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There are countless books available on the topic of contacting or summoning angels and communicating with beings on the other side. One particular topic of interest is what is known as the CE5 Initiative meaning Close Encounters of The Fifth Kind. This is not explained as a UFO contacting you, but where you contact them. This can be done in a variety of ways. The most common way this is done is while stargazing. The person usually gets themselves in a comfortable state ready to initiate contact. Intention is key because expectation usually brings about manifestation. The person then may begin praying inwardly or outwardly, either communicating with God or trying to make contact with the beings above. During this process the person may begin to see strange aerial phenomena or what appears to be stars moving then stopping or immediately changing direction. People have also reported that these lights will also being to blink almost as if they are trying to communicate by using a type of Morse code. After a connection like this happens, the person may begin to receive telepathic messages in the form of inward impressions or ideas sent from the ship / beings. This practice can be done alone or in group settings. I have had personal experiences in both and have seen things that have changed my life in amazing ways. These experiences impart the notion that the other side is real. People may debate about what actually is going on and try to explain these sightings away but for me it reiterates the fact that God, Heaven and the Spirit Realm are real. It shows that Heaven is not just some other realm that we cross over to when we die but that it is a place that physically exists out there beyond the stars. As we are gazing into the night sky we are literally gazing into eternity. The Bible and many other sacred texts tell of stories of angels that travel from Heaven to Earth as a place that literally exists. For me it builds my faith and tends to bring about some validity to the stories.



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