Scott Lawlor Soul Journey

Soul Journey, Music and Intention | Scott Lawlor | Inspired By The NDE of Nancy Rynes

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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by musician Scott Lawlor who speaks about the power of music and his fascinations with NDEs (Near Death Experiences).
I received an email from Scott Lawlor after he heard my interview with Nancy Rynes about her near-death experience. He sent me the email and asked if I was looking for any guest and if so he would love to come on. I checked out his music and loved what he was bringing to the table so we booked it. Scott put out a album dedicated to Nancy’s story entitled Soul Journey. At time we booked the interview I did not know that he was blind until he came on for the episode. I asked Scott a question that he says is a huge misconception about blind people. I asked him if being blind does it increase his other five senses? I’ve heard many people say that if you are blind then your sense of sound would be so much greater than those who have all their senses. When I ask Scott this, his answer was no, it’s the same as everyone else’s. Many people who were listening live in the chat could not believe it because they had seen those documentaries and heard about that is well. Someone in the chat said that maybe he does have an increase in those senses and just doesn’t know it because it comes natural to him and that very well could be. Many people with spiritual abilities are able to see into the spirit with the use of their imagination early on don’t feel like they have something special just because it comes very natural to them almost as second nature. I really enjoy Scott’s music and as a musician myself got to ask him some questions about composing as well.



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