This is an excerpt from The TruthSeekah Podcast Where Leonard Jones speaks about MorningStar Ministries encounter with the Shekhinah Glory Cloud.

Here is a quote from MorningStar Ministries pastor Rick Joyner about the encounter from his perspective.
“The meetings that night and the next morning were intense, but it seemed as if things had leveled off a bit. That afternoon the momentum was gathering again. I gave my brief message before the worship because I knew that once it got started there would be no stopping it. When Don Potter led the first song, basically the only song we sang for over three hours, we began to feel as if maybe something had started that would not end.

Singing one song may sound like one of the most boring things you have ever done,
but it kept going because no one wanted it to stop, and it kept climbing, crescendo after crescendo. When I thought it was impossible for it to rise to a new level, or become any more intense, it would. In my early years as a Christian I had thought that heaven would be a very boring place if all we did was sing and worship. In meetings like this you come to understand that worship will truly be one of the best parts of heaven.

When that one song finally ended, some of the musicians were lying on the floor. To my astonishment, the people were not ready to quit. I asked for one more song. Don led, We Shall Overcome, a song he has written that imparts a powerful spiritual militancy. Then, on a “Holy Ghost whim,” I asked Leonard Jones to lead an old Beatles’ song, I Want To Hold Your Hand, in which he had changed some of the words to make it like a message from the Lord. As soon as he started, it seemed like the roof would come off of the building. When he finished, “the sound of many waters” again filled the hall, but it was even louder than before. A holy fear began to fill the place.

There was a presence of the Lord like I had never felt in a meeting before. I looked at Christine Potter and Susy Wills, who were dancing near the center of the stage, and I have never seen such a look of terror on the faces of anyone. An intense burning, like a nuclear fire that burns from the inside out, seemed to be on the stage. Christine started pulling at her clothes as if she were on fire, and Susy dove behind the drums. Then a cloud appeared in the center of the stage, visible to everyone, and a sweet smell like flowers filled the area.

When the cloud had moved away (it seemed to move to the rear of the stage as it disappeared), some of the children who had been dancing at the front began to pull up tiles from the floor to see if there was a fire under it. Some asked if we had a smoke machine. We did not, and we did not do anything to cause that cloud of smoke. As Ray Hughes explained later, when the Lord received an offering He would often consume it with fire, and then it would go up in smoke. We believe that this was just a token of encouragement from the Lord that the offering of worship had been received.

I have been in many great meetings in the twenty five years that I have been a Christian. I have witnessed extraordinary demonstrations of power, and even the visible glory of the Lord appearing in a service. Even so, I think that somehow this conference surpassed anything I have ever personally experienced in a meeting before. We had some of the world’s greatest musicians, who played their hearts out for the Lord, but what we experienced was much more than any musicians could produce.

I confess that I love the kind of supernatural manifestations that we have been having. I often pray that we will see His glory visibly manifested in our meetings. Even so, what made these probably the best that I have been in was the manifest presence of the Lord. He was there! I know that He came the way that He did because of three thousand of the greatest worshipers of God I have ever seen together in one place. From the very beginning it was obvious that they had come to bless Him more than to get blessed.” Rick Joyner

Full Interview With Leonard Jones Here
Leonard Jones of MorningStar Ministries | The Power of Music | Worship and Warfare

Leonard Jones of MorningStar Ministries | The Power of Music | Worship and Warfare

Download – Listen In iTunes In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Lenoard Jones of MorningStar Ministires about the power of music. Leonard Jones and Morningstar Ministries led the sound of the prophetic movement in the mid 90s to…



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