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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Mark Hernandez about the emotion and body code and how we can find true inner healing. In order to find healing we have to be open and honest with ourselves and our vices. We have to be open and willing to receive help from outsides sources and I believe that it is God’s will for all of us to be whole and healed. What triggers you? That’s usually a great place to start. Do you have a short temper? Do you get mad easily when things don’t go your way? These are easy indications that you may be suffering from past trauma and hurt could be affecting you well into your adult life. Mark Hernandez specializes in Emotion and Body Code healing and has seen many people experience healing so that they are able to turn over new leafs in pursuing their destiny without anything hold them back.

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Marc welcome to the show brother good to have you hey thanks Derek it’s great to be with you and thanks for having me I had an excellent Paquette weeks ago with someone about the emotion code so that was really the first time that I personally have took a dive deep into that realm I know about healing and we’ve heard so many different forms of healing different names like I mentioned we got Reiki faith healing laying on of hands all of this I think it’s in the same boat so we explored the emotion code but looking through your work a little bit it goes beyond the emotion code a little bit with some further steps and so I want to dive into that a little bit with you today if you want to go ahead and give a little bit about your background and then we’ll dive into some of these other topics here that’d be awesome brother yeah oh great so yeah I’ve I got started in the healing world about ten years ago when I got started was at the time I was teaching at colleges and universities and I noticed a certain patterns were repeating in my professional life I thought it was kind of strange so I pick up the phone and call my brother one of my brother’s is a doctor of Integrative Medicine in Texas so he’s a Western trained medical doctor and does much more so I told him what was going on with that information he suggested that I work with an energy healer in New Mexico at the time I was living in Boston so I worked with this healer over two months couple sessions and I saw some changes the needle started to move when the hibbett completely stuck so I go hmm this is interesting so a couple of years later a little stubborn couple of years later I picked up the phone called my brother back said hey I want to learn that energy thing because we all have the ability to do inners war so with that information so at that point I started training certifications and continued to learn something new every day so as I said I’m a holistic practitioner I’m certified in the emotion code the body code all by dr. Bradley Nelson and advanced Ashworth so would you like me to talk a little bit about the body code let’s start with just an overview of the emotion code for those event yeah or that last interview that’d be great okay sure so the emotion code is an energy medicine tool that teaches people how to identify and release their emotional baggage this system was created by dr. bradley Nelson dr. Nelson is a holistic chiropractor medical intuitive it’s more than twenty plus years as a practice in his brick-and-mortar practice as a Cairo he discovered that he often would adjust people and sometimes their stuff kept coming back and back he had to keep on doing the same adjustment so I said hmm there must be something more so in 2007 he received a divine download that basically said you know identify and release people’s emotional baggage and that will help so in 2007 he wrote and published a book called the emotion code the emotion code is available to everyone it’s it teaches people people can learn how to identify and releases baggage very quickly so the emotion code the emotions can account to up to like 85% of why people have whatever stuff it is that mysterious back pain the reason why they repeat the same relationship over and over again the reasons why people get stuck in work situations that repeat – whatever it may be everything’s energy so the motion code represented the big step forward and helped a lot more people and dr. Nelson realized that that wasn’t exactly complete so in 2009 he received another divine download and with this he built on the emotion code and did all what’s called the body code so the body code includes everything in the emotion code and much more it identifies six major categories of imbalances category 1 pathogens category 2 misalignments organs glands chakras and much more category 3 nutrition and lifestyle in that category the biggest thing I see is dehydration I would say probably 80% of people are dehydrated on a regular basis I know especially if you’re in hot weather in the summer you need all the more water it’s very important to stay well hydrated the next category are the energy so that includes all everything in the emotion code all the negative trapped emotions anger grief resentment love I received and other types of negative energy such as offensive energies curses and much more next categories systems this includes everything from the organs glands chakras and the last category is toxins the biggest thing I see in all my consultations with my clients in the area of toxins are the everyday household cleaners you know what they are that have a lot of junk in them Wi-Fi cell phone everyday household if people ever had a mercury filling I had them taken out that can they leave an imprint they’d be causing people’s stuff so so basically the body code it’s very similar to the emotion code in which the practitioner the the client comes with an issue let’s just say it’s a back pain that comes and goes you know and when the client comes it’s like level seven so with that information the way it works the practitioner has the clients permission connects with source god I would prefer to see it tunes into the energy field and see what’s locking into place that particular issue for that person and the body will tell so let’s just say it’s the first layer is an emotional stuff grief ten years ago I lost a client do you know what that’s about oh yeah my grandmother died okay you can carry around that grief for ten years in your energy field let’s release that one two three it’s gone I keep going until the body will say either completely done with the issue or done for today because your body will always release what it’s ready for in any given time and then with that let’s say was that a back pain I’ll testify it okay check your back now get up you little walk around and often there’s a change the changes can often show up immediately and other other in other cases over time so is it an is it an agreement thing is it something that we’ve come into agreement with the pain to trauma unknowingly that’s there and once we release it just say look out you no longer serve me I don’t want this in my life anymore and it’s usually gone is it really that simple yeah your body as I said will release whatever it is like I as a practitioner can do whatever source allows me to do an inhuman session so yeah in some ways you can say probably people may have a subconscious level kind of a contract to experience certain things you know the logical thing thing it doesn’t quote-unquote make sense but yeah if they’re ready to release it it will it will happen I’ve seen things go I recently worked with a client a woman in her 50s had this mysterious back pain from 50-plus years you know kind of running in the background like level five or six and make a long story short when did the body code session what showed up the biggest piece of it was when she was this track back to when she was age one and she was one her mom was going through some tough stuff a lot of transition a lot of transitions so the little girl absorbed these emotions 21 negative emotions from age one had been carrying them we released him that night because the body was ready for her and God permitted it and her back pain was gone right then so that’s what just by releasing it just by I guess uh acknowledging that it’s there please let me briefly explain maybe your last guest they was talking about the emotion code when when the emotion coders were released in 2007 the original protocol for releasing emotion you got a magnet and swiped it over the top of your head what’s called the governing meridian the governing meridian starts at the top lip goes all the way down the spinal column the government meridians kind like the Grand Central Station of your energy system so by three swipes of the magnet as dr. Nelson did in 2007 for many years 1 2 to sometimes people felt that other times they did and it’s gone now in 2018 and this is kind of a shortcut I’ve developed and probably other practitioners are doing to in 2018 because of our intentions are so impossible I do this gesture one two three which is the same that’s kind of the shortcut for doing the madness white and it’s gone so it can’t be that quick using the magnetic pulse of the body right I’m using a virtual magnet yeah by this one two three it’s gone yeah that’s awesome so have you in your studies have you like as far as like comparative theology looking at other you know fields of healing whether it be Reiki whether it be the face healing and stuff like that inner child healing deliverance and stuff like that it all kind of is similar to one another you know what I’m saying it out like I saw I come from the Christian background and I’ve been in healing circles and they did a lot of similar things where putting their hand on your forehead and binding it off of you and doing this type of gesture and stuff you know yeah well I think what they all have in common I think they’re kind of drinking out of the same trough I think in the sense that one my work and the type of work you talked about faith based healing is connected with God I think things based feeling will activate knowledge this is coming from God it’s not that the minister or the layperson has these extraordinary abilities so that’s – I’m very clear that whatever happens in session I credit uh you know – I think both in their own way are working with the quantum energy field for example let’s take prayer as often when I’m talking to people if I’m at a kind of a generic networking event and people know nothing about energy healing what I’m talking about and I also sense that they’re kind of spiritual or religious I’ll ask them if they pray and because I said do you pray and they’ll say yes it’s okay what I do is a little bit like prayer in the sense that let’s say you have a friend that’s out in California is sick you’re out in New York through your intentions you send loving healing energies to that person and they can receive it or not and we know there’s also scientific studies that document the power of prayer so really kind of my work too is a form prayer as many things there to form of energy work yeah it’s awesome cuz like it takes it a step further than just like moving from asking God about something or begging God some people pray they they beg you know some people pray their prayers a form of a conversation you talk to God listen God talks back if you just pray or have a conversation with someone just talking with someone it didn’t leave and you don’t give them a chance to talk that’s really a rude conversation there’s really no result after it I mean I think the majority people listening I’ve probably had that friend call you answered the phone and you talk they talk for three four or five minutes hey gotta go and hang up it’s like wow you just talk for five minutes straight and then now you have to go because something happened and you know it’s kind of like I think I think a lot of people’s prayer a lot I lost you there for a second okay yeah sorry what was last thing yours yeah oh just yeah the the prayer of people will petition God and then the prayer of declaration because as you’re speaking these things you’re declaring them over yourself over your sick friend over your friend who’s going through something oh you know what I’m saying that there’s these different levels of Prayer and being able to speak out the word of faith or whatever you know absolutely I’m blanking on our name right now maybe I’ll come to me but there’s a lot of a lot of recent books to I mean yeah it’s a long-standing tradition but about prayer and different forms of prayer that are most effective I think ultimately it really it comes from the heart and God knows people’s heart so I think that’s probably the most important thing but there are as you said other ways of structuring prayers that make them all the more effective and powerful so talking about the emotion code the body code advanced ass work what is what does – work alright advanced Ash work okay first of all Ash work scans for activated spaces healing this is a energy medicine tool created and developed by Rudy hunter Rudy hunter is an energy worker who’s doing it been doing this for more than thirty years he got into this he was its backgrounds very interesting he was originally a dancer and a magician and early in his dancing career he had this horrific accident and he had this terrible back pain for many years and so he went from kind of a more scientific background to all the way into rural land to try to help himself in his back and he finally did he saw many things like touch for health he trained with many people did all sorts of body work anyway this ash work is his latest iteration something he trains people basically what it is ash work is a series of usually five three minutes silent rounds in which the client and and the practitioner are working on a specific issue and pretty much the the practitioner is holding the space for for the energy work to happen this is actually a silent process and their different ways of it’s another tool for moving stuck energy we would they’ve seen similar things in churches like that as well the cost you know kind of standing in proxy for that person and they would even have like other people representing that person whether there’s a you know just like a family member they will have that person to stand there and other people would do that in energy work the healing to that person and send it to the person needing the help is that similar to what’s going on there’s kind of two parts going on the practitioner is holding a space and doing a certain activation of a specific area of the energy body and also sometimes the practitioner will give the a client an activity to do for example there’s one of protocol in advance ash work where let’s say there’s something that’s really really stuck and the the practice is you ask the client let’s say let’s say the client has a really bad right hip okay it really hurts all the time so you ask the client okay get an image of how you would like that right hip to feel feel the feeling okay it can be an image of you it can be an image of a movie star or it can be a Superman whoever okay and so what that the client does is then well for three minutes we’ll gently focus on that image in a mirror he or she will project that image in a mirror and the practitioner will be doing some back back in work and I’ve seen a lot of change she changes things shift that were completely stuck so that’s just one example of Ash work all right let me uh let me ask you this maybe it would be it would be kind of controversial for some people but if we look at someone like Jesus if we look at some of the ancient healers do you think they were doing very similar techniques to this because I think people have this misconception when it comes to the Bible or the you know the disciples or Jesus or whatever that it was just they just said it and it was done they don’t really see the the spiritual practice they don’t see the meditation they don’t see you know even when the Bible talks about going into trances and things like some of the a lot of people read it they just think it’s they’re walking on the street and they were in a trance they don’t understand the spiritual practice that even these guys knew and understood so do you think that this was something similar that they was doing as well yes and I really liked your point I think what they were doing and what at least I do and I think many other practitioner it’s a very deep spiritual work I think as a practitioner you know where all of us the clients myself were all on our own path we’re all doing our spiritual work I’m doing my spiritual daily you know because there’s you know always more to go and I’m happy to keep moving along the path so I I mean things I do it also as a practitioner I clear my energy field two to three times a day you know I start the morning with practices to you know strengthen my energetic boundaries so we’re you know I can witness things experience things but they don’t stick to me and the truth is with all the things going on right now and though eclipses and all that stuff the integers are very strong right now so what I’m finding is that I I need to recalibrate my energy field two to three times a day because there’s an expansion out and what was originally very sound boundaries becomes no not as solid and I find myself like move I picked up this emotional stuff from who knows where at the store but just clear it out and it’s done there’s a um there’s a scripture that just kind of came to mind when you talk about that uh you know cling to me and there’s this I think it’s in job it says that I will you know behold all of these wicked things going on around me I says but but it it shall by no means cling to me I’ll be holding what wickedness going around me but it will not cling to me and that’s kind of what it is is knowing who you are knowing your energy field and I think job is interesting as well because it talks about a hedge of protection early in the book of Job and the hedge of protection was there through prayer through fastings through fellowship with the Spirit building up that auric field where you’re not just walking around being a victim you have a hedge of protection that you have to maintain you know what I’m saying yeah a lot of people are realizing like when I do my consultations that they’re kind of like these energetic sponges you know like cuz out when I’m doing the sessions I’ll say okay you picked up some anger that belong to you yes and they realize oh god I’m really a big energetic I said yeah all of us need to practice regular uh you know spiritual hygiene and you know of having our fields yeah energy maintenance for everyone we include it yep yep definitely and I think that the I think the spiritual walk the spiritual path is gonna like organically do that as well like if you’re wanting to go to the next levels it’s um very much so a self-examination process where who are the people in my life what am i learning you know the things I’m entertaining with my with my time and stuff and you kind of if you’re ready to move to the next levels you have to examine that stuff and make sure because those the things that were you know ailing you on you know level one you can’t bring that with you on level six you can’t bring that with you on level ten you have to deal with it and able to kind of graduate and move to the next level spiritually and in your destiny I believe let me let me ask you this cuz I’ve done a lot of deliverance over the years and at Crystal prayer circles and things like that I’ve been involved in the Christian version of like some of this stuff which they called Christian it was deemed by the circle I was in Christian prophetic prayer counseling and it would you know these different agreements that you made when you were a kid you’re a family lineage we’re doing all of this stuff and it’s funny as I grow and expand I’m seeing like the same thing it’s done by all of these different groups that I experienced in the in this particular Christian movement but it’s um it’s something that helps you I think we want to heal everybody we want everybody to experience freedom we want everybody to experience the light not everybody does it makes it a lot easier when the when the clients or the people that were helping go this stuff when they want it right isn’t that the jority of the battle or maybe all of the battle like if they want it then it makes your work so much easier oh absolutely for a couple things one everyone has free will to choose I may think something’s great but ultimately Joe or Susan has to decide that’s what they want to do a to also sometimes people’s subconscious programming can get in the way on the conscious level I say yeah I want to heal I want to get better yeah but but on the subconscious level they may be receiving some benefit by being sick you know and they’re you know it’s self conscious who wants to be sick but there may be a payoff for them so sometimes if if I’ve had it sometimes where I know the changes happen but it doesn’t kick in I’ll then I’ll go the next level is there something holding into place and she usually something subconscious believe something they’re they’re benefiting five Beyonce yeah definitely man I’ve had I’ve had to recognize that within my own self and kind of feel it coming be a conscious of all of this stuff we’re talking about is good so that when you feel it coming when you feel disappointment anger bitterness when you feel that stuff coming it’s gonna come but none of us are above reproach doesn’t know what to do with it when it comes I mean I remember getting hurt on the job a couple years ago and they sent me to what is it um physical therapy I got paid workman’s comp they were off about a month and I got paid I liked it you know what I’m saying so I’m like yeah part of me it’s creeping and what if I how far can I take this thing can I play it out no stop it where’d that come from hold on you’re gonna be a healer but you’re you’re known as someone who’s sick you’re injured you can’t heal yourself in and then you’re trying to work the system hold on we gotta we can’t do that but my mind wanted to go to entertain it okay I know friends who’ve got hurt on the job and they got large settlements like how far can I start this and I’m having to check myself for my own heart and say hold on I can’t do that let me work out this physical therapy and get healed as there’s a fear there that you may never get healed that you may carry this pain you know and then we’ll if I do carry the pain I’ll never get healed maybe they’ll pay me or hold on we kind of we’re gonna cut this stuff off we can’t be thinking like that you know so that’s part of it like the benefit from the pain to benefit from ailment and there’s things of or you get to sit home every day and watch the soap operas because you’re sick and there’s people that sounds great too a lot of people stuck out a crappy job but that’s not your destiny that’s not where the story ends that’s not the end goal so it’s about being able to see those things within yourself and be able to cut them off and stop them because if that sits in or you play that scenario out it’s gonna be a lot harder to come out of that absolutely yeah so have it was there any any things like that that’s that’s happened to you personally where you could have played the victim essentially I mean people we all do it right they wrong why I’m gonna let this bit off yeah I think a lot of people go through different work situations that you know people feel like you said wrong and you can point to this or that and then ultimately you realize you know I’m just really Colding myself back and as she said really I’m destined to move on to something else and to really release to release it and my mom’s always talked about she’s actually uh I think listening this morning and she’s a very strong prayer warrior herself and she she’s always told me you know talked about forgiveness you know and sometimes it’s easier to know you know say and and you want to feel it but sometimes you’re just not quite ready to completely let go but really when you truly forgive you forgive yourself forgive others you’re ready to move up genuinely move on I think that there’s scriptures in the Bible I don’t I don’t think it contradicts anything you’re saying I think it kind of confirms it talking about forgiveness and if you want to move forward and there’s just so many scriptures that are like little bitty keys and hints and stuff and it says like you know if you know if you want to be forgiven you have to give forgiveness like you know and I think that’s a universal principle it’s like whatever we’re walking in whatever we’re doing unto others it’s gonna be done unto us you know and I mean they go it goes across the board what support we’re looking for people to support us we’re looking for people to open a door or opportunity but yeah we have doors of opportunity that we’re not helping others and other people who are normally around us who want help we’re not helping them or we want help from others so I think it’s a universal principle when it comes to walking in for forgiveness and walking in the light it’s like we have to make sure that we’re doing this stuff to that we’re confessing our faults and our wrongs and and not trying to hold it over people’s heads when they’ve wronged us or take that for years you know and I we heard a poet just the other day of my inner powerful powerful for my wife but he talked about you know people somebody who’s wronged you and you’ve had this offense this bitterness in you for years and you’re waiting for an apology years later once that apology comes you’re waiting for this to happen and it’s still there it might not mean anything when it comes yes I’ll get over it yeah that you have to you have to nip that stuff in the bud and keep moving yeah because ultimately what’s the saying that you know it’s like you know by holding on to the anger or the bitterness of something that happened it’s you think you’re giving the poison pill to someone else you’re really taking it yourself yep yeah drinking a deadly poison in someone else first of all get the benefit I mean they’ve already forgotten about it they haven’t thought twice yeah what they did and you guys been ailing you for 20 years you know 10 years whatever the case is you have to let that stuff go wanting to move on a little bit because there’s a lot of stuff on your website about animals I’ve got a story so the people who led me through this Christian deliverance they were really spiritual people really deep really well-versed in the Bible they had the anointing power prayer when they prayed stuff happens type deal you know um they led me through all this and we all looked up to these people um they had a cat that died a cat guy hit by the car was laying in the road and we thought that was about to see a miracle we thought that they were gonna lay hands on the cat the cat would get well and these people who walked in this Powys uh will get another one and kind of like the cat was still alive and it really shocked us like wow yeah there’s such compassion for people we thought we was gonna see a miracle here that he was going to extend that faith towards the animals so you deal a lot with animals who are going through ailments and things like that talk a little bit about the the work that’s being done on the animals yeah so animals when people bring me their pets typically they bring me for two main reasons the first main reason I call them the unwanted behaviors for example the cat knows where the litter boxes and starts going all over the house yeah or maybe the dog has separation anxiety so those are one big category the other category people bring me is sometimes there is something physical going on for example a couple years ago I was working another practitioner said can you help my Kennedy help Mike Addison what’s going on your pets and well I’ve already taken the cat to the vet there’s an intestinal blockage do the surgery be 2,600 bucks and I’m not gonna do that on half of money do the surgery you can help I said you know I said I always tell people with situations like that I always tell them first take your pet to the vet because I’m not a vet what I do is not in any shape or form veterinary care so but you know take your pet to the vet know exactly where you stand I can see what I was possible at the energetic level so I worked with this cat about a I kind of Thursday we’ll see there felt like about 42 percent improved but you know is that enough to up with an intestinal blockage so I didn’t know so a couple days later she emails me said okay the first two days after that the cat wasn’t looking good still not drinking water still not eating but then the next day the cat started eating drinking water and has been fine since then once again I’d like to emphasize that I facilitate what happens but you know the the changes come from creator source God however people prefer to see it and that’s what was meant to be for that case yeah that’s the understanding – I think it helps you a little bit once you understand that is the fact that God source wants everyone to be healed wants everybody to be whole but I think that there are ailments there are things like you said contracts I mean that’s a big one that we have to learn from to move to the next levels and I think you know always talk about demons in the shadow work and you know some of the doors that we’ve opened I think all for a good reason at the end of the day if we’re learning from it right people want to beaut they’re demons you know Christianity we want to cast out everything bad if we don’t like it you know if it’s causing us discomfort a dis-ease but I think we learn from that as well I think that you know for one a huge one would be learning compassion and empathy for others but the things that you’ve been through like if you’ve been through an abusive relationship you learn you may learn that type of person you may know what to do and not to do in a relationship but then when you come out of it you have this empathy and compassion for people who are being abused and who are in abusive relationships so we try to pull the good out of everything so I really believe that these contracts and things were in these bad situations that we think are gonna destroy us I think in the end we have to learn from them or we’re gonna be continued were gonna continue to repeat them yeah absolutely that’s something I’d like to add and one thing I really love about the body code is there’s a strong piece of spiritual medicine and what I mean by that included in the in the body code is it’ll track if a curse is locking of place people’s issue and I always tell people curse isn’t you know the witch is sitting on the cauldron you know doing that what it is it can be several things can just be like a teacher like in second grade saying you’re never going to amount to anything yeah that could be like an energetic curse or maybe a medical doctor tell someone you’d have two weeks to live you know that’s a curse again I completely understand why doctors by law have to make those kind of statements at the energetic level can be like a curse the other thing I I do if it’s an issue is I remove entities and spirits with you so I think that’s one strong piece of the body code and I’d also like to give a shout out because I’ve there’s a woman named dr. Karen can she’s based in upstate New York she has a program called the spiritual medicine Digest and she talks about all sorts of entities and removal of curses and I think her works very powerful I also incorporate into my work yeah that’s awesome um when it comes to entities when it comes to asking out demons I mean you know it would when we get a bigger look at the Bible it talks about these demons right it talks about these spirits but it talks about them which a lot of people overlook as just simply being and you could call them entities in the spirit realm whatever you want but they’re strongholds in the mind that form what we would call in the Christian realm ungodly beliefs is what they call them these beliefs about yourself that the just the example you just said your teacher said you’ll never amount to anything your parents said this about you your parents laugh at you when you fail like little things that opens the doors for these type of entities or attachments of these ungodly beliefs and the Bible simply calls them thought patterns thought forms and strongholds that we have to get rid of and so it gets real deep and mystical with entities and casting out demons and binding spirits but it all comes down to the way you’re thinking and the thoughts that you’re entertaining within your psyche right absolutely and when I run across that stuff entities spirits always you know calling the Archangels Gabriel Michael Raphael aside kill to assist me to remove those I’m always very clear that you know strong spiritual work and we’re going to remove them yeah I had some I had privilege I guess of with some of the stuff as a teenager just a strong urge I got born again at the age of it was 12 when I got born again you know it was a beautiful encounter with God and I remember being outside cutting the grass by myself praying you know it’s when your subconsciousness you’re not you’re doing something repetitive that that that comes back that uh you know saying that um communication is open for influence or ideas or a prayer even so I’m cutting the grass and will be here while I’m talking to God and I just saw feeling like God or the Holy Spirit is telling me you have a demon I’m like what do you I haven’t I don’t know much about this this is my word you have a demon and it’s because of your mom your mom said that you’re stupid you never amount to anything in the light this is new and it says I feel like I’m communicating with the Holy Spirit I didn’t make this up I go to a prayer meeting I think it’s either that night or the next night and I pull a couple guys to the side and said hey I was cutting the grass and I felt like God told me I had a demon what can we do and they said ok we’re gonna pray for you they said we may see something manifest as what they told me I thought that um because I watched a lot of movies I was still yeah I thought a demon or a gremlin or so I was gonna jump out of me and run down the hallway they said something was gonna manifest I don’t know what to expect so they put their hands on me it’s two guys or everybody else is in another room they’re praying at a prayer meeting they start praying my body locks up I start screaming and crying and anger and rage just comes out of nowhere a bunch of people running here they start praying for hours well yeah nothing happened I was screaming so much that the blood vessel was popping all over my face Oh face it looks like it looked like I had chickenpox I had red dots all over my face and so three or four hours nothing happened crying in tears I don’t cry doll tears I could and nothing’s coming out finally they called one of their pastors over about 2:00 in the morning to come by to pray with me because they’re not getting anywhere with this spirit that was within me yeah pastor comes over nonchalantly sits down on the couch I’m laying on the ground crying so much as I hate Erik if you want to let this thing go because I told him it was dealing with my mom if you want let this thing go just say mom I forgive you and I love you and I couldn’t say it and I started crying even even deeper when he when I tried to say it couldn’t say it but he said look if you want healing you want to let this thing go that’s all you have to do and finally got the courage up and I meant it and I said it it broke instantly it broke it left it was gone for all of those three four hours of warfare and intense I mean they were putting holy water on me and Joe cross is holding a Bible on me you know all of this stuff that you see in the movies and we just try to do none of it worked and it was just simply forgiving my mother for those word curses that were spoken against me and that open door that came in that easy you know what I’m saying it was uh we’ve seen that a lot over the years as understanding the point of forgiveness and how did this spirit or thought get entry into your being and it was a thought-form that came in yes have you seen anything similar like that and I think again so you were 12 so that was about 20 years ago up for you yeah okay so you know in because people have asked me when removed entities or spiritism kinda like The Exorcist I said thankfully no you know and I think as I’ve talked to people that were doing entity or spirit removal you know in like the 70s and 80s it was like a like people had to be like physically big as it was there’s a co-worker you know fortunately I think today you know doing the spiritual work I think it’s it’s can be I’m saying always this can be a relatively quick process when you have the Archangels and spiritual beings that are assisting with removal subtle again yeah I’m not saying that’s the only way but but I I think it seems to be pretty quick and what I notice when I release curse energies or or people have entities sometimes they have two hundred entities in them you know could be thought forms gonna be spirit whatever it is they feel different very quickly like on the spot they don’t know I feel lighter they you know they feel the shift so it’s always big stuff yeah yeah if you understand the science of it then you don’t have to do outlet you don’t have to do the song and dance we could just go right to the end you know what if that pastor was there at the very beginning of something like that who already understood what was going on and like I said it was a definitely a learning curve for everyone there and learning curve for me absolutely in the future you know if I see something like that going on we try to get to the you know the point of entry and and not have did you know I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff and like you saw though you know people snatching people up and the big guys intimidating and it gets really weird in some of those circles but um it’s interesting it’s interesting I think that that you know it were dealing with the realm that is unseen I mean we see it in the physical we see the manifestations and the repercussions of those type of spiritual attachments and things but as far as what they look like how they move around and how they come out there’s a lot of different ways you know there oh absolutely even the Scriptures talks about there’s a scripture says that like some only come out through prayer and fasting I think you have to be dedicated to starve this thing out you’re feeding something that you’re trying to get rid of whether it’s an addiction to pornography addiction food addiction whatever the case is you’re saying you want to get rid of it but you’re continuing to be around these the situation and entertained it you know exactly what you said I want to add with what you said about addictions what I’ve seen with the body code most of time you whatever addiction drinking smoking whatever it is or shopping excessive shopping there’s you should always entities involved I was always told that sometimes when I’m doing my sessions will come up that you know people were really drunk one time again I have no personal judgement about it what I know is that sometimes when people are in those states of mind if if they’re really really out of it they’re not in their body and that’s when the entities spirits can enter yeah when I was reading your your initial email to me about coming on the show you talked about being able to do some healing on the show I have someone in the comment section right now who’s talking about their cigarette addiction or sure this can be for it so when you do these could this especially on an open platform like this it could be for that specific person or someone who listens to this broadcast a year later a week later who is still struggling with that type of addiction is that how that works that it’s it’s kind of the way I work is I’ll be working specifically with this person with it if teacher listeners can say take what applies to me no don’t receive the benefits of what is relevant to them yes okay well I’m gonna say this so this person is in in chat right now okay they’re talking about that now they didn’t say that they want healing so I know you can’t remember so I’m gonna before we move further we could continue to talk about this but Jesse sure if you would like work done for your cigarette addiction let us know and we’ll move forward with that just let us know here in the chat we’ll move forward with it but like you said it’s like there’s something about recording this session the prayers I get messages from videos I’ve done literally two years ago oh my god I’m in tears I felt the energy when you pray this is a two year old recording and it’s beautiful and like you can watch ministers on TV or whatever and watch old recording you feel the spirit you feel a connection there that’s how powerful it is yeah I set the intention that to encode it with the frequencies that will benefit people the healing energy so take what applies to them pay attention yeah and people people literally can feel it I mean I do that with my music you put the intention within the music as they’re listening taken to deeper realms healings being done creativity is sparked all of this stuff is going as I’m building it I’m putting these codes within that stuff with that intention it’s beautiful and it would it whatever we create we bless it with those intentions or weaker sit you know cursed items and reading a lot of music only you know oh yeah opposite end of that spectrum as well it’s true yeah that’s funny you mentioned that because that’s one thing in in the body code there is an offensive energy about basically songs that are encoded with like negative messages like kill yourself or you know Satan is God or really bizarre stuff but it has come up from time to time my consultations usually people are like in their 40s and one of the layers not the only layer but we’ll take back to music so won’t you listen to when you’re 16 they tell me I said I’m hearing this okay yeah these types of things does it make sense go oh yeah I was this nut stuff you know sometimes pretty well but yeah that’s my story definitely music played a part of it in so for for like one thing to be true now there’s a lot of study on there’s a name for it but for one thing to be true the opposite has to be true as well so for you to be able to find healing through listening to music and and find healing through blessings being spoken over you the opposite has to be true yeah it should be a they’re gonna be curses that are spoken over you through people speaking you know dark sayings over you and and listening to dark music it has to be true for one thing to be true the opposite has to be true as well so so far Jesse and Christy Jesse Lee and Kristy Lee both would like healing for their cigarette addictions and they’re open to receive okay so so Jesse’s a woman okay okay did they add any improve any like so I can work but did they add anything like how long they’ve had this cigarette addiction for Christy or Jess here um life long pretty much it was wife long okay I’m just gonna following the energy I’m gonna be using as the entry point Kristy Lee okay that’s what I’m getting is you just start with her and again and then Jesse can either take what applies to her I’m gonna start with Christy let’s go from there okay great okay so let me pull up my body cut alright so I’m I have Christi Lee’s permission so I’m testing her that she’s energetic Lee Tesla means she’s properly hydrated and her spines align I’m gonna be testing on myself this this morning and as always I see a prayer above to God source because that’s where the changes come from that’s for some houses okay so for Kristy Lee we’re just calling it the cigarette addiction so what I’m calling that that’s pulling up the energetic structure for her what’s locking a place and well I’m gonna ask her body reason for this issue for her okay Energy’s in their genes okay an offensive energy okay first thing that’s coming up for Kristy Lee is a curse so I’m looking at the body code so this is a negative energy placed on your field sign to cause harm okay okay so she received this from an entity how long more than five four or three okay he’s this layer is tracking she’s had it for three years do I need to know anything else now I safely released this cursed energy yes so I’m gonna call the Archangel Gabriel Michael Raphael psyche oh thank you so in the name of the creator all theirs we command that this curse energy be lifted from Christie’s field now up and out we’re sending it to the seventh plane will be transmuted into love and light and can never hurt anyone else anytime dimension space ever again up and out okay I’m gonna send some pink healing energy in the field anywhere that needs a little extra love and attention now good okay we remove that curse energy so I’m going back up to my charts and seeing a reason for this cigarette addiction for Christie the other energy something emotional let’s see a trapped emotion I’m looking at my chart here’s a chart of sixty emotions or from the emotion code that an a a b b two four six okay the emotion that’s showing up right now is a trapped emotion of worthlessness worklessness does this belong to christie lee yeah do I need to know more about it and I safely release it okay I’m just gonna release it for a few good okay is there something else emotional yeah maybe a two four six okay the next thing I’m tracking is overwhelm a trapped emotion of over one one to her yeah do I need to know anything more about the surfer bomb though never safe really said okay I’m gonna release it summer few good something else emotional yeah a be too okay the next thing that’s showing up and our field is low self-esteem low self-esteem this is longer yes join you need to know anything more about it no matter safely release it yeah so I’m gonna release that low self-esteem interview good alright something else emotional no okay so I’m going back up to my charts body code charts a reason for this issue okay toxins PM spectrum in spectrum please okay the next thing is showing up is microwave as a microwave oven sure on the line and ask her she may have one or not but the truth is are all around us the stores or restaurants so I’m gonna okay just microwave frequencies like this big so we’re just gonna release it for you good alright smoking addiction reason toxins and other toxin let’s see heavy metals okay I’m tracking mercury yeah sure feels like maybe at some point she may have had has or had mercury fillings and also the truth is Mercury’s and other things such as vaccinations yeah or maybe if we search types of fish that can have mercury so we’re going to get all the knowns and unknowns of this mercury and it’s like this big and release it to Muirfield and I fish it was yeah that’s really good alright cigarette yeah this addiction reason for this toxins eeehm spectrum okay the next theme is showing up in her field in the body code it’s called scaler energy HAARP let me tell you in a nutshell what HAARP energy is basically the US government there’s probably many other foreign governments have different weather modification programs in the case of the US this is based out of Alaska where they’re beaming frequencies to change the weather patterns for nefarious purposes so does she have this in her field yeah now release it yeah so I’m gonna release this HAARP energy from her whew good okay right cigarette addictions reason misalignments J tracks something in one of her organs let’s see which one organs please all right okay it’s tracking to her : there : happy okay her Colin’s not happy let’s see energetically why that’s the case toxins toxins please alright PM spectrum okay next thing showing up is radiation could be over the years maybe she had some dental or medical x-rays or the truth is there’s also just a lot of radiation in an environment like stuff from Fukushima and much more so we’re just gonna get that knowns an unknown so this radiation like Oh big and let’s release it from the field good okay is that hold on happy you know let’s see what else toxins ok dental toxicity okay what’s showing up is a cavity so it feels like there might be a cavity let me see is it on the top bottom right right left one two three four five okay she feels like about on the bottom about bottom left about five teeth back you know from the front feels like there might be a cavity so what I tell people is when you show up energetic I always tell them get it check with your dentist obviously I’m not a dentist you know what I’m you don’t want to let that fester yeah now get it checked out and I’m gonna ask source if I can kind of like do an energetic filling for her for now but please go to the dentist yeah so I’m gonna download the frequency of exactly what she needs just to support it until she can go to the dentist hopefully soon get that checked out maybe it’s time for dental checkup too in general Jimmy Church good all right is that cool and happy no also the teeth let me just add real quickly the teeth are important because each one of your teeth is connected to an area of your body so sometime if you have like an infection you can affect that area of the body so yeah so I have it checked out by dentists all right okay reason for this issue : happy no circuits and systems systems please chakras and the energy centers and your body that’s in which one okay it’s taking me to the heart chakra let’s see why that’s unhappy toxins eeehm spectrum okay the first note showing up is cell phone radiation again the towers our cell phone we basically marinate it and all my session so this comes up so let’s just release it good all right heart chakra happy no toxins toxins all right en spectrum okay the next thing that’s showing up or are the EMS the electromagnetic frequencies including all the wi-fi’s that are around us that’s around us huge so let’s just release it yeah good okay heart chakra happy now let’s see what else coming up is aluminum Oh if if she were on the line I’d ask her what type of deodorant she uses often people that are buying store brands it’s theater travel in them and Jo in the body or you have people are usually nose cookware or yeah we’re just gonna get all the nodes and ooh it’s huge she has like an energy ball of aluminum like this is that okay good push all right heart chakra happy now energies okay another offensive energy let’s see what this one is okay what’s showing up now in the body code is a saboteur energy this is basically sometimes if we have some type of disagreement with another person they can unconsciously like put an energy weapon in our field so do you have a saboteur this shows you this Christy of a sense where energy yeah how many one two three four five six six more than six do I need to know anything more about these myself safely release these no okay so I need to know something else for I can really something to see toxins GM spectrum okay color so the body could have shown up she’s deficient in the color red orange yellow green blue indigo indigo violet violet finally it’s often said those who say with the crown chakra how low is she on her violet ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen nineteen twenty-one okay she is 69% low in her violet let’s see why that’s so high I’ve seen that before it’s in 95 so let’s see recent for this violet things are low energies allergy or intolerance okay I’m tracking an intolerance like usually like some type of food intolerance so let’s see if I can pull it up let’s see okay it feels like and if I had her on the line I’d ask her but just like maybe she has some issues with mushrooms yeah so we’re gonna get all the knowns and unknowns in this mushroom I’m missing something else let’s just clear that overview okay good so I need to know anything else about the violet anything else can I reset her now okay so so I take it I have her permission yeah so what I’m going to do is download from divine source the frequency of violet and give her she’s to her now oh good okay okay now release that Saboteur energy no still not yet so let’s see what else behind those six Saboteur energy another energy let’s say okay in the body code this is taking me to addictive heart energy so this is an energy creator of the hearts desperation to find love joy and interesting this addictive heart energy can be an attractive driving force behind addictions of all kind okay so do you have an addictive heart energy yeah let’s see why that is I’m gonna ask her body to show us nutrition and lifestyle malnutrition okay this is a spiritual malnutrition body code it excludes spiritual malnutrition so I’m going to ask her body is she spiritually malnourished yes it’s one of the I’m looking at some things to see what would be beneficial for her okay what feels like to be beneficial is what will come stir in the body code it’s called reading scriptures reading scriptures but it could be any type of other inspirational reading so it feels like yeah she’s gotten away with from something that she enjoys reading sir feels like it feels like it maybe the Bible or something else so okay I’m kidding it would be beneficial if she chooses to spend about 20 minutes a day all at one time okay like ten in the morning ten in the evening reading some type of the bible scriptures feels like maybe she’s to do that or there’s something else that’s inspirational turn about 20 minutes so I’m gonna ask her I have permission I’m gonna give you her the frequency in the mean time the frequency of exactly what she needs for this but came up a scripture reading and give it to her good all right okay do I need to know anything else about this addictive heart energy anything else hidden now release it okay I’m gonna release to say dick gephardt energy it should have okay I’m sitting in some green healing energy into the field any word that needs a lecture love and attention now good all right okay now so can I say Q release that Saboteur energy okay now I’m given permission from source to release that Saboteur energy and its longest let’s send some golden healing energy in the field anywhere that needs a little love and attention now you good all right okay okay heart chakra is happy again okay I’m getting the heart sharp is happy so I’m going to reset it okay okay : happy now yes I’m gonna reset the : okay going back up for the main issue which was the cigarette Egyptian anything else ready to be released now anything hidden anything else be released now okay I’m getting a no if you if hopefully she’s listening to the broadcast I’d encourage her right now if she can stand up and you walk around you a gentle stretch for like five or ten seconds and after she’s completed that if she can just write it write you a note in the chat box and she’s there to let you know if she feels the same we’re different awesome I felt it yeah definitely I felt it again some comments from Jesse Lee was feeling it as well who was wanting to give that up so I think somebody some people calling out may have been for her as well so they’re right there probably some overlap or whatever but she she took whenever you say take what applies to me yo get in the back she said she feels different Thank You coach – thank you yes sometimes you know we want those things in our life you know sometimes it’s a lot harder to get rid of we have to go down deep and see why it’s there because it’s all it’s an easy escape like being free walking in freedom that’s us sometimes it’s not easy sometimes we have to it’s a battle like this that we it’s a it really is a spiritual battle and the Bible talks about spiritual warfare and so it’s a daily thing that I do think that there are easy way out whether it is smoking because their smoking is that instant gratification or pornography addiction instant gratification all of these things if you’ve had a long stressful day and I’ve got a cracking open debt beer right certification or whatever it is so there’s this those things that we have to get out of our life and you know it’s it could be hard because there’s always there in the back your head it’s funny too cause like I’ve been I’ve been in prayer circles or I’ve been around people and and and had it happened to me but you’re getting prayer for something that you want you want healing from yeah but deep down you know that hey I’m I can’t wait to do it again like it’s still there like even while you’re getting the prayer even while you’re getting the energy done you know that I can’t wait to take that next puff like that’s the thought like that’s the thing that’s creeping you got to catch that thing that’s the thing that’s because you can feel it it comes up you know absolutely and let me say to with whatever situation cigarette addiction or whatever you know there are times it will all come off in one session that that can’t happen other times it can be over a period of time you know because your body will release whatever it’s ready for let me make the other point because I think it’s important because sometimes people think if only I want it enough I can will myself to change yeah and if you put if you yes we know about five to ten percent of our worlds or the conscious level the rest is of the subconscious level about 90 percent so they’re all these other programs running in the background they’re gonna sabotage that conscious desire to do something yep these comments here yeah definitely no it’s beautiful um I’ll say this is you know what you’re doing the energy healing dealing with those attachments and in cords and pushing energy moving energy when I went through that deliverance session as a believer sure you know what one of the most amazing days was in my life was when I gave my life to Christ and I’m beginning that walk and that old person died or began dying let’s put it that way um there was so much that fell off instantly like you saying instantly I may have cut cutting the agreements here but there was still a bunch of stuff that was holding on like in the torches we’re told that hey one because I’ve even been we’ve been in churches services where people have been through the same type of deliverance and have their lives changed from it and there we’ve been in services where they would scoff at it and have the whole congregation laughing at something that was near and dear to our hearts and they have this notion that come to the cross and it’s just Jesus just Jesus you don’t need Jesus and you don’t need Jesus and deliverance you don’t need Jesus and hypnotherapy you just need Jesus you know and this is what they preach but these people are still bound up with sin and addictions and hatred and bitterness and racism all this stuff is still in them and I’ve been dental services where they scoff at these deliverance ministries and stuff and and this I want to do is come to Christ and your good would you everything’s fine and it’s not the case I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it is Jesus and Jesus Jesus has a great foundation to build upon but we’ve been through similar experiences like that and when I went through my deliverance there was a lot of stuff that fell off well I mean fits of rage anger like I would just go into fits of rage and punch holes in the wall yeah remember grab a steering wheel when I got angry trying to wreck my wife off the road just weird bits of Rage dead until I went through these sessions I didn’t know that I I mean I thought I was free you don’t send it to you experience deeper levels of freedom and it’s beautifully mm-hmm yeah absolutely and like I said often things will come off in layers I didn’t see that in my healing sessions with with other issues because sometimes with changes the body knows what it’s ready for you don’t want to overwhelm the system always use the analogy of people that maybe do a physical detox I’ve never done anything for 40 years on the side all sudden they get on this physical detox kick where they’re not just gonna do one program they’re gonna do five at the same time they overload their systems and they’re in bed very sick because they did too much too quickly their body wasn’t ready to let go all that it once this comments here someone says I think it’s someone named Brittany says that felt so comforting and relaxing and loving I almost can’t put it into words that it deserves I thought the same thing I was there with my eyes closed and felt like you were doing the work over me I do think that the energy is there as we connect with it and as we have the things going on in our life and the heavy metals and that Wi-Fi and stuff like that around us all the stuff that’s messing with us as you apply it to your life and as it applies to you I think that uh I think that you can you can benefit from it you know let me ask you this so if we was to go into and I got a bunch of people they’re just like hey let them do some work on me there’s a bunch of let me ask you this so you you are open for private sessions let’s go ahead and put that up so I’m gonna go ahead and plug your website now I will do it again here in a few minutes but let people know that you are available for one-on-one sessions – right absolutely yeah I offer private consultations by exactly what you saw by phone or video Skype and you know zoom and yeah so if people are interested yeah give me a call or send me an email yeah what were some of the feelings that you were feeling within you guys I noticed that you were are doing the you you you were blowing you know my mind just away I’m bill and this is the spark ass Jesus Jesus blew upon his disciples and they received the Holy Spirit and pushing I mean spirit breath NUMA what what’s with the the the breath in the blowing that you were doing it’s really just I just I just know I’m moving energy it’s just like whoo something’s moving through me because I mean as well right yeah I feel like and sometimes as I’m releasing things I’ll you know like I said I just like woo I know that was big like yeah um after after those those deliverance sessions that me and it was several friends that went through it and I’ll say this there was people that we got so much out of it I mean it was it was breakthrough we were begging our friends you got to do it because we knew they were dealing with things look you got to go and they went through it because it worked for us and they went through it and it really didn’t do the same for them like it did you know they just did it because we told them to or asked him to so they didn’t get the same results and um but some I’ll have friends who have went through it and they the whole breath thing comes up and it got kind of weird because they would do it mid-sentence after that they would start coughing like they were choking um they would call any day turned it hacking up a demon is the term that they you’d be talking to him or they would listen to a sermon that was really deep and they’d just start and subconsciously they were releasing that spirit or whatever it got it got really weird but it was the breath there and it was the yawning and things like that you know and so I definitely see the connection there with the breath the pneuma the spirit you know yeah and actually if you just think about even broadly speaking about the importance are a breath when we’re under stress we’re usually our breath is very shallow so there are a lot of really cool breathing exercises just to get people more grounded and Center to own the everyday playing so you know breathing is very important and yeah encourage people if they’re really stressed tune into their breathing what’s what’s like and see if they can just do the deep breaths kind of get them back it’s so powerful yeah I mean there’s so much to be done with with the worth breathing the I mean it’s so really really so much if you cuz I you know there’s a lot of people who like to meditate and to get into aesthetic realms and things like that and I’ve done it so many times with just by emptying out my mind and just focusing if you understand the breathing that can actually accelerate that or produce those trance-like states by changing your breathing patterns as well it’s it’s definitely add that to your your regimen Kristy Lee is asking she said can you ask him if the sabotage energies was projected energies or was it created by me yes okay yeah these were projected at that I believe it was six I’m just gonna ask for like the most important one was from another female she may know this person or not she’d have to say the name but often it what I’m doing we’ll have people directly on the line I’ll ask them you know who this you should that they will you know someone at work or a family member you know thank you so you know are you feeling even with the breath and there’s other people that says every time that you lose the breath they felt like it was the perfect time and they felt something loose I felt something leave are you feeling a euphoria when you do that a lot of times you can feel it’s a beautiful feeling hey maybe you can feel the healing you can feel the release are you feeling things like that in your body that’s almost addictive because it feels good there you feeling something like that more than anything else when I like what I’m doing them the breathing it just feels like I know something release and it feels more peaceful feels clearer that’s how I would call it so there’s no you know you don’t feel a euphoria that runs through you when you yet because I’m pretty much connected with source and I’m just I’m following the energy trail and just kind of in the moment of kind of like the the toucan sam from fruit loops just follow the trail you know follow the nose wherever it goes I’m gonna be more in that just going with the flow rather than reflecting on how I’m feeling as I’m doing it I’m trying to relate I’m the yeah facilitator but Christie Lee is in tears she’s crying right now she wants to know is it from her family okay just Saboteur energy yeah yes at least one layer of it yeah some she says she has it has an understanding of the first attack and things like that so yeah definitely getting healing from that do you for I feel like euphoria from it right when we’re doing in energy healing like I can feel the work that you were doing I was able to feel it a while ago as you tune in I mean what a lot of times we’re talking about the breath you can do that by yourself like if you’re having a rough day so just take that deep breath I feel like when the breath comes to a pinnacle and I can feel it release through the body it’s a sense of you for is a sense of peace and oneness as you as kind of like that works being done so when someone is praying for you laying on of hands removing energy whatever that whatever you want to call it Reiki all of it it’s a sense of peace that’s there and then so I found to like as we’re doing the work and I have other people who have kind of feel the same ways like they feel like they’re getting healing because there’s a tap into the spirit as they’re healing other people like something’s happening to them as well yeah I mean I definitely I think ya know I mean I always feel energized after doing my my healing sessions you know I mean they’re sometimes yeah you know if I had a full day with many consultations up yeah I’m a little bit tired but but I feel good I mean I feel peaceful I feel clear and it’s you know it’s very gratifying very grateful to be able to do this work that I know helps people I think that’s it’s very powerful it’s very needed is this something that someone has to be drawn to or they can just try it like most of us like it like if you’re sick you’re gonna hopefully look for a doctor right yeah can anybody just say hey I’m willing to give it a shot like cuz it does it like that as well here’s the way it works for the most part the people that come see me in book or consultation usually they’re ready in the holistic space they’re already doing it them they could go to a naturopathic doctor go to Cairo acupuncture organic eating yoga yeah something along those lines whatever they usually do for whatever reasons not working that’s what I’ve come to see me the other category people that come see I call the people that may be skeptical but they’re willing to leave the door cracked this much okay don’t have to be a lot yeah yeah if they’re skeptical and they decide they want to shut the door and put five feet of cement over it I’ll tell them you know I won’t be able to help you because you know you have free will you’ve made a choice and that’s fine I’m not here to convince you otherwise so I can work with people people again just leave leave that crap and being open to a possibility of change I can work with that Oh in other words mustard seed of faith right yeah pretty much just leave me an opening where you’re open to the possibility you can be skeptical because I from time to time I will get people there escape I said just leave if you know if you leave the door cracked I can work with you but if you shut it save your time and money yeah definitely because those who who want to healing like we talked about earlier when they show up majority of the work is done just because they want it and and they’ll stop at nothing to get it you know because they want to be healed they want to you know walk in forgiveness and freedom and as long as you want it it’s there for you there shouldn’t be anything holding you back and so sometimes we need someone to help us hacking up in the coughing and burn that that inner work like you would be taught to like go forth and do your own healing as well their own inward checking and so kids us to here why is this their this shouldn’t be here no no this isn’t serving me you know yeah I’d like to add that I really encourage all my clients to do as much as possible for themselves I want them to have the tools to do as much as possible for themselves for example everyone can learn the emotion code yeah that’s some time a little bit of money and you can learn or another thing that’s very popular is EFT emotion freedom technique a lot of people love that that’s another tool that people can use for themselves to help themselves another self healing tool I like is a woman named Donna Eden she was one of the pioneers of energy medicine Donna Eden she has this workout she calls it the 10-minute energy workout she has a video and the things you can do to bring yourself back into balance so those are some some things that I like I like my clients have tools to help themselves and when they can’t see their own eyeballs they come see me definitely is there any danger for someone who is trying this by themselves they’re trying to recreate maybe some of the things that we’re doing right now or they’re trying to move forward Kent can they get themselves in in trouble like if you’re trying to cast out demons if you will out of that are much stronger than you or you know how to deal with and you end up getting possessed or that addiction jumping on you I mean there’s a lot of fear of that in this charismatic circles and stuff is there any fear should this be handled with care and respect or is it if you feel it calling you like how does that work with respecting it and fearing and that yeah especially that the peace in the realm of spiritual medicine with removing curses entity knees saboteur energies all those things you need to have the spirit spiritual wherewithal you need to have done your work that’s true that if you know you see something on TV and you haven’t done the work and just want to jump into it no you know it’s it’s something that you need to be as my mom would say a spiritual warrior yeah have done the work definitely there’s uh you know there’s there’s a scripture with in the Bible it talks about the think it’s the seven sons of Skiba I think it is to try to cast out demons out of a man that man was more stronger than him and those demons they couldn’t cast him out they said they said uh you know Jesus I know and Paul I know but who are you like we don’t even know you like you have to be walking in the spirit where they know who you are when you show up Oh Lord this is the oh yeah Demon Slayer the demon hunter you know when you show up they know who you are and they’re gonna listen they’re gonna obey just like they would Jesus when Jesus showed up hey listen and obey so there was a story where they showed up to cast these demons out the demons mocked them say who are you nobody even knows you in the spirit and so those demons in that person overpowered those guys beat them up and rip their clothes off of them sent them away naked you know I’m saying yeah so you have to do your homework and I have to know who you are and know that power authority yeah yeah absolutely you have Dan your spiritual work yeah so mark I really enjoyed this episode man one more time plug your website what you have to offer for people can check you out because I’m pretty sure read these comments people are gonna be hitting you up yeah okay so my website is people and pets energetics that’s wwp people and a and e pets P ETS energetics E and E are GE GICs comm so also if you just google it people and pets energetics they’ll take you to my website you can also check out my facebook business page for people and pets energetics and G like I post all sorts of cool stuff there you can like it and just kind of check in at your convenience and yeah and if you’re coming through the show let me know that you saw this and if you’d like to book a special yeah make sure you guys do that check out his work and good stuff mark I appreciate it we have to do it again soon my friend thank you okay yeah thank you thanks for having me have a good one yeah you too mark hernandez ladies and gentlemen the energy it enters me vibrate at a higher frequency eliminate our doubt in the unbelief I’m with the enema transform mentally palms on the ground fall to my knees I begin to sweat and feel the heat increase life in the tongue table when I speak I feel it moved from my head and down to my feet and I’m a sin in the ladder the weight of your glory I never did fathom when we’re alone in its owner for like I’m surrounded by light and there’s nothing that matters look these interdimensional beings rebuking the demons they’re flinging shamans and prophets believe in a realm that are so far beyond that of which we are seeing good stuff that’s what I’m talking about this is it man I love it I enjoyed it I felt it a lot of you guys in the chat I felt a lot of you guys listening on the podcast wherever you are you felt it’s beautiful right just take that deep breath in holy spirit’ peace peace peace right now wherever you are just take that peace with you it’s your inheritance it’s tangible nobody can take it from you nobody’s giving it to you no man and take it away and share inheritance that’s your peace one with God the sons and daughters of God that’s all right and our inheritance man understand that know it walk in it I’m just reading the chat here and there’s people coming in I am acknowledging the chat people are saying that they’re wanting healing and they’re wanting to talk to me and things like that you know I’m very busy but I do make myself available especially within our discord we try to get into some prayer which I do it’s a community we’re all here for one another I’ll go ahead and plug that if you would like to connect with people maybe you want healing maybe you want prayer you don’t have the money to go purchase a service service or anything like that discord is a free app join us on there and that’s where we we get it in so really cool people hanging out on discord after the shows as well so reading the comments as well Jesse Lee says placebo has no effect on her I don’t think she felt is a healing I don’t think she felt the energy placebo has no effect on her [Music] that could be a problem I think that the majority of this is the placebo effect I think that Jesus used the placebo effect I believe that what you expect is what you get I believe people walking in in faith understand that they expect it they receive it you expected there’s nothing nobody can tell you to take that away if you expect healing nothing I can tell you there’s nothing mark can tell you that’s gonna hinder healing you don’t want it there’s nothing we can do to take it away Kelly says hypnosis is placebo definitely there’s a lot of the placebo effect is deep there’s recibo studies I mean there’s people who are sick and and and they give people with the same sickness they give them pills and most of these pills are just just like sugar pills and simply them taking that pill and thinking that they’re gonna be healed when they take this pill they’re already like that much more likely to walk in healing because they believe it and they will and they walk in it they’ve been studies done on this if we look at placebo I would like I like to call it the spirit of expectancy of understanding like if we look at Nicodemus if we look at the the the man in the Bible who Jesus was speaking in the house and he was a paraplegic and so he had people lift him up on the top of the house and tear the roof off to drop the man in to lower the man in so that Jesus would sing him and heal him like they knew that if they got close enough to him they would be healed the woman with the issue of blood it wasn’t that Jesus sought her out of the crowd and made eye contact and embraced her he’s just walking by this woman with the issue of blood she’s been bleeding for so many years internally she knew that all she had to do was reach out not even touch him if I can just touch the hem of His garment I’ll be healed he had no idea he’s walking through a crowd the lady touches him her faith made her well he felt the virtue the virya energy which is where we get the word Kundalini Devillier the virtue he felt the virtue leave him that energy essence in it Hilda he’s a toll who touched me what are you and he’s in a whole large crowd I’m gonna touch me oh he’s being touched by a lot of people brushing up shoulders and you know all this kind of stuff he’s a celebrity essentially but he felt someone touch him somebody reached through the crowd and all I have to do was touch the hem of his garment and I’d be here she understood less people touching him who were sick who had ailments who had diseases and demons or whatever but this woman knew that I’ll shed it it was touched to him of his garment just knowing a spirit of expectancy that I know when I show up this is going to happen that’s your face that’s the law of attraction is knowing that it’s going to happen show up this is going to happen love what you call it law of attraction I think a lot of the stuff works hand in hand it’s a process some of it ain’t that easy so you know some other some of its in instant confess it I’m healed I walk on some of that travailing some of that crying something that screaming there’s the snot on your carpet on the altar crying at the altar for hours I think I think some of us need that I think sometimes that is needed you know to release things to it’s okay to grieve like it’s healthy that’s how you get that stuff out it’s okay Dom ORN get this stuff out man this stuff is traumatic we’re dealing with I mean some cases maybe that the cigarette addiction doesn’t leave by saying okay cigarette addiction you don’t serve me no more by cleansed healed walking forgiveness bow you know who knows man where did where did that comfort come from happened to you when you were young it’s just comment I got getting all these comments here like what happened to you when you were young his habits that that have formed from ungodly unhealthy relationships from bad traumatic experiences that birth something in your life that is unhealthy a cigarette addiction is comforting pornography addiction is comforting it’s a quick fix is easy enough to work for it drug addiction you’ll have to work for it like drugs and Molly and all that stuff I talk to all my friends who have done Molly and we’re addicted to Molly and stuff um this is instant gratification everybody loves me I’m good in this rush of endorphins and dopamine and serotonin you have to work for that stuff to be released in your body you’re fearfully and wonderfully made like you have to work to enjoy life this is not a free it’s not a not a given it’s not a free handout we’ve been discussing this like you want happiness you want a great career you want a great relationship but you have to work for that stuff it’s not free everybody doesn’t deserve it it’s your right it’s your heritance but you got to go get it it’d be like the woman with the issue of blood you got to go get it stop at nothing okay this ain’t gonna work what can I do I did that didn’t work what else can I do buy it out like how many I mean I talked to people who have gone to all the healers trying to find their answers you know a lot of money which one healing stop at nothing man don’t stop if that’s what you want pursue it I think everybody I think it’s everybody’s right inwardly I feel like you deserve it but if you don’t go after you don’t deserve anything you have to go after that stuff you have to pursue it so the placebo effect I believe it I mean I the spirit of expectancy I remember just even a couple years ago going to a todd Bentley conference and I used to be one that made fun and mocked and made fun of those things todd Bentley and stuff but I but he was gonna be in Louisiana so I went over there to visit my family just for me and a buddy of mine and it’s like you know what I can’t I can’t go to church around here like too many people know me this podcast has gotten too big over the years my renown precedes me locally I’m a hermit for a reason like I can’t go out I literally can’t ant people begged me to go to church and go do this I go out but if I was like going to the church realms and so I can you know who’s in your church do you knew that guy is a witch like I all kind of weird stuff anyway I wanted to go see Todd Bentley and he was going to be in Louisiana and and we drove I was like a two and a half hour drive me and sa 115 Samuel we’re listening to worship there and and I knew that when I get there then I’m gonna encounter God like I knew that I was gonna encounter God that I’m going there to do this nothing’s gonna stop it I’m gonna having a great time and I got what I was looking for that’s how the universe works you get what you’re looking for what are you looking for you could have been looking it I could have been looking for anything I could have I could have went there to like exposed that guy and like call out his flaws and people do that there’s people who go there and stand up in the middle of this guy’s sermon and call him out you you’re not a man of God you fallen from grace you know all this kind of weird stuff for whatever you find what you’re looking for if you’re looking for peace love looking for God happiness you’ll find it if you’re looking for the wrong in everyone if you’re looking to call out people’s flaws and point out fingers and find dirt you’re gonna find it it’s just how the universe works at the end of the day I think he was saying it like we always have to give these uh disclaimers because medical industry like people will be like suffering from like legit ailments that they need to go to the doctor over or take medicine or medication over we feel that people ask me all the time the hey I’m on this medication should I stop we addressed that you know what I’m saying but we can’t like legally tell you hey stop it and if something happens you know I’m saying but um you have to seek medical attention seek a professional I got a little story for you it’s like I remember this stuff I have a podcast and I try to I’ll share this stuff the learning curbs the good the bad the ugly and and this is our people think you know I’m saying that’s how I used to think and this is how people think and in the churches and I’m kind of I’m ashamed of this but it’s a learning curve I guess anyway we were getting ready to go to church and this was man this was probably 2002 2001 getting ready to go to church and a buddy of mine was walking down the street and stopped we drop driving past them hey man what’s up hey you wanna go to church with us she’s like sure man I jump on the back he jumps on the back of the car he just jumped on the back of the car and I floored it was driving a Crown Vic we had we bought a Crown Vic from a police auction it was an old police car I had the governor off of it and everything like that thing got up in wins you pushed the gas Bob there’s a cop car about an old cop car $1500 I think it was he jumps on the back we floor it and they joke he goes flying off the back rolling tougher we pick him up his wrist is all bent crooked and he scraped up scratching and bleeding he’s like uh-oh me I’m sorry bro stupid guy why do that let’s take you to church man we’re gonna let him pray for your church oh man I might need to go to the doctor I said now let’s go to church but we’re gonna let him pray for you believe in faith we’re gonna pray for you bring him to church walking in is wrist is all bent up and stuff and um take him in and we like having worship we’re in the front worship and we’re young naive young and dumb you know worshiping and this guy’s in the back they’re all like him it was wrong Oh fell off the back of the car man I was like they’re like Derrick I think you need to take this guy to the hospital and now y’all print this pray for him the Lord of heal him you know that’s I mean that’s kind of faith that we had but it was it was what you would call it biblically you zeal without knowledge you have zeal but you don’t have the knowledge I wanted to start a ministry a long time ago I started a website called zeal with knowledge that’s what you’re supposed to have don’t lose your zeal because you get knowledge and your understanding of zeal with the knowledge because garner says well I have to admit I smoked one during the healing Hey got a minister when I was sad like you have to debt that voice that’s there though right I mean we’ve been in those prayer circles we’ve been in healing sessions where someone’s doing work you admit that you have a problem but you know you’re not ready to let it go and I’m not saying this is what’s going on Jesse Lee um I do see the comments back and forth but I’m not saying this is what’s going on but there’s time just kidding I’m speaking from experience you’re getting healing but you know that I’m not letting this go like hey y’all I pray for this that’s going on people are praying they’re believing you’re like I’m ready to go back to it as soon as we’re done I can’t wait inwardly that’s the void with Homa identifying those voices of the strongholds that’s the voice it’s there it’s making itself known you think it’s you it’s a familiar spirit if you’re familiar with it sounds like you it’s speaking in third person oh we yeah we like this oh we do this yeah we like this yeah we like that we like to lie we like porn we like cigarettes we like drugs we like to get hammered we like to sleep around who is this I don’t like that like why do I like that out speaking in the third person that catch it nip it in the bud it’s a great way to identify it but you’re not gonna let it go you’re not gonna get healing you’re not going to get into yeah let that stuff go until you’re ready like you saw about contracts and believing stuff serves you you got to learn from it learn from the addiction replace the addiction right I think I when I came out of the world and got into the church we were just Holy Spirit driven that’s all we did we were addicts my weed addiction my drinking addiction all that stuff was replaced with the Holy Spirit addiction I was addicted to God addicted to Jesus a lot of people that’s their story and so everywhere we went man and it just like literally took the place of that so well we would go to random people’s houses who smoked smoke weed will say uh we’ll go there just to smoke with him and we’ll match him matching his when you smoke one of yours and they smoked one of theirs hey you want to match me yeah I’m at you you smoke a joint one of theirs and you smoke one of yours I’m you go on so I found us myself and like we would go to other Christians house cuz we’re not hanging out with weed-heads we’re not hanging out with alcoholics we’re hanging out with church folks so we’d go to other church people’s houses and they’re hanging out we’re like hey y’all want to pray y’all want to pray and they’re like oh sure some people would be against it nah let’s just do this and we like we’re trying to turn every hangout session into a prayer meeting and it we would we’d get there we’d start praying we’d pray for hours people to get healed falling out in the spirit we’re addicted to that euphoria that I was just speaking about that Holy Spirit encounter people are chasing that high it’s a high you it’s a euphoria and it replaced my weed of addiction so it have more healthier addiction but at the end of the day you can’t be led by your emotions you can’t be led by your feelings you can’t be you can’t be led by your your your your stomach your God is your belly type deal what makes you feel good you do it you know sometimes truth doesn’t make us feel good sometimes we have to go through the starving starving process of prayer and fasting it says some of these demons only come out through prayer and fasting I guess a we have to give up what we think is good for God to give us something which is better something great oh it’s a part of it man I enjoyed this episode we’re almost an hour and 45 minutes into this really really good guess I was I was interested because we just you know we just did a show you know two weeks ago or so maybe longer than that Tom’s been flying honestly but we did show it Nick kitowski about the emotion code but we’re talking to this guy about the motion Coby I didn’t know that it goes deeper than just the emotion code is the body code there’s the ass work I’ve never heard of that stuff it’s interesting man everybody has their own take on it but it’s the same thing it’s the same energy it’s the same euphoria it’s the same healing the same God there was but one God you know I’m saying if you’re able to tap into that source you can make stuff happen though I enjoyed it have a concert coming up in listen even hit city it’s in the middle of nowhere guys but it’s off the interstate if y’all want to come but it’s a city called think it wants a jump on my mind right now um let me find this city right quick y’all cuz I got it so sure so it’s spelled saucer but it’s so sure Mississippi it’s so funny I used to deliver car parts out there it’s even a good ways away from me I used to deliver car parts it’s in the middle of nowhere we did a show there years ago when I was doing gospel rap but in like 2012 I think it was me and me and King James so we’re gonna be going back there doing a show it’s gonna be good just a little building in the middle of nowhere we’re gonna bring a light show and have a good time so tickets are $5 at the door it’s August everyone is invited everyone listening for the album release we had people come from all over the US which was crazy so yeah if you guys want to hang out we’ll get hang out in Mississippi and do our thing it’s the building is called Trinity 15 7 o’clock p.m. $5 at the door a couple other artists are gonna be performing be fabulous Yosemite and my boy Justin Caldwell he’ll be performing as well we got a new song that’s available on patreon so you guys heard the new patreon song that me and Justin have together we’re gonna do that I think we’re gonna close to set out with that new song so y’all be listening learn the lyrics learn the words and y’all come sing along with us and have a good time so that being said we have school of the Mystics tonight if you’re listening live it’s Thursday night Thursday night 7:00 p.m. we’re gonna send out the links for people to join us via patreon you’re going to get that link to join us but the school of the Mystics tonight 7 p.m. central we’re gonna hang out we’re gonna do our thing and what we do you get access to all that about becoming a patron anywhere from a dollar up whatever you can do if you believe in my work I ask you to support any way any level of giving and I’ll make this thing possible so thank you guys who have been supporting you rock you’re awesome each and every one of you guys the names that are on the screen at the bottom scrolling across the podcast or on my website they’re in the cities that’s my job I love you guys we’ll do it again if you want to hang out with us off air that is in the discord the link is in the description and we’ll do it again so with that I’m gonna be saying peace and Shalom and I’ll see you guys very soon [Music] that does it for this episode but you hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast and over to juicy cos not come and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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