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We had a great time hanging out with Freeman Fly. We covered as many questions as we could in the time we had with him. We also covered the news and a few trending topics as well from Justin Beiber wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt, Stranger Things and the government saying it was totally legal to refuse to hire someone if they have dreadlocks. All in all this was another great episode in the books. Live Hangout With Freeman Fly!!!


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Anyway We Got Freeman With Us Tonight Guys Freeman Fly Man From Freeman Tv The Friedman Perspective Man Thanks So Much For Coming On The Show Hanging Out With Us Tonight Man It Means A Lot Hey No Problem And I Was Looking Forward To Meeting Yo Yeah We’ve Been Hearing A Lot About You From Alonzo Alonzo Alonzo Likes The Name Drop I Don’t Mean Does Their Job All The Times I Know I Know And He’s Just Toying About His Day Yeah I Made A Chocolate Talk About Life That’s About It We Don’t Really Talk About And We Do Speak So It’s Like You Know Yeah He’s An Awesome Guy Good Friend You Know That’s What Some A Tree Man You’re A Legend Man Like I Said Man We’ve Been I’ve Been Watching Your Stuff For Four Years And I Would Say That You Are Poly At The Forefront A Lot Of A Lot Of These Theories Before They Actually Became Popular And They Went Viral And The Irony Is It Was Uh You Hardly Ever Got A Majority Of The Credit That You Should Have For A Lot Of The Stuff That You Managed To Research In And Bring To The Forefront When You When You Kid When You Found Out About The 911 Man The 911 Coincidences And How These Buildings Were Built On 9/11 And How That Connected To A Lot Of Military Uh Which Was The Shocking On The Shekinah Man I Just Remember Hearing All These Theories You Were Throwing Out There And It Was It Was Blowing My Mind Man You Know I Don’t Like The Bitch But I’m Actually Hurt That I’m Seeing All These Reports Of Hillary’s A Clone And Taylor Swift’s A Clone Of Xena Levay And I’m Seeing This Stuff Come Through My Wire It’s Coming Down My Twitter Feed It’s Coming In My Facebook And It’s Just Coming All Over Me And I’m Like Damn You I’ve Never Seen Even One Single Debunking Of Obama Being A Clone Of A Cock Cannot And I Thought You Know Snopes There’s Not A Care In The World That I Am Reuven This Maybe It’s Just Such A Solid Researched Argument You Make Joe I Am The Rodney Dangerfield Piercing But I Don’t Complain How It Works Maybe It’s The Manager I’d Say I Know But Seriously When I Saw That Taylor Swift Loved A Thing I’m Just Like Curses I Can’t Believe Nobody Picks Up On My Stuff I’ve Got Children There Are Kids In Elementary School Who Are Taking My Obama Clone Theory And Taking It Into The Classroom And Getting An A I Mean They Are Proving Their Theory In Front Of An Entire Astonished Elementary School Class And Teacher And They’re Writing Me Letters Saying Wow I Got An A On My Report On Clothing Thank You So Much A Child Can Show Improve Exactly What I’m Saying I’m More Perplexed By The Fact That A Child Has Access To Such Esoteric And A Cold Subject Matter Is Perplexing Me Just How Much It’s Not A Cold Abscess We Got Glow-in-the-dark Cats Sorry Hey Do To A Negative Connotation I’m Just Saying It Just Amazes Me That So Many People Can Access So Much Information Nowadays Through The Internet You Know Thanks To The Internet Without A Doubt It’s We’re Learning Exponentially Freeze Yeah I Mean You Just Have To Open These Things Actually Read Definitely Some Of The Academic Topic Name A Tub I Got I Got One I Got One What’s Your Uh What’s Your Oldest Manly Pee Hall Book Oh This Man Oh Well My Favorite One Is The Phoenix Oh Yeah And This One Which Also Holds My Uh Certificate I Was Handed To My Mother From Walt Disney Himself Wow Ever Seeing That When You Were Recording Sean Youngin Alonso You Were On That Video Too Right Yeah You Were Right I Had All Kinds Of Secrets In This One This Is A This Is An Original Paul Apple Ii Whoops Not Anymore My Poor Paul Apple Ii He Was The Twin Tower Architect That The Bin Laden’s Asked Him Where To Put The Demolition Charges This Is His Drawing As He’s Describing To Me Oh That’s The One At The Picture Right That You Have Where You’re Sitting At The Chit The Table Yeah Oh Yeah And He Is Describing To Me What The Raelians Are Up To And The Helmet Headed Lady That Was Fighting Him With Bryl He Signed It As A Work Of Art Prophet So That’s That’s Right That’s Paul Appellees Take On The Raelians I Have One More Of His Time Machine And He Is Oh This One Okay This Is Paul Appley Original Artworks He’s Dead Now And This One Is I Think That’s A Space Elevator If I Remember Correctly Yeah The Paintings He Did Of Elvis’s Life Story Of How Elvis’s Twin Identical Twin Brother Either Didn’t Die In The Womb Or Did But He Had To Do Paintings Of It All It Was Really Bizarre Uh But Actually I Have Them On Film Explaining All Ru That Where Do You Keep Your Childhood Drawing That’s The Very Iconic Picture You Show Everybody I Can’t Believe Honestly Like It’s Really Bizarre That Out Of All The Things I’ve Lost In My Life That I Still Have That Thing I Mean This House That I’m In Right Now Is The First House That I’ve Ever Lived In That I Have All My Things In One Place Yeah I’ve Had All My Things Hidden For A Decade And Grandmother’s Basements And Different Houses And Finally When I Moved Here It All Came Together It Was This Bringing In All This Rich Knowledge Into Your Home And Listen They Never See Any Of These Entities In Your Home Or You Ever Feel Any Energies Or Spirits There I Never Really Have I Did Once When I Was Doing Anna Nicole Britney In Mind Control I Had My Roommate Moved Out My Roommate Took One Look At Me And Me Ashen With Dilated Pupils Because I Had Just Said The Scariest Stuff I Had Ever Said In My Life I’ve On The Air I Think I Even Had Henrik Pulled The Second Hour Of The Show So That No One Could Hear It Well Because I Freaked Myself Out With What I Had Just Exposed And I Never Had That But Then It Felt Like I Had Been Under Some Psychic Attack And Every Night At Horrible Panic Attacks I Mean One Beer And My Roommate Saw This And He Bugged And He Moved And I Mean It Was That Bad I Left Everything Behind Jumped In My Vehicle And Tried To Drive Home To My Mom Without Even Enough Money For The Gas To Get There And I Got There I Never Remember How I Managed These Things People Used To Ask Me That All The Time After I’d Come Off A Long Journey And They’re Like You Know I’m Like Oh I’ve Been To The Top Of The Mountains I’ve Been Down The Beach Get Over Here But Over There Up Here I Stayed There I Went Did This Rich Thing I Was At This Millionaire You Know I Met This Band And I Come Back Home And They’re All Like How Did You Do That Uh Uh Synchronous I Honestly Never Thought About It Until Yes No See And Then Yeah The Still Esteem Prophecies Came Out And Explained It To A Friendship Agenda Man Everybody Just Butts In And Shares In Their Material Possessions In Their Love And Before You Know It Just Things Come About Man You’ve Been All Over The Place I Remember You Were Driving Around In A Bus For A While Live Podcast Man I Remember Watching That For A While That Was I Was Amazing That’s Because Podcasts Don’t Pay So You Guys Aren’t Well It You Know We Were Homeless We Were Living In In The Streets But You Know It’s Still Doing The Show Still Curious Still Broadcasting I Made That Bus Full Wi-fi And I Have Happened In That Bus I’m Curious Like Woody Harrelson You Know Whatever Happened In The Bus I Sold It It’s Only Okay Pasta Don’t Ever All Right I Brace A Lot To Raja Tyrone Oh My God I Got Two Miles To The Dollar And You Have No Idea How Tiring It Is The Dry Boat To 20-ton Vehicle With A Poodle In Your Lap No She Ride My Lap The Entire Time There Was An Entire Bus Behind Me With A Bed And Couch And Monte And Jamie And Everybody And Yet She Was Right There In My Lap The Whole Time While I Drove Yeah That’s A Video Of You Driving Like You’re Singing To Him Like Yeah I Think Was The Free Zone Yeah It’s Them Cozy Though Man It Seemed Like It Was Yeah Yeah It Was Just Every Time You Park Somewhere Within Three Days Or Less And I Have A Whole Stack Of Them You Got Your Code Compliance Ticket You Can Park A Bus In A Neighborhood And Oh Everywhere We Went We Were Run Off No It Was Nightmare Basically A Family Thing Downtown I Got Pretty Good At It I Seriously Could Like Drive That School Bus Like I Got My Real Time Yeah I Know What You Mean I Got My Seat The Entire Year From October To October From Take This 20 Whatever Whatever Happened With You In Coast-to-coast Man Did Ever Did Ever Reach Out To You Did You Ever Go Through With That Cuz I Remember Hearing You Were Oh They’re A Lot Of Your Fans Were Reaching Out And Saying Why Isn’t He On The Show Man Yeah I Won’t They Cover Someone Like You They Even Said They Would Quit Their Subscriptions And There Was A Whole Campaign You Know Get Freeman On Coast-to-coast Well I Personally Met George Noory Twice Let Me Prove It Yeah I’ve Met Her I Met Him A Couple Times To It You Feel Like Let Me Just Prove It All Right I’m Not Joking Around What’s That Say Not In Powerful Name Right Haha Ma’am And George Noory I’m Snoring Right Okay So That’s His Book Just Once A Day Yeah I Met The Man Yep Chillin I You Know I Gave Them Anna Nicole Britney In Mind Control That’s What I Was Doing At That Time It Wasn’t Even Obama Cloning Yet You Know It Was The Most Heinous Story I’d Ever Told My Entire Life It Blew The Lid Off Trauma-based Mind Control I Gave You Clear And Classic Examples And There Was Weird Occulted Not Stuff With Britney And I You Know And Anna Nicole And Freaked Me Out Big Time You Know To Tell This To The World And I It Was Frit Spring Meijer These Things Oh My God You Know I Can Just Keep Going On And On With It Yeah Fritz Fritz Bing Meyer Talked A Lot About The Monarch Programming I Remember He Expended A Lot On That Well Yeah This Whole Book Is Just A List Of Triggers And Codes Right Yeah That’s How To Create Your Own Undetectable Illuminati Mind-control Slave Yeah Classic Right Interesting Just Go Through This Like Like Britney Spears Was In A Video And She’s Handed Seashells And And All Of A Sudden She Stops Talking And Shit Away By Guillermo Who’s This Demon And So You Know You Just Flip Open Okay Fritz What The Heck Seashells Got To Say About This And It’s In There And It’s Seashells Are A Sign That They’re Always Listening And It Turned Out Brittany Was In The News You Know In A Conference And Suddenly Shut Up When She Got The The Shells And It Explains It Exactly In That Book So You Start To See These Things Start They’re Happening Right In Front Of You And For Some Reason The Universe Stuck Me On The Couch For The Entire Anna Nicole Court Case And I Have No Idea Why But I Watched It All I Watched Every Moment I Knew Every Secret And Everything That Had Gone On With It And So Anyway I Tried To Expose That Through Coast To Coast And They All Shook My Hand Yeah Yeah Yeah It Took My Dvds Yeah Yeah Yeah Then Nothing I Would Help I Appreciate Though That Clyde Lewis Did Manage You Reached Out To Him And You Were Working With Him For A While Ah Ground Zero Man I Really Enjoy That Show I Still Listen To It Well When You Were On There With Uh One Of The Leaders Of The West Very Yeah Rex Church Man I Remember Listening To That One Right Out Of I Flew Is You Know Opened Up With His Medium And You Got A Lot Of Your Information Out There Luckily Whereas Where George Noory Wouldn’t You Know Broach That Even Dare To Broach It Well See I’m Also On Jimmy Church And Me And Jimmy Are Close And He’s Now The This Weekend Host Of Coast To Coast Should Be Open Door Man You Know I Tried To Bug Him A Little Bit Saying Why Am I Banned For Coast-to-coast And All He Could Really Do Was Guess And He Didn’t Know Either So No One’s Ever Stories About Love It’s Angelus I’m First I Don’t Know Yeah I Think That They’re Not Allowed Say Certain Things And I Just Can’t Go In There Yeah I Never Yeah I’ve Never Heard A Sense Of Annachi I Try The Girl In There They Won’t Have Him Yeah Yeah Sanchez I’ve Told You Mine Because I Mean I’m The Product Of Coast Coast And Why Do You Think About Harp Okay You’re The Iconic Centerpiece Of What Everything Is That Coast To Coast Is Not At The Moment Yeah And To Be Honest They Won’t Touch Certain Things That Are Too Politically Heated Or To That Okay I’ll Tell You What I Like I Love Coast To Coast Enough And I There Was Points Where I Was Just Like Four Hours A Day Four Hours A Day Cuz I Drive Or Live And I Listen To Them Every Day That Was A Lock At Night But Now I’m I Mean To Speak The Truth It’s Like These People Are Making It Up As They Go You Know That Right These People Are Making This Stuff Which Is They Go A Lot Of People A Lot Of People Talking About They Have Contact With The Angels And Aliens I’m Not Like Guests That Come On Just Yeah Yeah Nonsense The Different Guests Are Making It Up As They Go There’s People In The Church Arena Who Were Like In The Prophetic Who Like Sensitive To The Spirit They Make It Up As They Go It’s Like Man Like Why Do You Need To Do That When There’s People Out There Who Are Really Tapped In And Who Really Know What They’re Talking About Who Can Show You The Research Show You The Information On It And You Got These People On There You They’re Not Believable You Ask Them A Question They Make It Up As They Go It Makes No Sense Okay On To The Next Call Is A Hold On Somebody’s Got To Call Bullshit Somebody’s Gotta Call Bullshit You Guys Are Making It Up And You Got To Promote This Because They Have A Book And They Have These This This Machine Behind Them So I Kind Of Lose All Respect For Even Though I Want To Listen To Them And I Want To Hear Like Who’s The Latest People Out There And Ufology And Research And I’m Listening Like Man It’s Fun It Sounds Good But I Don’t Believe It Man You’re Not Believable You Know So I Mean I Wonder Who Close To Coast Is Bought Out By Or Who Controller There’s Definitely An Overlord I Know That Know Definitely Yeah Yeah So You Went To The Free Your Mind Uh Uh Conference I Noticed And What Was Your Incident Man Well You Know I Was Thinking About How Andrew Basiago Watched My Lecture On Obama Being A Clone It For Your Mind And Then Was Like Dude I Went To Mars With Obama And Then I Saw Him On Stephen Colbert Talking About That Uh And I’m The I’m The Reason I Triggered His Memory Of Going To Mars With Obama With My Lecture He Told Me This Uh Though You Know He Just Never Know But Um Yeah Rear Mind Is Is An Epic Adventure It’s Way More Of An Experience Than It Is A Conference And I Guess A Lot Of Conferences Get That Way Eventually But This One Just It Was Hip Right From The Get Ago You Would Have Thought You’re At A Festival This Last One There Were Hippies And Blankets Surrounding The Home You Were Wafting Through Marijuana Smoke Walking In And Out And I Mean People Were You Know Yet Movie Stoves There Too Yes Exactly Hazing Jesse Ventura’s Latest Campaign Marijuana Can Save The World I Haven’t Yeah Go Check Out His Twitter Jesse Mentor Mark Paseos Has Done A Good Job With Structuring The Free Your Mind Called Such Yeah He’s A Wealth Of Knowledge Man I’m Amazed By What Mark Cassio Has Come Out With He’s Like Benjamin Franklin Yeah Man He’s I Can’t Keep Up With The Things He Keeps Putting Out There And They’re So Well Researched What Does It Get It Get As Offended As You Want That’s The Door Yeah Hey Seriously For Your Mind A Lot Of Times Feels Like You’ve Stepped Into The Halls Of 1776 And You’re Watching These You Know National Leaders Speak Because Yeah It Feels Like That With Passio And Even Mac Teigen And The Passion And The Drive Of People That Would Really Want To Do Stuff You Know Get Off Your Arse Most Of Them Live In A Shed But You Know That’s Way To Live Jordan Maxwell Lived In His Shed Max Egan Lived In A Shed Alexander He Lived In A Shed I Lived In A Bus Yeah That’s The World Of The Truth Or The Truth Or Exactly The People That Care The Most Usually Have Little Of Material Substance But They Have A Wealth Of Chart And Knowledge And And Just Good Friendship And Love To Offer And That Sun That’s How You Usually Know You’re Doing Something Right Um You Know It’s It’s It’s Not Something That You’re Going To Be In It For The Material For The Wealth You’re In It To Just Be Love And Understanding And Bring People Out Of The Cave Of Ignorance Right Yeah And That’s Us The Beauty Of It So What’s An Overarching Theme That You’ve Been Coming To Lately Well Briefing That You’re Researching You Know What’s In The Pipeline Would Have You Been Up To Then What’s Kind Of A Trip About It All Is That It All Began Way Back With Bill Clinton And So I Noticed That Moment With Bill Clinton I Don’t Know What Year That Was When Was Bill Clinton In Office I Need Court And You Know Made To Admit That He Had Inserted A Cigar In His Secretary That Moment Yes That 12 Years Of Of Predictions That Very Moment Cuz I Said Oh God They Don’t Do This To The President You Know This Is Some Sort Of Psychological Warfare To Bring Down The Ideal Of The Man Of The President They’re Gonna Force A Man Into Office Next And Then A Herd Of Yeah And I Was Like Oh No W 66th Holiday No Exact Opposite They’re Gonna Make It Obvious And They Did And I Said Okay This Will Be The Year They Actually Blow Up Something So There’s Going To Be A Major Terrorist Attack This Year 9/11 Don’t Freak Out This All For Your Reaction And I Said And Then W Is Going To Be The Last American President In My Blog The Freeman Perspective Dot Blog Wade And I Vino My Rules Line And You Can Still See Where I’m Telling You This You Know Before We Ever Heard The Name Obama I Was Saying W Is The Last American President And So I Was Predicting The Birther Movement Saying You Know The Next One’s Going To Be Considered A Non American Non Constitutionally Viable President Because That’s The Next Step And Then Then The Whole Cloning Thing Began Right And I Want To Skip Over That For Now But That Wasn’t Part Of This Puzzle This Puzzle All Started With Bill Clinton And Said Okay If They Need To Bring Down The Man Then They Need To Bring Down The System And Then Bring Down The Constitution So Next Is To Bring It All Together And Bring Out The Globalization So We’re Watching The Nightmare Of Trump For Some Clarie Yeah If I’m Missing The Debate Right Now Or If It’s Tomorrow But I Honestly Did Want To See It But I Don’t Really Have Television I’d Have To Like It And Abadeer’s Respond Same Here Men Yeah Youtube Later No Television Either Man But So This Whole Meltdown Of Election Is Falling Into The Exact Okay When I Predicted 9/11 The Idea Was Hey Look They’ve Got Tom Ridge As The Head Of Homeland Security They Don’t Have A Homeland Security So What’s The A Head Up So They Need Something To Make Him The Head Of Something So That’s Why I Knew They Needed A Major Terrorist Attack For The Middle Of September So That Knocked Over The Bill Would Pass And Tom Ridge Would Have A Legitimate Job So Now I’m Saying Look Obama Has Established The Ten Council The Council Of Ten Governors And These Are The Very Same Regional Governors That In The Ten Regions Of America Controlled By The Un Now Obama Has Passed Executive Order It Something Like 15 To 3 28 To Establish You Can Look Up Council Of Governors And The Council Of Governors Is This Internal Structure For Military Operation Inside Of The United States Right And So That’s The Ten Regional Governors Of The Un Control So That Means The Election Needs To Melt Completely In Order For This To Rise Up And Just Like What I Said When I Was Predicting 9/11 It Was Because I Tom Ridge Already Had A Job That Didn’t Exist Now These Ten Governors Have A Job That Don’t Exist Yet In You Know So That Would Be The Next Thing How Do You What Do You How Do You Think This All Plays In With What’s Going On Right Now With With Cern And This Whole Transhumanism Movement That’s Coming About I Know That There’s A Lot Of Interesting Stuff That’s That We’re Broaching On With Like Quantum Computing You Know That I Was At The China Just Released A Quantum Satellite That Will Further Increase Their Technology I Mean We’re Definitely Moving Along In This Technological Age Where Things Are Just Moving Exponential You Know Moore’s Law For Sure You Know Um What Do You Do You See This Plane Into It All I Keep Telling People To Keep In Mind The Politics Of Immortality Yes And That’s The Stuff Kind Of Like What You See On The Georgia Guidestones You Know The Politics Of Immortality Means You Need A Whole Lot Be Less People Hmm But The Fact That No One Is Freaking Out At All That Google Owns Quantum Computers Ai Technology And Darpa Military Killer Robots I Don’t Understand It Was Interesting As Regina Dugan She Was The Head Of Darpa Uh She Was Advanced Research Projects And She Was Moving To Google Right Regina Doon Do Get In She Was She Was Talking About How A Lot Of These Secrets That They Discover Our Just Secrets That Are Just Better In Nature A Nature Has A Wealth Of Knowledge And History That They Tend To Weaponize And Use Their Advantage With Cern’s Working On A Tabletop Sized Particle Elex Accelerator Meanwhile China’s Working On A Particle Accelerator Twice The Size Of Cern In Seven Times Its Power Wow So What What Prompts These People To Spend Billions Of Dollars Nations Upon Nation Are Fighting To Give Certain Money And All We Know That It Does Is Make Pretty Spectral Pictures That They Call The God Particle Technically That Was Actually Called The Goddamn Particle This I Am That Very Politically Friendly But Look It Up It’s It’s Actually The Goddamn Particle Mmm Yeah They Just Call It The God Particle Which Is Kind Of Funny Because Everybody’s Getting You Know Takes It All Wrong I’m Like But Yeah So You Know You’re Looking At The Politics Of Immortality You’re Looking At The Fact That They’re About To Transmit Their Souls Into Computers And Back Into Robots And You Know Michael Jackson Was Doing All This Crap Back In The 80s You Know Uri Geller No But He Was Gonna Get Transferred Into He Had Never Moonwalk Again But You Know That’s That’s What We Need To Be Thinking About Is Politics Of Immortality And Realizing That This Planet’s Much Crazier Than Everyone Thinks And All This Shenanigans That’s Playing Out In Front Of Him It’s Just A Big Show Speaking About Um Michael Jackson What Do You Say About All This Koi Feldman Stuff That’s In The News I Don’t Know Yeah Yeah You Haven’t Seen He’s Got A New Band Out Corey And Corey’s Angels And He Did This Now Yeah He Did A Uh Or Corey’s Man Yeah The Whole Child A Child Abuse Yeah They Tried They Actually Asked Him About That On On The View And He Wouldn’t Go Into It Because Uh Because Of Course Hands And But Now They’re Like Smearing His Name And Because He Got A Little Band Out Nine Day Putting Out A Cd And He Did A Performance And The Performance Was Really Weird Man He’s Out There And A Little Cloak In A Hood And Stuff And He’s Doing These Little Weird Dances And Stuff And The Internet Blew Up Over It Uh Just Kind Of Like Making Fun Of Him And He He’s Like All Depressed Over It And He’s Making He’s Making Around Through The Media About That I Didn’t Know If You’ve Heard Of Anything On That Or Even Seen That Yes You Definitely Need To Check It Out Man What Else Stems Into The Whole Disney All The People That All The People To Come Out Of Disney Come Out Disturbed Especially The Women Man They Come Come Out Of Disney Turned Out You Know Like Oh Yeah Thanks Lars All Of Britain Women In Britney Spears Christina Aguilera Ariana Grande All Of Them One Of Them Freaks Them Back You Know Miley Miley M’kay Hold It’s Leaking Of Of Hollywood Haha Freeman Have You Seen Stranger Things Yet I Just Ordered The Vinyl I Didn’t Expect That Vinyl To Go Like Super Viral Man It Was Like It Sold Out Right Away I Had A Guy This Gora Copy Well The Netflix Original Tv Series Stranger Things Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Vinyl Just Came Out How Have You Done Anything On That Have You Done Some Research On It Into What It What It’s Good Really You Know Once You Lay The Foreground For It Then You Know You Just Kind Of Feel Like You’re Stumbling Over The Same Thing I Don’t Want To Keep Repeating Myself And Now It’s Come To The Point Where Mkultra Is Just Part Of The Plotline Ya Know The Um You Know You I Would Have Said The Same Thing About If We Were Talking About Blood Fire Starter You Know Go All The Way Back Steam King And Fire Starter And You Got That Same Story Already Right They Just Made It Into Et Meets Poltergeist Me Are Definitely Some Et Themes In There With You Somewhat Of Scenes You’re Like Hold On Did They Steal This From Et It’s A Great Show Though Man You’re Gonna Let Older Guys It’s A Great Show Yeah It’s Great Yeah Yeah I Really Enjoyed It And I’m Excited To Get The Vinyl I Become Quite A Vinyl Head I Can’t Stop I Love It That’s What’s Really Love Music Everybody’s Raving Over The Layout The Soundtrack Yeah Going Over Music Like God True Seeker Here’s A Rapper Let’s Talk About Some Of Your Musical Influences Because I Know You’re You Have Your Own Band You Let Your Planted Base Now Yeah Oh Yeah No Sing That Was Later So Advice Yeah Yeah I Know You Love Jane’s Addiction And All That Yes Jane’s Digs And I Was A I Was Big Kiss Fan Yeah I Have I’d Still Have All My Cheap Trick Albums Um Marla Was I Was Watching That Interview You Did With Sean Young And She You Showed Your Prince Album Purple Oh Yeah And Uh Marla Has That Same Album That She Was Telling Me That She Admired The Fact That You Uh You Were Big Princeton Yeah Oh Yeah Enjoying That Perspective You Had On The Conspiracy Eye Aspect Of It Because It’s It’s I Would Have Man You Know Elevator The Elevator I Don’t One Of The Um All Those Guys That Died David Bowie Prints And Michael Jackson You Know These Guys Were All Into Magic All Into Even Ordo Templi Orientis They Were Extraterrestrial People Absolutely Prince David Bowie And Michael Jackson Until He Got Jackson Looking For His Clone You Can Go To Clonaid Right Now And You Can See On The Front Page Clonaid They’re All Excited They Got Jackson’s Dna You Know They’re Gonna Clone Michael Jackson That He Can Go To Forbes Magazine They’re All Excited Because They’re Going To Clone John Lennon But Beyond That These Guys Man Are They Really Dad You Know Did Michael Jackson Time-traveled Of Ancient Egypt And Oh He Owns Planets Somewhere They’re About To Re-release The Man That Fell To Earth And It’s Just You Know These Guys These Three It’s Almost Like The Movie Or The Book If You’ve Read The Book Atlas Shrugged A Vine Ran Where All The The Elite Are Starting To Vanish And Start Is And The Best Architects And The Best Doctors They’re All Vanishing And Why Doesn’t Mat On A Day Yeah Yeah I Heard Yeah Hey I’m Sorry Definitely Cleaning Up Her Blood Right They Have A Dna Crew Like Is This This Lift Things Up Her Her Blood Every Time She Does A Anticipation I’m Totally Hiding You Know What Does She Have To Hide Do You Notice Like When One Of These Uh Artists Pass Away Always Madonna Pays A Tribute To Them Like David Boy Michael Jackson Prints Like And Then They Come Out Back As A Hologram Yeah The The Creepy Ones Never Die It’s Like A Horror Movie You Know Most Heinous Character Makes It To The Bitter End What About Captain Eo Man Did You See That I’ve Seen That At Disney Yeah Yeah That’s In A Disney Man I’ve Never Heard Of When A Couple Years Ago And Seen It Man It Was Powerful I Was Like Tearing Up Just Got A Trip Yeah Just Seeing The Magic That That Guy Had Man That Guy Was Otherworldly Man He Had Sometimes Made In His His Life Was Dedicated To That People Don’t Talk About It But Like Michael Jackson Had An Obsession With Princes Well Back In The Early 80s If You Remember You Saw Him As A Very Like Major You Know Problem In Terms Of Competition In The Music World People Always Talking About Like He Was Obsessed With Prince That You Seen The Famous Video Of James Brown And Wake Us Up Michael Jackson And He Keeps Whispering And James Brown Here To Call Up Prince Call Up Prince Then He Cooked And Stuff Then Michael Jackson Leaves The Stage Let’s Go Yes On Youtube Michael Jackson Prince And James Brown And Uh Prince Was Not Happy At All For Him Calling Them Out Like That Nah Yeah All Three Of Them On The Stage But Mike Happened To Leave Just When Friends Got There Right What About This I Got A Headline For You Freeman It Says Michael Jackson Inside It Reveals Michael Jackson Was Chemically Castrated As A Young Boy Have You Heard In Any Of The Research Or Theories On That About Some Of The Oh Like I Know Some Of The Other Cultures Would Take Their Young Boys Who They Wanted Them From A Child To Be A Singer And It Would Castrate Them And It Would It Would Actually Help Them Sink In Higher Octaves Have You Heard Anything About There I Wouldn’t Put It Past Jo I Hate To Say That But I Wouldn’t But Yeah There Was A Report That I Never Could Find Again When Michael Was In Trouble For The Sexual Assault Of Children And They Had Shown That It Was Physically Impossible That He Had A Mutilated Penis And So That Came And Went And It’s Kind Of Thing That If You Heard It You Heard It And You Can’t Prove It Afterwards He Does So Yeah Hurt It I Don’t Know What Say But I Never Did Believe In The Whole Child Molestation Maybe Maybe A Little But Not Completely I Didn’t Believe It At All I Just Thought He Was Just Like A Kind Soul And Went Billion Million Child You Know When You’re A Billionaire Man Here’s A Traumatized Little Kid I Mean His Brothers Were Having Sex Around Him While He Was A Baby You Know Growing Up With The Band And You Know He Had To Deal With A Lot He’s Just Too Traumatized You Know Everyone Before Trauma-based Mind Control Vic I Think It Was A Good Soul And It’s Sad And It’s Sad How Everyone Mocked Him When He Was Alive And Now We Want Him Back Bring Him Back We Miss Him We Love Him You Know Yeah Ali Was Here We Were Cracking On Him Cuz He He Had That Skin Disease Let’s Make You Know I Tell You What Though It Is Strange To See How America’s Idols Have Fallen Those How He Was Like The King Of Pop But The King Of The World Right And He Was Like The Number-one Guy They Were Like In His Videos He’s Huge Statues Of Them Like He Would People Would Faint In His Presence And Girls Would Cry And Melt But Then He Died As Like The Laughingstock Of The Entire World Man And Just Showed You How Like That Start Of How They Put You Up There And Then They Construct You To Fall Before The Face Of The Honest I Think Barsa Is A Barcelã³ From The Freer Mind Conference She Talks A Lot About How A Lot Of These Children That Are Born Into Some They’re Born To Be Great Are Usually Targeted By These Elites Or By Some Type Of Archons And Controlling Them Even Before They’re Born Into The Earth You Know Because They Know What Their Their Their Life Path Is Gonna Be They Know That They’re Going To Affect Great Change Have You Heard Anything About That Freeman No I Only Go For What I Can Prove I Don’t Like You Know What I Know That She Uh She Ought But She Also Talks About How At Birth You Know A Lot Of These There’s A Loner Mama That These Kids Are Being Faced With Uh Yeah I Still Cringe When She Talks About Circumcision Every Moment Of That Trauma No But You Go Watch Denise’s Show Yeah You Don’t Cringe It That Doesn’t Fission So You’re Not A Trauma I Wonder What We’re Thinking About Extraterrestrial Beings You Know She’s A She’s A Mutual Friend On Facebook Man I Can’t Watch Your Stuff Tomorrow They Choose And This And Then Like Wow There’s That Layer To But Just Drama Of It All Is Just Too Much For Me I Just Don’t Follow It I Got My Friends All Hanging Out And I Feel Bad But I Wanted To Make Sure To You Know Show Up Yeah Man Thanks For Coming Up I Think Yeah Come On Man You Know Hey So For The For The People That Are Tuning In What’s Next What’s In The Pipeline Before You Go What Should We Be Expecting If You Want To Take This I’m Gonna Make A Plug I Never Know Just Go To Freeman Check It All Out It’s All Free Of Aid Come On And You Know Or You Can Subscribe And Help Me Out And Help Me You Know Keep Chasing This Monster But You Know The Whole Goal Here Had Been To Open The World To The Occult But Not To Demonize It So You Know I Got Full Works Of Magic All Around Me Right And It’s Not Demonic Work You Just Don’t Understand When Until You You Really Start To Dig In And Understand What These Things Are Saying So It Wasn’t Enough For Me To Hear Everybody Say Oh It’s Satan It’s Satan And Satan I Want To Know What That Means I Want To Know What This All Means And So You Know It’s Always Been This Exploration Into The Occult Side Of Things And Then Also I’m You Know I’m A Science Fiction Buff So I Can’t Help But Follow Glow-in-the-dark Cats I Mean Come On They’re Cloning Your Net Yeah And This Is Crazy So Yeah That’s My True Passion Is Just To Follow These Stories And Honestly I’ve Said From The Very Beginning That I’ve Never Went Looking For Any Of This Information It All Came Looking For Me And I Was Just A Vessel For It I Know I Don’t Even Remember Where Everything Came From Or Why The Name Freeman Come From Yeah Where’s The Name Freeman Come From That One You’ll Have To Read Robert Anton Wilson Zaluman Oddest Trilogy When Did You Come Up With The Name Or When Did You Uh Plaza It Was Put Upon Me I I Didn’t Want To Be Number Three At This Restaurant I Was Working At So I Stood Up Said I’m Not A Number I’m A Free Man My Name Tag Good Stuff I’ve Been Freeman Ever Since The Fly See I Was Always Just Freeman And Which Was Kind Of A Bitch Because When I Would Like Text Mars They Would Introduce Me As Intact Blood Did This – I Can’t Believe It They As I’m Coming On To Dr. Heinous Works Of Madonna And Prince They’re There They’re Introducing Me As Freeman Just A Single Name You Know Like Madonna Or Prince And I’m Like You’re Gonna Relate Me To The People I’m About To Come On Here Demonize You Suck So But The The Fly The Freeman I Look Jack Blood Is A Weird Gun Man Yeah He’s He’s Quite A Character I Like Jack A Lot We Are Like Buddhist I Don’t Get Ya He’s Is Easy Man Easy Yeah I Like Jack Uh But The Flow He Was Blue Fly Productions That’s Because Project Blue Fly Other Than Blue Book Was When There Was Actually Actually An Extraterrestrial Running Around On Planet Earth So I Chose Blue Fly Productions To Basically Claim That I Was An Extraterrestrial Running Around On Planet Earth And That’s Why Me Email Is Blue Fly Free Cuz I’m Blue Fly Free Right Anyway Uh I Went To Buy That Website And At That Very Moment Blue Fly Comm Came Out Like I Had Already My Tv Show Where It Said Blue Fly Productions Yeah Home And I Want To Go Buy Blue Fly Comm It Became This Shopping Store So If You Go To Blue Fly Calm Right Now You’ll Find It So Shopping You Know It’s Like Walmart Online And I’m Just Like How And Why Why Would They Call Their Company Blue Fly That’s Bizarre You Know I Know What I Did Because It’s Aliens You Know Why Did This Company Suddenly Steal My Url So I Ended Up With Yeah With Freeman And It’s Been That For Almost 12 Years Now So There’s Like Just 12 Years Crazy Madness With High Priest Of The Church Of Satan Or Evangelicals Looking At Alum In Women On Hand Signs You Know I Go All Over The Place Trying To Explore This Situation Without Any Bias Yeah Well Thank You So Much For Coming On The Show Freeman Man Can We Have You Back On For Another One It Would Be Awesome Feels Nice Yeah We’ll Do It Again I Didn’t Know My Friends Were Gonna Stand It Thank You Big Brother Freeman Joy Diamond On Man Yeah Thank You A Lot To You By The Way 3 Min For Up For Doing What You Do For Free Right Go Left Yeah Come On With The Base Next Time Play The Base For Us I Want To Do It So Much Equipment I Thought About Setting Up In There But There Are Human So Yeah Yeah You Have To Have You On What You’re Jamming Man Okay Well Okay Molecular Band Dot-com Yeah That’s My Website For The Band Oh I Like It Lair Band Dokken Leonard Which Okay I’ma Show Know That’s Usually Not A Rizzo Name Is Grammy-nominated Musician That He Is He’s One Of Freeman’s I Host The Home For Wayward Genius Here Man You Got A Meet Soon Man Cuz We’ve Been Doing Stuff Together For Almost A Year So Men You Gotta Meet Soon Cuz I Know You Invited Me To The Free You’re Mine I Didn’t Get All Get Through Your Mind Yeah Didn’t Go Cuz You Know Why I Said That I Now Cuz You’re A Fool To Follow Rock You Man I Will Be There Next Year Man Next Year He’ll Be Good It’ll Be Me Versus Michael To Serie That’s Well Are You Gonna Have To Share You There Really How Can We Either Happen To Be Gone That’s What I’m Gonna Be I’m Gonna Be There I’m Gonna Be To Your Right And You’re Lenny A Bit To Your Left This Happens Around April Right Yeah Okay Good Yeah No Yes I Want To Make It Out To The Next One I’m Gonna Be There It’s A Deal I Guess You Mexicans You Sure Well Conference Them So He’ll See That You Get To Meet Everyone Everybody’s Friend I Got To Make It Out There Man To Be Doing What I Do And Have Never Been To Any Of These Conferences Man It’s Not Again Load Although I Saw One Video Of A Guy Running Around The Conference Filming Occult Symbols On Everybody And Look Oh My God They Got You Guys Seen That Two Minutes You Gotta Make A Living Man He’s Got Me Going I Know That That Kid Was Trying To Say You Guys Had An Agenda I’m Like Really The Agendas New Agenda Yeah Yeah Yeah There’s An Open Open Non-biased To The Occult You Know It’s Like No Like The Howard Stern Show Was There Right Yeah I Never Knew If I Was On Or Not Well You Have To Find Out If I Was On Howard Stern As An Anti-semite Also Hey Uh I Got I Got A Quick Question I Just Want To Ask If You Hate This Guy Because I Just Found Out About Him Like Yesterday Have You Heard Of Tiny Tiny Tim Right Yeah I Just Found Out About Him To Do Was Amazing Man I Learned Of It Yet Tiny Put Out Of Deeper No Tiny Tim Was Something Else But I Didn’t Really You Know I Mean That I I Remember Him When He Was Popular Pep Talk For The Tulips Yeah I Just Found Out About That Yesterday I Was Like I Was Pissed Off At The Internet For Not Finding Out About Him Earlier I Thought Yeah No Odd Tiny Tim He Reminded Me Of Manson I Went We Got Some Manson Stories We’re Gonna Cover Him A Little Bit Here Mommy Of Marilyn Manson I’m A Huge Manson Fan I Was Like Man It Dude Before He’s Before His Time Yeah Yeah I Was At A Riot Out Of This Concert Oh Wow Yeah They Kept Breaking The Barricade Come On Manson Manson Audience Stage And He Just Walked Off Stage And Everybody Rioted Have You Ever Made It Out To A Burning Man I Am Anti Burning Man Are You Cuz Mm Radio Has Or What Huh The History That It Has I Know It Has A Lot Of No No It’s Just I’m Rainbow And It’s Like Wheat Opposite Of Rainbow It’s Like If You Asked Me If I Was A Deadhead I’d Be Like Now You Know I’m Rainbow Although I Toured With The Dead For Many Years I’ve Never Been A Deadhead I’m A Rainbow I Love The Rainbows By The Way I Was Out In Apple Valley At The Hot Springs Out There And The Rape There Was A Rainbow Gathering Out There Some Of The Most Beautiful Positive People I’ve Ever Been Around I’ll Tell You That Much Yeah Megadeth Fan It’s The Soul It Really Does Guys Huh Are You Making A People Go To Rainbow Next Year There We Go Okay I’d Much Rather Sit In The Mud With You On The Hot Springs Yeah Walk Around Naked Okay Forget You’re Lucky You’re Nude On We’ll Find Out What It Is June Of Next Year So All Right Much Left Free To You And Thank You For Yeah Coming On Again Yeah Yeah Thanks For Coming Through My Friend We’re Gonna All Talk More Just Off The Air And Then We’ll Talk More On The Air Sounds Good Effin Utley Blair I Stay Positive Much Love Ya Get In Touch Will Do Man Awesome Y’all Free Man Fly Guys Ladies And Gentlemen It Was Awesome

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