writer the fragrance of freedom is everywhere but for the most part it takes a lot of practice and a lot of yoga and a lot of breathing and who has time to that I mean I’m the shortcut type got you’re Capricorn right yeah so you’re like step-by-step methodical kinda you got shit like you’re grounded it’s fucker I’m a Gemini I’m a total psycho I need shortcuts because I have no patience so it really helped yeah that was the whole thing that this was this shortcut and you have to do the work and you have to do that I do think that’s a cop-out though just to say that it is a shortcut and you know what I can bypass the spiritual work because if you do bypass the spiritual work that could be where the bad trips come in oh hi you never bypass anything you always get what you got coming hi yeah come here to meet me that was the one thing for me like I didn’t bypass I totally did the research totally did the work but when I went in deep on psilocybin like I was greeted by these beings I didn’t see them but they would communion with me and I said oh sure stick is here this is the one who calls themselves true seeker this is the one talking about angelic visitation traveling back and forth from to heaven to earth and stargazing and chilling with with their spirits this is you okay we want to make sure we got the right one you just take my favorite stuff you’re throwing it out there to the people we got some stuff to show you really want to do this do you really want to continue doing what you’re doing so it was like something really sacred it was a check it wasn’t mad it’s okay I want to make sure we got the right guy you’re the one who seems like an expert right we got some shit to show you and took me dude and I was like when we were crying it was beautiful though it wasn’t it was it’s nice it was scary appropriators I had done a small dose a few months before and it was just some little body high and you felt really right Africa really connected on a small dose so I thought the same thing was going to happen I’m doing interviews like an expert on a small dose of what happened oh yeah this is what happens you don’t saying I’m talking about my encounter encouraging people to do it if it calls them and then I’m confronted oh you’re the one doing interviews about psilocybin right okay we got some shit to show you make sure this is yeah and we went on that roller coaster dude what was crazy though with me and my friends who went on this retreat together we did our own retreat it was all timed we were all strapped in together we would go in back and be taking these angelic places and we came back together look at each other and mine was blown what’s happening dude what the and it wasn’t scary see how connected you are right to everybody else later do you all go at the same time energetically and it was coming again we could feel it all coming at the same time it comes in waves and we can feel going up pretty much like a relic like a relic utter click click click and we’re like hold on guys hold on we yeah in like 3 4 minutes come dude why is going on like but it was so beautiful man 2 things that we’ve seen and the energy and to know the I connected with the earth and these angelic beings who just letting us know like hey you guys are oh you’re afraid of death I’m going to show you where you go when you die this is where you go yes top can express God’s energy we don’t exist it dude it so if you’re not ready it could scare the hell out of you definitely and it scared me at first because I was so I was used to the little easy trip right just going in and hey this feels good to like something that’s pulling my consciousness out of my body what do I do yeah scream guys want to fight it I’m shaking I was trying to throw up I’m getting paranoid like damn did I take too much what’s going on in my buddy let me said dude just let it go man let it take you and it hit me okay this is what’s supposed to happen cuz it was like some type of ayahuasca I didn’t think was going to be that powerful just one psilocybin mushrooms like we did a hero though oh yeah it’s kind of like we call them the daughter of ayahuasca ayahuasca is the grandmother mescaline is the grandfather it’s kind of like ayahuasca southwestern indigenous counterpart to cactus mescaline and then yeah mushrooms give it on give them enough credit mushrooms are still lovely you out let’s show you who you are that’s for sure Joe man and I think I don’t I don’t recommend this is me I don’t recommend doing them as a party drug everybody just getting around getting messed up having yeah no drinking hey what’s a mom like I don’t recommend that at all I think you should do the work there’s a research and kind of prepare yourself to see what God what the universe has to show you for your life like where you want to go your goals your dreams you submit you bring that with you submit it before God submit it before the angels before the watchers and to go in with that intention and I think you’ll get out of it with you which you bring to it you know I think that’s are literally sacred experience even though it’s fun and it’s trippy it’s very sacred very sacred they showed me that nature is like a man if you choose to see it as such is it is it is a manifestation of divine intelligence and it grows these unique Matiz things that you never find in society we’re carving we buy somebody else’s brand we do somebody else’s work we go to somebody else’s school learn somebody else’s thoughts and mushrooms and nature showed me that if I wanted to gain wisdom and not information I had to look to nature the nature will show you what to do with the information will go that God will give you in your consciousness although nature can show you how to make it a reality she makes everything reality it’s like I consider nature God’s wife yeah yeah and definitely well the earth it’s pretty cool yeah she dope mother Gaia that’s what we came out of like even with the Christian narrative I think it’s plausible to say that the earth is the mother that’s what we came out he put his semen or seed into the earth and we came out of our mother right I mean that’s it that’s cool that’s a cool narrative it’s not I mean the Bible says that they breathe you know we were we were clay and now reunions I mean they took something from the earth and created me with it I’m like that’s fucking dope I ate these bodies and everything we have man came from this from the earth um so yeah so we do have a lot of people watching in the in the chatroom man so shout out that fantastic shut up to everybody holding it down man shout out to you and the work you’re doing on Instagram dude I can’t I gotta use following on there man you could be could you I know a shout out today and I just want to get all these followers like you know these brother loyal is shit do their fucking those are like Instagram assassins bro they are so loyal connected I block over a hundred fifty count today yeah just accounts that I see the numbers and their profiles and know everything is numerology the universe gives me messages every single time with every single profile I block and I get about blog about 200 of them just right off the bat one site that I found out and God is left newest are the Warriors man the people that are really going to make the call sign petitions they’re going to they’re going to show up at Congress show up at the White House they’re going to say enough is enough they’re going to show up in North Dakota watch watch my followers show up at Standing Rock you motherfuckers oil for fucking money this ridiculous waters fucking lights bro what the fuck is this well it’s crazy man yeah I hate it I mean you have a voice to that through that through that medium man you know I’m saying and so I appreciate you shouting me out man like I sometimes I struggle I go through depression I try to figure out ways that you know I can maybe try to do this full-time how can we bring it in come off of this but I’m a truck driver full-time like a lot of people don’t know that I have to go I have a family and stuff like that so I don’t do music full-time and some people are let down they’re like you know my favorite musician is a truck drivers like Roby you should admire what the fuck is wrong with society you know I hate this little Wayne is making money right now fucking not yeah Oh – my head through a window thinking about that yeah did you hear his comments on black lives matter did you hear he said I did I do bro bro yeah I’m white I’m offended Halloween man did you use the context weights coming from as far as like what ti and some of those other guys said the fact that he’s been rich since he was 12 13 years old I fucking loves TI I used to be a private chopper at Bloomingdales and I worked for tiny his wife and go do that many like I had the biggest cobalamin tiny when I was like ten years old man she’s got a big butt from escape man she was in the group escape man I love that dude I’ve got a special place in my heart for early 90s hip-hop and R&B me too bro what the fuck happened ah that’s why I was so happy when I found you I was like this okay this I can identify with he’s talking about Jesus but he’s not fuckin lost in the shit right now you’re not thumping it over people’s head you make references that an intelligent person could follow yeah some people like what do I need to do to wake up and I’m like listen to this song okay listen to Kim Attica fuck me bro was that not the best song – I was like one of the first ones that just went in I was like that initiation into this type of music three albums later here we are you know saying now you might fuck in mind that B is why do your words bro it took me somewhere else I was like I don’t want to come back here there’s aliens here and it’s nicer slot man it’s some like I said just do and so I think I think I’m need to do more teachings on the music like the music is one thing but to really break down like the science and the spirituality and a spiritual glass about that’s why that’s why I do these podcasts but we can talk about this stuff I’m talking about in my music we’re talking about plant medicines are talking about education we’re talking about spiritual ecstasy and encounters and aesthetic experiences and so we try to come on these pockets and just break them down a little bit man and teach people how to kind of go into those states and stuff man you know it’s good it’s good that there’s somebody to teach people this is something that drives me crazy the society guys are so fucking gangster but they’re not balanced with their energy there’s so many like oh yo yo yo right like everybody can fuck and pull a gun on somebody but who can actually talk about Kundalini Yoga and give somebody a real solution that isn’t going to kill them yeah like nobody does that that’s what’s powerful about your shape is you’re exposing people that would otherwise be like bling-bling type you know like fucking throw rims on the toaster and now they’re exposed to this shit and they’re like oh fuck I could be to God I was born to be I love that shit bro I like sneak attack and motherfuckers with stuff like that yes yeah I’d say it’s a soundtrack for people spiritual awakening man it really is definitely breaking people to new places and it was when it first started out I was like saving a lot of the comments because like I would be on the roller coaster as well I’m supposed to be doing with my life like I’m really intimate and excited about my relationship with Jesus but I’m talking about plant medicine so like trying to balance that because I got the cold shoulder for all of my quote-unquote brothers right um so I didn’t know how to balance that man that energy of being rejected but being loved by another group of people right and so I would go back and forth so I would save all of the positive comments man your music is taking me to new levels I get chills when I listen to your music I feel the whole be suckin time but I feel the whole desire it when I listen to your music and that’s the biggest compliment ever so I would say these comments but now I can’t even save them anymore because there’s just so many of them to make my own comments all day it’s insane man it’s nuts it’s nuts but I’m blessed for it it’s not I don’t think it’s me like sometimes I go to weird places or dark places and try to figure out where the hell I’m going with this journey and I don’t I don’t even feel like that’s me sometimes I look back at that person who made that stuff and I’m like how in the hell am I going to can i top that like when I made spiritual alchemy I was like how like being removed from it for a couple months who how where did that come from like this stuff it is next level I’m bragging all my stuff but I’m giving credit to something else man like somebody’s lyrics come through dreams man they come through meditative states of of just like it was I’m driving or doing yard work and these verses come to me and I’m not oh god I got to write it down I got to write it down deep and I put it to a song or whatever right so to raise the bar with spiritual’ came– and then raise the bar with 333 which i didn’t think possible and now like it’s almost like a fear like damn how am I gonna raise the bar and not repeat the same stuff I don’t want to say the same rhyming schemes I don’t want to say the same words I don’t want to use Kundalini as a punchline every time right you don’t saying so it’s a bit of a stress as well so it’s like I got to give the new fail I got to give the fans something but um but you know what I’m working on music I just put out a new song I don’t know if you heard it called second life and I didn’t I was unaware I know I’m because I’m always unaware cuz you’re on Instagram and I’m not as active I need to get back I need to get active on Instagram well you know why I’m on Instagram I Facebook before Facebook owned Instagram Instagram was like the Wild West bro it was you could say what you wanted right I could sit there and talk about the gods genocide like it was actually wrong yeah and I wouldn’t get my post removed yeah but now that I do and now that it’s owned by Facebook I’m getting my photo 11 writers control my my page is so heavily centered you would be amazed at what they’ve come up with as a defense mechanism for people it’s amazing it’s it’s so intricate there must be a whole entire military unit in in you know our favorite favorite room occupied country on earth that is dedicated to my page and pages like me because I can pull these people out of the weeds in a second yeah they have an app they must have something that unfollowed people from my page they automatically unfollow me and they’ve replaced me at the same time at the robot age so my numbers are still increasing but my followers the loyal ones that I built over two years are being pulled off the page they’re constantly having to re follow and a lot of them they go away for a week you know and they don’t realize the band follows you it’s a mess it’s a matter I know they got to have I know they definitely have these these different filters with YouTube and stuff whenever you upload something like almost instantly it goes through in Ukraine it can tell what you’re saying this is not even people doing it it’s a machine they have a man okay he’s talking about psychedelics he’s talking about this he’s talking about that and if we mentioned too much crazy stuff they’ll pull it now they got this thing with it where they don’t let you monetize controversial videos anything anti-trump anything anti-establishment you can’t even monetize it there’s people who are making livings off of their YouTube pages and and they just rolled this new thing out what they say you know what we don’t want to put advertisements on a video that was a you know anti 9/11 or talking bad about 9/11 so you can’t monetize that video and DiNozzo are people fuckin retarded thinking that 9/11 was like like how do you even argue that three three buildings fell and two planes hit cap like yeah how do you even justify that yeah that should be the no-brainer right I mean anybody this is an argument yeah we need to unpack Nate this whole fucking population that’s the problem here the third unvaccinated mall nothing hit it they just they pulled it yeah we need it was a controlled demolition it was set up and you know what possibly the plane that went down was probably supposed to hit that building I questioned whether or not that was actually operation blue beam I don’t know if those planes I don’t know about the plane thing bro I don’t really this is the weirdest thing with gusto Donald what was his name Donald Rumsfeld you said the day before he said on 9:10 that two point three trillion dollars was missing from the Pentagon’s federal military budget 2.3 trillion do you want to guess where those people the paperwork for that was house I can’t even make this shit up bro we set it on nine ten it was has been building seven the one that just imploded pancaked on itself really yeah yeah that was a controlled demolition man you can see usually that there’s these these explode sugar level it brought yeah brought the building down come on man we’re not people can argue this they try to I don’t know if there’s their destination in front of it it’s crazy that people like Joe Rogan’s still argue that I know that’s da dude he totally he tried to shut down all the 911 truthers right Joe he’s hella psychedelic I’ve been trying to get on his fucking I’ve been trying to get on his podcast this would be a great debate give me a half hour with Joe Rogan how do I get that I will take him the fuck on with this show this is the call to you brought him calling you out yeah well there died opener on Instagram find me mofo this is I do it you gotta have all of the Instagram followers go through and make an account and let them all post at one time get code the third eye opener on he so do do it in like so if like if enough people I was thinking about that I mean if enough people do it you know they’ll do it yeah he doesn’t know anything he’s had some cool people on he had on dr. Steven Greer was on his show oddly no shit yeah but he was kind of poking fun a little bit here and there and what do you think about Steven Greer I got mixed emotions about him but early on I loved his stuff I love his ce-5 encounters yeah right so that was that’s the way I learned how to talk to them exactly it was 35 I’m not raising that you know about that yeah you genius a do not specifics right like this stuff I’m talking about is like legit like and that’s what made it very legit that’s a hundred level about meeting some of your idols or people in the spiritual community or spiritual hip-hop you find out that they don’t believe the shit that they’re talking about oh I know I’m sitting here joking yeah I’m talking to people about efj eyes and man how long do you meditate like man I don’t have time for meditation I don’t have I don’t meditate no more I live in the hood man trying to make money I’m like you’re dropping all this music about meditation what are you talking yeah just saying now I know yes all right for me when I talk about signaling ETS with the laser beams you can surveil thank you Ben I went outside in the night sky and communicated with ETS with a laser beam you know I’m saying that we went out in some of them and they appear dude they appear yo bro it’s like fucking popcorns man it’s crazy bro it’s a very real phenomenon we’re experiencing and and something guys just like to mention is it’s possible that through collective consciousness we are creating our experience as we are moving into a higher sended level of consciousness as a global entity right we’re moving into a reoccurrence of a binary solar system that are coming closer to us with a large central Sun that central Sun is increasing our photons that are hitting our bodies our body is responding by unlocking information so we are ascending in consciousness as the earth and as everything else on earth hence the great awakening or the return of the Christ the consciousness of God it’s insane but here we are now and I feel it in my body look at all this fucking goosebumps bro it’s nuts John semantically excellently that’s definitely the esoteric meaning about the return of Christ it’s not that he’s coming to heavens to take over I mean that’s a cool narrative I’m not against it if that’s what you believe on a very external level but it is even like he kind of gave you the symbols he said that that the Lord dwelleth not in temples made with hands but you are the temple of the holy spirit in a spirit of god dwells within you and he’s coming back to reign in the temple and he told you that you are the temple so the return of Christ as Christ consciousness coming to reign in the hearts and lives of people so they’re like man I’m ready for Jesus to come back I’m like he’s already here ah bro he’s here where the fuck of y’all didn’t and then he goes as far as to say look with two or three are gathered there I am in the midst of you when you guys come together laughing yeah chill bumps now that you’re talking about with two or three gathered there I am in the midst duties here he lives into us we never left we thought you know you have to be born into sin your body is forgetfulness of who you are right your consciousness light with this battle between good and evil because as the divine creator or a part of the divine creator you have both both parts of you as of all creation there is an equal and opposite part for everything that’s created as referenced in the Cavalli on you are the good and you are the evil in this body of forgetfulness or sin you’re born into this body of syndrome you have to go through the darkness the cracks open you up like a seed it’s where the light gets in you start to grow then you blossom this is us getting our fucking shattered return you know we’re kicking ass yeah it’s part of it be like without going through the darkness man without going through the dark night of the soul and dealing with all of the confusion and stuff and being able to see the light and being touched by Christ or finding spirituality like you don’t have nothing to contrast okay that’s the darkness this is the beautiful light you know right so in the midst of that this Satan figure or the darkness of my past was used to show me how beautiful the light is oh yeah you never know you wouldn’t know you don’t no idea it would mean it would be fucking meaningless we all came from a place of love and life yeah it makes no sense for us to incarnate here to experience darkness why we fucking came here to learn and evolve we had to come here to do that we couldn’t do that where we came from we were all sitting around bored like hey you know what’s a good idea truth let’s go down to this war-torn 3v piece of shit plan it’s really pretty but the people suck most places let’s go down in carnate times of war with full amnesia and just see how it plays out it’s gonna God know what in those heightened experiences man you get a glimpse of a woman where you really are right now oh yeah it was a beautiful place none your higher self like when you commune with that it’s it’s weird man but it’s like somebody like you’re looking down at yourself hang in there dude you don’t say it like you got ya like a kid you’re like I feel that into you at this do it you can hear it it’s like I mean even the scripture says that we right now are seated in heavenly places with Christ we are at Silas arm the Mystics Manley P hauling these guys we’ll break it down and show you that the ancients believed that that we correlate with the planets that oh and the star is all bodies that the heavens are us yeah like the way that they move is what we go through and that we are we are the embodiment of what’s going on in the heavenlies as above so below as with that fella it’s definitely going on there fat it’s definitely going on within our body because we are the temple final it ain’t the way the scriptures say that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and our whole body is a picture of the solar system our whole body yeah when it says that talking about the temple like that the shirt of gosh yeah everything dude your ribcage bowing down to the heart which is the throne of God God lives in your heart to dude like all of this stuff is taking place within your body dude the seat of the soul her die man your lungs like everything is a representation of those those scriptures man as within so without like they it’s coated man it’s coated with this I wish the Bible was not so fucking coat like dude you realize people are reading it bleeding that word by word and people are dying because of it how fucking annoying is that I did an honest annoying as shit dude this guy can t there’s people out there right now there’s people out there right now looking for Noah’s Ark the going on excavations trying to find our dude they’re trying to find these disciples and they’re trying to find the the burial remains of these these these are kings and stuff and anything that that’s what it’s about like that’s like if you find it that’s going to give the legitimacy to this book no you know that it won’t even do cuz you know what they did when they found all the giant remains in America you know what the Smithsonian didn’t 1891 Commission to all of them to be something removed from the planet they destroyed all the evidence they do not want us knowing our past they actually fear us learning who we are if we knew who we were you think we’d really allow fuckin war on this planet record– like I am this planet yeah they’re killing me and you and everybody else what what gives legitimacy to that book is a life transformed by reading it applying the principles and knowing who you are in those stories like those stories are not about King David they’re not about Solomon and now they’re all I gave you yeah tell that story man your spiritual experience like when you read about them fighting the other nations those are the nations in your life are different strongholds and stuff outside of you that will come at you to steal your peace to steal your mind to steal your joy you have to come yeah you have to actually go to war like the Israelites went to war with these nations if you do the breakdown and you look up the Hebrew terms of those nations and what like right like they’re part to your ego exactly and the free every words will tell you what they represent right it’s so crazy man people should read the code the Kabbalah they should read the Cavalli on they should even read the Torah people should just be reading and they should be yo you sir are the one who exposed me to the term which is what to call when you when you take abroad it was your one of your CDs I think it was Alan Watts talking a broad range of information and you show me favoritism dog that was you you thought me that route or go that’s not now I taught like fifty thousand people that what it’s about it’s about its armies oh dude it’s about I mean why isn’t it why are we all saying the same thing but you guys are caught up on the terms no you didn’t mind like guarding man you didn’t use the right terminology man you know I’m saying so we have to get past that we have to quit acting like we own the phrases in the terms and in the science behind it we don’t own none of advantages you know with with I guess the Tower of Babel or what they say when everybody’s you know speech was what’s changed and stuff we are looking at the same thing but we call it something different and then we get mad we’re talking about the same thing whether it’s like I said the Kundalini that the Holy Spirit man Qigong beauty you know there’s a lot to be said about ki Gong and the way that people are able to yeah I saw this guy man obsessed this Chi or is prana into fire on papers you ever seen some shit like that John then I blow your mind what’s that about it does I want to like shit on fire does and I thought you know what it does and I’ve tried it and I know a lot of people in the spiritual awakening they see that video and they get hopeful that they can do it I spent a lot of time on that stuff and people are really big into it um there are videos exposing that guy there all right yeah there always is yeah so that that’s the thing too we can be like you know what I want to levitate it’s really I do think that’s possible think about the kabbalah on bro think about it states that you get the reality that you create so i’m assuming if you practice breathing for a long enough period of time like maybe like you know jesus and a fucking cave or some shit like that i think it would work well they’ve seen the early um priests and popes and stuff these dudes that there’s paintings of these guys levitating there’s accounts of these guys levitating through town like flying through town there was a monthly that yeah dude there was a movie called The Flying Nun and it was about this this lady who they couldn’t keep to the earth like she was always finally levitating they put her in a chair tied her to a chair that the chair starts flying and ER like hammer the chair to the floor Phoenix telling stories in these accounts man of people doing it but I will say that that stuff’s cool I spent a lot of time doing that dad I don’t I don’t think that’s the the end result you know yeah I think there’s I think there’s a lot more spiritual discipline that you can get into that will affect your life more than trying to levitate to like help people as going into dreams and trans granular done as well man so I agree with you yeah cuz I more practice always been always trying to try to turn the little uh wheels in like you don’t say metal and trying to bend it and pull and there’s mean it is your mind that bends the spoon if the spoon ever bends it’s your mind that does it yeah it is your matter add it out so this would you would take through talking about like like us actually creating our own reality we definitely create it on a on a small level of like what we think is true what we think is is real like whatever we’ve been taught whatever we experience man we we create that whether it’s through indoctrination of we think of like our religion is right and only right like to us in our psyche like we’re hundred percent right like radical extremist Muslims who are killing Christians and and want to kill other people like in their mind they think it’s right man like they think that that is the truth man because that’s what they’ve been but do you think that it’s because yeah see that’s that that’s the problem I’m having it’s not that people believe things I think that people could even believe killing was right in some way it could be justified for them always yeah it’s all subjective but what’s wrong is that we have indoctrination systems in place like organized religion that take true spirituality which is simply loving everything that there is and being at peace within yourself and knowing yourself you know the only real like law that there is like don’t harm a fucking thing but it’s been corrupted by people that have a lot of money to make off this shit and they keep us enslaved buying capturing our minds which is the real problem because Christ consciousness is constantly evolving like he lives within you he wants a vessel to express himself if people are telling you who to be Christ’s conch this has no one to actor you’re no longer a vessel for God you’re a vessel for ideologies they’re placed on you by a system and that becomes incredibly dangerous just like you sure man love is more like that yes like duh like it’s pretty much what Jesus said you see a fucking good person huh don’t be an asshole don’t be an asshole isn’t if you like what would he do he would not pay taxes that’s a fact yeah Jesus would not pay fucking cat you realize he’d be considered a terrorist oh yeah definitely definitely my favorite part of the Bible is when he walked into the temples and overturned the cables and the people were selling doves oh yeah something like this something that you had to bring to the table that’s kind of like the shortcut thing we’re talking about the shortcut and so these people were taking shortcuts like you know what man I didn’t I didn’t bring a goat I didn’t bring a calf or whatever the case is so I’m just gonna buy one present it and go about my way he’s like nah I don’t want you to lip service I want your heart man you have to like really bring yourself you have to bring your heart to the table man all that stuff is symbolic like I said about our lives and about that us I mean you’re I’m saying like the Israelites bowing down to the golden calf ah God only crazy we have golden calves in our lives that we bow down to on a daily basis and we have to overcome we have to smash the idols we have to destroy that stuff so we have to be spiritually aware to be able to see it like man I’m overly infatuated with this money or shop you know saying like I have this on my life that I have to deal with and if I want to go to the next level spiritually I have to deal with it and that’s when I better have you ever thought of a possession like the term possession like I own something right that’s my possession but what does that share in common with the demonic world right something that possesses you or possesses your spirit I think that’s why we talk a lot about not worshiping things that are like man-made ideologies and golden caps and all this bullshit like you worship yourself by loving all of life because all of that life is a representation of you yeah you’re just broadcasting it to this reality so you can experience how to become whole again yeah and then we have these systems in place that trick us into killing each other in the name of God yeah it doesn’t even make sense but like all of the connections in all of the warfare and the thoughts it’s it’s all in your mind like you’re you’re over infatuation with tattoos with the way people view you whatever it is people are different man like we let these strongholds us with the Bible calls it thought forms and imaginations that exalt themselves above the knowledge of God above Christ we let them come in and rule our heart and we continually think about them all day we give them energy we create them innate and they possess us we are possessed by an outside influence of something that we think matters not saying that anything is bad like the tattoos in the shopping and none of that stuff is bad but when it possesses us and it has our thoughts and the majority of the day that’s sin dude that’s in addiction forgetfulness is who you are yes then forgetfulness of who you are because in your real cell you’re not going to go out and spend your time which equals the money you spend on the fucking Nikes you buy if you knew who you were in hell before you or you wouldn’t have that a whole day yeah for to buy that and then you’ve been thinking about it ridiculous it’s an acute ego that wants it right like I don’t I don’t wear shoes that’s something cool about me bro yeah you of course are earthing right a lot of store when it’s warm yeah I can’t do shoes anymore broad better dies so I’d have worn shoes and about a year and a half and I live in the jungle so it’s nice not wearing shoes there’s no human mates should hurt you but I couldn’t imagine having pairs of shoes that cost $150 it doesn’t even make sense no that’s just crazy man hey do talk a little bit about your girl man because I know you guys seem really happy together Keep Calm I come up here I see I see pictures I see video okay yeah man you guys I should go she’s um so she’s Brazilian I lucked out I don’t know it sounds really really smart she’s really smart she’s uh she has a background in healing arts she works with energy she is a yoga teacher we met in it’s fucking nuts dude I took it was mushroom season in South America I ate a bunch of mushrooms and I ended up in New York and someone got me a plane ticket I ended up in New York wish I had some friends and family whatnot and it didn’t I just got a ticket to LA to go to my friend Brandi and then Maya just was living with Brandi and so I was staying in Beverly Hills which I’m super out of place despite my fucking surfer boy haircut that is not a place for me we were like right in front of like Larry Flynt productions was what our Broadway it was like our Overlook was Larry Flynt I guess to think about porn studios the whole time over there is great yeah so this is my uh my love a little that’s true hi um so yeah here you can kind of hear um so yes so we met in LA and Maya was kind of like yeah fuck society uh but all of this working to pay bills she had so many things like she had a car two cars when I met her like it was just silly like one of the cars got repo’d and we were just out of money and I was like shit we need to go back to South America so both of us just got in the car and drove down here through Mexico through Guatemala through Honduras through Costa Rica through Panama we just kept going there’s one man that we got rid of it man we did it dude because I was already living down here and I like to choose from Brazil so she speaks a little bit of Spanish but it’s pretty good and I speak Spanish so it worked out well and eventually we’re gonna end up in Brazil we’re trying to build sustainable communities that we can help people reconnect to nature because to me it’s like like I said this is a manifestation of divine intelligence I see the earth being harmed and I think a lot of us feel sense of obligation to respond and if you want to respond with love you know you look at the tree was a tree – it gives people food give them a home you know how is his nature like it gives birds a place to have their young I feel responsibility for what’s going on in the planet I think that the reason that Earth is in shambles because we’ve allowed as a race to long people to perpetuate Wars and famine for money and profits and I think that the only way to respond to that is on the opposite end of the totem pole which is give give people knowledge give them a place to live give them a home give them a new way of life give them a fucking option because nobody has an option anymore nobody knows what to do they’re like I have family I have kids they’re forcing me to vaccinate them yeah I’m like what the fuck is going on it’s just like these your children bro yeah what are we doing have you are you are you familiar with the Venus Project I am yeah I like them I like them a lot yeah they’re nice sorry My yes this is I am yes we just want to introduce them yeah you can find her on how are you he’s watching us on skype and ankles you guys can um you can follow my it hi our yoga on Instagram and she’s got a lot of solution my are healing arts ma y AR a healing arts one word on Instagram awesome everybody go follow them definitely if anybody has any questions I know you got to chatting in the chat room but if anybody has any questions for koi or myself let us know man we’ll try to answer some of these questions and ask him oh yeah I’m open yeah the whole deal everybody’s in here talking how many people are tuned in it’s showing me 31 actually watching in the stream but it’s always like way more than that as soon as I get off it like the number like goes crazy you know exact but like right now it’s showing that I started one here in the chat so that there’s that um we got a lot of people a lot of you know a lot of a lot of trolls out there you gotta let people show there’s so many trolls is they get paid for this yeah there’s that then you basically get a lot of good kick out of it my god I got people that like as soon as you post something they’re gonna troll it and they’re going to be funny and you can you can laugh with them but it’s like that it’s like okay do that’s okay some stuff you know there are definitely some dicks there’s a whole campaign against the truth movement right now discrediting like the platter it’s bullshit and all of this craziness that’s nuts yeah so um with the whole the whole ce-5 man like what is your what is your experiences with that like have you went out and meditated and they show up and sin until have had to communication we’re like what was your experiences with that do you remember the Lionsgate portal of like eight eight was it bigger than eight or maybe eight something okay so I had this experience we’re at a chanting circle in Central Park I was doing these um I was working I my friends had these events that they held and I was going to them they’re conscious networking events like meeting of the minds and stand Amanda Levin Ryan does some and vegan take over and all my Instagram cam so we went to one of these meetings and my boy Kyle whose future world healing on Instagram he like just pulled us off to the side me and this girl I started dating named Corrine and we went aside and started meditating and there were these people chanting over by the Ovilus from central heart central parts behind the museum and they were all chanting and singing in light language and this hole in the sky I opened up and there were just a whole bunch of people that were right there but I don’t know maybe they I don’t know if they saw it enough this whole opened up and there was a spaceship over it’s a big triangle spaceship and it was insane I mean the clouds just parted and there was a fucking triangular spaceship over us could have possibly been a pyramid shape couldn’t she above it it was massive there are videos of those things appear in man the big image enchain yeah they look like pyramids yeah this videos everything the fucking bananas I don’t even know it’s weird because like they communicate telepathically like a lot have we heard them yeah I started talking – oh really yeah that’s the thing bill likes in messages man okay no we have soul conversations with them Kyle was just chatting away in his head we could mean brain can hear what Kyle was saying Kyle was talking to that yeah it was pretty intense yeah it is man it’s awesome it’s beautiful it’ll that that happened to me when I started seeing him and him appear and I tried to talk to I didn’t have nobody to talk to me I was calling jamie-lynn and like trying to call his branch and I got in touch with his secretary Nate who like would talk to me and I’m just finding other people on on Facebook who are like going out with night-vision goggles and making contact and seeing them appear and stuff and I’m like I have to talk to somebody about this stuff man you know I’m saying I can’t talk to these people down here anything I’m crazy but I bet it something I said I’ve had a handful of people go out with me and have these encounters as well but um yeah you always need somebody to talk to and that’s kind of like why we’re doing this interview right so that people like look you have any experiences you can kind of hear what we did what helped us you know um with that being said we do have a question I’m gonna go to this question I think it’s from somebody named Rehan I’m I think that’s how you pronounce the name but it says question for someone who just started on the path of spirituality where you recommend I start now let you answer that first what would you say people started okay becoming is ignorance being is enlightenment in order to become but we already are we have to unlearn what we believe we’ve learned because listening to other people’s ideas about what is is not the way that we see divine intelligence act Li you don’t see a tree say I can’t grow here this other tree says I can’t grow here you see two trees and the biggest one just makes it it grows on its own it doesn’t it doesn’t care about the opinion of the tree next to it you do tree stuff in like just B and just grow your own way don’t listen to anything the name but he says about anything harm nothing and just B is becoming ear B says they want to become more aware what the fuck you want to become more aware for you’re already aware you’re everything that you think but gets all you you don’t need to become that yeah that’s a big mistake we make especially in organized religions they tell you that you’re not worthy and believing that it can prevent you from growing into what you should be or good be or already are underneath your belief system and thought yeah what about any resources man what are some documentaries that all books that helped you I know you mentioned a kabali on yeah I really liked Cavalia I just think it’s great to have a list of rules for this planet I somehow agreed to incarnate on so it’s like the Cabal yawns great it’s a free pdf available for anybody listen you know once check it out it’s just Google Cavalli on PDF and it’ll give you a free one you can download at iBooks or any other browser you have with download it to your phone I liked DNA of the gods because I think that it’s super important for people to realize that there is other entities in existence and other there are forces that we are not taught of and I think it’s important that people break out of the typical ideology Terence Mckenna like we mentioned he’s great you’ll be cracking out but yeah he does McKinney’s know he know that because he he believes that that the plan medicine in the mushrooms are here for us to connect with these angelic entities I kind of agree I do too Mac because when you dedicate in touch with it’s like a walkie-talkie man it’s like it’s like a like this is what they chose man for us to communicate money or something crazy deep level oh yeah mushrooms mushroom spores are the only things the only things in existence that I am aware of that are designed to survive the vacuum of space yeah think about that yeah they’re spores now say you wanted to infect a house with the Spore how would you do it you would take an injector and you would inject them into the house if you wanted to inject the cell with the spore you would do the same take an injector and inject the cell you want to inject an earth with something that’s going to expand consciousness what are you going to do you’re going to inject it into the earth from space from the outside it’s almost like the same people that may have had something to do with our creation are helping us expand our consciousness maybe to stop wars right because I’m sure they’re all sick of it too the watch is like what the fuck is this guys we gave you we gave you hemp and you’re fighting over oil piss bananas yeah I agree man so I guess we got a couple more questions here someone wants to know how do you overcome or get rid of addictions addictions are rough okay so so I guess it’s a gets us a segue for you kind of you know you kind of sent me a message about how you overcame your addictions – yeah we’ll talk about that I don’t know if you want yeah okay so so I was uh I was recently involved in writing a story for a book that my friend is writing or I had just finished writing the name of the book is the psychedelic anthology and it’s a compilation of people’s experiences with entheogens and volusion psychedelics to kind of just give people a full spectrum [Music] information or experience that they can then take and apply to their own lives with a little bit of research because I do think that people should have knowledge what they’re doing to the bodies prior to doing so I wrote this story for the that book which you can find on WWF psychedelic anthology calm and the story was about how I kicked heroin addiction with LSD so I was addicted to every drug known to man pretty much meth crack cocaine pills benzos I was so fucked up and then big pharma of course in school had me all worked up on pills to Ritalin and all that it’s such a mess dude it’s like a flower won’t grow you don’t change the flower you change the flowers environment but anyway that’s another story so I was predisposed to addiction from young age just going through the public school system and so I’d become heavily dependent on on heroin when I went to Colorado for the first time and when I got that to me or my parents kind of rescued me from Denver so I was a fuckin mess and I had this experience of LSD I took a very large dose six legs of some very very clean I think it was called white fluff it had little Looney Tunes characters on the tabs and and I just had a fantastic experience where I was totally shown what I was really made of I was I mean man I was slugging incredible I went through the roof I was looking at myself through infinite eyes you know room made of lenses that I could see all of existence and feel all of existence and experience all of existence in one single moment and I was reminded of who I was and not so long before that I’d slipped off my wrist I have three scars on this arm and three scars under some pretty pretty deep scars I didn’t think that I was really gonna be able to make it here because earth is a war zone emotionally physically this is like a harsh climate for for people to experience and LSD showed me that this was just an experience that I was having and that there were ways around it a lot of our desire to do drugs stems from number one in stem to diet our diets are so fucked up we get so depressed when we eat shits been tortured to do like I’m not even a vegan I’m just not a fucking asshole like these cows are like tortured grow and then this shit goes into your fucking system you energetically pick up what they’re eating you feel depressed and then we’re taught as a society that there’s a way out the way out is fun from with suitable or drug street drugs so I struggle with cigarette addiction that’s my personal vice right now it’s really hard to me so changing environment is super important if you want to kick an addiction so one time when I kicked our own addiction I took a sheet of acid I don’t recommend this dish you’re totally fucked please don’t do this I took a sheet of acid over like three days they went into the wilderness of the Rockies just for like a couple days and kind of decompressed and it showed me like okay nature is more important to me but I almost died doing it it’s too much acid the second time it’s really peaceful yet stupid I was just I didn’t care I get so much but when you come back from that place like you know what are this isn’t that bad you’ve shown what you’re facing like a lot of that addiction stems from not wanting to face your problems and feeling capable of overcoming things that you’re faced with I think that people’s lives would be a lot easier they stopped carrying the mountains that they were just supposed to climb yeah Leo would like to know your opinion we touched on the Venus Project you wants to know your opinion of Jacque Fresco’s solution for sustainable energy and his whole thing with the Venus Project like I guess going to a little bit more detail with all right so I think it was being of lana kane beautiful what he’s doing man fine I think it’s great that they’re bringing people together I think they have a really good socio-economic system in place to counteract a collapse of our currency which is great I think the term sustainable with energy gets thrown around so frequently and its total crap because it’s not but like to think that solar panels are sustainable it’s bullshit they’re not the carbon footprint that we outsourced to China for a solar panel is not sustainable at all it’s creating more of a problem we’re compounding it every day along with these chemtrails they were constantly being bombarded with it’s creating a hotter climate we’re not going to survive it so solar panels the way we’re making them are not sustainable they’re not green they’re bed when the energy is super sustainable wind energy is a great way to go so when I see that I’m happy I don’t know it Venus projects proposed energy plan is but I know that there’s energetic field around the earth that we can measure we can also harness this energy as we were shown within the pyramids I think that we currently as a culture have the definitely the engineering know-how to harness the Earth’s energy the question is will be powers-that-be allow that type of change to be made because every time we find this energy or we come up with a reliable like anti like magnetic energy right you can take two opposing magnets and force them apart it creates an energy right because they’re constantly propelling each other apart there’s a force you can use anti magnetics and you can create energy machines but they’re always made illegal the people that build them are always killed every time they try to release the information to the public people just show up with a gunshot it’s called suicide I mean it’s it’s difficult because the energy technology exists it’s a question of are we ready to adopt it as a culture yeah it’s definitely there and they know it’s there man like there’s people need their estimate there’s so many people who are profiting on it they’re like this just coming billions and billions and billions of dollars go into the oil companies and gasoline to just gasoline alone gas eliminating you know that you can run a car on water water yeah yeah they do I mean dude they common knowledge I judge I’ve seen I’ve seen several people do it they had a guy on the local news here he’s on the local news and he had a motorbike running off of water like it’s not he showed you how to build it and stuff and like I mean I mean I look up where he’s at now though right he was on the finest bike with a gunshot wound in the fuckin radio know what they died in the river I thought they try to make it seem like you kill he was a crazy yeah yeah I mean in all fairness hydrogen does explode I mean it is it is combustible it is something that people need to be aware of them it doesn’t it’s not that if you’re making it yourself obviously you need to tell me that we don’t have the technology to just harness that and make it completely safe and consumer friendly of course we do you talk to new music a lot about the new world order right like I mean we’re all aware that there’s a big variety that is controlling the earth through corporations yes the one thing that I found in my research that would really suck up there Jen is resource domination of a sustainable energy source you haven’t talked everything up anyway really beat it down at every every mention like you’re saying like every mention everything every time they find out that you’re doing something to get off the grid like you’re arresting people for this stuff right for collecting rainwater looking or feeding homeless people come on drop it’s crazy crazy gives where’s let’s be a Christian nation by the way Jesus said see before you know love be love be unworthy like do all this good shit for everybody but then the police arrest here you do it counterproductive culture you know it’s weird man to making psychedelics illegal they just made what is great um kratom illegal right fucked up dude fucked up kratom is an excellent excellent way to detox to maryland kratom is fucking amazing i did not try a lot of this into heroin but I’m constantly sampling drugs of all varieties I don’t really do the hard ones anymore but I’m always eating something and I did create them while I was in LA for the first real time I got a nice good dose and it was fucking blissful browse through and it couldn’t cause any harm they couldn’t see it having a health risk potential it just seems like something that could really help people doing what they’re saying is go that’s crazy right because Big Pharma just made oxycottons for five-year-olds legal oxycotin bro you mean that legal heroin shit that you can suck at snort smoke shoot that’s how you could live it all of it like people are using creative writing off of all of that stuff big time bro big time big fucking time see the problem with with making nature illegal is like you can’t be free well something can’t grow in your backyard that’s a big problem I mean something that has beautiful properties to help you but they like no don’t do kratom do this pillow copy it yeah you know say come to the methadone clinic like we have subject for you to buy from us okay um saying growing it yourself or whatever man have you ever been addicted to anything um this was tattoos maybe no well um I’ve been addicted to and had these weird rustles with God over different things like that but um someone was talking about smoking weed I was addicted to smoking weed right I’ll meet you I am right now it was um it was something as a teenager when I hated myself I hated my situation marijuana and we took me to another place it created a new reality for me when nothing else mattered my shitty life didn’t end not having a dad my mom not giving a shit about me where did you grow up I grew up in New Orleans Louisiana some holy shit oh my god that’s a gangster it’s fuck bro yeah gangsters fuck poor these won’t fuck a while what it is dude it’s crazy yes if you go down arrow to uh Bourbon Street fucking lawless I mean I was ah I was addicted to smoking weed and I got really sick from smoking weed like that stuff like it started messing with my body like they say you can burn out neurotransmitters and stuff it’s like I believe that man I got really sick from it man I would get heal and stuff so like I couldn’t quit smoking weed I had like God made me quit and this is this is 15 years ago whatever God made me cuz it was doing something my body I was going these weird states of paranoia man just by smoking weed and tried to do it again here recently and it likes it’s been like 15 years so I’ve smoked it once or twice at a party or with some friends at a festival or something and it was okay but tried to do it a few few months ago or whatever and just got that I got that weird paranoia again and not wanting people to find out what I was doing like it like you know just worried and and I kind of remembered why I started smoking it in the beginning was as an escape and I’m telling myself I’m like I don’t want to escape anymore like I want to embrace my reality I want to embrace my family and change the things I don’t I don’t want to you and that’s why I did it as an escape and that’s that’s when it becomes an addiction people like graduation they need that crutch and and so I don’t have anything against it but there’s definitely the negative side effects of it of like taking over people’s lives I’ve got fractionally to it I got friends who who want to stop but can’t that’s when you know you’re addicted they say well you can’t get addicted to weed when you want to straight and can yeah I say of course you can yeah it’s just a psychological addiction as opposed to a physical addiction but addiction is addiction doesn’t matter what it stems from it always stems from pornography forgetfulness pornography addiction man porn is so bad dude I’m guilty I’m fucking guilty right here yeah I’ve been applying in a format yeah and all those route is interesting too food is a real weird when people think food is like food-like substances these days but food is like my and I are writing a book right now on on nature on nature’s num-nums it’s our food book like what we’re putting into our bodies I found on my journey that a lot of what’s going on with people with dire relating yeah people are so depressed and their legs dilated everything crazy everything comes from from your good even when you get sick they give you what something to put in your body you have to ingest something at whether it’s a pill or even on a good route if we go if we go and plant medicine if we’re going the natural route if we’re going oils you know I’m saying dealing with oils and stuff like you have to inhale something ingest something within your body so you’re good man like what like whatever you’re putting in your body man it it it changes the way you operate it changes acts how fast your brain fires if you’re sluggish at work and stuff and not have an energy because we we don’t have the right vitamins and nutrients in our bodies with slam and cheese burgers and pizza raising coke and stuff like that that stuff man does nothing for your body man like nothing on a pot is no energy in that man just grease yeah think about that bro like I think of food now it’s sunlight and I think a sunlight as information or photons when I put something in my body that’s upset I don’t fucking take out it’s a nasty shit but I don’t need anymore I didn’t and no desire but cheese sometimes you know like but I feel horrible afterwards but fucking piece of brown how am I supposed to lay off pizza cuz like that I don’t die and you could put some tomatoes feel better yeah like as a crush and so Christine if it made of pizza last night man so I’m deaf I know but I did it two nights ago it’s delicious I don’t even regret it’s one of my things that that’s like that the thing that I wrestle with I don’t I don’t wrestle with you know its food man it’s like trying to get my diet down because but but that’s the biggest thing though because like I said it affects every area of your life it can affect your sex drive it can affect everything emotions men people being depressed because they don’t have the right nutrients and vitamins in their body you know saying stuff isn’t firing right man well you ever notice in the u.s. that mushrooms don’t grow on the cow patties which frequently ever thought about this like outside of the US every cow field has ship that has nature’s not not Madonna beer if you put certain certain farmers put stuff in their food to its antifungals they put them in they shoot the cows up with them job but they also do it with hormones and think of all these girls that look like they’re 42 from running around at 9:00 right they got kids they got hips what’s going on here oh yeah come on like it’s crazy it’s real scary yeah this is with the hormones especially Spanish shakes ate so much chicken or chicken to pump for moan they go in bro they go in Savannah sticks and chicken is bananas dude we’re changing man in the whole thing for me is the fact that like the government FDA is okay with it like they’re okay with like us eating certain amounts of power like they sell us stuff do i watch this thing Oh over in China like a lot of the rice that they’re eating at China it’s not even real is plastic it’s chemicals it’s fucking nuts right bro dude they’re actually making rice out of plastic they’re recycling plastic making strips out of it I’ve seen it it’s not you know what we just outsource our meat to expand we outsource our meat to China and at the same time Obama silently outlaw or did a took away country of origin labeling on our food so we don’t even know we buy beef anymore a lot of our food is like shipped to China to be slaughtered and butchered and then shipped back to the US think of the health conditions over there our vaccines are made in China dude there you said nuts but you sewage super fried food fry food as Oh nuts right because of the hill to which loads man they really do it’s crazy man it’s insane you mean you want me to shoot my kid up or something that was made with sewage sludge in China yeah with no health ramifications are happening there okay love it for me that’s okay with it and so for they love it that that shows you that whoever’s running stuff is wicked what they’re doing man and what they’re elevating and what they’re holding back from us but what they’re giving us do these people a wicked man go waking the synagogue of satan’ synagogue of satan’ revelations to Anan revelation three and Iron Man is there they ordered Aryan race man safer you know what you know what Messiah means in in that this is crazy growth to modok’s Tehran ik it means Lizard King MSS H is the word Messiah and that and it’s motherfucking Lizard King bro I told you so conspiracy theory that going to get my tinfoil hat that’s what we need to do in these interviews I need them I really do I need if I can answer this it’s crazy because even like in in the scriptures it talks about the serpent seed the seed of the serpent will be at war with the seed of men and this is what we have man we have these these guys and I’m saying you can call them reptilians if you want people you know some people get uncomfortable with that but the Scriptures themselves talk about the serpent seed that will war against the seed of man right this is what we’re dealing with the Serpent’s seed buddy ever see you ever thought about archons yeah okay so our cons are defined I believe is artificial intelligence that lacks the ability to create that would most likely use a means like numbers to control others once learning how to use the numbers in that reality what we have currently is an economic system that’s been controlled by a very very select few people on earth it seems that this economic system is obviously based on numbers and lacks any creation right we’re almost being enslaved by the money system and these archons these are conic forces which I believe would be the ruling elite are the ones that lacks the creative ability of divine intelligence like nature and are trying to create almost robots have you ever read anything about more Gellin disease this is bad bro okay so nanotechnology is now growing inside of humans it’s fucking nuts so we’re getting dumped on by barium strontium and lumina man high doses by entering our sink water contains fluoride which is sodium fluoride which is a toxic byproducts of what barium enema barium in the water I get a report about what’s in every way and it really has big pharmaceutical drugs and a lot of fluoride in the Big Pharma drugs yo are you still there core you still there can kind of hear you but uh I’m not sure if your phone messed up here’s somebody walking around you there well yeah yeah we can’t talk about this stuff koi alright his phone just went out he’s coming back for help yo ha ha well is that we can’t talk about this stuff man really is that really what this happens I don’t know but it definitely been in the sessions where you’re talking about this stuff and then your phone cuts off for your phone messes I’ve definitely been in those situations and a lot of other people can relate as well that’s scary as shit there’s I’ll see you now though I see you I see oh my god so your room my room is there I went I went upstairs take a kiss okay we have a bathroom on the roof awesome turn great so it actually picked up your camera sideways so just turn turn to camera one on aha I let shape being turning how’s that that’s even better right there but I can’t believe that we just got cut off because we were talking about that yeah it happens do I do I need somebody’s listening to this yeah we’ve got it we’ve got a pretty good bit of people listening on phone RN but like I said I don’t I don’t even think that it could be like in agent listening got a lot of times it is the trigger words that you’re saying so like they can go through and find out certain words that you’re saying and they can pull the video they can not let you monetize it because they know that your talk we talked about 9/11 you know and so they have these certain words you can say dude you can try it on the phone mention these words on your telephone you can hear stuff clicking in the background you can hear somebody pick up you can hear over pi hey fag yeah I have to win a lot of you mention these these um trigger words I use attracts on now I’m so paranoid yeah double VPN I’m like screw this I think it says I’m somewhere in freakin Condors huh so messed up assume see if we got any other comments there’s a lot of people are siege religion is bad for your health secede religion is bad for your health spirituality is how a religion I don’t know a lot of good clues that’s what it was let me ask you about this we’re talking about plant medicines what about a plant what does it call what is it called ayahuasca no no I know that’s a big one but they just made it illegal in the US you could buy the it you used to be able to buy the arm to extract and smoke it salvia salvia I was talking about that the other day so salvia is just stage two species of sage it’s like a holy plant you know I don’t know you know it doesn’t really have like a medicinal value to me it’s kind of like one of those things that I think is very it’s like beginner ish which not to condescend at all I’m Jordan yeah thanks just to it’s too basic for me I mean I would rather have like a spiritual experience like on mushroom not masculine I’ve seen that’s why I’m asking because I’ve seen different documentaries where people were chewing the leaves and instead of being blasted off in the outer space and not being able to have function of your body and drooling and crying and that stuff where people are doing when they smoke it it was a big thing to look up people doing it on on YouTube and them just losing control of their body pissing on their I’ve seen it it hasn’t been my experience with it at all when or does that sound like an experience I want no I’m okay without feces on me but I’ve seen the one where people were in were chewing it and they they did like like a clinical study and you could watch the documentary it was like some dude who would hit me he’s fully into plant medicine and LSD and stuff they let him do it and then they let a guy do it as well who has never done anything so they kind of studied their body and what happened so the the smoking of the extract messed them up they had that but then when they chewed the leaves it slowly brought them to this place and they felt like they were connected with all creation this you know this person had this immense love for the tree next to him they felt like the tress a part of them and you know felt like their energy was connected with with all things so I didn’t know if you had any experience now with Natalia doing the plan at all I’ve never actually got my hands on the lead in dead I mean I’ve gotten dried process probably processed you know I’m like st. mark Street New York City like what I do we’ve all done that but they have all these extracts like there’s like the 10x the 20 X or that shit means I know that I can look at bud and know what I’m smoking like I can look at a mushroom and kind of know like all right you know five of these too much yeah four of these is right I mean salvia just seems like all these extras and shit I’m like I get confused of X’s bro yeah no definitely so with the UM with the rat pay how much is good I heard this is a pink piece eyes yeah it’s like it depends what you’re going for sometimes you know for a really grounding experience with the Yoko extract it’s like two pea sized portions one for each nostril it’s traditionally applied in both nostrils that’s the way the medicine is also you do one and one ounce from one of the other yeah one and one one the other same amount to balance the masculine and feminine energies but about a pea-sized amount is about right for each nostril in my opinion but some people will do more some people do less yeah so what about the ayahuasca me wish it was your experience ah bro I only didn’t do ayahuasca I’ve done it I’m around retreats constantly I was when I got a big fuckin ego bro I’ll be the first one to admit it I’m not some fucking holy man walking earth I’m just an asshole who sees things completely fucked and I’m just trying to do something about it like everybody else I’m no different but my ego is out of control sometimes ayahuasca is like an ego drug bro yeah dad it’ll put you right against your ego and I’m too much for pussy to face that right now China having my ego is let me get my ass kicked bro yeah I don’t know about that a lot of people fear it because you do have to you have to face that stuff you guys see my powerful medicine even I mean even with the mushrooms like whatever you’ve been suppressing from a child there now I can deal with it like yeah if you hate yourself if you think you’re ugly if you think you’re overweight has been some beautiful stories come out of it man I got a I got a buddy of mine drew Gower the plug has a hashtag no days off he was close to 400 pounds he’s the one who got me into my first dose of psilocybin and my second one as well that was a life-changing experience and so he went on we did these little retreats together man and we had these heart-to-hearts man and we there was an instance where we walked outside and walk back in and we had to pass these mirrors and he looked at himself and I grabbed him as a man look at this mara dude because we’re just wearing bliss man were connected with each other with God and you know I’m saying and I said what do you see and he’s he’s 400 pounds you know saying he’s like I see somebody who is Papa ba you know but on the inside man there’s love and there’s there’s light man you’re perfect you know and and I had the revelation of like he was really big right but inside of him was something beautiful right and then we look at like a lot of people who are going out clubbing on the outside they’re sexy they’re made up they look perfect but on the inside there’s some demons living right yeah oh they’re fucking broken is shit bro so that would look shit if nothing it um it set him on a journey man and and it’s not it’s not all the time instantly man but it sparked something within my buddy drew man he’s already lost a hundred pounds hashtag no days off man that’s what the medicine did for him man it showed him and it will give you that it’s weird because the medicine will give you steps you can your communal with God in the angelic forces and they say look this is what you need to do I know what you want and it’s already within you this is what we have to do – birthday dude yes quit self I said maybe every spoon you need stop cursing so much stop doing this and I’m going to put you on platforms that you have to get things out of yourself that until you once you deal with this stuff I’ll give you the platform I will open up the world to you I have things for units like yes sir yes thank you and you they’re giving you the guidelines write it down and you come out of that state like damn I’m ready man you haven’t addressed these issues they showed me that you know even if I don’t they still love me it’s still all love and I am loved and that love is what empowers you to deal with the bullshit I love to know that that your love man we were dude like when I went on two legs like the really deep encounter we had on the hero dose I was with a bunch of Christian guys man and some of them it was their first time taking it and I had never done it that bad hero dose we’re listening to Christian worship music man just an adoration of how beautiful God is man and the love that we felt meant to it was it was an otherworldly encounter man just to just like we all know that we loved we loved and God loves us and Jesus loves you but when you actually get to feel that low feel it yeah like sunlight and you don’t need to be on mushrooms to do that you don’t need to be you just get quiet you get in prayer and ask for password ask for the Holy Spirit to come let you God let me feel your love and dude it’s a date like I have to go to that place daily like especially when I get crazy headed in in life it seems to be overwhelming me and questions come up I just go to that quiet place god I need you right now I’m asking for your touch let me know that you love me show me again and do it’s that simple man even though the psychedelic yourself is all beautiful and they’re all used for different reasons men go into that place of bringing bringing to your awareness everything to that one thing just focus on God his love her love everything nothing like it man that’s fact and so people are asking how to how to kick addictions and stuff that’s how you do it like you just get in that place of love and I am loved and know that you don’t need anything outside of yourself all these things are good we’re not we’re not knocking it but you don’t need it like you have everybody don’t need any because what’s the scripture say the kingdom of heaven is within you in Sylvania you don’t need anything that they’re selling you you don’t need you don’t have to go anywhere we can simply close your eyes get into a prayer a purple state Kundalini Yoga whatever your spiritual practices just know that the Saints end in the disciples and Jesus regularly went in and out of trances they were definitely about the trance state though the words in the Bible like the scripture clearly says that they were caught up into a trance or they went into a trance or fell into a trance how do you fall into a trance by doing breath work by doing yoga by bringing to awareness is coming into the now moment that’s where everything’s created in the now moment there is no tomorrow there is no yesterday your past is erase there is no past there’s only now when you’re watching this there’s only now and you bring everything into that now moment and you create it you create your future you speak it out and that’s what the power is man that’s why people like a car totally are making millions of teaching people how to come into this powerful now moment he’s fucking brilliant huh yeah man here’s slide smart man so yeah that’s a that’s the beauty of it man would it would it what are your experiences because I know you say you know saying you follow Jesus have you had any like encounters with Jesus or with the Holy Spirit man oh god when I woke up I was so I was so broken I didn’t know what to do the world I seemed to be on a different timeline I don’t know if it makes sense anybody out there but I was looking at a reality where I was seeing Iran go to war with Israel right then it didn’t happen where I am now but in the reality I was in before I was in this one Iran Israel going to war so I was praying in my shower I just like fell down and I was praying for Jesus I was praying to the mother earth and I was just I was crying and crying and I had this experience all my breasts left me when I breathed in I had two new a new consciousness a new thought process knew there was something different inside of me or I was stronger yeah quite the experience I felt alive and aware and I could see the world and I could see the infinite worlds that there are coach fisting with this one right now it’s all consciousness so I had then an understanding of how things worked that night I had this experience so I could see how time works how was intimate layers of existence we moving it based on vibration and frequency the highest vibration is divine truth or love the lowest vibration of sphere and we varied between those scales and time is reflection of the fear or the love that’s in our life when you’re unhappy things go slow when you’re vibrating high things move fast and as you vibrate higher and higher you come closer to a singularity of being or isness and that vibration is grave and today to create the world around you from the present perspective of now with love just groove that’s a good man it’s so tied in with the breast with the with the prana breathing in the peace even even in the scriptures it says that Jesus breathed upon his disciples and they received the Holy Spirit when he breathed upon them the word spirit is in Hebrew the word breath NUMA breath that’s just yeah so we we breathe in man and that’s something to just about my coming I just get out of autopilot bring to your attention your awareness take that breath man breathe in that strong breath and at the top of the breath dude I get a tingling sensation at the top and it’s the Holy Spirit like I can literally feel that yeah I get it in my crown right yeah dude it like you go be able to hear it then it just goes throughout my spine just like I feel it it’s that peace and that and you have that within you if you have to slow down and bring to awareness man the time and just take the time to do it most of us don’t we’re on autopilot all the time oh me too bro and their life you know what I’m saying what the fuck happened I was a kid playing in the mud I had my pockets full of frogs and now I’m doing that what happened where did the job part come from I wasn’t ready for that yeah it’s hard for me because I’ve had so many top awesome childhood experiences and so free and no bills and no worries oh oh it’s all it’s hard for me because I try to live in that moment you know I’m saying I was like no I have to have to like come back to the now you know I said I keep you know thinking about stuff that happened in the past that was so beautiful and to like create a future or bringing something beautiful to the now moment with my daughter with my family with my fans my music whatever right you know to kind of bring any dogs well I do I got a couple aren’t they this shit dogs are great I love them they’re crazy what he had hid know I know I got um I got to to mix like Chihuahuan spice mix to you know say to little guys and I got a huge husky and Wolf mixed love it I love Huskies yeah they’re super smart and super active so it’s crazy but they’re smart like what and they’re conniving little fuckers to each other will piss you all of this up all the time man he likes to go on journeys and stuff because they do that he’ll escape and go through the swamps and stuff do to come back but could be chasing boars down there like big big boars and stuff you say food snot away left end of sync nom I’m in Alabama Alabama I do I would not to try to get him he was in a swamp and I hear him barking it something crazy then all of a sudden is freaking I just see the bushes being knocked down he’s like take some boards and stuff through the swamp there’s no like wow things would kill you man you run up on a boar oh yeah yeah I’ve seen him there about eight hundred pounds down there so maybe you guys about massive under there huge you can’t pick him up yeah there’s no way I’ve seen a 1200 pound one shot once and I might have been to her to take I used to work for the city and I had we had to go pick one up on side the road if somebody shot it or hit it with a car or whatever but I had to go pick it up man and uh think there was no budging it I was like what is this like a cow a huge cow with freaking husk you know yes crazy right dude it was huge and uh yeah there’s no way you can just pick it up and put it on rather like try to roll em on the truck man it was a house I guess smelly ass mess I had to go up there was a lot of times like that I used to work with inmates and we were gonna get inmates from the prison and bring them back and we do all types of stuff in the city to cut the grass and you know we need ditches and stuff like that and they would always call me when it was like all the hunters they wouldn’t just they would shoot a deer and they would throw the carcass inside the room now and we’d have to go get him and I would go there and we just I would like I would pay the inmates because it was my job to do it but they had to help me but I was like dude I’ll give you like 5 bucks if you just pick that thing up man I don’t want to touch it you know nothing about it man I’ll do it so here dude take five bucks bro we collect we collect heads like that’s gold yeah yeah so this one this is pretty cool this is a sea turtle stone Wow pretty neat right so we find it a fisherman just catch them then they throw over the documentary as they fall they break their back anyway I wish she felt like news there was a um there’s a girl down here where I live she actually does that she picks up she picks up roadkill and and puts the puts the the body’s in like an ant bed or something to get them cleaned out you know and she takes she takes the bones and makes crazy jewelry out of it like big neck pieces and bike helmets and rings like anything you think of man it’s crazy the art she does with with skulls and bones and stuff it’s nice I love I love doing that bones make great jewelry and they’re organic you know putting metal in years like even the gauges I started using seashells yeah we have a particularly D that are really long and red and sick and you can just kind of cut them and file them down and they’re kind of like you know nailed material keratin and they sit perfect they even have like on the inside little Brady’s it looks like Africa oh yeah yeah I’ve got some pretty dope once mono acrylic though I had some wooden when I had like wooden ones with the young Mayan symbol or whatever it was oh the shine right calendar kinda yeah I had that I was though it’s so funny like some I would walk around cuz it was brown and people like what you got Lynn what’s that Oreo symbol looks good though right the wood looks sad I love it yeah yeah yeah and um any other people would see him be like Oh what is that the Mayan calendar yeah yeah that uh that out that all worked out didn’t ya yeah well thing you know that’s like come on you look tiny didn’t work out man yeah but like people like David Wilcock which I love David Wilcock but he marketed the hell out of that and like the world was what did he say the world was gay man everybody dude yeah I mean it kinda did and I think our sir density ended I think we went more into reality of creation with y’all awakening going on from it from the right to joy it was like that’s where I really woke up I was sitting in a jail cell in Denver Boulder Colorado MIDI it was 2012 and I was like coming off heroin and crack and math and I was all fucked up and I just like how to awakening while I was there was like things I knew I had to get out and then since then everything it’s been quite interesting yeah they always are man um everybody in the chatroom having dialogue if you guys have any more questions let me know even if I if we already asked it and I didn’t see it just post it again man yeah be sure for everybody to if you’re enjoying this channel if you’re enjoying this interview be sure to subscribe give it a thumbs up if you want to see koi be back on as well man let me know let me know if you guys are enjoying this interview Leo I’m trying to see what my buddy Leo’s saying he’s got it okay he’s own it’s one thing mr. Leo says I guess it says the comment but it’s one thing to want to move out to the jungle to be able to escape the system state and smoke weed and do drugs freely it’s another to face these problems and head on and be a part of a non-profit or have a job that represents individuals who are minorities oppressed underrepresented and poor fighting the good fight within the system we all must must have a calling I guess there’s a lot of truth to that man everybody the whole thing with Colorado all my hippie friends in Alabama all moved to the Colorado so like they’re all leaving like it’s kind of like this weird story of life these girls get into smoking weed they get into hula-hooping and then oh yeah every single one yeah then if they just moved to Colorado to grow dreadlocks and move to Colorado that’s just been so many people down here to do that one yes or the whole thing with moving to the jungle right like so certain people are there’s there’s archetypes of souls and there’s different types of souls different types of souls have different purposes I’m a good communicator right the place that I can best get my information to communicate is in nature I can’t be in a scenario where I don’t have nature to show me what I need to tell others when I woke up I realized that the world really lacked acknowledged the biggest knowledge they lacked was knowledge of self when I gained my knowledge itself I realized I couldn’t live in a society of everybody else’s knowledge of who my self should be I had to leave but my mission is the same my mission I’m on my DMS all day all night just answering questions helping people as best I can with whatever answers I can tune into I wasn’t able to do that from the city might all the blend towers all the radiation all the bullshit I could not function am i optimal and bring people what my gift is which is it’s communication communicating what I’m learning to other people to show people what they need to do to take the system apart I can’t be a part of a frontline revolution play go to Standing Rock I can’t do that I’m a convicted felon I go there they charge me some bullshit or holding a picket sign or shoot me in the face and what do I got how am I going to help I’ve considered all possible options and I thought that this was the most noble I could be talk for my services for free I mean I don’t ask people for money for dams I’ve been helping people since I woke up I gained just helped selflessly yeah but I couldn’t do it in New York City I couldn’t do it in Beverly Hills I didn’t escape anything I’m not escaping me that’s awesome yeah it’s awesome though with like with the internet you have the ability to reach the nation’s to disciple the nation’s men to help people yeah grow spiritually come out of spiritual bondage counseling like all of these things that people are needed and the weird thing about it is like because most people are having these encounters and have any spiritual awakenings and they don’t have a guru we don’t have a teacher we don’t have Jesus we don’t have Paul we don’t have like Babaji you know I’m saying in these these angelic type of people to go to like with like most of us are experiencing this thing head-on by ourselves so we had they’re scared bro is scared they’re fucking terrified he’s got a little Club to shag going around so telling people that hey uh and then jelly being showed up in my room and or like I’m gazing at UFOs and they’re talking back like these UFOs I feel like they’re communicated with me they got some place for you to go right so I think it’s important for us to me say even me I was the cute I was laughed at you know true seeker talks to UFOs all right the intent what are you smoking you know if you’re you do I get that a lot you got to be on drugs man if you’re communicative you seen UFOs man nope we and we’ve made it a point to have no alcohol no beer no weed I tell them no weed no nothing I don’t want to say yeah now I have an encounter and be like oh you guys were drunk you guys were hallucinating or what I know for seee five you can’t even be fucked up because the density of the beings you’re communicating with are above for density they’re not interested in communicating with somebody that’s not a second plane of existence it’s you they have nothing to say to you you can’t even reach that state on alcohol or to the hospital yeah so they call it spirit it’s called spirit for a reason doesn’t bring on a good one yeah it’s so crazy like even there’s like liquor stores around here called Bacchus and the Bacchus it was like God this like just like crazy goddess worship of like revelry you just get drunk and plastered and roll on the ground and all kind of stuff in their stores named after like these gods and stuff man who would sounds like possession to me yeah it is man so crazy like I do enjoy alcohol from a good possession yeah I do enjoy a good Jew definitely nuts I got dude I got a friend of mine he’s like a the Bible says to test the spirits to test drive them oh my god test drive oh fuck with that I don’t want anything yo have you you’ve been encountering or when you first started meditating you encounter demons right yeah yeah early on yeah right meet you okay yeah cuz they I don’t anymore though trust me kind of they guard the temple gates you know I think it I think that’s pretty normal extent it is in this it’s like early I think like what you’re saying I guess whatever love what you’re vibrating it you’re going to meet Owen you’re gonna meet it I think even maybe I’m not saying this as an expert but the whole bad trip thing like if you’re doing a lot of bad stuff and then guys show up in the middle of the spirit realm to see what’s around you yes I really do find out what’s around you man and some of that stuff could just could scare the hell out of you but once I started once I changed my life and and it started being a trying to be a good person and helping people and have an angelic communication when I do those that practice it’s all been beautiful I haven’t had I haven’t had yeah but back early on no I was getting possessed to it I brought spirits to my reality oh it happened to me I tell you a story real critical hit man definitely I took some acid one night Maui okay I laid down the ground I maybe took a little too much this common theme in my life I’m always over tripping or whatever I laid down on a Maui centipede which is exceptionally painful to get bit by the fucker hit me right on the chest right and I had everything just kind of get erase from reality and there was a demon there it was in this house first thing that turns out absolute Ripper I found out that I was on a place that they used to sacrifice people who broke the laws of taboo back in the indigenous cultures of the Islanders that had come there so I actually had an experience where I was physically attacked in a trip by a demon I got picked up and thrown across the driveway this is a very real thing and I’ll never be able to explain it so make sense but turns out that everything I saw on this trip was actually taking place at this place in an earlier part of my reality I got in my car and tried to drive tried to drive away from the trip like a maniac oh my god it was so bad I parked my car in the middle of road and I got out and I hitchhiked back to the place I was staying it was a scariest experience of my life there were babies nailed trees I mean it was crazy yeah it was horrible the best best trip of my entire life because I learned so much about myself even with the better troops yeah the bad was the best yeah because it showed me what I’m not to be afraid of anymore I’ve only did LSD once and it was as a teenager just being out there headfirst I did it at church nice how’d that work out shitty get shitty to be inside on Sunday God’s got nothing good to save I’m bad he wants you in the sunlight yeah it was a it was it was insane I shouldn’t do it I tried to go take the microphone away from the pastor I got it probably had something better to say you are an asset let me dude it was weird the in a sense though transforming into those like you know Rob Zombie paintings from like white zombie ears a dripping acid and melting and they turn into monsters I’m like I’ve seen him yeah so that was my only experience with it with that but um honestly that’s how church looks to me if I go in on any day cuz you can completely sober them but you can see in the spirit like yeah people really look like I’m like fuck this no your fancy jacket is not going to buy you out of health as people somebody said man this this is deep but uh we had a visitor at church years ago when I went and they told the guy who led me to Christ they pulled him to the side I said you guys are in here dancing and singing and praising and you guys are so deep so spiritual you guys know things about people you’re in tune with the spirit realm and the Spirit of God but you cannot discern that you guys have pedophiles and child molesters in here hope and your kids you laugh there’s this weird trust and you let your kids run around and your kids are sitting in these guys go out and he’s gone too crazy right convicted child molesters and your kid is yet in this guy’s lap like that well guys are so spiritual but you can’t discern these guys and what’s going on and so that’s why I walk right out of church yeah I’d probably get hit by a lightning bolt if I went to church because whenever God they’re worshiping in that church not the one that I know to be that’s not my baby bro fuck that it’s so weird because like what what I say is that a lot of those people I’m saying this for by myself is we have a genuine encounter with God you have an encounter with Jesus with the creator of the universe the God that made all of existence right Hiep reveals himself to you he changed by your life in an instant in a moment and then you go to church to try to maybe recreate that or cultivate that relationship and then you apply it with Dogma you have to deal with lies so you take one burden of addiction you you know you kick addiction you kick being judgmental you become brand new you become born-again what the scripture says and but you throw off that bondage totally traded with some more buttons yeah and you don’t know because you think that these people are walking in the light and you so bad false prophet yeah whoo you kind of see them like maybe a lot of people see the government like these people who have your best interest in mind and you there’s no way that this person can have ill intentions right you know this person can’t be money hungry this person can’t be on a power trip or ego trip this person can’t be at least Donald Trump shows us shows us that we’re money hungry pussy grabbing on a power trip are you spray-painted lizard motherfuckers yeah so you can’t say anything about him he’s kind of we can’t even like get all your that yeah you’re a fucking American okay it is weird though because the right-wing conservatives they they vote for Donald like he is you know because date because they have to vouch for the right-wing choice right anti-abortion anti whatever the cases pro-establishment or whatever oh god right wing so they vouch for Donald Trump because he’s the only option that they have so they have to probably ever get into a predicament like that where those were the desert to they pretend like he’s a good guy instead of calling them out and saying you know what the system is bullshit they’re both too evil which way wait I think most of us know that but the right-wing conservatives are like nope he’s a good guy he’s the person who god is ordained for this hour are you insane are you fucking kidding me he’s the person out of that I used up no no no no come on guys yeah it’s have to wake up like there’s so many Christians and so many pastors who not that I look up to but I say okay I like you I like what you’re about you lose all credibility with me now because you’re vouching for this devil no you lose all credibility to me now all of it all of it all of it like Bernie Sanders okay look the guy had like a good thing to say I don’t believe in any voting I don’t believe in voting for anybody as president period I think that nobody and I think Jesus would say the same nobody’s more fit to rule over yourself at you you know but can’t you give your power away you’re going to get exactly what that energetic decision dignity that’s what somebody has power over you that’s what that’s what the early story in the in the Bible was about was about that the people were begging God for somebody to come and rule for them he said no like it’s like an anarchist system on you guys govern yourselves look to me I’ll lead you our God you like no we want somebody give us somebody and they get them this wicked demon-possessed ruler Saul it’s okay if you guys want somebody that bad I’m going to show you how it is like to be ruled by somebody who is the embodiment of everything bad and then and then you guys will look to me right then you guys will be grateful that I love you and I’m here for you yeah every girl that he gave him solidus guy full of demons and in a wicked guys okay you guys asked for him I’m gonna give him to you and kind of like the church is what we say what was going to turn out the churches begging for Pradhan ‘old they got their saw they were begging for this guy man they got him let’s see let’s see how you like them you’re not gonna they think he’s going to end abortion and come on man this is it’s a circus man you know they people think that there’s going to be a politician that’s going to change things but I mean as long as there’s bankers politicians are never going to change anything as long as there’s a Federal Reserve that doesn’t answer to the American populace and we’re creating money out of nothing debt based currency and all this it’s actually slavery we may have let the blacks go be citizens but in reality we just took away the limits and we made the rest of the people in the country fucking just as much a slave – the beating yeah everybody’s fucked now white blacks red brown yellow we are all decided together it’s a dictatorship that disguises itself as a democracy there is the illusion they make an ID like we have a choice that we can vote and get behind these guys and actually change it if that was the case everything that Bush brought in Obama would have got in office and just cut this shit off nope I’m undoing it this is not what work do it no dude it’s sort of legislation is passed in a way that you can’t even find out what the legislation is until you pass it so you can read it for a period of six months and then you can rectify it and take it back if you want it think about I’m saying that it’s not I mean there’s a bill that says we’re going to execute black people in the country and I have to give you 6 months to accomplish it just to read that it’s going to happen that’s a thing art stuff man estate dude there was a mess Church that I was involved with years ago when I first came to knowledge of Christ and they had on their papers that somebody gave them their land like this millionaire gave him this huge property and said um but but there was a clause no blacks were allowed on the property and Haley so they have this church that’s growing it’s a pretty big church is growing moving and over the years they do wonder why there’s no blacks here there’s a word curse spoken out man there’s a decree that was that was declared at the conception of discharge that no black people can can step on the premises or whatever on they but they you know they did have a new pastor come in he caught wind of it he found those records and they burnt them in the charities like you know this is it has a great he called it he called it what it was so definitely hot sauce you know that the name of the first slave ship was Jesus yeah SS Judah SS Judah meant the tribe of Judah which other the the chosen Israelite manually yeah which is who we call I wouldn’t say the Africans but the black Hebrews right black Hebrews yes fuckin Ethiopians and God I don’t know how that you’ve gotten so confused and rising bananas the native Native Americans another tribal Goethe yeah yeah yeah I mean the all tried all of them are what is it on the tribe of Issachar is the Mexicans the people who we call Mexicans those are the tribe of Issachar and if you look it’s so crazy man but if you look at the at the curses that the children of Israel received because they turned their back upon their God like like he said look if you don’t want to follow me like there’s going to be this these it’s almost it’s almost universal law like I give you two choices there are two trees man I’m giving you choice between good and evil if you choose evil man Evil’s going to come so you choose today and they turned their backs on God so you know what we don’t need you anymore okay the curses come with it and all of the curses for these particular the tribe of GAD the North American Indians it’s a car like it is the embodiment of what them as a people group are going through right now the black Hebrew Israelites that the scriptures say that God will erase their name off of the face of the earth if they turned their backs on God right and they did look what happened they did exactly what happened they’ve learned the libraries that internet even even like their last names like like the black people who we know in America that’s not their last name their last or did you ever think that these Africans in America were fuckin living here what are the odds of music a lot of like I don’t think that what about the slave ships like I don’t think that all of these Africans in America came from Africa I think a lot of them are indigenous to America yeah well I’m not getting the vibe that there’s even like truth to I don’t know it just seems all fucked up I think that this place got conquered by people who then erase the history of all the people who were here I think the Native Americans would even attest that to that there were black and copper and Arab looking motherfuckers here before we were before I was I don’t know what your nationality is yeah I’m white I’m sorry Oh super sorry I’m white and Indian I’m white in a Native American I uh portes Creek Indians show my tattoo but yeah mostly I’ll lard to happen there there’s a lot of Indians down here definitely different everybody’s like yeah half Native American down there yeah even the better even better they’re like even the Viking going mix with Indian too as well yeah I like that soul they got down there by the way shoutout to southern black people for just being fucking jolly as shit and all your cute ass outfits cuz I love the way I love the way they dress down there they got so much fucking pizzazz bro they’re pimpin it’s a good look I like it cracks me up um just a culture here even like it’s so it’s so like wash down there like and but you got to go back and do the research of how they got it like oh even even the if you do the research on how like in the south like the big thing is is eating chitling in pig feet for a lot of black people that’s what they eat chillin and pig feet on the hog maws right like I would never eat that man I would never eat eat that but you got to see it was like a delicacy for them because they would like take the slaves and throw them cut up pig remains and make them eat it so they had to cook and they had to eat it and even today they still eat that as a delicacy pig feet and hog maws and and all kinds of crazy of man it’s perfect can’t say healthy that’s the fact huh-huh I can’t say it tell no that’s not but the I mean it’s like but I’m saying tradition like that they eat there because that’s what they were fed when they were slaves man it would fall I know he would be your pig scraps yeah and then we eat the text me and cook them and stuff and like they still enjoy that to this day right but you know what Pig is the only animal that you can that you can take the heart out of it’s put in a human yeah good horse and if you think about the concept of as above so below has been so it’s out it’s almost safe to say that the heart is like where Christ consciousness lays right is it possible that pigs are hybrid species between wild boar you mentioned that they lay out our consciousness grid and that means slave miss billion to take over the world are causing a factor of maybe our consciousness being kept lower maybe this tax was like a conspiracy dun dun dun well like the Dolphins there’s something that I didn’t Delphia dude they’re like here from Sirius and and dramas near here to help us yeah that’s the constellation I came from I’m not sure about you or your seed oriented yeah um I mean I will say that like people domesticate pigs man and they treat them like dogs like like animals in their in their homes you know getting mad smarter smart they’re smart and super slight yeah you definitely they yeah they definitely weren’t created to be to be eaten um even yummy even the scriptures tell you that right the scriptures talk about they do yet they warn you about you don’t fuck with it every scripture cause every religion everywhere so don’t eat this shit yeah don’t eat the pigs don’t eat the bottom feeders don’t eat the catfish laughter it’s because they’re bottom feeders and their purpose is to clean up the earth like this is why they here he created them to like clean up stuff when you throw something down what happens if so if you have if you have roadkill and humans don’t pick up the roadkill who comes gets it the vultures right bullshit the buzzards if you eat a buzz that you’ll die like the different oh yeah they’re so toxic yeah McCann yeah yes oh yeah that’s why I even that the pigs are like whenever we hear you are what you eat like that’s the real deal like what act because whatever you eat it comes out through your pores when you get sick you can sweat it out that comes out but pigs catfish shrimp they don’t have pores when they get sick when they eat rotten rotten food it stays in their skin it’s it stays in their skin so yeah they can’t sweat it out because they have no pores so that’s why you’re not supposed to eat them because when you’re eating that you’re not eating um sent them you’re eating everything that they ate whatever they ate act what you’re eating so catfish what what – catfish eat oh I love catfish no no like fuck your wife okay so I know um I don’t even eat fish or even your for the right here to give me educational cheap definitely not me put catfish come on Cajun catfish how the fuck you not put in your mouth something something about a man but they eat all the feces from the bottom of the of the of the of the river banks and the river bale of it that’s what they eat that’s what they’re here for that’s their purpose they’re here to clean and filter the water you’re not supposed to eat those guys man because you eat them you’re eating everything that they a they don’t have cause I don’t sweat out there just a sludge it’s what they eat oh yeah that’s that’s the whole culture thing it’s you know I’m saying I mean dude I went like eight years eating kosher me me and my family we wouldn’t need any any any pigs and the bottom feeders any alligators you’re kosher safer because the Jews make it they’re the ones trying to kill her not the Jews but there’s one particular state of israel is the ones trying to kill everybody I figured you’d be safer they don’t hate it oh sure yeah if they don’t eat it then maybe we should need it either yeah I’m not going to McDonald’s oh sure Organic should say they’re not gonna McDonald’s hey your mic is a little low man I don’t know if your hands over go it’s cuz my my earphones died yes I had your camera down well do what I do we’re right over to ours man I think I think I covered you know I think we covered a lot of topics like I said man everybody if you enjoyed this interview you want Cory to come back on we’ll do some one more talks more interviews let us know give this video a huge thumbs up if you want to see him back on and we’ll do another conversation maybe even you know bring in some other people to have like a roundtable with you man that’d be dope absolutely yeah if anybody else wants to find me on instagram at 3rd eye openers free rd e ye opener you can also find me on a website wwlp.com Facebook is koi Phil’s YouTube is third eye opener and stay tuned for some more shenanigans now South Park he stays he stays consistent with his uploading unlike me I’m real good on this guy a lot dude I need that I need to let you be over my Instagram man because I don’t update it enough I got people who are like making me like videos to put on there with my music like hey you need to put more of your musical and I’m putting this like family stuff on there and stuff yo you should put your fucking put your video from fearless up there like yeah send me a clip of that actually send me a clip I’ll play it on my page and then I’ll get people to come over there do whenever you mentioned my name that one time like I’ve got hundreds of subscribers like oh there’s no loyalty it’s crazy Gary it’s got a scared it’s just a little bit how the way it is that’s why I wonder that’s one that that’s one they’re taking precautions man and trying to shut down these low little avenues that we have and it’s crayon agree they everybody go in follow koi on Instagram third eye opener follow me too man truth figure one word yeah yeah so I’m gonna continue making music koi but like you need to go listen to my new song dude I will send me the link my new song um you know what let me I don’t know if you can hear though if I played it right now right I’ll put the link in the description for people can go listen to it at this the first song I’ve done in over a year but we got some new stuff coming man Mia watchman’s working on his project I got a new song coming out with John Illuminati Congo man we’re talking about spirit beings and entities that reside within nature we’re talking about the elementals lifts the satellite of others the elementals man everywhere bro dragonflies man like after them they know man I’ve seen some of those Joker’s too man so we’re doing a we’re doing a song about that there’s new music coming but everybody go look at my song true seeker second life is the name of it it’s on YouTube so check that out and I’ll talk to y’all fair coin appreciate your brother yeah it’s a lot better I can’t let Shalom Shalom everyone peace thanks for watching



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