Pops, Demons and Elementals

My girlfriend Arien and I were studying black magic and the occult, and we were limited when it came to the books that were available. We had a lot of them. We would walk into any book store wearing our biggest baggiest clothes to get as many books as we could and shove them in our clothes, but just reading the book was not nearly as effective as talking to a teacher or someone with experience. That’s were Pops came in. Pops was a friend of ours. He was in his late 30’s and lived in a trailer park close to Arien’s house. All of the neighborhood kids hung out at Pops’ house. We all sat around drinking and doing drugs. Almost every single day was like a huge party. He was a Warlock. He knew everything there was to know about the craft, so we were in luck. Pops would tell us everything we wanted to know. We would sit over there and drink and get high and ask him all the questions we could think of and he would tell us what we wanted to know. We stayed up all night talking to him and would usually end up crashing on the couch. One year I was living in Louisiana, and for my birthday I asked my mom to drop me off in Alabama to be with Arien for a week. We picked up my cousin Alan from Atmore first. Then, we went to Saraland. We had a place to stay at a friend’s house for two days. Before we left their house, I knew I was leaving back to Louisiana in a week, so I stole from my friends and filled my tote bag with all the cool stuff I could get my hands on like CD’s, clothes, video games and controllers. Well, we had to leave there after the two days and went to the next friend’s house, where we stayed for the two days and stole even more stuff. My cousin and I waited for my Mom to come get me, but day after day she never showed up. I stayed with all the friends I could think of, but their generosity ran out and I had a tote bag filled with all of their belongings. I put my bag at my friend Daniel’s house (his stuff was in there also). Pops lived right across the street, so we hung out over there and stayed about two days there. We had finally talked to my mom and she was supposed to show up the next day to pick us up, so we decided to steal a Dungeons and Dragons video game from Pops. We got the game and walked next door to Daniel’s house and put it in the bag (by that time we had acquired a lot of stuff). Then we walked back to Pops’ house and we were chilling. Mom delayed again and was going to be a couple of days, so we tried to stay at Pops’ for a few more days till she came. Well, we were sitting on the couch in a room full of people, some I knew and some I didn’t know, and our friend Stevo walked through the door with the D and D video game in his hands that we had stolen from Pops the day before. Alan didn’t notice it, but my heart stopped. I was really scared. Pops looked at this other big dude and they shook their heads and whispered something to Stevo. They then walked to the back room. I immediately got up and walked over to Alan and told him we had to leave now. He didn’t want to because they were about to start drinking and smoking pot, but I whispered, “DUDE LET’S GO.” We walked outside and I told him what I had seen. He then started to look really sad. I felt like we had to get out of there because most of the people there were involved in gang activity and I knew the situation would turn ugly fast. There were a lot of people outside that I didn’t know, so we walked up to some dude in a car who had a lot of people hanging around him and I said, “Dude, we need ride bad.” So he gave us a ride down the street. I used his cell phone to call Arien because we were stranded in Creola with nowhere to go. We went over to her house where she said we could try to sneak and stay in her tree house. The guy who gave us a lift dropped us off down the street because Arien’s parents wouldn’t be cool with us staying over there. Alan and I walked a long way and hid in the bushes close to Arien’s house. We were waiting for the right moment to run to the tree house. While we waited, it started to get dark. We saw a light behind her house that looked like someone walking around with a flashlight, but we didn’t see any person, just an eerie light floating around and back and forth. We watched the light for about an hour thinking that her dad was walking around with a flashlight. We tried to avoid the light and walk to the other side of the bushes where there was an open field that went around to the back of her house. We went around and as soon as we got in the field, something that looked to be a shadow of a huge eight foot camel came running at us! Both of us saw it, and both of us were knocked to the ground. We were dazed. We both freaked out and got up and ran as fast as we could to Arien’s tree house. Then we made it. Arien and her friend Wendi came to stay the night up there with us. We later found out that Pops was supposed to have a protection spell on his belongings. That means that if someone happens to take something of his, the spirits would track the stuff down and actually track the thieves down. These spirits are known as elementals which are manifested into our reality by being summoned though earth, air, fire, water or spirit. The next morning we woke up after Arien’s Mom and Dad left. Wendi went home and we went inside to go back to sleep. After we woke up we chilled for a while inside and Arien’s Mom came home, so we ran to her room and both of us piled into the closet. Arien unlocked the back door for us to run through when the coast was clear, so we waited for a while and kept hearing her Mom come in the room and stuff. She looked at the back door and said, “Arien, why is the back door unlocked?” Arien just said, “I don’t know.” while her mom locked it. We were like, “uh oh.” Then her mom went to the back and we hurried up and ran out and hid. We waited for Arien to leave in the car, and picked us up at the end of the road. We hung out for a while and my Mom still didn’t show up. It was getting late, so we tried the same thing again. Arien dropped us off at the end of her road. We were planning to let her go inside and then run to the tree house. When we started to run, the dog barked at us so we quickly hid behind the trees. Arien came outside and said, “I don’t see anything.” Then she went back inside and shut the door. Then her Mom and Dad came outside and said, “No. That was his human bark.” We expected them to find us. Her Dad walked down to the tree house with a flashlight shining it at the woods. He still didn’t see us. He went to the tree house and looked inside and was walking back to the house. We almost got away, but he shined the flashlight at me and said, “Busted!” I said, “No I’m not.” He walked us inside and sat us down on the couch and was talking to us. Thinking he’d let us stay, we told him our story. He called the cops. The cops arrived and took us to a very small station in Creola. We waited there for a long time and finally they said it was against the law for my mother to drop me off in Alabama and leave without us having a place to stay. After a while, a cop came inside to get us and put us in his car. We had been through a lot and it was late, so we fell asleep. We woke up somewhere in Mobile at a Baptist Orphanage. They put us in a room where we slept for the night and woke up with a lot of kids in the kitchen, so we went in and ate with them all. My hair was shaved short and blonde with red and blue polka dots on it and I had on a Marilyn Manson shirt. They asked me to take it off because it was a Baptist home. We stayed a few days and Alan’s Mom came from Mobile and picked him up, but they wouldn’t let me leave with him. I was really sad. I had to stay there for two more days, and in some ways it was kind of fun, but still really lonely. They had a swimming pool, Nintendo and a basketball court. But the main reason it was sad was because the kids all kept saying, “My Mom’s coming back to get me in a year”. They wanted to believe that so bad. After a few days my mom finally showed up to get me. She took me back to Louisiana where I spent a lot of time in our trailer in the woods, alone in the middle of nowhere. Those spirits, also known as elementals, continued to harass me. I was sitting at home alone waiting for my mom to get home at around midnight. I was sitting on the couch inside our trailer when the wind started blowing and I heard soft whispering voices like in the movies, only I couldn’t understand what they were saying. It was like a few people whispering secrets to each other.



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