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Tricia McCannon is a clairvoyant and a healer, specializing in helping clients to discover their true soul origins and reawaken to their purpose in this life. A world renowned clairvoyant, she has read for over 6000 people around the world, and is able to access the Soul Records of those she meets. Trained in many different healing modalities including hypnotherapy, Holographic Repatterning, Time Line Therapy, Voice Dialogue, and past and present life regression work, she clears the vows, curses, and bindings that often hold us back from our true happiness and empowerment. She is committed in both her teaching and healing work to to helping people free themselves from the subconscious limitations of their past.

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Angels And Jesus The Explosive Story Of The 30 Lost Years In The Ancient Mystery Religions And That’s What We Want To Talk To You Tonight Sister Yes Good Evening Derek How Are You I’m Great The Renowned Tricia Mccann And Glad To Have You On The Show Oh It’s Totally A Pleasure And I Love The Name Of Your Show The Awakening Because I Think That’s Really Where We Are Is In This Sort Of Cusp Between The Ages Where There Are A Lot Of People Waking Up Out There And Some People Are Waking Up Emotionally Some People Spiritually Some People Environmentally Some People To The Universality Of The Golden Thread That Runs Behind Many Many Different Religious Paths To You Know Eventually Let Some Of The Separation Fall Away And Hopefully Bring Humanity Closer Together Oh Yeah It’s It’s Kind Of A Buzzword Right Now It’s Definitely Not Original You’re Actually Hearing It Everywhere Everybody Is Talking About Awakening Conferences And Bands And Albums And Everything Is With This Awakening So I Think That By Itself Should Give You Some Type Of Hint That There Is An Awakening Going On That Is Something That’s Happening In The Hearts And Minds Of People Globally I Think That It’s Interesting To Have This Connect With This Whole Mayan Calendar Piece As You May Know I I Do Travel And Speak All Over The World And I Just Came Back On Christmas Eve Actually For The From The Mayan Lands To Tunisia Where You Know The All That Prophecy Around December 21st 2012 About The End Of One Age And The Beginning Of Another Age Coming In Naturally What That Prophecy Is About And Of Course The The Prophecy Is Ultimately This New Period Although It May Take Us A Little While Will Bring Us To A Place Of Unity Where People Begin To Realize That We’re All Brothers And Sisters No Matter What Our Creed Or Race Or Nationality Or Age Or Country That We Live In And That We All Have The Divine Spark Within Us And If We Can Begin To Honor That And Not Only People But Animals That Will Change You Know The Whole Complexion Of The Planet So Maybe We Don’t Have To Live In Such Separation And War And We Can Begin To Actually Walk The Path That Jesus Was Trying To Teach Us Some 2,000 Years Ago Which Was To You Know Literally Simply Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You And And To Treat The Other People As You Would Want To Be Treated And It’s Amazing How That Golden Rule You Know I’m So Glad That It Survived Through The The Last 20 Centuries But I Think That Finally The Humanity Is Starting To Get To A Place Where We’re Having A Glimpse Of It And Has Taken Us If You Think About It The Last Two Thousand Years You Know Jesus Came And He Brought That Very Profound Message As What The Ancients Would Call The A On A I Oh N Which Is The Bringer Of Light Let Us Say The Messenger Sent From God If You Will That Delivers The Message At The Beginning Of A Particular Astrological Age Or A On Aeo N Aeon Is Like An Age And The Aeon A Io N Is Like The Messenger Of The Age And The Ancient Mysteries Believe That Every Two Thousand Or Twenty 160 Years As We Change From One Age To Another Age Often These Let Us Say Profound Avatars Or Bodhisattvas Or Messengers Of Light Or Sent From The Higher Dimensional Levels To Take A Form Down Here On Earth In Order To Basically Bring The Core Message For That Age And As You Know I Teach A Great Deal About The Mysteries And I Wrote This 450 Book Page Book On Jesus Which Took Me About Three Years To Write That Book I Was Definitely In The Cave In Very Very Deep Levels Of Research And As You May Know I Got Access To Some Of The Five Hundred And Seventy Thousand Documents Hidden In The Vatican That Have Not People Haven’t Been Allowed To See For Over A Hundred Years And So That Book Was A Very Profound Experience For Me To Write Because It’s Pretty Much All I Did Waking And Sleeping For You Know Through Your Period Of Time And It Really Acts As A Bridge Between The Wisdom Of The Masters And The Ancient Mysteries Of The Past Mystery Schools That Were Around Some 4000 Years Before Jesus Was Born In Some 400 Years After He Left The Planet And The Wisdom And The Beauty And The Profundity Of Who He Was And What He Really Came To Teach Us And You Know Here We Are At The End Of This Age The Age Of Pisces He Assured That Age In Some 2,000 Years Ago And Now We’re Sort Of Wrapping Up The Age Of Pisces And We Are Moved Really Into Aquarius So We Are Due For The Visitation Of One Of These Profound Avatars Sometime In The Next Hundred And Sixty Years Or So When You Go Back And You Start Looking At How These Avatars Come In Sample There Was A Being Called Mithra Who Came About 40 400 Bc And He Came Between The Age Of Taurus And The Age Of Gemini And You Know If You Sort Of Looked Back In Time You Know Every Two Or Three Thousand Years We’ve Had One Of These Let Us Say Profound Beings Come In Well And Some If You Look Over In The Eastern Tradition They Would Say That Krishna Is One Of These Beings Who Came At A Time When The Earth Was Kind Of Falling Under The Spell Of Great Conflict And Darkness And He Came To Push The Darkness Back And To Bring Light To People The Hindu Religion Would Also Say That Rama Much Much Much Further Back Was One Of These Profound Light Beings Who Very Similarly Came At A Time When There Was A Lot Of Darkness On The Earth And Literally Helped To Defeat It And If You Look At It Even With Jesus I Mean Jesus Incarnated At The Time Of The Romans And Of Course The Roman Empire You Know I Did A Lot Of Good Things He Brought A Lot Of Roads And Services In But It Also Brought A Lot Of War A Lot Of Conflict And A Lot Of A Loss Of A Lot Of Spirituality You Know I Think That There Had They Became Very Materialistic And Very Secular And Very Militaristic And The Jews Who I Think Had Had A Great Deal Of Wisdom And For You Know Many Many Centuries That Have Really Had A Lot Of Their Wisdom Lost At That Time The Essenes Certainly Had A Lot Of It But The Sadducees And The Pharisees And The Sanhedrin Council That Were Ruling Judea At That Time They Had Really Lost It So Jesus Came Again At A Time When There Was A Lot Of Darkness On The Planet Trying To Control The Minds Of Men And Instead Of Defeating It With War Or War In Battle Because You Know That Kind Of Only Lasts So Long He Tried To Really Defeat It With Enlightenment And Messages That Even Today Were Still Pondering The Wisdom Of Messages Really Of Love And Forgiveness Yeah We Were Speaking Off The Air About How We’re In The Bible Belt You Know There’s A Lot Of People Who Are Really Strong-willed About What They Believe So It’s Kind Of A Touchy Subject When You Bring Up The Name Jesus And Something That They’ve Never Heard Of Entered Something That They’ve You Know Their Pastor Has Never Said Well Have You Encountered Any Hostility Any Negative Emails Anything In That Light About Talking About Jesus With Different Ideas Than Traditional Christianity I Let Me Kind Of Address My Background A Little Bit For Our Listeners My Dad Was Baptist And My Mom Was Methodist And We Attended Both Of Those Churches When I Was A Kid But A Lot Of The Politics And The Churches That We Happen To Belong To Didn’t Really Seem Like People Walk In Their Talk They Could Talk Christianity But They Really Were Very Judgmental And Very Separatist And Seem Like Instead Of Sort Of Embracing Other People And Other Christians They Were Sort Of Looking For Ways To Judge Them Or Criticize Them So You Know We Sort Of Hunted Around We Went To A Presbyterian Church For A While And Eventually Found A Wonderful Little Episcopalian Church So When I Was About 12 And I Was Confirmed There When I Was 13 Years Old And I Was Raised In A Pretty Traditional Christian Family And And You Know As An Adult My Two Sisters My Older Sister Married A Preacher And They’re Very Very Traditional Straight Christian And I Think They’re Very Good People But Unfortunately Similar To The Baptist Methodist Group That We Happen To Be Have Encountered When I Was Young They Don’t Realize That They Have Sort Of Embraced The Letter Of The Law Rather Than The Spirit So They Tend To Be Very Judgmental And Separatist Even Though I Think That They’re Fundamentally Very Good People And They Try Hard To Be Moral They’re Kind Of Living More Out Of The Teachings Of The Old Testament Which Is The Eye For The Eye And The Tooth For The Tooth And Judgment Is Mine Rather Than The Really What Jesus Was Teaching Which Is Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Inside Of Us And So Forth And So Even In My Own Family Which Is A Family Of I Think Very Good People We See That Same Microcosm Of The Macrocosm Which Is I Think That We’ve They’re Not Of Different People In America And We Certainly Have A Lot Of Wonderful Christians And These Are People Who Do A Lot Of Good Works In The World They Help Other People They Have Wonderful Community Events And They’re Really Fine Individuals And Some Of Them Are Really Walking The Walk And Others Of Course Have Accepted The Tenants But They Sort Of Feel Like That If They’re If Someone’s Not A Part Of Their Club You Know They’re Going To Go To Hell And Unfortunately Meza That’s A Much More Limited Version Of Reality That I Don’t Think Really Is Reflective Of What Jesus Was Talking About But We Also Have What We Call New Age People Which Many Of Those People Are Very Universal In Their Beliefs Most Of Them Are Christians They’re Just Sort Of The Expanded Version Of Christian Where They Might Also Honor The Golden Thread Of Wisdom And Others Conditions As Long As It’s A Thread Of Teaching That Teaches The Power Of The Heart And The Power Of Love And Then You Have People That Are Kind Of Straddling The Fence In Between And Then You Also Have People There Just Sort Of Feel Like They’ve Had Religion Rammed Down Their Throat And Seeing The Hypocrisy And They’ve Thrown The Baby Out With The Bathwater And They’ve Decided To Become Atheist You Know Or Agnostics Because They Don’t Even Want To Argue About It Anymore And Every One Of Those Positions Is Understandable I Mean Truly I Think We’re All Trying To Make Our Way Towards A Deeper And Greater Understanding Of The Truth And I This Is One Of The Reasons I Actually Think That This Book That I Wrote Came To Be And I Don’t Know If You’ve Had A Chance To Read The Introduction To The Vote Theorist Did You Have You Seen A Rather Intro To It Yes I Have Yes And I Plan On Reading It Well As You May Know I Was In The Middle Of Writing Another Book Altogether I Have Written A Book On Angels Called Dialogues Of The Angels Because I’ve Seen Angels Since I Was A Little Girl As You May Remember I Have The Gift Of Sight And I’ve Had Visitations From Masters And Angels And Other Very Beautiful Divine High Presences Since I Was Little And When I Was 19 I Had A Group Of Masters Appear To Me And Begin To Teach Me And When I Was About 8 Years Old I Grew Up Across Them A Great Forest I Had An Angel Appear To Me That Was The Oversee An Angel Of That Forest And He Began To Explain To Me The Great Chain Of Being That Comes Down From The Higher Dimensions Finally To The Physical World So I Had A Lot Of Lettuce A Very Profound Experiences And I Was Writing My Second Book Which Was Called Decoding The Mysteries Of The Ages And The Subtitle Was The Secret Teachings Of Jesus Isis For Us And The Masters Of The Far East Because When You Go Back And You Begin To Study The Ancient Wisdom You Discover That What Jesus And These Other Masters Had To Say Is Very Much On The Same Page They Don’t Really Have An Argument With One Another It’s Just We In The Secular World Of Dogma And Traditional Religions That Are Arguing About These Things I Think The Higher You Become As A Spiritual Being The More You Realize That They’re Just Different Words That Are Basically Trying To Explain The Same Profound Present Which Is God So I Was In The Middle Of Writing This Book And I Had Three Little Chapters On Jesus And As I Continued To Write The Book I Think I Bet They Don’t Know This About Jesus Because Since My Family Was Very Traditional And I’d Studied All These Mysteries All Over The World I Had Long Collected Very Rare Documents Books And Stories About Jesus Historically That Most People Don’t Know Much About And So Before I Knew It I Had Now A 600 Page Book And Of Course That’s Too Big For The Publisher So I Was Thinking Mamma Mia What Am I Going To Do About It So I Had Just Decided I Was Going To Solve My Problem By Pulling That 200 Pages Out That Was Going To Work For Me And It Was That Same Coming About The Same Time It Is Now Between Christmas And New Year’s That Wonderful Kind Of Dark Cave Time And I Am Remembered Laying On The Floor Of My Office And I Put My Arm Over My Eyes And I Was Thinking That’s What I’ll Do And As I Lay There I Became Aware Of This Bright Light Shining Down On Me And I Moved My Arm And Jesus Was Standing In The Room And He Was So Bright Golden White Light And His Heart Energy Was So Magnificent It Literally Just Opened My Heart Up And Without Any Preamble At All He Said To Me I Want You To Write A Book About My Lost Years And Secret Teachings There Has Been Enough War And Bloodshed In My Name And What I Could Sort Of Get Over My Gasps That He Was Standing There I Think My First Thought Was Well Could I Finish This Other Book First Because I’m So Close And He Smiled And Waved To Tanis’s Don’t Worry It’ll Just Take A Moment And I’ll Open Every Door And You Know I Went Through About 15 Minutes Of Laying There On The Floor Thinking To Myself How Hard Would It Be Okay Well I’ll Just Pull Those 200 Pages Out It’ll Probably Just Take Me Three Months Of Course It Took Me Three Years You Know So A Moment In The Mind Of God Obviously Is A Little Different From Our Motive And Eventually I Realized That Something That I Often Teach My Students That In A Perfect Life You Have Your Karma Which Is Let’s Say Your Challenge Is Your Life Challenges Whatever They May Be And As You Rise To Meet Those Life Challenges Those Difficulties And You Gain The Strength And The Tools To Move Through Them Many Times You Find Yourself In Your Dharma Or Your Life’s Work Or Mission So For Example Let’s Just Say A Young Boy That Grows Up And His Mother’s Sick From Cancer For Many Years And Dies He Decides To Become A Doctor And He Saved Hundreds Of People’s Lives A Young Mother His Child Gets Hit By A Drunk Driver She Decides To Set Up Madd Mothers Against Drunk Driving And Saves Thousands Of People’s Lives So In A Perfect Life Your Karma Or Your Challenges Will Meet Your Dharma Or Your Life’s Work Well My Challenge Had Always Been Having This Fundamentalist Element In My Family Because Even Though I’m A Christian I’m Sort Of The More Expanded Or And You Know Parts Of My Family We Speak In Tongues We Do Laying Our Hands I Mean We Have A Very Wonderful At Evangelical Aspect In My Family But You Know In The Name Of Jesus There’s Also Been A Lot Of Separation And Judgments And Divisions And So I Thought Oh My God This Is Sort Of You Know I Had Initially Thought Why Would You Just Pick Me You Know I Mean I’m Not Like A Bible-thumper Girl And As A Very Reason I Think Is Because I’ve Always Loved Him I’ve Studied Him But I’ve Also Studied All These Other Spiritual Teachings And I Understand How These Streams Of Knowledge Come Together And So Jesus Stood Over Me The Whole Time Following My Every Thought Telepathically But He Never Interfere Dave Me Complete Free Will And Finally In The End When I Realized That Perfect Synchronicity I Said Okay And So I Did Not Really You Know Set Out To Try To Write This Book I Was Really Asked To Write It And I Was Actually Very Reluctant To Write It But Jesus Was Very True To His Word He Had People Show Up At My Door With Hidden Manuscripts With Things That Had Been Brought By Joseph Of Arimathea To England About 3700 Ad That Had Just Come To Light In The Last 10 Years Or So The Bronze Book Of England And The Colburn Bible Which Were All Very Ancient Accounts Of Things That Had Happened That Like People How They Survived After The Flood But It Also Included The Accounts Of Jesus Going To England As A Man Joseph Of Arimathea Going To England As A Man I Had Books Literally Materialized On My Bookcase It Was One Miracle After Another In The Process Of Writing The Book And So These Masters In Particular Of Jesus Who Actually You Know One Of The Names He Went By Was Essa Which Means Firstborn Firstborn Son This Was A Very Powerful Experience To Go Through I Would Get Up In The Morning About Seven O’clock In The Morning After Having Literally These Beings Visit Me At Night And I Would Write Until Seven O’clock At Night And Then I Come Down And Make Supper And Turn On The Television And Draw The Book Has Over A Hundred Illustrations In It They Were Originally About 170 And It Was That In Itself Is Also Amazing Because I’m A Pretty Decent Artist But I Really Think That They Will Work Through Me For Some Of These Beautiful Illustrations And Thoughts As Well So It Was A Great Honor To Write It And An Opportunity For My Own Growth To Be Honest And People Have Told Me So Many People I Mean I’ve Had Hundreds And Hundreds And Hundreds Of Letters From People That Have Just Said Thank You So Much For Writing It I Always Knew There Was A Bigger Picture And I Knew Jesus Was Central To It And Then He Fit Into It And You Suddenly Explained How You Know It Was All Connected Because These Great Mystery Schools They Knew That He Was Coming There Were Five Separate Chapters Of The Great White Brotherhood Or Sisterhood Or The Fellowship Of Light Or Whatever You Want To Call It The Druids The Essenes The Persians The Buddhists And The Egyptians That Had All Prophesied That He Would Come And They Had Been Waiting On Him For Some 500 Years So When He Showed Up That’s How Come The Match I You Know Showed Up And They Didn’t Just Come From Persia They Came From Egypt They Came From India They Came From Persia And They Came From Britain There Were Four Of Them But One Of Them Did Not Make It So They Came From The Four Directions To Honor Him But This Is How Come They Were Able To They They Knew He Was Coming So I Know I’m Just Chattering On And On Here I Can Take A Breath Do You Want To Speak I’m Just Going To Hit You With More Questions Okay I’m Here Oh Man Don’t Experience It Let Me Ask You This The Experience That You Have With This Did You See About Silhouette Did You See A Person Or Did You Just See Light Or Was It This Kind Of Person A Person Yeah Let Me Um Let Me Say To You That I Had Seen Jesus You Know As A I’m A Clairvoyant You Know I’ve Had That Gift Of Sight Since I Was A Little Girl And I Started Off For The Angels And So Forth And So What Is Claire Voyant Claire Is Means Clear And Buoyant Means Seeing So It’s A French Word That Means It’s Really Referring To The Inner Sight And The Inner Sight Is Something All Of Us Have At A Dormant Level We All Have Inner Hearing Clairaudience In Our Knowing Clear Cognitive Inner Feeling Clear Sentience And Claire Voyant Inner Seeing Most Of Us Haven’t Developed These Senses Very Strongly But We All Have Experienced Them Like If You’ve Ever Had The Phone Rang And You Knew Who It Was Although There Was No Logical Way You Could Know That Would Be Claire Cognitive Ability In Other Words You Knew Something You Couldn’t Possibly Have Logically Known If You Ever Met Someone And You Get A Really Weird Feeling And You Don’t Know Why It’s Like You’re You Know Little Butterflies In Your Stomach Are Going Off Your Gut Level Reaction Is Going Off That’s Clear Sentience Your You Know Inner Senses Are Picking Up The Person’s Subtle Energy Fields And Going Warning Warning This Person Is Not To Be Trusted And So As We You Know Pay Attention To These Things We Can Begin To Develop Them And For Me As A Child I When I Spent A Lot Of Time The Wood Son Comes Out To Elementals An Elemental Sort Of Like The Guardian Angels Of The Plant Kingdom And They’re Like About Two Or Three Feet Tall And They’re Like Translucent You Know It’s Very Easy To Not See Them They Multicolored They Kind Of Tend To Blend In With The Shrubberies And The Trees And And Then When The Angel First Appeared This Is An Angel That Took The Appearance Of A Like A Man But Very Radiant But No Wings Okay But More Like The Gown But Translucent And So This Is Inner Sight You’re Still Seeing It But It’s Not Solid In The Same Way That We Are It’s A Much Higher Vibration Subtler Energy And So Because I Had Done Readings For People I’ve Done Over 6,000 Clairvoyant Readings For People All Around The World And I Also Trained As A Hypnotherapist And In About Seven Different Kinds Of Healing And I Work With People All The Time Because Of This I Had Seen Jesus And Some Of My Clients Past Life Records In Other Words I Would Read For Someone That Was Either In The Audience When He Was On The Earth And Dinner Or They Stayed At Their House Or They Were In A Crowd When He Went By And They Heard Him Preach So I Knew Jesus Was Real And I Mean I Always Loved You So I Thought He Was Great But I Personally As Much As I Had Gone To Church And Prayed And Then All The Things We All Do I Had Never Had Him Appear To Me About Three Years Before He Appeared The Story That I Just Shared That Prompted The Book Was The First Time I Per Suddenly Had Him Appear To Me I Was Out In San Francisco I Was Speaking At The New Living Expo Out There And I Stayed Over To Do Readings Nc Clients And These Three Lovely Older Women Came And I Read For Them And They Took Me To Lunch And At Lunch We Were Sitting In This Little Bistro And Suddenly The Door Opened And Jesus Walked Into The Room Now Nobody Else Saw Him He Was Looked Like A Man He Had Hair Down To His Shoulders Brownish Hair With A Little Red Kind Of A Albarn Red Highlight Blondish You Know It’s More Roundish Blonde With That Auburn Hair A Hair Light That If The Sun Came Through It His Eyes Are Like Gray Blue He Was Maybe Six Foot One He Had Broad Shoulders Didn’t Have Really Any It Was More Ectomorphic You Know Didn’t Have Wasn’t Like A Muscular Football Player Or Anything You Know Slender And He Walked In And He Came In And Sat Down Well I Was Just Again His Energy Is So Gigantic It Opens Your Heart And I’m Sure I Was Sitting There With My Mouth Open Look Looking At Him And The Women Didn’t Seem To See Him Or Anything They Were Just Chatting Away About Their Wonderful Readings So I Got Up And I Excused Myself And Went To The Bathroom Which Was Like This Little One Bathroom Affair You Know With The Terrazzo Floor And Not Just One Toilet No Stall Well I Lock The Door And I Went In And Jesus Was In The Bathroom Hovering About A Foot Off The Floor And I’m Knelt Down And I You Know Begin To Pray And I Said Listen I Don’t Know What You’re Doing Here But You Know If I Can Help You Or Something I’m Happy To Anything That You Need Happy To Do It And By The Way If You Could Kind Of You Know Help Heal Some Of The Wounds In My Family That Would Be Really Great But You Know It’s Not Contingent You Know I’ll Help Any Way And He Just Radiated Out This Immense Love For About Five Minutes And Then He Moved Off And I Went Out Back Out To Lunch Where The Women Were And Such An Altered State And The Women Could See Something That Happened And I Told Them Well One Of The Women Said That She Worked Very Closely With Jesus She Really Was Very Universal And Had Had Strong Encounters With Him Her Whole Life And So My Theory Is That I Got On His Radar Because Of Her So I Never Knew What To Make Of That And Three Years Past And Of Course I Had Included Him In The Book But You Know At That Point He Hadn’t Come And Then He Showed Up And So I I Think What Happened This Was My Theory Is That He You Know He Examined My Life He Saw The Good I Had Done For People He Saw The Purity Of My Heart He Understood The Depth Of The Research That I’ve Done In Studying You Know The Essenes The Druids The Egyptians Persians The Hindus The Buddhists You Know The Native Americans The Mayan All Of Those Different Teachings Which All Have Their Own Level Of Beauty And Wisdom And The Fact That At The Core You Know The Center For Me Of Course Is Surprised And He Decided He Had A Job For Me So I Think That’s Really How This Came To Pass And It Was A Great Honor To Be Asked To Do It And When You Asked Me If I Had Any Negative Reactions I Probably Have Had Two Emails Where People Were Very Judgmental But I’ve Had Thousands Of Emails For People Were Like Thank God You Know I’ve Always Known This My Part Of Heart There Was A Bigger Picture He Was A Key Part Of The Whole Thing But After That You Know It All Fit Together And I Think That’s One Of The Beauties Of The Book It’s It’s Trisha Mccannon And Jesus Is The Name Of It But There’s A Long Subtitle Which Is We’ll See The Explosive Story Of The Thirty Lost Years And The Ancient Mystery Religions And So Most People Don’t Even Know These Great Mystery Schools Existed And They Existed To Teach That There Is A Divine Presence That Permeates The Universe What We Call God Of Course And That The Divine Spark Resides Within Each One Of Us And The Purpose Of The Mystery School Was To Teach Enlightenment And To Help Individuals To Not Only Live Outwardly More Moral Lives But To Reach A Place Of True Personal Connection With God And So That They Became Enlightened You Know They Awaken To Who They Truly Are In The Divine Plan And Of Course This Is In The End Of The Day What Jesus Came To Teach I Mean In The Gospel Of Thomas He Says He Who Drinks From My Mouth Shall Become As Me A True Christ When When You Begin To Understand That As Much As There Is A Lot Of Beauty In The Teachings That Are In The New Testament A Lot Of Really Important Things Were Taken Out And Fortunately In The Last Few Years The Gnostic Gospels Have Begun To Be Published And Gospels Like The Gospel Of Philip The Gospel Of Thomas The Gospels Mary Magdalene Some Of These Have Begun The Gospel Of Judas They Began To Come Out And To Shed A Greater Light On Something That If We Had Been Trained In The Mystery School We Would Understand That The Mystery Schools Taught About The Resurrection Of The Immortal Spirit Within That The Soul Is Immortal Even Though The Body Is Not And That What Jesus Was Playing Out For Us If You Will In Choosing To Sacrifice Himself On The Cross Was He Was Literally Laying Himself In The Cross Of Matter Time And Space And Saying That The Soul Trump’s The Body Whatever The Suffering Of The Body Is We As Souls Can Transcend It We Are Greater Than The Circumstances Of Our Birth Of Our Dysfunctional Families Of Our Confused Society We Can Rise Above It We Can Be Literally Born Again Into From The Drop The Ego And To Be Born Into The World As Enlightened Soul This Is Actually Kind Of What It Means And In The Gospel Of Thomas He Teaches Selves The Spiritual Technology If You Will That Allows This To Happen Which If You Don’t Understand The Mysteries It Sounds Very Confusing But He Says When You Turn The Two Eyes Into One That Would Be The Left And The Right Eye And You Open The Inner Eye Or The Third Eye The Clairvoyance When You Turn The Male Into The Female The Female Into The Male That Would Be The Left And The Right Hemispheres Of The Brain Which Are The Male And The Female The Intuitive Feeling And The Mental Rational When You Turn The Two Eyes Into One The Male Into The Female The Female Into The Male To Enter Into The Outer And The Outer Into The Inner Then You Shall See The Kingdom Of Heaven So He’s Telling Us About A Spiritual Technology Where We Begin To Let Us Say Pull The End And The Pingala Which Are The Sympathetic And Parasympathetic Male And Female Nervous System We Pull Them From The Base Of The Spine Just Like That Famous Caduceus Staff That It Forces The Emblem For Universal Healing We Pull Those Energy Up They Cross Seven Times In Our Chakras Which Are The Places Where The Spirit Snaps Into Matter We Enforce We Have To Clear Out Our Emotional Issues That Are Clogging Those Chakras And We Bring It Up To Let Us Say The Medulla Oblongata Which Is At The Base Of The Spine Which Then Activates The Pineal Gland In The Center Of The Head The Master Gland That Regulates The Entire Endocrine System And That Awakens The Third Eye Or The Inner Side And Then What Happens Is The Veils Of The Physical World Fall Away And We Begin To See Into The Higher Spiritual Dimension Or The Kingdom Of Heaven So When You Ask Me How Did I See Jesus It’s Like That I’m Like Everybody Else Running Around When I’m In My Little Chatty Beta Brain Or Busy Beta Rain But There Are Four Brainwave States Beta Is The Conscious Mind Alpha Is The Creative And Meditative Mind Theta Is The Dreaming Mind Where Our Past Life Memories Are Stored In Our Deep Subconscious Is Stored And Delta Is Where The Higher Self Is Through My Many Years Of Meditation And Work With These Masters I’ve Learned How To Consciously Shift My Brainwaves And Move From Beta Alpha Theta And Delta While I’m Still Awake While I’m Still Sitting Around You Know Meditating Or Writing Or Doing A Reading For Someone I Can Drop My Brainwaves Into These Very Deep Places And From This Places We Have Each Of Us Has More Access To Let Us Say The Cosmic Mind Or The Universal Intelligence And So Because I Have That Ability When A Being Like Jesus Chooses To Make Himself Seen I’m Able To See Him Does This All Make Sense For You Oh Yeah I Mean It Totally Resonates For Me Because I’ve Had The Same Experiences And I’ve Seen What I Believed To Be Jesus As Well And It Was Kind Of Like What You’ve Seen I Didn’t See Any Features But It Was That White Radiant Light Basically Whenever I Closed My Eyes I Was Blinded By Radiant White Light And I Felt The Energy And I Kind Of Felt The Same Message Which He Gave You Which Was Basically His Heart For His People His Broken Heart For His People That His People Are Going Astray And He Wants To Bring Them Back To Themselves And Bring Them Back To Him You Know His Were Made In His Image And Likeness And That’s It You Know That’s What It Was For Me Whenever You Say That One Thing I Was Wanting To Ask You You Were Talking About Through Our Meditation I’ve Had Some Experiences As Well Definitely Not A Master But While I Was Meditating I Had The Similar Experience That Maybe I Was Being Examined Or Watched While In A State Of Meditation By A Benevolent Being I Don’t Know If It Was An Angel Or What Do You Have Any Information On That As Far As Does That Put You In A State Where You’re Able To See Them More Yeah Actually Be In Tune With Them Yes I Think You’re Exactly Right And You Said It Very Well In Tune With Them Because I Mean If You If You Think About How The Universe Is Constructed You Know The The Masters That I Study With They From Long So Long Ago And They Say That The Three Purest Ways That We Can Experience The Divine Our Love First Sound Second In The Beginning Was The Word Of Course That’s In The Bible And Light Third And So They Talked About How The Sound Which Now Physicists Call Phonons I Think That’s Very Cute Turns Into The Light Which Physicists Now Call Photons And The Thing That Connects Them Is Called Gluons I Think That’s Also Adorable But This Is What Of Course The Masters Have Been Telling Us For Years And Science Is Now Corroborating Is That Basically The Vibrational Energy Steps Down From The Higher Vibrating Frequencies To The Lower Ones And That Underlying Vibration Which Most Of Us Only Here Maybe In Meditation Or When We’re Going To Fall Asleep Or When We’re Children Is Kind Of The Sound Of Silence That At Every Dimensional Plane There Is A Vibration Underneath It Like On This Planet And This Plane It’s Like Almost Like The Sound That The Seashell When You Put The Seashell To Your Ear Sound Of The Ocean So The Reason We All See Each Other And Are Able To Interact With One Another On The Same Level Is Because Everything Is Vibrating At Cellular Level In The Same Frequency However If We Sped Everything Up We Would You Know If Everything Moved Up Obviously We Probably Move Up To The Fourth Dimension And We’d All See Each Other And Fourth Dimension But The Third Dimensional People Wouldn’t See Us This Is How It Is With Even With Ghosts For Example Ghosts Are People That Have Lost Their Physical Body So They’re Not Interacting In The Third Dimension Very Well But For Some Reason They Didn’t Go On Into Heaven Or Into The Higher World Like They Should Have They Got Stuck Down Here In Their Astral Body So They’re Floating Around Most People Can’t See Them Most People Can’t Hear Them And They’re Very Frustrated And So You Know They Can Of Course Get Out Of That State Especially If There’s Someone Like Me Or You That Can Perceive Them And Help To Call An Angels To Open Up A Portal Of Light To Give Them Whether Say A Train Back Home You Know Back Up Into The Heavenly Kingdom Because They Miss The First Train That Came Through So When We Begin To Talk About Meditation What Meditation Does Is It We Drop From Our Busy Little Beta Brain Into Alpha And Then Of Course The Longer We Do It We Can Even Get Into Theta And In Alpha And Theta Instead Of Having A Really Limited Consciousness We Begin To Expand Our Perceptive Ability We Begin To See A Beans That Are Vibrating At A Higher Frequency In The Fourth Of The Fifth Dimension And The You Know They’re Angels That Are Of Course Assigned Up And Down To All The Dimensions But Just For Our Listeners You Know The Grid I Work On That The Masters Taught Me So Long Ago That I’ve You Know Experientially Can Verify Is That There Let Us Say 12 Dimensional Planes Twelve Eleven Ten Nine Eight Or What Was Called The Higher World These Are Worlds Beyond Time And Space These Are Worlds Is Hard For Us To Even Conceive Of And Then There’s Seven Six Five Four Three Two One In The Time-space Worlds And We’re In The Third Dimension Now At Every Dimensional Level As It Comes Down It Gets Denser And As It Goes Up It Gets Less Dense And So In This Dimension For Example There 48 Laws Of Physics That Must Be Obeyed Like Gravity For Example So You Know Unless You Have Achieved A Certain Level Of Mastery You Don’t Know How To Levitate But Yet There Are People Who Can Levitate There Are Masters That Can Levitate Their People In Transcendental Meditation That Somehow Are Able To Levitate So Of Course I Don’t Know How To Deal Of It Eight But We Can See That Some People Have Achieved That The Same Thing With Some Of The Powers That You Hear Of That The Yogi’s Have Or The Filipino Healers Have Where They Are Able And They’re All Christian They Put Their Hands To People’s Bodies And And Are Able To Do Surgery That Way And Then They Close Up Now I’m Sure There’s Some That Are Charlatans But There Also Are Many That Are Very Legitimate And How Are They Able To Do That Because Their Hand Begins To Vibrate At A Higher Frequency It’s Able To Pass Through Matter And Then It’s Able To Come Back Out So You Know There Are Actually Spiritual Laws And Laws Of Physics Around The Universe In The Fourth Dimension And There Are Only 24 Instead Of 48 Laws And So Consequently Telepathy Is Normal This Business As Usual In The Fourth Dimension In The Fifth Dimension There Are Only 12 Laws So In The Fifth Dimension You Can Think Where You Want To Be And Literally Just Trance Teleport Yourself Through Thought So As We Move Up It Gets Lighter And Lighter And Lighter And Lighter And Less Dense And A Time Becomes More Fluid So These Beings Like Jesus And And Other Great Spiritual Masters That Really Care About Humanity They Are Working Tirelessly Behind The Scenes For As You’ve Just Said To Help To Awaken Humanity Bring Us Back To A Place Of Love And Forgiveness And Not Separation And Judgment And To Try To Help Us To Not Just Be Stuck In The Letter Of The Law But To Begin To Live The Spirit Of Unity Consciousness Which Is The Whole Reason That They Came Down Here And Put Up With Such Difficult Shenanigans And You Know A Halftime We They Come Down Here And We Put Them To Death Because We’re So Committed To Our Own Suffering Our Own Limitations The Power Games That Are Being Played Down Here And The Dysfunctional Levels Of Cruelty That Are Passed Down From One Generation To Another And So They’re Trying To Help Us Break Out Of These Kinds Of Limited Ways Of Thinking And And Responding Getting Back To The Mystical Life Of Jesus One Thing I Want To Ask You You Know Basically To Start At His Birth I Know You Have A Lot Of Information You’ve Got A Lot Of Research His Birth Concerning The Three Wise Men Which I Have Pulled Up Here Translates To The Magi Which Translates Into Sorcerer Or Magician The Magician Who Came To His Birth Who’s Seen His Star In The Sky Can You Tell Us A Little Bit About That Right You Know We Have To Really Start Really Looking At This All In A Little Different Way Magi Does Come From The Word Magician And Magician If You Really Write Out The Word Is Like Imagination And An Eye Mage A Mage As A Wisdom Keeper Or Yes And So They Were Certainly Priests Astronomers And Astrologers Astronomy And Astrology Were Connected With One Other Astronomy Being The Physical Study Of The Stars And Astrology Being The Study Of The Subtle Energies Or Electromagnetic Energy Fields And How They Might Affect Not Only The Cycles Of Time In Terms Of Humanity’s Awakening Or Slumber But Also Individuals So As I Talked About In My Book There Were Specific Dates That The Magi Or The Astrologers Were Looking At That Were Very Potent Possibilities For The Birth Of A Great Mystical King Not Just A Secular King But A Spiritual King And I The Way You Know My Book Is Organized It’s Really Pretty Easy It’s Five Sections The First One Is About The Mysteries Just Two Chapters About That What They Were How They Taught How They Were Structured And How They Encoded Their Wisdom In A Hermetic Symbolism Which Is Symbols Like The Cross As A Hermetic Symbol And The Dove For The Holy Spirit And The Eagle For The Great Father And Their Lions For This Great Lion Of God The One Who Has The Courage And Lives In The Heart So These Are Hermetic Symbols That We Know In Christianity But They Taught Those Symbols But Many Many More As Well So I Introduced The Mysteries And Then We Have A Section On One With Jesus Really Born And How This Was Connected With History And The Wise Men And If He Was Born On Certain Days What Was The Significance Of The Astrology How Would The Magi Have Interpreted It And Then Of Course We Go To The His Time With The In Egypt When He Was Young And Of Course Most Of Us Have Been Taught That Egypt We’ve Been Made To Think From All Of Our Beautiful Christmas Cards That You Know Joseph And Mary Were Poor And You Know Traveled On Donkey To An Ignorant Land But Actually Alexandria Was The New York City Of Its Day Was Incredible I Mean Everybody Was There That The Wise Jews The Egyptians The Buddhists The Greek Philosophers It Was Just A Place Of Incredible Learning And Philosophy And Knowledge The Library Of Alexandria Was Seven Hundred Thousand Scrolls And Books Was Their Classrooms That Seated 5,000 People Phenomenal And That’s The Course The Basis Of All Universities Is The Library Of Alexandria That’s Where University Began Was There So That’s Where They Went And There’s A Section On That And Then A Section On His Time With The Essenes From The Age 8 To 13 And How The Essenes Most Of Us Don’t Know This Taught Angelology Jesus Himself Taught About 14 Different Kinds Of Angels Seven Male And Seven Female And How We Could Begin To Connect With These Angelic Presences So Then The Third Section Is About His Time In England When He Was Seven He Went With His Mother And Also Joseph Of Arimathea His Uncle Briefly For Maybe Six Months He Wintered There And Then He Went Back When He Was About Advanced That They Went On And Sent Him To India No I Have Two Chapters On India And His Time There Two Chapters On Persia And His Time There And Then The Last Section Is Of Course About The Seven Years Where He Studied In Egypt And You Know In Traditional Christian Thought We Were Were Told It He Started His Ministry At Thirty And Ended At 33 But That Is Not Really Right The Reason We Believe That Is Because Luke Who Did Not Even Know Jesus By The Way Said That He Appeared To Be You Know A Coma Man Around Thirty Years Old Luke Came Along Like Paul Or Saul After The Crucifixion He Wasn’t Part Of The Original Apostles And I’m Sure She Just Did Look Young Because It Is Meditating But If You Study The Gospel Of John I Love That Particular Gospel There In The Whole Path That Reduces Teaching Since And He Says Before Abraham Was I Am And The Jews Say Man Are You Crazy You Know You’re Not Yet 50 Well You Know You Might Say That To A 40 Year Old Or 45 Year Old But You Wouldn’t Say That To A The Arguments Among The Early Church Fathers That Said That They Knew That Jesus Was You Know Probably In His 40s When He Died I Think He Probably Started He Could Not Have Started His Ministry Before About 37 Or 38 And It Probably Did Last Three Years So He Know He Could Have Been 41 Or 42 Or Something Like That But It Was A Very Powerful Experience Finding All Of These Kiddin Historical References That I Have 7 That Place Him In Egypt Including Documents From Herod Himself And Testimony From The Sanhedrin High Council From Caiaphas The High Priest That Occurs Wanted Him Dead And He Talks About How He His Studies In Egypt So Egypt If You Think About It At That Time There Were Three Major Places Where The People Who Wanted To Really Learn When They Either Went To The Greek Mystery School The Aleutian Schools They Went To The Egyptian Mystery Schools Though They Went To The Druid Mystery Schools And The One Exception For That Would Be People Who Studied With The Essenes And The Essenes Of Course Were Wonderful But They Were Largely In Hiding In Qumran And Some Of Their Other Spiritual Centers Because The Pharisees And Sadducees Were So Oppressive That They Weren’t You Know They Sort Of Became The Oddest Group And That’s Actually What Happened With Traditional Christianity Of The The Catholic Church Tried To Minimize Them So You Know Until The 20th Century When The Dead Sea Scrolls Were Discovered And The Nagas Kamati Tax Where We Realized That The Aha Essenes Were At The Heart Of The Wisdom Teachings Of Judaism At That Time We Did Not Realize That The Essenes And Then The Gnostics Really Were The Probably The First True Christians That Was A Big Revelation Before That We Had Believed The Gnostics With Some Weird Knockoff Group And You Know So You Know Jesus Was Really Incredibly Knowledgeable I’m Sure He Spent Many Different Languages On Top Of That But Anyway It Was As You’ll You’ll Discover And Reading The Book If Profoundly Honoring To Who He Was And I’ve Had People Who Didn’t Even Like Jesus But Know Jesus Didn’t Understand Why Anybody Thought Jesus Was So Important Read The Book And Go I Love Him Because In Understanding The Depth And The Breadth And The Commitment At A Soul Level That He Had To Come And Do Such A Completely Selfless Task The The Love And The Respect And The Honor That I Think Anybody Who Even The Most Skeptical Would Have For Him Just Grows Exponentially One Day Only The Answer Was About This Form Of Divination That Was Practiced By The It Was Practiced In The Old Testament And Also By The Disciples They Did A Form Of Divination Which Was The Casting Lots Have You Looked Into That At All You Know I Haven’t And It’s Certainly Something You Can Speak To That You Know The Way That All Of That Works Is That The Higher Self Works Through The Autonomic Nervous System And The Autonomic Nervous System Is The Subconscious They’re Connected So When You Whatever It Is Cast Runes Cast Lots You Know Do The Ii Ching Any Form Of Divination Like That How It Operates Is That By Focusing On A Question That You Want Some Clarity About And Going Into Alignment With Your Higher Self The Autonomic Nervous System Will Bring Forth Those Objects That Can Be Interpreted In Such A Way That They Will Give You Some Insight But We Always Have To Remember That This Is A Freewill Universe And Somebody Can Predict Something Like Fail I See You Going To New York Next Month And You Can Say Well You Might Get The Invitation And You Can Say I Choose Not To Go And I Think That That While Looking At The Future Can Be Insightful It’s Very Important For Us To Remember That We Were Given Free Will For Reason That By Aligning With A Hard Sell We Make The Decision For The Path That We Take Does That Make Sense To You Yeah Yeah And It’s Um That’s Why When You’re Dealing With The Extra Senses That We Have In Dealing With The Psychic Abilities And Stuff It’s It’s A Great Responsibility To Not Just Throw Anything Out There And To Really Use The Gifts With The Reverence And With A Fear Of Leading People Astray Or Saying The Wrong Thing So I Think Because Because You A Lot Of People See A Lot Of People I Just Want To Say This I’ll Watch The Episode Of Montel And I Know Sylvia Browns Been On There And She’s Been Exposed And All Kind Of Stuff Like That But I Watched The Episode Where She Was Giving Readings To People In The Crowd And Everything And She Gave A Reading To This Woman And Told The Woman That She Was Asking About Her Love Life And Told The Woman That You’re Going To Get Married Soon But He’s Not Mr. Right You’re Going To Get Married But It’s Going To End In Divorce His Second Husband He’s The Right One And This Is Before It’s Even Went Through The First Marriage And It’s Like You Know In A Sense She’s Speaking A Courtesy Over This Woman It Puts It Off With The Cloud And This Is I Think What Your Point Is Very Well Made When I Do Readings For People My First I’ll Listen To What It Is That They You Know Want Me To Look At But I I Feel Like That If We Can Go Back And Discover Who They Really Are At A Soul Level What Their Journey Has Been Through Time What The Gifts And Abilities Are That They’ve Acquired The Lessons That They’ve Learned The Things They’ve Mastered And What They’ve Come Into This Lifetime To Master And What They’ve Come To Do This Gives Them Great Insight And Knowing How To Work With The Present And How To Move Forward From Their Own Strength Of And Empowerment Their Own Sense Of Knowing Themselves And So My Readings Tend To Be More About Who Are You At The Highest Angelic Level What Has Your Journey Been And What Are You Down Here For Whether Your Challenge Is What Are Your What Your Mission Who Are The People That Have Come To Help You On The Mission I Soulmates And Of Course Sometimes We Have Things That We Must Resolve From The Past With People How Can We Help To Clarify That So That There’s The Greatest Level Of Harmony And Healing That Takes Place And You Know Then When We Start Talking About The Future I Think That Maybe Only About A Third Of The Readings That I Do Really Are Dealing As Much With The Future But Any Clairvoyant Or Psychic Basically First Off It’s Important To Understand That We All Have An Antenna And Some People’s Antennas Are Pointed To Let’s Say The Thought Market Okay That’s Not Where My Antennas Pointed I’m Not Interested In The Stock Market You Know Some People’s Antennas Are Pointed To The Astral Plane Where There Are People Who’ve Died And Passed Over And Sometimes That’s Great Like John Edwards Has Done A Great Deal Of Good For People In Helping Them Overcome Grief Realize That Their Loved Ones Are Still Alive On The Other Side And Healing Hearts That’s Not My Specialty Although Sometimes I Will See Someone Who’s Visiting From The Other Side My Antennas Pointed To The Highest Angelic Heavens I Really Want To Know Who Is This Person In The Truest Highest Form How Have They Forgotten Who They Are And How Can I Help Them To Remember And Heal The Things That Are Keeping Them From A Feeling United With Their Their Joy And Their Own Self-awareness So This Is A How Come I Became So Involved With Feeling I Found That Over The Course Of Doing Many Readings For People That There Are Certain Things That Can Happen Too With Traumas Lost The Trail Death Vows That We’ve Taken Ways In Which We’ve Taken Oaths Or Bound Ourselves Or Given Our Power Away To Others In The Past And Sometimes We Haven’t Managed To Get It Back Even Though We Died In That Lifetime And We Come Back In Another We’re Still Compromised So A Lot Of My Work Has Been About Helping People To Become Rhian So That They Can Make Wise Decisions That Serve Them Now And I Always Remind Them Whenever I Work With Them In Terms Of Anything In The Future That The Future Is Emotion We Are Creating The Future It Is Free Will And To Try To Give Them Information That Will Empower And Help Them Instead Of Crippled Them We’re Not Going To Keep You Much Longer I Know You’ve Had A Long Day We Do Have Some People In The Chat On The Line Who Have Questions You Mind Taking A Call Or Two I Don’t Mind All Right Let Me Bring In Steven You There Yeah I’m Here Truth Hi Steven Is Gone How Are You Doing Trisha I Hope Good It’s About 12:10 My Time And I’ve Been Doing Healing Work With People All Days I’m A Little Pooped But I’m Glad To Hear From You How Can I Help Well I’ll Only Trouble You For A Couple Minutes Um I Just Wanted To Ask You You Know You Said You Had Different Experiences Of Seeing Different Things From A Young Age I Actually From A Young Age Around 8 Or A Really Bright It Was Almost Like Time Stopped When I Saw And There Was A Person Beside Me And As I Went To Pulling At It And It’s Like As Soon As I Move My Arm It Like Shot Down Behind The Trees Really Fast Well I Kind Of Like Never Really Thought About It After This Experience It Was Kind Of Just Something Crazy That I Saw And About Three Years Ago My Grandfather Passed Away He Was Uh He Was A Preacher For Like 50 Years And And I Had Like Um A Very Spiritual And Emotional Thing Happened To Me That Totally Pulled Like A 180 In My Life And From That Moment On I’ve Been Witnessing These Same Type Of Events Like All The Time Like I Don’t Go Look For Them It’s Like I Could Be Walking From My Car Which I Mean From My House To My Car And I Witnessed This And It Was Actually A Time Where I Was Doing A Pastoral Internship Masters Commission In Atlanta I Actually In Snellville And And I Was In A Meditative State Laying In My Bed And For A Split Second I Believe That I Like Asked Myself I Call I Always Have Believed That It Was My Grandfather In Some Way Shape Or Form And For A Split Second I Said Nah It’s Not My Grandfather And Then I Quickly Thought You Know It Yet Is Well I Had Never Checked The Metal Box At This Place And I Never Changed My Address Or Anything Well He Used To Get These Um These Auction Papers That’s What He Did He Would Go To These Military Auctions And Body These Engines Well I Checked The Mailbox I Just Happen To Be Walking Passing Someone Was Like Caught My Attention Check The Mailbox On The Very Top There Was One Of These Papers That Had His Name And His Address On It Like Sitting There So Like You Know I’m Always Asking Myself You Know What Does This Mean Like What What Has What Am I Witnessing You Know Like Synchronicity There Well Let Me Say I Don’t Know What You Were Witnessing But I Will Say That You Know Maybe This Is A Program That We Can Do Another Program On This Derek About Ufos Because Ufos Are Basically Just People You Know Their Their Spaceships Unidentified Flying Objects I Mean Sometimes They Are Weather Balloons And Meteors But You Know Most Of Us Know The Difference Between A Weather Balloon And A Falling Meteorite And A Something That Does What You’re Talking About Which Is Zipping Around Behind Trees And You Know Defying Gravity And Things Like That And The Ufo Phenomena Is A Is A Big One It’s One I’ve Spoken On For Gosh Thirty Years I’ve Seen Those Ships Since I Was A Little Girl Of Cinnamon Broad Daylight I’m Seeing At Night I’ve Seen Them With Other People Present I’ve Seen Them When I Was Alone And Many Of Them Are Very Benevolent Beings They’re Beings Who Are Also Interested And Us Not Blowing Ourselves Up They’re Not Interested In Us Destroying Ourselves Because This Is A Incredible Planet And Now That We Have Atomic And Nuclear Weapons And Power Plants And Things Like That We Could Have Some Worldwide Disasters If We Don’t Watch It Like What Happened In Japan With The Meltdown Of That Nuclear Power Plant And All That Radiation Imagine If We Have A Pole Shift Imagine What Will Happen So There Are A Lot Of Different Groups Who Are Highly Concerned They Don’t Want To Interfere With Us In Any Negative Way Although You Know Certainly There Have Been Reports From The 90s Especially The 70s 80s And Another Conversation But What Most Of Them Are Really Interested In Allowing Us To Evolve Trying To Help Us Evolve And Trying To Make Sure That We Don’t Destroy Our Planet So I Don’t Know If That’s What You Saw But The Way You Describe It It Could Have Been Well It Seemed To Me Like Um Well The First Time I Happen To See It It Could Have Very Well Been You Know Like The Ship But A Lot Of The Other Times I You Know It Would Be Like After We Just Came Out Of Like A Real Spirit-filled Service I Mean And It’s Really Low And It’s Not And It’s Not Moving Really Fast Or Shooting Off I Mean Like And It Just So Happens There’s Been More Than Five Occasions That There Would Possibly Be Somebody Beside Me And They Were Open To The Fact But Had Never Witnessed Anything Like That And I Already Like Spoken To Him About It And Then I Would Be Like Well That’s What I Was Telling You About Right There Look And Let Me Ask You Something Are These Orbs Or These Like Um Radiant Discs Or What’s The Shaker These Are Eye Orbs But It Was Like A Flame Like Gum Like A White Flame And Uh I Mean That’s Immediate Look More Like Of A Being Like The Entity To Be Honest With You Oh How Interesting How Big I Mean Being In The Sky As Big As I Saw It It’s Gotta Be Huge I Mean Even That It’s Lower Than I Can Can Tell Well First Off I Love This Story I Love This And I Thank You So Much Stephen For Sharing This Story Because If You’re Seeing Them It’s Possible That Others Are And I Think That This Gets Into A Bigger Conversation About What’s Actually Happening With The Planet You Know How I Was Talking About How The Different Dimensions Are Step Down And Vibration Well Every Fan The Hole In The Lower World The Worlds Of Time And Space Move In A Spiral The Atoms The You Know The Solar System The Galaxy The Way Our Hair Grows On Top Of Our Head It All Moves In That Golden Mean Fibonacci Spiral So Our Planet Came Down To The Third Dimension And Now In The Process Of Beginning To Spiral Back Up And So We Are Vibrationally Little Time Incrementally Moving Up And Up And Up And As We Do This This Means That Suddenly We’re Coming Into A Place Where The Veils Between The Worlds Becomes Thinner For Example When We Talk About The Fairies And The Little People Well Most People Don’t See Them Now But Certainly There Was A Time On The Planet Where They Were A Lot More Visible And Then The Our World Fell Into A Deeper Level Of Density Where We Couldn’t Perceive Them Now In The Last You Know Couple Of Decades We’ve Begun To Slowly Begin To Shift Back Up And I Know Many People Who Have Actually Seen These Little Beings That Are Like You Know Two Feet I Mean Like Six Inches High With Wings And So Forth And So On And You Know Are They Just All Delusional Well They Don’t Even Know Each Other And They’ve All Have Different Stories So As The Veils Become Thin We Begin To Perceive That Humans Are Not The Only Intelligent Life Force On The Planet There Are Other Beings That Live Here They Just Vibrate In A Little Higher Frequency When You Get To Angels Angels Are On Assignment Through All Of The Dimensions So Whether You Saw Really An Angelic Being An Angels Can Appear In Any Form They Don’t Just Look Human At The Higher Levels They’re Moving Geometries Of Frequency And Light And As They Come Down Sometimes They’ll Still Appear That Way If You Can Perceive Them But Because We’re Seeing Through Our Filters A Lot Of Times They’ll Accommodate Us To Appear Humans For And On That Same Note On You Know I’ve Also Witnessed A Lot Of On The Darker Side Of Things You Know Huge Dark Beings Wake Up With Something On Top Of You And You Can’t Breathe You’re Scared To Death You Know I Witness Things On The Bad Side Of Things Too And I Guarantee You Four Out Of Ten People There’s Ten People In A Room If You Tell Them A Story Of You Having A Between Awake And A Sleep Dream Of Something Like That Happening To You That You Know People Have Witnessed And Done The Same Things Like Without Even Knowing That There’s People Around You That Have Witnessed What You’ve Witnessed They Just Are Too Scared To Talk About It Because They’re Scared That They’ll Be Called Crazy Or You Know Well I Love That You Said That I Found That Same Thing To Be True And Let Me Just Again Try To Put Some Some Perspective On This In The Lower World There Is Always Contrast There’s Dark And There’s Light Okay But At When We Come Down And The Sixth And Seventh There’s No Let Us Say Evil In The Fifth Dimension Where The Soul Acquires An Ego It Can Choose To Follow The Path Of Love Or Follow The Path Of Power And The Souls Of All The Paths Of Power Many Times Get Caught In The Power And They Fall Away From Love Because They Become Invested In The Ego And In Order To Love You Have To Surrender The Ego Now Ultimately God Is Both Love And Power So We All Have To Ultimately Choose Love And Choose Power But In The Right Balance If You Pick Power Without Love You Become A Tyrant If You Pick Love Without Power You Become A Doormat But Always If That Path Of Love Eventually It’ll Bring You Around To Words It Has To Do With Empowerment But Having Said That The There Are Beings Of Light And Dark In The Fifth The And The Third Dimension In The Fifth The Masters Of Light And Darkness Stay Pretty Separate From One Another And The Dark One’s Try To You Know Deal With Seduction Because They Have To Honor A Certain Level Of Freewill So They Try To Seduce The Light Ones Basically Have To Honor Free Will And So They Respond To Invitation Which Is Why You Know When You Begin To Work With A Higher Light Beans The First Order Of Business Is Always To Set Your Energy Field You Know I Do Always Do A Prayer Where I’ll Say You Know So At This Time And In This Moment We Call In The Energy Of The Christ Consciousness And I Imagine It Coming From The Sun Like A Column Over Me And I Ground It Around Me In 360 Directions And All Dimensional Levels I Ground It Down Into The Earth As A Protection And You Can Call In Whoever You Would Like Buddha You Know Mother Mary Jesus Whoever You Would Like But The Christ Energy Field So The First Order Is Always Protecting Yourself And Then You Can Say I Invite In My Angels And My Masters Are Guides The Highest Level Beings Radiate Or Resonate With The Christ Feel Because All The Higher Beings Resonate With The Christ Feel They You Know They Know What That’s About The Dark Energies Can’t Stand That Feel They’re Going To Leave So The First Orders To Set Your Own Field And Then You Know Invite Your Tea Party In When You Have Beings Like Yourself Who Are Sensitive It’s Very You’re Like A Tasty Morsel The Dark Wood Like Before You Are Wise Enough Or Strong Enough Or Educated Or Find Somebody Like Me That Can Teach You These Techniques They’re Going To Try To Come In And Seduce You And Usually This Happens For People Around Puberty 12 13 14 15 Because The Hormones Make Them A Little Crazy And Out Of Balance So It Opens Up Certain Energetic Gateways That The Dark Things If I If I Have A Prayer Of Getting This Person This Person Who Could Do So Much Good In The World As A Light Worker This Is My Window Of Time Before They Know Enough To Get On With Their Mission To Go In And Try To Scare Them Seduce Them And So Forth And This Is One Of The Challenges To Me With The Horror Movies Because The Horror Movies I Mean They’re Really Pretty Darn Horrible And Their Dark Sides Are Very Large So Personally I Can’t Watch Them Either And The Fact That Teenagers Are Going To Watch Them Is Unfortunately Really Bad Because It Opens Up Their Field For These Dark Energies To Attempt To Attach To Them Yeah That’s Why I Can’t I Mean It Um I’ve Already Witnessed Enough Stuff I Don’t Get I Just I Tried I Tried My Best Not To Open The Door Yeah And So It’s Real Important You Know Even When People Begin To Explore Their Inner Gifts Always The First Order Of Business Is To Call In That Protection Just Imagine The Sun And The Sun Connected With Let’s Say The Great Central Sun And It’s All Connected With That That Christ Energy And Just Call It Over You And 350â° And All Dementia Levels And You Can Double Spin It Like Have You Ever Heard Of Them Macapã¡ The Merkava Field Is Kind Of Like The Six Pointed Star Of David’ In Like The Triangle Point Map And The Triangle Pointing Down Well That’s The Second Dimensional The Flat Version But If You Imagine A Three-dimensional You Know You Literally Just Double Spin It Like Counter-rotating Feels And Then You Let It Go And It Will Be Like A Shimmering Column Of White Golden Light Over You And And Then You’re Good No Nothing Can Penetrate It But Just Practice That Always You Can Do It In The Morning Before You Get Up You Can Do It Night Before You Go To Sleep This You Can Get To Where You Do It And It Just Takes You A Moment To Call It And It It’s Right Over Your Field Anytime You Go Into Danger Or A Difficult Situation You Can Invoke That Okay I Have One Last Question In Just A Short Answer And I’ll Let You Go When I Go To Sleep At Night Every Night You Know I Start Off My Prayer You Know For My Family And Stuff But Then I Go Into Like A More Deeper Meditative State And I Hear This Buzzing Are Like A High-pitched Ringing Noise And I Kind Of Focus In On That And Then It’s Almost Like A Um I Can’t Describe Feeling But It’s A Really Good Feeling That I Get And It’s Like That I Can’t Explain And I Don’t Know How I Learned What I’m Doing And I Just Could You Elaborate On That Anyway Yeah That’s Something That’s Called The Sound Current And It’s The Underlying Vibration Behind Reality Different Cultures Have Called It Different Things In Christianity Is Called The Word In Some Teachings It’s Called The Shop Sha Be Da Shop Or The Bonnie Ba And I Or The Audible Lifestream You Can Google Any Of Those And See What Comes Up And I Would I Would Just Invite You Stephen Opal Email Me And Ask Me To Send You The Introduction To The Mysteries I I Teach A Mystery School Over Here You Sound Amazing And Really Tuned In And Very Perceptive And Probably One Of Those Amazing Crystal Children Or Indigo Kids That Have Come To The Planet To Really Make A Difference Down Here And You Know I’m Happy To Send You The Instruction To The Mysteries Is All Sent To This Pdf And It’s About 65 Pages And At The Back It’s Kind Of About The First Year Of Training In The Mystery School That I Teach And You’re Very Welcome To You Know Read It And Take A Look At It And You Know Call Me And I’m Home In The Month Of January And Probably February And If You’re Interested In Kind Of Knowing More About How To Take This Walk Where You Honor That Deeper Spirituality And You Know Your Unfolding Of Your Inner Gift But Don’t Get Into Trouble I’m Happy To Support You In That Okay Um So Here You Mail On Your Website You Can Email Me My Personal One Is Trisha Mccannon 11:11 At And That’s Pri Cia Mcc Ano N 1111 1 1 1 1 11 A.m. And I Would Make That Offer To Any Of Our Listeners That’s Really Interested In And Understanding How To Sort Of Walk This Path Of Light And Still Continue To Open And Grow And Evolve And Develop These Abilities But Within The Protection Really Of The Masters And The Christ Energy Which I Think Is Just Wisdom Because They’re You Know In The Fourth Dimension In Particular There’s A Lot Of Beings Out There That You Know Kind Of Look At You As A Tasty Morsel And You Know You Don’t Want To Be On Their Menu Plate Yeah Um So I Have Trish In The Canon And Moisturize I’m Sorry 11:11 At Okay Alright So Sure I’ve Enjoyed Our Conversation I’m Going To Go Ahead And Get Off Here But Um Thank You So Much For Talking To Me Oh My Pleasure You Sound Extraordinary Steve And I Look Forward To Hearing From Yes Appreciate You Good Night That Was Wonderful Wasn’t It Oh Yeah He’s Yeah He’s A Good Friend Of Mine We Got A Question Great Questions – Yeah Yeah He Really Is A Good Guy He Yeah He The Uh He’s A Artist As Well He He Does Music And Stuff Too So He Sounds Really Insightful And I Mean I Do Think That There Are Some Extraordinary Souls Coming Onto This Planet Right Now And Some Of Them Are In Young Bodies Like You Know Teenagers Or 20s Or Even 30s But Really Is Sold They’re Very Evolved And Some Of Them Are Just Here For The First Time Or They’ve Only Been Here A Few Times But They Volunteered To Come In And Try To Turn The World Around And You Know Derek You May Be One Of Them And Your Friend As Well Yeah I Think So I Mean There’s A Reason Why We’re Doing This Show I’m Just Having Experiences Basically Just Like You Had Whenever You Were Coming Up And Seeing Things And Hearing Things And Whether You Know Whether It A Good Or Bad Ladder Dog You Just Know That There’s There’s Something More To This Life Than Just What We Can You Know See Touch Taste In Here Some Of Us Are Intrigued There Is A Select Group Of People Who Want To Go Behind The Veil And There’s A Lot Of People Who Are Fed Up With Religion And Fed Up With With Dogma And Doctrines Of Men Who Love God And Who Love Jesus And Who Love People And That’s Who A Lot Of People You Know I’ve Been Coming To Contact With People Who Tuned In To The Show People Who Listen To My Music And Everything So You Know That’s Why We’re Doing A Show Tonight I Love That You Know That First Book I Wrote Dallas For The Angels Which Sort Of Starts Off With Those Elementals And The Angels And The Masters And Their Teaching And Defining The Dimensions And Teaching People How To Soul Travel And The Difference In Soul Travel And Astral Travel Which You Know If You Have A Choice You Always Want To Do Soul Travel Because You’ve Got A Lot More Flexibility In Terms Of Not Just Being Limited To The Astral Plane That’s And Then The Whole Last Third Of That Book Is About These Conversations With These Profound Lords Of Light That I I Work With So That’s A Book I Think That You Would Also Really Enjoy And You Know Send Me An Email With Your Physical Address And I’m Right Now I Can’t Come Up For Air Till Next Week But If You Do I’ll See What I Can Do About Sending Your Copy Okay Okay And Just Before We End The Show I Wanted To Know About The Mystery School Do You Guys Meet Regularly Or Do You Just Hold It In So What All Goes On At The Mystery School In Atlanta Well It’s Called A Phoenix Fire Mystery School The Order Of The Eagle And The Dove And Of Course All Those Phoenix Eagles Of Are All Hermetic Symbols The Phoenix For The Christ The Eagle For The Divine Father The Dove For The Divine Mother And I’ve Been Teaching It For About Seven Years Here In Atlanta I The First Time I Taught It In The Structure Of A School By The Way Is There Are Three Levels And This Is Very Much Based On The Ancient Way Of Teaching Which Was The The First Level Honors The Divine Feminine The Second Bit Of I’m Masculine And The Third The Union Between The Two Which Is What It Takes To Get To Mastery If You Don’t Have The Mail Or You Don’t Have The Female You Can’t Get To That Place Of Mastery So We Have To Have It All So The I’ve Only Developed The First Two Levels Of The School The First Level Is Twelfth Weekends Long And I’m Probably Going To Be Starting A New Class In February Or March So This Is Something We Can Maybe What You Call And Talk To Me About I’ll Send Out A Newsletter About It Probably In The Beginning Of February But It’s Twelve Weekends And If You Were In Alabama Just Come Over For The Weekend Which Is Great I’ve Had People Are A Way Of Santa Fe Ohio Florida Tennessee North Carolina Alabama All Of That Come For It And I The First Time I Taught It I Only Developed 30 Or 40 Pages Breach Weekend And The Second Time About 60 Or 70 And Finally This Last Time That I Taught It I Developed A Whole Series Of Online Classes That Are Between A Hundred And One Hundred And Eighty Pages They Are The Average About 150 And It’s Teaching Gorgeous Images Process Those Exercises Meditations All Of That And I Did That Because I Had A Lot Of People Calling Me From Canada And Europe And New Jersey And San Francisco And They Were Like Do You Have An Online Class And I Had To Say No And So I’m In The Process Of Having A New Website Designed So Hopefully In The Next Couple Of Months I Will Actually Get Those Up Online But I’ve Been Having People Since I Was On Coast To Coast Last January Or February I’ve Been Having People From All Over Order Them So Basically You Would Just Write Me And Say Please Send Me The Introduction To The Mysteries I’d Send That To You And It’s Got An Overview Of All 12 Classes In The Back And If You Decide That You Want To Study You Can Certainly Study At A Distance You’re So Close However When I Do Decide To Begin To Teach In Person Again If You Wanted To We’d Be Thrilled To Have You Or Your Friend Stephen Well I Have To Say I’ve Loved Doing Your Show And Next Time We Just Have Will Do It For The Whole Two Hours We Just Have To Do It When I Don’t Have People Flying In From All Around The World To Work With Me And Where I Can Do Readings On The Phone With The Clearing Work I Actually Have To Have Melissa’s Physical Body So I Have A Really Wonderful Client In From Texas It’s They’ll Leave Tomorrow Night So Um Yeah Yeah I Know You’ve Been Running All Day So We Definitely Appreciate You For Coming On The Show I Know You’ve Been Running And Yeah I Actually Just Got In The House Right Before We We Punched You In So I’ve Been Going All Day To Working Oh Cool Let’s Take A Chance To Do It So Well Maybe Next Week You Know When My Clients Left We Can Have A Chance To Talk Off The Air And I’d Be Happy To Do Another Show And Do The Full Two Hours We Just Kind Of Have To Time It We’re Both You Know A Little Less For Our Crazy Time Yeah Yeah Certain Days Well I Appreciate You Calling In There’s Somebody In The Chat Room Michael Double O 8 He’s Asking If We Have Any Suggestions About How To Let Anger Go Somebody Replied And Said To Forgive That’s The Best Way I Would Say Michael If You Want You Can Contact Tricia At Her Website Tricia Mccannon Speaks Comm When You Can Also Contact Me On Facebook Anybody Listening Who Who Needs Prayer On Or Needs Somebody To Talk To Hit Me Up On Facebook Backslash Truth Seeker Truth Sek Aah And I Love To Pray With You Guys And Give You Guys Some Insight If You Need It So Definitely Hit Us Up Thanks Again Interesting For Coming On We’re Definitely Have You Back Oh It Was Totally A Pleasure And You Know I Love Those Simple Answers To Forgive Sometimes We Have To Get A Baseball Bat And Beat Up Some Pillows To Get Our Feet Or Anchor Out But At The End The Day It Does Come Back To Forgive This Segment We’re Definitely Gonna Have You Back On Hey It’d Be My Pleasure Thank You So Much Derek And Good Night And Happy New Year To You Hi You Too If You Would Like To Sponsor The Show Or Advertise On The Missus Podcast You Can Do So By Going To Sponsor The Show For More Info If You Would Like To Support The Show Financially You Can Do That Also By Going To Mythos This Draws Heavy And Become A Monthly Supporter We Appreciate Your Monthly Support [music]

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