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In this episode TruthSeekah and Homboy Sauce speak about Summoning UFOs. What are they? Aliens, angels, demons or maybe time traveling humans from the future? The conversation is needed to truly get to the bottom of these experiences that ordinary everyday people are having. The evangelical christian right is for sure stuck on the demonization part of this because they seem to demonize everything that they don’t understand. But if we have an open mind and look at all the information for what it is we begin to see a clearer picture forming and these bizarre happenings are seeming more Biblical than not and for the most part benevolent. The commonalities are definitely there between what the Biblical prophets and disciples experienced with the angelic realm. They would fast and pray and were then oftentimes visited by angelic beings that assisted and encouraged them on their life’s path. Very similar things are happening within UFOlogy. People are beginning to get serious about their spiritual life as well as their physical body moving towards a more heart centered consciousness. This opens one up to higher frequencies and dimension and you become more apt to angelic visitations. The veil is seemingly thinner for those who are doing the spiritual work to create a better existence for themselves and humanity. On the other side of the argument is the demonic realm which should not be negated. People are definitely encountering dark and malevolent entities in strange situations and just like mirrored on the higher aspect of vibrating in the higher frequencies those involved in dark arts or selfish gain seem to be more open to having negative experiences with entities from beyond. The distinction that needs to be made here is what is “alien” or “extraterrestrial / angelic” and what is of the lower natured entities, devils or demons. As stated it is safe to say that people are encountering all types of beings within the spirit realm but we cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater just because we don’t understand what we or others for that matter are encountering. Aliens are NOT demons, Demons are demons. We should approach this study with an open mind and not demonize everything that we don’t understand as some have in the past. Thousands of people are now having beautiful exchange with what we would call alien beings that are very similar to the encounters with the angelic beings of the Bible.
In this episode we also discuss one of the biggest components that brought us into UFOlogy and especially the act of Summoning UFOs was the work of Prophet Yahweh. Prophet Yahweh The Seer of Yahweh was a man by the name of Raymon Watkins who claimed that he had the ability the summons UFOs and learned it from studying the Hebrew version of the King James Bible. Prophet Yahweh went viral when a news crew gathered around him as he said he would summon the craft. On camera Prophet Yahweh closed his eyes, lifted his hands and began to praying asking Yahweh to send forth his angelic armies to appear for the world to see. Suddenly, something happened, the news crews spotted a strange looking orb floating above them around the clouds. They could not believe their eyes. They then called the local air force base to see if there was any testing, drones or planes in the air. The airport and airforce base both confirmed no. That video lit something within me and many others including HomeboySauce. I was already deep within my studies of aliens and angels but when I ran across that video it took the studies to another level. Eager to see if I could get something to appear I took to the nearest open sky I could find and began to pray. I too began to have deep encounters with lights within the night sky that would perform all types of aerial maneuvers right before my very eyes. This was the beginning of my many encounters within UFOlogy.



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