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In this episode TruthSeekah and Homboy Sauce speak about Summoning UFOs. What are they? Aliens, angels, demons or maybe time traveling humans from the future? The conversation is needed to truly get to the bottom of these experiences that ordinary everyday people are having. The evangelical christian right is for sure stuck on the demonization part of this because they seem to demonize everything that they don’t understand. But if we have an open mind and look at all the information for what it is we begin to see a clearer picture forming and these bizarre happenings are seeming more Biblical than not and for the most part benevolent. The commonalities are definitely there between what the Biblical prophets and disciples experienced with the angelic realm. They would fast and pray and were then oftentimes visited by angelic beings that assisted and encouraged them on their life’s path. Very similar things are happening within UFOlogy. People are beginning to get serious about their spiritual life as well as their physical body moving towards a more heart centered consciousness. This opens one up to higher frequencies and dimension and you become more apt to angelic visitations. The veil is seemingly thinner for those who are doing the spiritual work to create a better existence for themselves and humanity. On the other side of the argument is the demonic realm which should not be negated. People are definitely encountering dark and malevolent entities in strange situations and just like mirrored on the higher aspect of vibrating in the higher frequencies those involved in dark arts or selfish gain seem to be more open to having negative experiences with entities from beyond. The distinction that needs to be made here is what is “alien” or “extraterrestrial / angelic” and what is of the lower natured entities, devils or demons. As stated it is safe to say that people are encountering all types of beings within the spirit realm but we cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater just because we don’t understand what we or others for that matter are encountering. Aliens are NOT demons, Demons are demons. We should approach this study with an open mind and not demonize everything that we don’t understand as some have in the past. Thousands of people are now having beautiful exchange with what we would call alien beings that are very similar to the encounters with the angelic beings of the Bible.
In this episode we also discuss one of the biggest components that brought us into UFOlogy and especially the act of Summoning UFOs was the work of Prophet Yahweh. Prophet Yahweh The Seer of Yahweh was a man by the name of Raymon Watkins who claimed that he had the ability the summons UFOs and learned it from studying the Hebrew version of the King James Bible. Prophet Yahweh went viral when a news crew gathered around him as he said he would summon the craft. On camera Prophet Yahweh closed his eyes, lifted his hands and began to praying asking Yahweh to send forth his angelic armies to appear for the world to see. Suddenly, something happened, the news crews spotted a strange looking orb floating above them around the clouds. They could not believe their eyes. They then called the local air force base to see if there was any testing, drones or planes in the air. The airport and airforce base both confirmed no. That video lit something within me and many others including HomeboySauce. I was already deep within my studies of aliens and angels but when I ran across that video it took the studies to another level. Eager to see if I could get something to appear I took to the nearest open sky I could find and began to pray. I too began to have deep encounters with lights within the night sky that would perform all types of aerial maneuvers right before my very eyes. This was the beginning of my many encounters within UFOlogy.

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the music all of that you get perks you get rewards you get exclusive music you get access to my full discography 10 plus albums all kinds of cool stuff we do Thursday nights schools of the Mystics every Thursday 7 p.m. central which is like the community aspect of what we’re doing here on the podcast really good community have people to talk to roll ideas off of get into prayer worship meditation and we practice our spiritual gifts our psychic ability so it’s a safe place to do that so if you haven’t checked out Thursday night school of the Mystics make sure you do that backslash truce ticket thank you everybody who was supporting over there so today’s guest is a friend of mine and he is a patreon supporter and so he’s been supporting my work for a couple months now and we’ve kind of developed a friendship and relationship over that I don’t know what it is that draws you to my work and what I bring to the table man maybe you see a piece of your story in me I feel like that’s kind of what a lot of people are you know why they support what I’m doing they see themselves in me and I’ve been vocal about my experience so welcome to the podcast Eddie homeboy sauce what’s up brother well sub by the black pleasure to be here thanks to hat for having me and welcome to everybody in the chatroom yeah that’s basically what it is did I found your podcast brother-in-law Mickey who put me on to you because he knows I’m always like into the truth game and looking for things and the moment I heard you speak you know just game recognize game you know and I was impressed that you look through through everything through a biblical perspective you know how you always talk about Christ but at the same time you’re really open minded and I think that’s really important when it comes to anything spiritual and metaphysical and things of that nature that we have to have an open mind and just a good heart and just always and just be aggressive in our pursuit you know I mean because there’s a lot going on out there so we just got to keep on trying so kudos to you for that man and yeah I became a patreon schools of the Mystics and I just been going yeah it’s been a blessing for me really because I was going through a time where I kinda had given up a little bit you know I’m looking for things there’s so many different choices all right yeah and then you can get lost that you can get lost in that stuff too you know attitude starts to change yeah you know yeah that’s why I know how important it is to do this stuff man yeah yes I have to so I was like I was like man you know um another podcast another person there let me see what it’s about you know and I was just moved man you talked about UFO you talk about psychedelics and things of that nature and I was just like wow you know like alright I could listen to this dude and I really enjoy all your guests people I’ve never heard about some people that I have so it was just really cool man and you you go all over the place so that that’s you like it some people hate it I love it because I’m all over the place sometimes to my mind sometimes – there sometimes and nothing’s ever constant and that’s the Liberty man in this that’s the liberties that we have and you know I don’t know if you want to call us Christians I mean we started off this chat with a prayer before we went live we prayed I don’t know if you want to call us Christians just because what kind of goes along with that term but if we’re looking at it from like a biblical perspective and what the early church had I’m cool with that you know what I’m saying to say I’m a Christian so we believe in Christ we believe in metaphysics I mean mysticism and we use that as a bad word but I think that a relationship with the Creator with Christ the Holy Spirit entities that are all around us it’s a very mystical and metaphysical experience that we’re living right yeah yeah definitely and like I grew up in the church now my dad my dad was a born-again Christian you know and I remember going to church everyday like Monday Tuesday Wednesday you know I couldn’t even watch normal TV when I was a kid I used to watch a cartoon called Superbook you know I don’t know there’s like an old anime cartoons ooh better book I was afraid to look you know like it was all Christian stories and things of that nature and growing up in Inglewood I’m from I’m from Los Angeles in a Mexican predominantly Mexican neighborhood you know people are superstitious religion you know everybody around us was Catholic so you know we’re talking the Virgin Mary goes my next-door neighbor’s house was haunted I used to hear ghosts all the time we had a Virgin Mary appearances on the wall so I was always around that type of stuff you know what I mean like it’s it’s a part of who I am growing up you know and and growing up in the Church of that nature and then later on you know I kind of pulled away from the church a little bit you know divorce happened things of that nature kind of stop going to church but my father taught me how to pray my dad also taught me you know that God is real so I’ve always had that even though my father wasn’t around and I’m still so close to my father’s day but growing up I’ve always knew that I had a God to pray to and I’ve always prayed and that’s kept me above water – throughout my life so I can’t write that off and I never will you know you know I currently don’t go to a church home your podcast is actually encouraged me to actually find one you know to get back into it even though I you know even though I don’t fully agree with some of the stuff that goes on but you don’t agree with everything on Thursday nights right exactly exactly you know I’m not and it’s okay you know that’s okay and I think I think people need a you know like there’s a lot of hate against church right now so I’ll never tell nobody not to go to church you know because it brought me to where I’m at you know what I mean and through my church experience and through my disciplines of religion that I learned I was able to grow and now I can go further into these things without being taken away I think by the the negative energies that that are involved in those type of things about the ego or whatever you want to call yeah cuz that’s easy to you see people just get caught up in this type of stuff and they’re just that’s just it is scary and to be a leader you know I’m someone who I guess I’m a teacher now you know what I’m saying I’m just simply sharing my experience and what’s helping and in it’s helping people right just being open and transparent hey this was a pitfall hey this is working I try to navigate conscious of that stuff because I’ve been a part of something that looked beautiful and then Oh God you want us to sell our below all of our belongings and move to Egypt and start a call like crazy stuff it looked beautiful it looked like some type of great gathering their teaching biblical truths that blows your mind that nobody has and you’re like wow where you have you been on my life and you know okay I need you to sell your belongings and we’re moving to Egypt to start a common life oh hold on you know it’s weird and there’s a bunch of those out there and I’ve been a part of them like my whole Christian experience it seems like getting caught up with little cults and not of not all of them were bad their little friends groups some of them were really good actually some of them practicing stuff but when you find out you’re blown away but um so I think it’s something that God just kind of prepared me for to navigate away from and I’ve been a part of all of these groups and there’s always new ones popping up and hey we got the truth right we’re the ones with the truth in all of these and you got everybody competing and who has the truth or whatever but I think the truth is just man whatever whatever is working man I like for you what’s helping you I don’t care what that is if it’s meditation if it’s whatever like I was just want to show with a Philip J wada I was on his podcast he’s got a new one called mad mind it’s from the mind unleashed he was a writer over there I had him on my show recently Philip J why and he add me on his podcast and so it was it was right after the school of the Mystics when we had just a really good session which was last week and I don’t know I guess I was real sensitive but I went on there and he was just poking me kept asking me questions and I went on that mug and preached the gospel on this like new-age spiritualist show he just kept wanting to know wanting to know what what is the secret behind it what is the difference just look here’s the gospel man this is what it’s about this is about Christ in us the hope of glory and just shared the gospel about what that is but at the same time I’m speaking about this narrative of finding healing through Jesus through a relationship with the Creator and those words are buzz what they don’t you know spirit a lot of spiritualist don’t like those words Jesus I mean I’ve been on I’ve interviewed people and be talking about Jesus and they cut me off and say well Jesus didn’t exist I’m like okay you really don’t know that but if that’s what you believe so it’s like this is what I have to offer this is working whether you want to say that this is the only way like something is behind right this narrative this savior you know it’s the New World Order it’s the new age you know everything’s new people want you to run away and go over here and go do that you don’t have to go nowhere because no matter where you go the enemy or whatever that it’s gonna be there you know it’s everywhere good and bad everything exists everywhere so it’s better I think to just to stand your ground so what can I do right now what can I do in this chair in this community with the people around me and the people that I love how can I find the God in me how is God working through me and we just need an exercise because we all have different gifts you know we all have different powers and you know and we shouldn’t covet somebody else’s we should try to seek what’s best for us and I think that that’s really important to stand your ground focus on the now plant your feet grow you know dig your roots into the soil come once you live in where you’re at right now and build off of that you know I think that’s really important people are always looking out and you start looking in you know that’s that that’s a great segue to kind of what I’ve been titled this episode because I wanted to talk about it with you because you’re talking about we need to look within stop looking out there I know that’s symbolic for fine like thinking that the answers are outside of you the beautiful thing I think about Jesus is that he’s talking about look look within the kingdom of heaven is within when everybody says I got god here’s God no this is God no this is God you know what I’m saying he’s like no just look within the kingdom is within sit in silence be still and know that I am God like anybody can do that in the story of Jesus right when I was on that podcast he’s like he split the he ripped the veil that you had to have priests and kings and all of these just formats to get to God you had almost a performance-based religion essentially Jesus destroyed that and said look I don’t need none of that these people have gone astray they’re after your money they’re after this thing they love power don’t deal with those people you go go straight to your father through me you are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus and all you have to do is look within to connect with the father so spiritually speaking that’s definitely the way I do believe that as above so below as within so without so me and you both we have we have a similar story I know we’re connected for a reason uh we’re into UFOs or what we can call chariots of the Bible you know what I’m saying the vehicles of heaven like they’re all throughout the Bible the word chariot yeah man there’s so many instances to cloud by day the fire by night in the Bible Israelites follow through the wilderness we’ve had encounters you caught someone on camera recently that was the first thing that I’m cool it was really cool but I’ve been seeing them for years I always looked to the sky and the more I learned about the Bible I realized wow it’s kind of like a road map to the stars you know I mean like it is a lot of what’s the word astrology or astronomy in there you know like and I kind of I’m kind of kind of salty that the church don’t talk about it don’t know right what I mean and I can always remember you know like in hard times praying to God and like God just give me a sign and looking up into the sky and I’ll see a shooting star or I’ll see a moving star mm-hmm and my whole life I’ve seen I mean I’ve always been into your mother’s a UFO show called sightings back in a day like that wasn’t my show my mom won’t let me watch it watch it and how all these UFO during you men trying to watch it in your sketch like I told you that to watch there it was it was a fear you know that I started to hear that you know they might be angelic beings and things of that nature and I have a real open mind and it’s foolish to think that we’re alone in this universe I mean it’s all over just look at look at the hieroglyphics and things of that nature you know and there’s beings everywhere it is beings in this realm I mean just look at the creatures that animals that actually live on this planet that are alive like they’re so diverse and so crazy so I think it’s foolish to think that we don’t have neighbors intergalactic neighbors look we’re talking but we’re little okay so this is this gets into a bunch of crazy stuff yeah yeah and I haven’t really got into much of this but somebody brought this theory to me talking about that I don’t know if it’s I’m sure it’s connected with Flat Earth but they’re talking about how the firmament is water like space is not space like space is water out there and so when we’re looking at these stars and they look blurry or they look to be pulsating or looking at a planet and the planet looks like it’s pulsating it’s like you’re looking at a light through water and that’s what with what happens when we’re looking at light through water at pulsates it kind of moves um so understanding as above so below like if we look at the creatures that are in the depths of the sea like they’re still finding new creatures that exist some of these of these creatures have the ability to cloak I have the ability to change colors to like they do crazy stuff like they they evolve they have lights on their head like there’s a they adapt to the environment right all types of crazy alien scary looking creatures plus octopuses look like aliens it’s that movie where they went and they saw the hawk I was listening to the radio there today and just like and some guy was saying I don’t even know if this is true not but it would this is on like national like radio regular radio oh they’re saying that octopuses were the first aliens and that we come from octopuses and I’m like walk the places and they got that purple color that royal color some of them do you know I mean like they look very alien you know who knows and there’s that movie with I think it was a Jodie Foster but she meets the aliens and octopuses right and you know part of that contact or something yeah I can’t remember the name of it but it’s not for fish you know ya know it’s crazy because all of this stuff that existed in the sea like I’ve seen similar stuff in in the heavens man like stargazing and being out there and like it’s it’s crazy like whatever light exists down there it weather and I said was getting crazy about the water thing what if like those beans are out there as well UFOs these craft or these type of beings like there’s like we’re talking about crafts like a lot of these lights that we’re seeing or actual angelic entities they’re not nuts-and-bolts spaceships that were built or whatever they’re like entities that are flying around with trails of light and they stop on a dime and they can indicate with you and synth ought to telepathically it gets deep and and there’s so much stuff out there that I’ve seen I’ve seen stuff that looked like stingrays I’ve when I’ve had james gilliland on my podcast talk to him about it and it was something he knew about these entities that look like stingrays that are flying through the heavens man like crazy stuff that is out there stuff that looks like balloons with that are transparent circles flying around and like crazy stuff man that you it’ll just blow your mind to just to like want to compel you to look into that I’ve seen lights like what circles come in and like they come in they shrink back into the sky and they get bigger and like they pulsate I don’t know what they are you know and I’ve seen just beings of light I’ve actually think I’ve met my guardian angel or whatever I remember one of my youngest memories I think I’ve talked about this in the school of the Mystics how like I was getting made fun of or something like that and this lady just walked up like I’m off the street of my aunt’s house and one like sat down next to me it was like hey Eddie what’s wrong I’m crying they don’t want to play with me and like I remember her like hugging me and I felt like I was surrounded by like a ball of light like a warmth and I always think it was like my guardian is some angel of some sort because I’ve been still living off that feeling of love you know and peace and security to this day you know so and I’m sorry I got kind of segue there but speaking of angels and lights but yeah like there’s nothing to me anything is possible you know what I mean and and we have to I think it’s imperative that we look to the sky I think it’s all in it’s all in biblical scripture it’s it’s it’s everywhere and in this day and age it’s even more important that we connect to the ground and to the sky you know get it better get back on that you know as within so without man and that’s kind of like what I was talking to Phillip about on his podcast and shout out the Christa she’s asking about when that episode will be available it’s not out yet but when it’s out I’ll share it with you guys um but I was talking to him about like we talked about the power of belief like whatever you believe you can create or whatever you can fathom and think in your mind it becomes real even if only to you even if only to you your reality your world is shaped around those belief systems if you think something is okay morally consciously to you in your brain and your inner guidance system it’s okay so I was bringing that notion about you know they believed that and he believed in inner healing and stuff is okay well what about through Christ like what if you believe in Christ you believe that he died you believe that he forgives you of your sins and that your wrongs are made right and you’re set free by the by this belief and people believe that they walk in and it actually becomes their reality now that’s definitely happening that’s the even if that’s if even if it’s only real because you believe in it it’s powerful right it’s if you don’t believe in it it doesn’t have any power Jesus talks about that all the time too you know the mind is powerful man like an act that comes to healing and that’s what I love about this podcast we you talk about things that are practical that we can apply to people it’s one thing to be spiritual all that but you know what good a science to a man if you can’t apply it to his life you know I’m saying so practice yeah yeah it’s not practical you know we trying to heal we’re trying to gain something from all this we’re not just talking out the side of our next year you know like what can I do to apply these things to my life and when it comes to belief when it comes to healing if you think you’re gonna sit you’re gonna be sick man no saying like and like you said I don’t I don’t write nobody off because if a Muslim man found out law and he’s praying every day and that’s just bringing healing to his life then hallelujah assalamualaikum to him you know I mean like my mom my brother doing oh saying I can’t hate on that you know and I respect that you know more than the person isn’t I’m not doing anything at least he’s right you know I have you know what and I talk about all the time like my awakening process I mean it’s been a process that’s not like an overnight thing right it’s been a process so part of it was to see Muslims I mean I was always around Muslims just affiliated with lco be the Lost Children of Babylon through the esoteric spiritual hip-hop most of those dudes or Muslims or Hindus I’m the Christian bringing my side to the table and I did it well right but I was able to see in a lot of them in a lot of their fans and stuff the same pursuit that was in me and I have to say was an honest pursuit of wanting to know God of wanting to know how the universe works and I would see those people and I would have more in common with these people who may be of other faiths or lack of but it that way spiritual people then I seen with a lot of people in the church who were racist bigoted judgmental mean-spirited all of this stuff going on in the churches I’m like man these people I here look more like Jesus than what I’ve seen in the church so yes that part of my awakening was like you know what when the Bible says in the book of Acts when it says that God will deal with all men as long as they will repent turn from their wicked it’s turn from their sin God will deal with them and we’ll find the people in Hinduism in Islam who were turning from their sin who don’t who are like they they’re conscious of their sin they’re asking God to forgive them they’re seeking out a relationship with the universal power whatever you want to call it man it takes on many forms and it’s very similar to what we’ve been experiencing as Christians in the church our whole life you know yeah it’s it’s universal you know I mean and it’s everything God is everywhere and he said that and there’s different there’s different avenues to find him you know what I mean and we need those different avenues because there’s sin or there’s darkness in all types of places and we got to be the light bearers you know we got to go out and bring this light to you know the deepest and darkest places as Jesus did you know even if you take away the deity of Jesus you know you don’t you don’t believe in him that he was son of God just you know but it is sort of historical fact that he was you know alive in a man that’s cool so if you set him as a model to follow it’s just having a good role model you know what I mean it’s heaven it’s having you know somebody look up a master teacher he’s a master teacher other religions recognize him as that you know so I think it’s important to we have to be students of this like you said it’s a journey to walk you off to talk about you know the the book by a Alchemist you know a little quail oh yeah yeah it’s about the journey and I that’s a problem a lot of the problem with with these churches is that you get caught up in this box of I have to go every Sunday and this and like that’s not a journey you got to live your life you know brothers and sisters men you got to go out there and experience these things and like you said they everybody likes to demonize everything and I’ve been to that that’s not the devil that’s not the devil you know that’s of the devil oh yeah you know what I’m here to experience these things you know if I you know maybe I’ve been here before and I was down and I’m here to learn lessons you know and I’m an MC to like I love hip-hop and rap so like talk about this sometimes it’s like it’s all an experience so we’re out here locking ourselves in these buildings we’re not out experiencing nothing what lessons am i learning what can I take back to put in the book of life or to book it in the book of knowledge for all of God’s people you know what I mean like that’s that’s the intent that’s what we’re here to do is to experience and to learn and to know of the fruit of good and bad and we have free will to exercise I can go out and take this energy and do harm with it I can bring people down and go out and kill people I can work that’s not what I’m here to do though I’m here to uplift to heal I feel you know I feel that that’s my part of my calling yeah and i’ma exercise that I’m gonna do that I’m gonna look to the sky you know whatever the media tells me I’m gonna do the opposite I’m saying so it’s funny how you’re talking about they’re like prophet Yahweh that video that I I had caught that video later on and I seen him he’s up there praying and the whole Las Vegas thing so I had I had stopped kind of looking to the sky and I was like let me revamp this and I did I sat down and I did the Lord’s Prayer and like in the video it’s pretty long video but I condensed it for the internet and then sure enough like I was staring at a light which turns out to it was a planet but another light popped up next to it and it just moved over and I’ll post a link or something to watch the video it’s on YouTube you know what um send the link and I’ll um what is it what is it under YouTube tell me right quick and tell the suit let me see I honestly I can’t remember give me one second look up as well I know it’s gonna be on one of your what’s her name Melissa I see I got it I just think in your home sauce UFO yeah I changed so this is gonna be for I’m gonna go ahead and play this video and this is gonna be for the people watching live for watching on YouTube if you’re listening to the audio excerpt of this when we get done with this make sure you go back and watch this video and I’ll post a link in the show notes in the description as well so you guys can watch it but I’m gonna play the video for the stream right quick let me I know I set this up I can do that okay you can’t see it either sauce but you can pie see it on youtube if you have a lot anyways I pulled out to look at my YouTube and now I can’t find you and okay I can still hear you and see you you’re good okay I see there you go all right so I’m YouTube’s a few seconds behind so if everybody’s watching you can see the light there and then the other one pops up to the right-hand side and just goes away did you see it I’m gonna go back right there right at about seven seconds then to the right-hand side of the screen so he’s out there consciously trying to make contact like you went out there for a reason right you got your camera in your film and you said you did some prayers kind of like that the Prophet Yahweh videos and stuff right followed I followed his recipe and it made me realize that I do that all the time when I’m looking at the sky and the stars you know it’s a it’s just something that I’ve always been you know interested in and to get that confirmation man is this is such a good feeling you know and those affirmations and those moments have come to me often and in many different forms they’ve come through me through the sky they come through me through animals through friends words through friends that I wasn’t expecting strangers so I think it’s imperative that you you know you’re open to these things what’s that like that parable like the guy that’s stuck in the ocean and a boat or something and like you know God sends all these ships or whatever and finally him he’s got like I sent you all these clues and signs but you know you weren’t paying attention so you know we have to pay attention to these things you know I’ve seen like a praying mantis I’ve seen like white owls seen all types of things yeah they come to me when I need them most but the thing is though I really have to meditate and you have to ask yeah you know ask and you shall receive Matthew know so you have to pursue these things man you can’t just sit around and hope and wish things are gonna happen you know because they’re not and you have to dig these things out you know if you agreed you look at Jesus and you look at his teachings and stuff he spoke in parables and I’m like when he went you know when he spoke on the Mount like imagine people walked from thousands of miles to come see him and then he gets up and he starts telling all these weird stories and you’re looking like what the heck is this dude talking about like like what you know its mysteries you know it’s not just out there in plain sight yep you have to dig a little bit man but those who seek they shall find it’s what the scripture says so like you’re judging people who have been seeking you haven’t been seeking you haven’t but whatever you’ve been seeking something like your manifestation of your life whatever you’re living like it’s part of what you’ve been seeking so you know that’s the thing like in it that even that helps me not to judge people when I think of somebody who believes something that’s differently than me or whatever the case says even if I think they’re wrong I don’t judge them for being wrong I don’t judge them for believing that I understand look you’ve been part of a system or a church or a cult or whatever that taught you that this was the truth and that this was okay and there’s a reason that you believe that it may be some unlearning that needs to happen but at the end of the day it’s your truth I’m talking a little bit about the Prophet Yahweh thing for me like it took my whole experience to the next level because I was looking up stuff in the Bible I was having dreams and looking up stuff about UFOs and I found Bible UFO calm by Patrick cook and a huge website I know I mentioned it on one of the last streams I did but um that that website was amazing dude’s got like all of the ancient history sightings that were written stuff that’s written in ancient books like all types of stuff where and he’s got it dated for the years and you you go all the way back to like the 1715 hundreds go back to where there was paintings that were done and just crazy stuff man it’s like the biggest database it didn’t links it to the Bible right UFOs in the Bible you just shows you these things that could be UFOs where these clouds were there and the clouds were speaking to the the prophets or whatever the case is the cloud by day fire by night Ezekiel’s wheel some of it some of it I think it’s a Reese um of it I think it’s a stretch but there’s a lot of information there for you to take in and it did give you a lot of the breakdown on the hosts of heaven the armies of heaven the word chariot being a vehicle chariots of fire you know we look up and we gaze into the night sky we see flames of fire traveling and people are commenting here somebody by the name of the hoary sea sheet show said uh I’ve even seen them uncloaked like that and moved to another spot and then reek Lok but while they cloak they simply turn a dark purple colour like the colour of the night sky and in that’s the thing you was seeing them cloaking and uncloaking I’ve seen fire move and stop and then we research that the angels I always talk about like if you’re if you’re studying the end the angelic in the Bible you’re gonna eventually get to UFOs if you’re studying angels now you made you from a Christian perspective you’ll probably first get to the perspective that you they’re demonic and it’s demons trying to deceive humanity and abduct you and all this kind of stuff that’s that’s what a lot of Christians go to but if I think if you open up just for the research you find out that look the word Seraphim which is the type of angel is called the fiery ones the fiery serpents serpents is about knowledge is what that’s talking about and then they fly out they travel back and forth from heaven to earth and then we get into Enoch Enoch says that they when they travel the ethers they travel as a flame of fire like faster than the speed of light they literally look like fire traveling and that if you are like whenever they come to deal with men and they come down to the earth that they take upon the appearances of men so you know what they look like out there there’s nothing that resembles what we look like here but they have the ability to shape-shift and things like that that’s in that’s in Enoch and you know some people who are Enoch that’s not credible okay well let’s go to let’s cook we gave you the layout for the Seraphim we go to Psalms and then it’s repeated in Hebrews it said the Lord maketh his his angels his ministering spirits as a flame of fire he makes them as a flame of fire that’s in Psalms and in Hebrews talking about these fiery beings man and and like I think I got this idea from your podcast too when your conversation is like god it’s extraterrestrial angels demons if you really think about it they don’t live in this realm they’re not in this dimension yeah I mean so but they’re there they exist these energies are there whatever you want want to call them and when we start talking about our intergalactic neighbors you know I think I personally think that there are other species and you know conscious beings like we are you also probably worship the same God that I do you know I mean all that he Crowley created them as well – they just live billions light-years away and where they say that Jesus like if it existed and Jesus had to go there and die or display the gospel can be a little bit different yeah and I’ve read books like you know William Cooper you know behold a pale horse I know that was one of my books back in the day you know and I was just like wow you know I was in the military – you hear stories and stuff and then you also had to look at technology you know the advancements in technology like where are they getting this stuff from you know I mean yeah my mom’s side of the family they’re from like Mexico right of New Mexico right outside of Roswell so like I don’t know maybe I’m like ancestrally connected to this or maybe somebody saw something in the sky a long time ago and and that information was passed down to me through my DNA but a lot of yeah a lot of the manipulation that goes on in this world you know with with the government in the media and the powers at hand a lot of it revolves around a lot of this type of knowledge or technology and what they’re using against this I’m I’m really big on that type of stuff that’s that’s something about the whole narrative of the Zambian demons like it kind of plays into that narrative is that they taught mankind you know all of all of this stuff and taught them technology and taught them how to make weapons and it goes into saying it taught women how to use makeup and stuff like that you know and it gets into that so then it kind of plays into the narrative of the crashed UFOs and that back-engineering the technology and fiber optics came from UFOs and stuff like that like crashed UFOs and stuff they’re back engineering the technology so a lot of people believe in that because we’re getting our technology we’re getting our information from them and stuff like that there’s something crazy I don’t know if you’ve seen this and there’s a video and it’s I just it’s new it’s Sandra Bullock on with Ellen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Ellen wanted her to share her makeup regime like what she uses for her foundation her makeup to stay looking young and my mind straight away and I’m not I’m not saying that there’s a connection but my mom went there because I know it I did here it’s my blood right she says I’m Bob little worse than that yeah um so this is what she’s like when she said this my mind went straight to the Fallen Angels teaching women about makeup and how to adorn their face I’m said so but she said that her regime and what she’s finally was in their 50s mid 50s looks like 20-something she said that they take this roller and it’s got all these pins on it and they roll it on your face so it creates all of these little holes these little and I like pierces your skin all over your face and your face is red and even it’s bleeding and they take this cream this paste and they rub the paste in and it works wonders since Ellen said okay well tell the people what’s in the paste well it’s uh you know she was kind of hesitant to say it but it is um the four skins from Asian babies blend it up they take the four skins from Asian babies blend it up and put it in their face to remain looking young that’s his sounds demonic it sounds demonic and it goes straight back to like and then he made it you teach you how to do it yeah it’s funny but this is that’s just scratching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to some of this stuff man right I plant plant Planned Parenthood all that stuff you know none of that stuff goes wasted you know and I mean and they use that stuff they use the light the energy that’s in everything is energy man everything is matter everything is energy so we have you know that stuff in us and they use that who ever you know they beat to to make themselves younger when we could be using it to just uplift our whole our whole people you know our whole everything yeah and it’s one of those things man is it’s a bit scary and that’s that’s what’s interesting to now like you’re saying like you’re starting to see it more common like in the narrative and laughing about it yeah yeah everything’s become so loose within the past you know even more you know than what it already has been and it’s a bit it’s a bit telling to to what’s to come because they’re just planting that seed and that’s one of the things when it comes to this truth stuff as the as you start to gain discernment and and you start you can’t see things the same anymore like I can’t watch a movie the same anymore I’m always looking like I oh man you see what they’re doing with that number because yeah and they’re implanting it the the the enemy you know Satan the devil are gonna come is not gonna come in and like you know but he’s gonna he’s a smooth talker he sliced slick wicked you know I mean like he’s gonna see is gonna seduce you into believing certain things and and that’s what it is it’s a form of seduction to make you think that certain things are okay when really they’re not you know and I mean like there’s other ways you don’t need to be taking foreskin the babies and put it on your face man you know do mean anything bro that’s crazy man and and they say it’s foreskin but it’s probably more it’s probably the whole baby you know keepin it real you know you don’t know what it gets it gets dark man I don’t try to study that stuff only because I have studied it and I know that there’s nothing you can tell me to blow my mind there’s nothing you can come to me and say true seek a man they found out that you know this is happening in the government bro and they’re they’re having sex with children you know they’re trading that’s a big thing pizza gate that doesn’t blow my mind these people are wicked bro like I understand that I’ve studied enough I’ve done the research to come to and to come to an understanding that these guys are wicked but wicked people are running things the Bible says I think they create wicked wickedness like they are continually looking for new ways to do evil right and like once you know that you kind of get to a part there like it can freak you out if you let it you know what I’m saying if you’ve never heard of this kind of stuff it can freak you out at first and then you get into the panic mode where you’re like oh there’s Illuminati symbolism and everything like you’re talked about watching the movies because it is in all the movies there’s evil stuff in the movie that’s good stuff dude you’re gonna find what you’re looking for if you’re looking for all the evil symbolism and movies and the evil symbolism and architecture and in nature and everything is wicked you’ve kind of freaked out but if you get to a place where you look at things then this is what kind of led me to do that I went from one state to the other finding the wicked and everything to like try now trying to find the good and everything there’s a scripture I believe it’s in Timothy and it says that if whatsoever is pure think upon these things whichever is good whatsoever is of good report whatsoever is Noble which is virtuous think about these things entertain your mind with good thoughts and cuz that’s what’s that’s what’s gonna come come and that’s what you’re gonna see that’s part of the reason I bring it up because it’s real easy to get cynical and that’s happened to me as to everything I speak up I speak through personal experience saying I’m always looking like oh this is that this is that and there’s no fruit in that you know you’re just gonna be on a hamster wheel you know keep them finding things over and over again and like you it’s important to recognize the beauty and things I think that that’s really important too and I feel like there’s God’s hidden everywhere you know what I mean God is in everything everywhere and if you can extract that that energy and that love and that light from everything you’ll be you’ll be in good form you know um that’s so that’s why I hip-hop music was so dear to me because a lot of it in the beginning was extremely vulgar you know but that’s what I was around you know what I mean and through that there was still flashes of God flashes of light you know and I was able to extract you know healing from these things and help me cope with life cope with the struggles cope with distress and it’s about resilience you know it’s about getting up dusting yourself off and getting up and just keep on walking keep on moving you know day by day you know like you say follow the breadcrumbs that God puts in front of you because he does and I think that um that’s why I like this podcasts why I like these conversations because that’s all we’re doing is we’re trying to we’re trying to find ways you know to heal to spread love and to make our our time here on this earth you know pleasing joyful you know while we’re here might as well have a good time you know it’s weird though that you say that because I come from a Christianity and maybe you do too where we’re taught the whole suffering servant thing that we have avoid the things that make us happy or the things that the world would find pleasing in like having fun even the simplicity’s in life that we’re to do without because we’re servants and spiritual at that you know that type of deal with the whole even the five percenter thing I like to mention the poor righteous teachers that you know you’re never gonna see a righteous teacher with money or rich or wearing nice clothes whatever the case is and so that was like an ungodly belief in something I had to unlearn that was passed down and and probably it was like a weird thing because I I come from the Assemblies of God Church and like the whole Word of Faith Movement and the prosperity preachers and prosperity gospel and I got sick and tired of that so and because they abuse that and then so it’s like this ain’t truth like this can’t what these guys are teaching this cannot be God at all so I kind of went on the opposite and so that’s when you start looking at i’ma do without it’s those who suffer their scriptures about that man that God is with those who suffer the Bible says God is with the poor right so you start taking these things to heart and understanding obviously it’s a balance between it all but I think that’s what kind of led me down that path of understanding that like it wasn’t the rich at what like to the rich this is their Kingdom like this you don’t send these high places that they sit upon these places the power this is their Kingdom the Bible talks about that but there’s something there to understand that uh you know it’s not it’s not all black and white like but I had to unlearn you know that God didn’t want me to be happy it’s really a Gnostic belief to excuse anything that makes you happy or pleases your flesh ya know entertainment anything like that like they say that’s demonic you know yeah it’s all about balance brother you know I mean like there’s a time for everything like and you gotta know know yourself know thyself you know what I mean like if my looking to the Stars and searching for UFOs it comes to much and it’s starting to give me a Senat a cynical vibe and on how I look at things and I think everything is Illuminati and all this stuff no no I need to put it down for a little bit you know I mean and and and clean my slate and that’s with with anything in life you know and with with the subsistence we put in our body everybody wants to demonize everything there’s some stuff you don’t do you know you could be religious about anything you know religion is I could be religious about music I mean it’s discipline it’s a discipline it’s all about the disciplines you right yeah so sometimes you gotta be it’s it’s imperative sometimes it’s good to hold yourself back and have a little bit of that suffering so you can experience it if you’ve never experienced it yeah but if you’ve suffered your whole life man you need to go out and enjoy some of your life you know so it’s like it’s a balance you know it depends on your background we all have different backgrounds we all come from different places so we just need to know ourselves like you know like not gonna recommend you know people go out and smoke marijuana even though it’s helped me and stuff like that but at the same time you know like some people might need it or some people might need like if they can’t detach from their reality they’re so caught up in this world and they’re holding on to all this stuff maybe then they need that herb as a tool or they need to go eat so you know like that yeah yes I’m psilocybin or you know and I’m happy that we’re kind of starting to open up to these things you know like it’s that the the it’s not becoming as demonized even though it still is the church is still holding on to that yeah yeah I get it though I I get where they’re coming from yeah because this day and age the moment you open the door it gets reckless things just up now everybody’s like I live in Cali you know like and it weeds legal now and now it’s kind of it’s a bit reckless now you know what I’m saying like you got all these youths I mean I’m not gonna say I can’t I can’t I started at a young age you know and I’m old enough not taking a big break and things of that nature but it’s kind of scary too the the dialogue that’s going on and how easy access it is and people got understand like when it comes to plant medicine and things of that nature you got to know who’s making the stuff who’s growing it where they talking to the plant did they did they flush it properly are they just trying to make money like cuz you’re consuming this type of things and that goes with food yeah everything you know it’s I call it the holy trinity the ultimate trifecta mind body and soul if you’re lacking in one area you know if you’re trying to pick your spirit of your spirit game up you wanna you want to start meditating more you want to get deeper you want to start astral traveling and all that stuff so you’re all up in the spirit but you’re drinking six cokes a day you know saying you’re eating all this process John get ain’t gonna work man yeah ain’t gonna work you got to balance your body you got it so you sometimes people are focused in like one area they want to up this area of their mind but they’re neglecting this area you know you got it you got to keep that whole circle of life balanced so that you’re able to move through this through this realm that we live in with the light of God or the light of the Most High or the light of source or the light of the universe whatever you want to call and once you get that light then you can exercise it and have it build and so all things are pure to them that are pure it really exactly exactly and it’s all about balance man it’s always about but it’s about balance cause like we’re talking about you know seeing the evil and everything seeing the Illuminati and the architecture and in all the movies and all that stuff whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find so if you’re looking for that I mean people watching this on YouTube like I get so many Christian comments it’s like geometry and now you don’t have my hat with the all-seeing eye and it’s got all kind of symbols on there like that I was with everything until I saw that I like yeah the day I means different things to different people right so whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find we’re looking for all this negative stuff we start looking for the good stuff instead of seeing the Illuminati and architecture and the devil and I go out into nature I’m seeing God in nature Hey ladies through spirituality the church didn’t teach me to do that they don’t care about nature they think you’re a hippie tree hugger if you get to what’s in the nature and the beauty or stargazing or whatever the case is like that’s where God speaks man he speaks through creation it says that uh what it says is surely the heavens declare the glory of God the open skies declare the works of his hands man like all of creation man and we posted a scripture that last week it talks about the listen to the birds talk to the trees talk listen to the ocean let them communicate God to you you know what I’m saying in it that’s that’s what it comes down to with it there’s something to be had there man to get out of this like religious dogmatic place and what you think that you know it all that’s the thing like I got to a point I didn’t even want to teach or talk about anything that I’ve learned or studied over the years because I didn’t want to argue what people I didn’t want to I’ve been a know-it-all you know what I’m saying I’ve been around nowhere else and I and it disgusts me it turns my stomach so it kind of put me in a place of like not even wanting to share the truth I knew and just like even yesterday I shared out that you know a little snippet from a podcast about Satan you know I when it went in on you know somebody asked a question Christie shot out about Satan about StuffIt so I kind of went in and gave what I’ve studied and what I learned what I what I believe and shared it and then people you know people want to come in and argue and stuff and it’s like man I don’t even I rather build what you want something else then like try to break down scriptures and argue and try to get you to believe what I believe and stuff like that people I don’t know if people want that but I don’t know if I think people do want it and I know right everybody wants to argue everybody wants to be right everybody’s so matter-of-fact man I’m comfortable I’m comfortable knowing that I don’t know it all and I’m also comfortable knowing that we do know a lot about we’re starting to understand or overstand a lot of the things that make this world move and how I mean when you start really looking into science and what’s really going on and like you know wavelengths gamma rays like we don’t even see half of the world it’s not even visible to the human eye man like so it it’s it’s one of those things like people are so matter-of-fact about everything I’m like no you don’t know you really don’t like and that to me brings me joy like I’m happy about that because that means that if we’re not matter of fact then that means I can make anything happen yeah I can create yeah I can bring heaven on earth if I really really that was really my intentions and my goals in which it is I’m gonna do it baby I’m gonna make it do what it do and like that brings me that brings me joy to know that I had that power and that’s what it is I do have that everybody does as a power dear I have the power to heal I have the power to create I have so much power you know how were these hair down and to destroy that’s why they scared of me that’s what he that’s what he’s scared of us because if we all unite and start holding hands and start edifying one another and start lifting each other up now we could rebuild this whole mug we could be posted chillin with lions just kickin it man you know I mean and like you know top listening to the narrative man turn off the television the television and that’s one of my things like I stopped watching TV not only because it’s expensive as hell and like the model doesn’t even work no more you know why should I pay for commercials any happening baby it’s an internet day and age right like I pay for this stuff but it it’s cool you know advertisements is cool when it when it’s it’s organic advertising you know I want to absolutely right man yeah I want to hear other people’s stuff and I want to hear yeah yeah so people are like if I have friends or whatever they’re upset about like seeing ads on the side of their videos or on their website or on while they’re browsing Facebook man I just googled this video game I talked to a friend yesterday I told him about a video game he looked it up and then now he’s seen the video game everywhere it’s cuz he googled it he’s like man they got my information and now they’re showing me this video game and I’m like I know it seems evasive but wouldn’t you rather see something that you add for what you’re interested in versus pampers commercial yeah I would like wouldn’t you rather see the video game that you’ve googled you looked up info on when you rather see that in your stream versus pampers like hey or women’s feminine products like while you’re browsing your screen stream and so if technology is advancing I mean you know like it or leave it whatever like what we’re doing now is a perfect example of the good things that technology can do and we can use it for good it’s gonna happen I’m you know everybody I tried to fight it inwardly it will still do but um we have to embrace it man we all said it’s beautiful merging with there bro it’s becoming a part of us I think it’s a good thing man you’re over there I’m over here we’re talking the energy is still flowing through this microphone the transducer my my sound waves are hitting this membrane getting turned into an electrical signal going down the wire into my computer getting digitized back digitized to your speaker like demonic it’s crazy aliens had to do that go man cannot come up with that right that is so insane technology mimics the spiritual man your Norfolk residents you know saying you know like that’s the internet right there we can all sit here and talk and communicate I personally believe that we have that power we just just gotta you know take some of the blockers off that are going on you know and and that comes through prayer meditation cleansing the body water you know your pineal gland opening that head up you know I mean and and I really think getting right with God or getting right with the source you know because it’s the energies that are involved you know I uh bro I I went out like two three weeks ago and and I put it in the mail actually sent the CD I sent at the city to Japan the other day like it’s crazy to know that people all over the world are being affected by what you create and what you put out and I remember when I was really riding with LC OB like I was selling CDs and merch and t-shirt shout out to you you weren’t a true secret t-shirt I barely could see it but yeah that’s what’s up man it looks good – yeah link link is in description guys but um yeah the first time like you know like every country bro like every continent like sending CDs and t-shirts man to like Australia New Zealand China Japan aged it like everywhere it was blowing me away I was like wow there’s people who don’t even speak English but they love American culture and and what we’re bringing to the table with the spiritual aspect of it man and then it’s as deep but it’s because of Technology yes because we’ve taken advantage of it like the whole hip hop thing the local scene and go and blow up local and I remember like locally there was the guys who were like a true seeker man we were like what you’re doing but if you’re trying to blow up you got to come do the open mikes every Thursday you got to come to the bars and stay out till 10:00 and get you a spot at the bars every I’m like I can’t do it or I got a wife and a daughter and I got a full-time job as draining the hell out of me like there’s no way that I can in that and that all time go work the downtown scene and try to blow up a name there and hand out flyers which people are doing that and it’s kudos shout out there’s that’s the grind right there doing it I’ve done it from the privacy of my own home yeah sitting on the couch sending out tweets sending out email blasts sending out commenting on other people’s stuff promoting other people’s stuff working together networking and and created it that way so that it’s not just my local scene on my local 20 30 40 people have heard many people you’re reaching that day it moves into like thousands like some of my podcasts bro I just hit like 75,000 with the Jordan Maxwell interview on YouTube like that’s pretty big that’s 75 and there’s strategic reasons that I have those guests on and entitle that shows and do the imagery and stuff like that like I’m into marketing and promoting and stuff I’ve have to if I don’t nobody will hear it right so to understand 75,000 people let’s say 74 thousand of them have no idea who truseq is until they hear that interview now we got this show that we can bring some of our light and some of our understanding to the table that hopefully something they hear will pique their interest in they want to know more about me and my work and what I bring to the table and then you get the light didn’t you get the truth so it’s been able to infiltrate the New Age been able to enter infiltrate spirituality even Christianity for some part just to be a zombie Paul says to be become all things to all men so that you can win some you’re not gonna win them all but we can to the Jew we become a Jew to the UFO people with all UFOs to the Christians will talk death burial and resurrection like whatever you will become all things to all men so that we can win some over to this love this universal light this understanding which is the light of Christ that lights all men all men us it’s beautiful man it and I think you know people got to understand too it’s it’s there’s nothing wrong with advertising marketing and building your business and China you know and having conscious stuff like why I’m naming things like that’s wise that’s smart that’s what you’re never going and even says in the into the inscription you never build a house without like counsel and planning you got you know like if this is what you’re gonna do do it the right way so kudos and yours you’re seeing the fruits of your labor right now not only because you’ve been doing those things but because you’re managing to keep it real and being honest with yourself and being honest with your audience you know and I probably like those carried away they get lost in there in their madness I’ve had people laugh at me and people like make fun of me and show it like in instability put it like so in the past I would have like deleted stuff like as far as like oh like the early true seeker podcasts when I was doing the encountering God or episodes because some of those episodes are on where it was I was trying to strict stick mainly to a Christian vibe and I’ve said some things that if you listen to that and then listen to what I talk about now some of it is conflicting information like see you’re all over the place and you’re changing and you don’t know what you believe in it’s like you’re right hold on let’s take that I don’t know what I believe in everything we’re constantly changing we’re constantly getting more information about a subject and in rationalizing the information I’ve been honest to say I don’t know these cults these churches these people they can’t say that they don’t know you’ll lose followers you let’s us people they say hey what did you what do you know what do you think about this I don’t know here’s what I think if you want to know what I think even Paul did that he said this isn’t this isn’t from God but this is just my opinion about the matter so to be open and to be vulnerable man it’s powerful right now people are looking for truths people are looking for authenticity because people are tired of being fake they’re tired of being a hypocrite of having to play a role put on this monkey suit and go to church and hey brother and have to act a certain type of way but inside they’re broken inside they don’t they disagree with the majority of the stuff the pastor saying but they have to act like they believe it while they’re there oh yeah ma’am I’ve been tossing well if you don’t tithe God will curse you oh I know that so you know I’m ready to say that you know like how you’ve taken out your earplugs and like I remember I’ve done that like six like six times before I was 18 posters off my wall this is all you know like but I can’t deny that’s what I mean see that’s that hip-hop music those type of things brought me to had got me to ask the questions that needed to be that I needed to start they brought me it’s a part of who I am you know I don’t I don’t label myself that like I feel like that’s a big problem to with with what’s going on with society people society wants to tell you who you are I’m hip-hop or um I’m this I’m that I’m you know I’m whatever like no you’re not you simply are you’re a child of God man you know I mean like you’re not this you’re not that stop putting these labels on yourself I’m a Democrat I’m a Republican yeah whatever I could think of a plethora of names people want to label themselves we’re not we’re none of those things where we’re light vessels where we’re light bodies inside this vessel and we’re going through this journey and we’re trying to figure it all out we’re trying to make it to the next level China we don’t want to come back you know we want to keep going and that’s that’s the goal you know and we got it we got to spread love and we got to be loved we got to embrace it you know Christy is asking if you do music I do i do do music it’s been a while like I used to have a podcast as well home sauce radio you go soundcloud /femme sauce I have like a low-key LP it’s like five underground tape songs that I’ve ever recorded I have it titled why are you bringing up old shit because it’s kind of yeah and then I have like so I know exactly what you’re talking about about like going out and trying to hustle and make it my podcast was based on just playing music that wouldn’t be played on the radio as far as hip-hop goes music inspired me and I’m gonna be honest at you sometimes and you can see the different moves that I’m in when I recorded each podcast sometimes I get kind of hood with this sometimes I’m like I’m in different places but yeah it’s good music the podcast is technically still open maybe I’ll record a new one it’s been about three years like you said I have children I have a wife I have a career and I just put those things ahead of it right now and you know and I listen to the spirit that’s what the law told me to do like you said I had a I was starting to have influence and I have friends that are in the game and I have friends that do podcast as well and they do great you know and I love listening to their stuff like I love listening to you I know the work that goes involved in these things I know the effort it’s a lot you know it’s a lot of work that’s why I feel comfortable being your patreon because I feel like you’re doing something that I would be doing if I had a lot of work man I had a dude a comment from a guy who listens to the pot podcast thing his name’s Alan so shout out to Alan but he first of all he came at me with a crazy comment but then he said I wish I had your job but you just get to sit up and talk to beautiful women all day like that’s what he said like like it’s that easy you just thought it and then it’s done like if you knew like what went on in the back end how much studying how much time and energy but but he said that almost degrading I have to do this I have to do that but I said if that’s what you want to do but if you want to start a podcast and do a videocast what you’re talking aboot aful women all day guess what you could do you can do it yeah create it if that’s really what you want to do bro you can do it whatever it is but I would say you need to get with God and find out what God wants you to do like you said you got to listen to the spirit but whatever once you have that vision from God to do something man there’s nothing that can stop you greater is He that is in you than he that is within the world if God be for you who could be against you nobody the naysayers the people make in front of you the bloggers the haters the YouTube comments like I dude i wade through all that stuff man i wade through the youtube comments who make fun of the way I talk or oh look he thinks she’s black oh he talks black talk black like I get all I get all of these I get crazy southern cities don’t even be from the south man get that Alabama slang on you you know so everybody honestly I don’t you know and I don’t know if it just kind of self can’t self conscious about it but you know I don’t like the way that I talk it helps when I rap or you know what I’m saying if I’m doing hip-hop music it helps with that it’s always helped you know rapping with all my white friends you know and they sound super white and they sound they’re accent sounds force and it just comes naturally for me with the music but trying to break down intelligent stuff and trying to sound intelligent or trying to whatever it that’s like I’m starting on a teaching that I’m trying to narrate and I’m I’m trying to narrate this that this read this thing and it’s like oh it’s in the true seeker voice this is not gonna go over well something about like whether I should hire somebody else to read it for me or whatever the case is because there’s some powerful stuff that I want to put it to a video and do imagery and videos and stuff so sometimes it’s good sees other people’s voices you know I feel the same I don’t like that I don’t like my voice either like this you know what I’m saying yeah and I you know I start to change it up when I’m when I’m depending on exactly but like talking about like knowing the voice of God and you like if I did everything that Eddie or that home sauce wanted to do homeboy sauce shutout I would probably not be where I’m at right now you know what I mean cuz and I have done that before I’ve stepped away I remember one point in my life I just got tired of like everything I was like I’m tired of angels demons Lord like it’s too much man like I said I was I was in the military and I used to I got hooked up with these guys they would go door-to-door knocking throughout the barracks and we were healing people we had like a good small little church right outside the base and I was doing well but I just got tired I seen everybody around me partying having fun and I wasn’t doing those things and I got kind of sad because I kind of like execute secluded myself from my unit and I was you know really hanging out more with the church guys and it was good it was wonderful but basically I wanted to do what I wanted to do I wanted to drink party have fun and I thought I was going to war and stuff like that and it probably wasn’t in my best interest but I did what I wanted to do and looking back in hindsight it was a residue that was left there you know I feel like I had now I had to fight back to get where I’m at now spiritually I’m like I lost a lot of my I lost a lot of my sight yeah you know I lost a lot of my intuition you know and I mean I can pinpoint the moment yeah I can VIN I could pinpoint the exact moment that I gave him I went out and this is a crazy story to kind of kind of weird I went out and I was hanging out at the park we should go like a night night drive in Tacoma like the waterfront and I seen this uh this young lady I used to hang out with and she like oh so I was going on I haven’t seen you in a while she she came over to me and she whispered in my ear and I was like man I gotta be the devil she didn’t tell me I love you she said I lost I lost I was like what the heck and then soon after that like I just took off and like just started hanging out partying again and it was just the whirlwind but it’s good that you can pinpoint when so that we have to learn from the mistakes so that they don’t happen again in the future like I went on a mean that happened to me well I cut my hair I got real depressed after I cut my hair man it’s just true almost three years ago now got the press after I cut it and I wanted the Insane Clown Posse ICP was coming to a coming to Biloxi I wanted to go to the concert I never seen them I wanted to do it for the nostalgia like I used to listen to them when I was a teenager and there’s a lot of it’s demonic straight demonic stuff you know but I wanted to go for the nostalgia and maybe get with some old high school friends who I haven’t seen in 20 years you know say look let’s you know let’s go and I got one friend to go but when I I knew I shouldn’t I was like you know what I can’t go man I have too much riding on this I’m doing I have a healing ministry like I so much riding on this and I’m gonna go and do that and I knew in my heart of hearts I shouldn’t go but when as soon as I bought them tickets and it was like two weeks out I knew that like for that two weeks like I knew that I had messed up and I knew that if I went I would mess up and every end do I was we were walking in a spirit of strong like it was insane like healings galore like insane stuff that we were doing and then as soon as I bought those tickets like like the Holy Spirit left I mean he didn’t leave me the Holy Spirit never will never leave you or forsake you but your connection in the Bible with the Bible calls grieving the Holy Spirit and you know you’re doing something that you’re not supposed to and for me to operate in those spiritual gifts and the prophetic words and having my prayers with power like I have to be walking a fine line my hands have to be clean and my heart has to be pure that’s that’s an oath I took that like for me that’s how it flows with having that other people are able to just to do whatever and live any type of way and still be able to be a Christian or be a minister or whatever but for me that’s the kind of I do so I’ve been able to pinpoint it so like if it happens again or you know something to do you say you know what if I don’t heed the voice of the Holy Spirit and I go ahead and do this anyway of my own accord this may send me on a path of six six months where I’m just can’t get my bearings yeah I’m trying to recreate it or get back to a place where I was that good and it took several months man for me to get game up my bearings bad depression sat in and not caring and all kind of stuff I just after going to that concert I put a dude in a choke lock at the concert man like it was crazy some dude was like moss and it hit I think he was on some drugs man and I just grabbed him up put him in a choke lock and calmed down you know and then all these people were looking at me I think he had it I got paranoid cuz there’s other people on the they were let him go they’re screaming at him like Oh Lord I’m there in another state yeah with like two two friends three friends and I don’t know who this guy has with him just do might have 17 people with him like I’m like oh Lord let me just let me digress man so it was bad man and it set me on something for just a couple months of trying to get my parents but I think some people need to be putting a chokehold person yeah no he definitely needed to be put into it and that’s the thing man like we got a we got to start listening to that voice inside of us and trying to discern like what I always tell people this like this is my recipe like if I’m gonna make it decisions sometimes I gotta make you know if I’m gonna if I really have to make a decision I’ll do the three day thing like I’ll pray for three days I won’t watch no television I’ll meditate I eat super clean I even fast like alright God just give me the answer give me what I need and I’ll get it sometimes I get it the first day sometimes I look you gotta approach these things like if you have serious choices that you need to make you know them in and you’re smoking weed every day your mind is gonna be foggy you know what I mean like don’t don’t make decisions when you’re not in the right in the right zone in the right place because and and at the same time whatever decision you make stick go with it you know I mean like do it boldly if you find out later it’s the wrong decision that you made hey you learn from it but go with your decision make the choice and move forward don’t what if one foot out one foot in I feel like a lot of people get caught up in that and and that’s kind of that’s kind of like their downfall too because you know it’s you know lukewarm it’s better to be hot cold lukewarm is it is what’s killing us you know yeah be high be cold man like go for it or don’t do it at all you only got one shot man yeah you might as well trying you know give it your all you know do somebody ask me yeah I got I got it open they said did I do I astral project I’ve never personally tried but I think I do it in my dreams so I know right yeah I know we’ve gone an hour and you just let me know when you need to jump off here we can go however long but you let me know right I’m good I’m good man yeah yeah so tonight we’re gonna be doing school of the Mystics that’s gonna be fun I really enjoy that connecting with everybody there so that’s always been fun so yeah man what do you have coming up nothing man just School of the Mystics my children just family son’s birthday things of that nature I might um I might get back into doing some music right now I’m fully focused on just being a father mm-hmm being a husband and waiting till my children get a little bit older but I’m well deep into this audio and video type of things and maybe in the future you know I’ll build a platform for my children to create yeah yeah if you guys want you can go back for soundcloud /femme sauce listen to my music it’s a bit vulgar sometimes but there’s a message lying in there and you can hear it I just wanna listen to music I recommend listening to this podcast I’m always listening and just trying to read and stuff like that who’s your favorite guest we’ve had on favorite guests without I without saying yourself now I would have to say I really like the John C Maxwell or the John Maxwell Jordan Mexico sorry okay I got looking at this these books Jordan Maxwell and what was the guy’s name the guy who talked about Hill that guy oh you’re the pastor yeah the pastor and your other other pastor Billy oh yeah Brian Brian Brian that was a good I am yeah I liked him I like a lot of them they all they all bring something to the table I know right I know it’s hard hard to pick a favorite yeah and it’s cool because I’m interested in those type of things like meditation they’re like astral projection and psychics and stuff like that so it’s um it’s cool to hear people talk about it and also know that you’re hitting it from you know biblical perspective that just brings me a little bit of joy and you know to know that I’m not gambling I don’t know I’m something crazy you know young people are just are just off the edge sometimes it’s good to have a little early when I bring up the Bible with a certain guest some of them are all forward some of them it touches a sensitive spot you know yeah you know they’re kind of thing so it’s kind of fun like cuz I always try to tie it into the podcast somehow eventually in some parts um some are more ministry oriented some are more spiritual some of them are more you know there’s not much in it at all but I try to tie it in there a little bit so it’s really funny to see people’s reactions the one because I’ve been cut off before no Jesus didn’t exist so I have a different affiliation with Jesus I don’t the proof shows he didn’t is that okay well you know saying everybody’s different and um see their demeanor change when you bring out Jesus like it’s crazy man I’ve seen I’ve seen I felt it and I will be talking about it if I if it didn’t have some type of power influence in my life like the moment that I really walked with him and like I couldn’t hear to certain music the same way yeah I had like inside alarm clock I tell myself hey I want to wake up at 5:00 for you I tested it – I want to wake up at 5:46 and I mm-hmm yeah it’s not that weird when you’re when you’re you wake up like two minutes before the lawn goes off on a long set you know that’s that’s that’s cool man you know and I think that everybody’s listening to this and your podcast and we’re trying to gain perspective we’re trying to gain knowledge or wisdom or whatever or things that are practical so we could navigate like I said through this world so you know these these type of shows they’re important that we listen to you know it’s it’s good it’s good good people get mad man I’ve had like I’ve had a lot of you know with with success and with elevation man it you know everybody can’t go with you where you’re going like some friends they’re still stuck in a certain mindset or like so I’ve had like a level of envy towards me by my close friends and some of it not the envious of the platforms they’re envious of the fact that I have a lot of people listening to what I’m saying and they don’t think that the things that I’m saying or write I’m leading people astray aliens or demons how dare you tell people to look into the sky and try to signal them you know what I’m saying and so they get mad at that type of stuff and so they go on these like war paths or these things they like tell people stay away from me or whatever the case is but like you have to wade through that man everybody’s not going to be able to go to the levels that you’re going and it just comes with the territory man yeah yeah you got it you got to be able to sift through it all and I recommend you just just you know keeping it real to stay close to God or whatever whatever that is for you I recommend you know Yeshua Jesus you know all right I recommend the blood of Christ because that’s my recipe that’s what my father taught me and that’s how I that’s how I discern things and at the same time I’m not gonna I don’t know I think was one of your guests he said that uh what he says something about the fact I don’t care what you believe in I care you know what you the energy that you give me because my beliefs they really don’t know what I believe really don’t matter eat everything you know that’s the thing I tell people they wanted they want to debate the staying and there’s all this stuff now that you know Astro theology or the zeitgeist and Jesus never existed and all of this stuff that’s fine like okay I don’t even care show me my proof is in a life transformed yes show me a life that’s been transformed by this story something’s happening there when you pray whatever you’re connecting with God the most high power whether it’s within or whether it’s without you created you believe that you connected with God so therefore you create the experience I don’t know the scientific metaphysical breakdowns I just know that when we do this something happens I know that when we expect things when we pray for things when we speak things out into existence stuffs happening I know that when the Holy Spirit and the trembling and it’s cleansing and that’s fire within you like something’s happening and I’m open enough to say that it’s happening in other religions has happened with the Kundalini the Chi energy the Tachyon all of that stuff I’m open enough to say that looks very similar to what happens when we received the fire of the Holy Ghost type deal something is happening whatever if you who wants to put their stamp and think that they own it I don’t think Christianity owns it I don’t think Kundalini Yoga owns it I think they all have a piece of it and they’ve put their own terminologies and beliefs with it and dogmas and they’ve stamped it and it’s theirs that’s one thing that I’ve talked about a lot on on Philips podcast but looking at church and we’re talking about what goes on in a church service evangelical church service was playing music the drums are going to do to do to do to do the hands are lifted eyes are closed for forty-five minutes you’re going into a trance like a rhythm of the drum put you under hypnosis you’re going into a trance you’re chanting your eyes are closed singing I love you I love you I love you we’ve been in moments where we sing that for five minutes that’s a mantra you’re chanting mantras you’re going into a trance your mind is open to the spirit realm DOS practice ancient practices man the churches are still doing them they fall out they catch the Holy Ghost heat up a bubble but they start talking in tongues they’re rolling on the floor this isn’t just for Christianity like all there’s a bunch of ancient cultures and ancient religions women who worship that they would cry and weep at the altars of Tammuz you ever been to a church I don’t know if you have been to these churches but these women are moaning at the altar it’s pure moaning in tongues crying rolling on the floor it gets insane this is in a Christian Church like they’re doing this and they’re doing this in other religions and other forms so a lot of people are coming out of from that as their understanding the Kundalini spirit which is something new that a lot of now with the technology and some people have put some documentaries out now they’re calling that stuff demonic because it looks so much like Hinduism or whatever it’s the universal powers what it is but they’re coming out of it in ascend well that’s that’s demonic or whatever the case is and no it’s universal and I think that’s beautiful man that even in the churches they’re still doing some of the ancient practices that we’ve used since the beginning to connect with God to connect with the spirit realm or with the divine like it gets insane man but it’s I think it’s beautiful though you know and so that’s why I’m like kudos and hats off to people who are still doing that in a lot of not all church there’s a lot of churches are against that stuff I think it’s demonic but the churches who are doing it I shout out to them yeah yeah you know and we got a we got a we got a fight for it man we got a I mean personally I think people should be you know more more involved in love but also more involved in fighting back a little bit you know because I definitely feel like we’re being oppressed a little bit you know and things are being withheld I feel like a lot of our energy is being sucked out of us through through television through religion through music through the media through what’s being force-fed through our food you know and if people really knew what was going on they’d be a little bit more upset you know what I mean like they’d be probably a lot more aggressive you know this is spiritual warfare I believe there are the spiritual you know well that we’ll see that’s uh I’m with you and I get it I’ve been there but see that’s in their own mind I just watched this video earlier today it was on Facebook we should do we should like do reaction videos on here man just so we can watch the video too in real time I do commentary together I want to do that and I’m looking some I do that with you may be the perfect but there’s this um these these Christian women and they’re like in army fatigues go into all the mosque in their city and they’re taking all their pamphlets they’re taking their Flyers down there turn it up we’re being a vigilant for Jesus because they feel they have to be vigilant about their faith is under attack America is under attack by the mind now right now I off the bat I could tell you why that’s wrong because it shouldn’t be the women okay for this if anybody’s gonna do that it needs to be the men okay it was women and children like they brought their kids with him know the kids in the back seat going up in the moths like taking all the applets and stuff yeah I mean like when I say we need to be more aggressive and I mean an answer well no I’m just saying in their mind yes yeah ending for Jesus yeah and that’s their Christian folks has come out of some really deep religions he said I’ve totally done that before I mean I’ve not done that but I’ve went into churches and I’ve talked about this as a gospel rapper they they hired me they paid me money to come in and do music for the Jews and tell them a story and then I’ve handed out pamphlets that were about the truth about Christmas and how Christmas is demonic and if you have a Christmas tree Jeremiah 14 or whatever it was his talk is German I think you’re celebrating Nero and all of this stuff and I’ve went in there and I’ve handed out those pamphlets in and I’ve done that and to think that I was doing service for God you know what I’m saying and then I look back at it now and I was like man I totally took her like these people trusted me to come in there and do this for the kids and they paid me and I went in there and I took advantage of these people’s Liberty man you know and they had a big Christmas tree in the foyer but I got really militant on that stuff we would go I mean I would we would preach downtown man we wore I was in Hebrew Israelites man like it was no joke like we really took this junk serious but it was for good reason though so now I’m able to look back and say you know what I don’t want to resemble that I don’t want to do anything close to that I don’t want to I don’t want to offend people my trues is going to offend you whatever it’s not my goal back then it was like I was right you know I’m writing my own understanding just like those women are those women think that they’re that God’s gonna say well done my good and faithful servant you took on the Muslims you know the Muslim Brotherhood like it’s crazy it is and it’s anything god can speak to you to her through anything you know you can get you know this conviction and I tell this condemnation you know the Devils condemn you there you’re not good enough you’re not this but I’ve been in sure she’s worth yeah it sounds like he’s talking right too and I like I got a change like all right Lord I get it and those are the moments we got to hear those voices inside of us and we got a that’s what I mean by being militant by being aware to recognize the voice of God everywhere in this reality because it’s there it’s there for you man he’s got to pay attention and we got to get our Mart and I know that’s why people listen to this podcast they wanna they want to elevate they wanna they want they want something we’re searching for something we’re seeking something we’re seeking the truth and the truth will set you free and it’s gonna come in many formats it’s gonna be packaged differently it’s not good sometimes it’s not gonna be what you expect you know you might get it more from a Muslim person or like a Hindu than you will from your Christian brothers and that’s okay there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you get it don’t kill the messenger you know saying it long as you get it yeah yeah so it that’s just basically what it is man yeah so this this religious thing bro I mean you see why people stay away from it and you can you know why so when we mentioned oh man this is so beautiful man and they’ve just watched that video of these ladies going out in Jesus name like ripping up pamphlets in mosque and stealing all the stuff and bad they watched that video and then here’s true seeker talking about man Jesus is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me changed my life made me a new creation they’re like okay I see where you are you’re one of those desert religion old-school Christian guys you’re a Jesus Freak yeah most people that had the attitude they never been in the church like I could speak like this cuz I’ve been in the church like I said I’m never gonna tell nobody not to go to church like my brother lost shoutouts to me again he had to go through his church experience I recommend if you’ve never been in a church if you never sat in front of somebody who’s really preaching the Word of God go in there and get in some get in some of that man it’s it’s good for you it’s good to hear and to feel that energy you know I’m saying if he literally feel the Spirit of God in the house of God you’re a compel to walk to that altar you’re compelled to go to your knees and just give it all to God and let that just you feel the physical release off your stress I’m never gonna tell nobody not to go to church you know cuz it helped me I don’t attend church now I’m looking for a church to probably start going to again because I need that I thirst for a quench for the Word of God and I listen to broadcast all throughout the day I read a daily devotional every day you know I in the upper room I’ve done our daily daily yeah you know like I do that every day because I know that whenever you know I know that when I look into the Bible and I read the Bible it does something for me it heals me yeah so people are just completely writing it off this New Age stuff like no don’t write it off there’s still something there you know it may not be all packaged right and you know there’s flaws in there or whatever but that’s because we’re human beings man you know we’re gonna see far way in there no gonna our mind our ego or whatever the devil’s saying he’s gonna squirm that’s nothing that’s the thing for me like I tried even being out of church and being with online groups and stuff it’s still something like you want that interaction by human interaction of like it’s one thing we can pray over you over the air and it’s good we can tap in but it’s nothing like like physically having a brother or sister or father figure lay hands on you and pray for you and unless you like there’s something to that and so we long for that we’re supposed to we’re not supposed to neglect the assembling of the Saints that’s I believe that’s what we’re doing now though now we’re two or more gathered and he says there I am in the mid sets what we do on Thursday nights I hope to do that we’ve had some really we’ve had some great encounters on Thursday nights witches are amazing and that’s why I wanted to do that people want us to say hey let’s just talk let’s just hang out hanging out it’s fun but it’s like it’s about teaching and equipping so that I give you something to impart and a lot of that is gonna come through conversation as well I understand that but like and I’ve told this story before but I had a brother that I led to the Lord some years ago and I wanted him to have that Christian encounter that I had look he came to Christ he we baptized them we went to the river we were in a season we were baptizing all types of people into the faith man and so I baptized him we would do Bible studies we would pray and we’d gather but I wanted him to go to church man you know what I’m saying I wanted him to go to church I want him to get that that Christian and encountered that I had you know I didn’t want to sell him short so we didn’t know what church to go to just cuz I had been involved with other churches so I took him there like every Church like we went to an Assemblies of God ended up getting up walking out just because I knew the pastor and he would like say the little take shots at me from the pulpit and we’re like this was a kind of Greyson of about 400 people and he would take shots at me from the pulpit just deep stuff man so we left there I went to a like Church of God the next week and then went to another church and finally it up going to the cave which was you know my pastor Brian who was on the show that was history so we went there so we got plugged in so that he could have the Christian experience and stuff so it was good it was fun you know and he was able to grow and thrive but the fact remains though that like even though I can’t really recommend a church to people like locally I know good people but I know too much to just say yeah man get plugged in wherever you are we say that saying just get just get plugged in great Thank You Christy we used to you know tell people just to uh go and get plugged in but I know too much I want them to have that encounter I want them to go to the altar I want them to send up sit under godly preaching and conviction but I know the dogma and I know the judgement and I know if you disagree with them or you study I can’t go to church bro yeah at this point I can’t I can’t feel this walking like even even if inwardly I can sit through the BS right yeah you know even I’m reading the kit chatzi china each other story even if inwardly like I was able to sit through the tithing and all of the BS stuff that goes on in the false doctrine or whatever to let God minister to me it can still be done I’ve done it but as far as like locally a lot of people know who I am and I’ve tried to go in the churches and stuff and they I’m good so you know you got a witch in your church like you know you guys are welcoming witches there’s a witch in your church you don’t even know it I got this crazy stuff man that I’ve been a part of so it’s hard for me to just say hey find a church and go there only because I care about that person like I wouldn’t wish that upon anybody some of the things that I went through not just me I think the majority of people listening I’ve had similar church experience amen your church is probably way different than our churches out here you guys got that that Bible Belt oh yeah Alabama and like that’s what and it’s different out here in Cali too like some of these churches are completely watered down I can’t go into those like you don’t even look like a church man it looks like a institution I’m gonna buy looks like a and you know and like everybody has like like not that we offense you could be however you want however you look but yeah I don’t know man there’s I believe there has to be some type of conservativism if you come if you’re wearing that hat if you’re wearing that hat like I’m coming here you know like I don’t wear that hat you know I follow the way I probably show up but I’m not over here with my Bible you know I feel like you should have and dress the tire that you should that me if you’re gonna be the leader you know to me can’t be coming out with no true religion jeans on and you know wear tie at least but like I just feel like you know that’s just the military and me after Lewis probably order in me you know I just feel like that’s how I was you know and I’m I feel like as I’m getting older I’m moving more towards conservatism because people who know me they know me like I’m I’m always in the mix did I was I’m down my let’s do this let’s have this fun but I always bring an energy to the table and I feel like that’s a godly energy so I feel like I’m right on a lot of things and I know I’m wrong on a lot of things too and yeah but you said some of these churches I just can’t I can’t go into them it’s like it I feel like they’re not even it’s everybody for themselves like I’m here for God I was like look at my family and it’s how perfect we are and this is gray and like they’re not that’s not the gospel man that’s not we’re here to help people people are suffering people need guidance they need light that they’re dealing with demons are they’re dealing with just negative energy how can we help these people it ain’t about you and what you got you know it’s about helping the man next to you and if that ain’t your recipe for going if you’re going just to edify yourself every day then you need to stop you need it you know yeah lift yourself up but you need to start helping everybody around you yeah I mean that’s what you said like you can’t take people to your churches in your area because you’ve been there and it’s different out there smaller I hear in Caly there’s so many people you’re like yeah you get lost so it’s all in the barrio out is what I’m doing and being part of the Bible Belt man it is insane up Watchmen so Watchmen in the voice they probably two years ago now they were getting really big into going to church and they had this little backwoods Baptist Church backwards Pentecostal because they were into the fire of God it was a lot of old white men there you know and they enjoyed it that was they got their spiritual encounter at this little backwoods church you know and they would ask me to come I’m like now I really ain’t trying to go man and the do’s dad went there and he would tell him my earrings were not of God and you know all the tattoos just not of God no but you only wash my tattoos off like what’s the deal you know and they would tell him something watch out for true seeker he’s this he’s that and they would beg me to come I said look bro I may come one Sunday and literally one Sunday I say you know what Brahma go man I woke up early started getting dressed I called him nobody would answer no we’re not going to church today bro the Sunday I get up to go with y’all do y’all church now y’all don’t want to go like what’s the deal then the following week or the week after they they guess they had talked amongst themselves there was Watchmen and the voice really good friends of mine but they were just into this church thing and like true Sikh man we talked about it bro we think the devil’s got you not one to go to church we think it’s the devil bro it’s some kind of stronghold that you don’t want to go to church that’s like what you mean I don’t want to go to church I called y’all I was trying to go to church with y’all like we do how are you telling me I don’t want to go to church or I don’t want fellowship I was trying I got up early got dressed and was want to kind of come to your church and now you have the nerve to tell me that I don’t the devil don’t want me coming to church or he’s got something stopping me or whatever I said bro that’s y’all off because I’m trying to come to y’all’s Church and I said but listen the real reason I’m not trying to get down at these churches man is the fact that Watchmen you’re working on an album called the ascension you’re working on an album where you talk about UFOs Kundalini angelic encounters demons angels if these people found out yeah your church family if they found out that you’re working on this album it’s owhh off with this head it’s done if they found out that you’re met with you’re working on that album you’re done bro you have to go there and pretend that you’re somebody that you’re not you have to go I’m not working huh I don’t I don’t even like rap you know I don’t do that you have to go and pretend to be somebody you’re not that’s that’s demonic man that’s not of God no it’s a cracy man and I felt the same way that’s why I pulled out two because I was like I’m over here going I feel like I feel like I was fronting you know straight up like I’m over here in the church but I wasn’t I was out hanging out listening to certain music partying like that that’s not what the church tells you to do so I knew right off the bat that I wasn’t right you know consumed to be in that building and I don’t want to bring nobody down if that if that church is helping that person to find joy or whatever I don’t want to be the person who comes in and in Sep some and bring something else into a life so I pulled out out of respect for other people in their faith yeah you know I guess I kind of did that too yeah and I just read my Bible on my own and I gained more doing my own studies then I started to do in the church because it became ritualistic you know like well we weren’t really studying anything you know like it was just hearing you know so I could I could go on the internet and listen to a sermon and pull from that you know like I was trying to study y’all show me you know get into the scripture and not and that’s that’s basically where I took it upon myself just to start reading the Bible on my own and if that’s anything I just tell people to just if you don’t you’re not comfortable with church you got issue with it and that’s that’s okay too there’s nothing wrong with that read your Bible at least read a holy book something mm-hmm I mean like break the spells or whatever so you know we got to keep you cracking yes well yeah I do got to get out of here now man oh Christ about that time and you got to head on in to work but yeah man dude I enjoyed this and uh we got to do it again and like I said man I would you know you want to we do some reaction videos man there’s a lot of interesting videos out there and I don’t have to be funny on most of reaction videos are funny but we can cover you know kind of you know that’s the thing we’re the light-hearted guys when it comes to this stuff you have to be able to laugh about this stuff right yeah like if you don’t I truly believe it’ll drive you crazy and drive you mad yeah laugh at your own beliefs and your own flaws and specif you I mean what are you going on laughing at everybody else’s beliefs do you know true seeker believes in UFOs like like gotta be okay what you believe Jonah was swallowed by a whale and lived in his stomach for three days you believe that okay okay you want me to believe in angels and demons and all this stuff but I can’t look into the sky and believed in extraterrestrial UFOs like come on man yup come on it’s funny man shoutouts to – Miggy put me under your podcast my brother-in-law shoutout yeah shout-out to everybody uh from school of mystics you know see y’all tonight yeah yeah definitely Danny Darth Leon Oh Christopher Oh everybody holding us down brother you wanna shout your link subpoena body well yeah yeah I’m at Instagram home underscore sauce soundcloud /femme sauce everything’s home sauce twitter home underscore sauce I don’t really like put out content right now or you want to follow me I post you know pictures of my family and just like cool little highlight quotes and stuff like that definitely if you want to listen to some good uplifting hip-hop music check out my old episodes they’re on soundcloud people my my underground mixtape maybe I’ll come out I might be coming out with some new music here soon if I start dabbling in that again do it man do some spiritual power bro I should I probably should no good I’m quite the emcee i online yeah for good man talk about some of the stuff we’re talking about today man do that and that’s how I love your tapes by the way man they bring me up and they really are you so I listen to a lot of that that I am song man kiss me kiss me I know right brings me to tears sometimes like I love it when I can listen to my own music and get those experiences almost like I didn’t write it anybody shout out to anybody listening anybody in the chatroom and before I leave I just want to do a blanket prayer for anybody listening right now you know because if you even if you listen to this at a later time or you know you’re listening now you know there’s the the prayer that the love it transcends through all time like it doesn’t even matter so you’re gonna get the blessing regardless I just want to say father God I just thank you for this moment with my brother true seeker right here and I go to do this podcast I just want to send a prayer out to anybody out there who just is looking for truth and looking for guidance and love and and just some type of insight or your wisdom in their life and not I pray that they receive it Lord and I pray that you speak to them in their hearts like you do in mine and I just pray that you’re able to show everybody your love I pray these things in Jesus name Amen amen brother I appreciate you man thank you for coming on and I’ll see you tonight man yeah peace out peace out everybody Shalom Shalom Shalom peace peace home sauce ladies and gentlemen Eddie sauce good brother man he’s awesome so he’s been building with me on the school of the Mystics helping me lead helping me read and stuff on there bringing his troops to the table so shout out to everybody in the chatroom as always thank you for everybody who’s been donating man that means a lot Thank You Christy for your generous donation Tomas Machado became a patron Universal light sent me a donation thank you guys during the stream I didn’t know if I should disable that and wait till the end because of the alerts amid conversation or whatever the case is but uh I don’t know I’m still learning as I go so it’s there but I know it’s fun there by talking about the little sound and it actually reads your message when you send a donation now so it’s pretty cool so shout out to everybody holding me down I’ve enjoyed this episode we’re gonna be doing more I’ve got I’ve got to update the stream schedule well the stream schedule is every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 a.m. central so but I’m gonna try to go live sometimes in and out of that with different things but um yeah I’ve gotta I hope the whole month of June is booked up and i’m i think i’m starting a book in july now too so a bunch of stuff coming on to make sure you guys link in with us when we when we go live here so we’re gonna make it fun if anybody has any guest suggestions too this is something really cool like i’ve been getting a lot of emails about guests to come on because i don’t really have a lot of time to just research like people to bring on I only know the people that I’ve looked up to or the people i’ve kind of you know bumped shoulders with over the years to kind of have them on who would make an interesting conversation so the fans a lot of the patrons and stuff like that will send me emails of people that they think would make a good guest so if you have anybody you would like to to get on let me know Darth is asking me your truth I got a quick request can you write the lyrics for your song unashamed I need to and I told you I would man I told you I would so I’ll do I’ll get on to that I probably need King James to send me his lyrics to for that song but that’s a well okay unashamed okay yeah yeah yeah I was thinking about unworthy for a minute but yeah the unashamed one should be easy to do put those lyrics up there put on a ball on the website so yep shout out to everybody hang hanging out and holding us down supporting my work and what I do what I bring to the table so with that that’s pretty much it you can head on over to patreon dot-com backslash truseq if you would like to support their you get access to all kinds of cool stuff you just have to go over there and see all the cool stuff we have all of my music is available the new album I just put out seer it’s available for download their new snippets like I just worked on a course the other day I wasn’t sure if I should pursue it if I should use it so I posted it there to get some feedback from the patrons and stuff too so make sure you go over there and check out some of the cool stuff that we’re doing you know Thursday night school of the Mystics is something that we’re doing – this is a community that we’re building here this is a friendship especially if you’re listening this far into the episode there’s something that resonates with you so there’s a place for you and there’s something for you here so I’m thankful for you guys again thank you for the support I couldn’t do it without you all the donations and stuff it means the world every little bit helps you know I’m saying so Chris you say you just got here you’ve been here for a little bit man I’ve seen you come in daus says you should get grant Graham Hancock on that would be awesome some of the bigger names are harder to get obviously but I’ve reached out to him I’ve reached out to well I haven’t reset the Graham Hancock every recently reached out to Michael to serían and David Icke to serían with somebody I definitely want to get on here he’s somebody I’ve looked up to in my research for years so it’d be awesome to have Michael caesarian on here he’s doing a lot of musical stuff too so maybe he’ll be available to come on here to talk about some music and stuff too so alright well we’ll do it again also to man gets more updates like look into the comment section on on here because I have a link to my discord chat and whenever I’m idle or working on a website or doing graphic art for somebody I try to jump in on discord and chat with some of the audience man some of the people on discourse sow discord is a chat program you can jump in and out of it whenever you want and so I’ve been able to talk to some people through there and it’s funny talk it’s funny talking to people who feel like they meet a celebrity because they’ve listened to over a hundred episodes and then they get to talk to me they get freaked out that’s funny it’s really funny it’s still odd but it’s cool so if you guys want to hang out with the community and stuff throughout the week jump on discord and I know Chris bars is always on there Jeremy’s on there with this and a bunch of other cool people so with that being said that link is in the description love you guys peace and Shalom we shall do it again I had Chris says haha I remember my group I remember my groupie moment that’s funny Chris said he was like freaking out we did a concert up in uh Tennessee had a festival and Chris and his wife bought tickets and they got a cabin we all got a cabin together up in or they I think y’all got a cabin and just let us stay maybe that’s what happened it’s been so long now but um he was driving me around and uh he say he was freaking out that true seeker was in the back of my car oh my god true seekers in my car it’s funny love you bro love you guys she lump shit alone [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker com and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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