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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Matt Morris about Authenticity, Vulnerability and how to live in the present moment. Matt Morris shares his story of a plane crash where he lost his mother and was left severely handicapped. Matt explains how he was made fun of at school because the crash left him with damaged legs that made it hard to walk so he often walked with a limp. Fighting depression, fear and anxiety for the majority of his life and Matt overcame these obstacles by facing them straight on. There is power when we begin to own up to the person that we are, complete with all of our flaws and all. The act of being authentic and vulnerable is more powerful than we know. Many people have to wear masks to fit into different roles within their life oftentimes acting as if the roles are not connected. When we take off the mask and lay aside the facade that we are protected by the masks we wear we will find that we live in a word of opportunity where it is okay to be unique. As we embrace our own uniqueness and wear it as a badge of honor rather than shame, only then will we know the power of being authentic. We are not here to perform or to beg for acceptance, we are simply mirrors of the love and grace that we have been shown from our Creator. As we embrace our story, the good and the bad we will begin to naturally offer hope to those still stuck within the performance based lifestyle that teaches that we must earn love. We are love and we are loved for being uniquely the person that God created us to be, with all of our flaws and all.


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