Daniel Newman is a part of a team of Christian ambassadors called to bring forth the restoration of all things, which includes traveling to other dimensions and showing fallen beings their true identity and their full potential in Christ. The practices have been made famous by many people such as Mike Parsons, Ian Clayton, Jason Westerfield, Kingdom Talks and many others. This practice of “engaging the heavens: is a part of the new apolostic Christian reformation movement that focuses on ascending to descending to other realms to preach to many divine, misled or fallen beings. Their goal is to restore all creation back into the fullness of Jesus Christ.

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Daniel Newman was born to and raised in a traditional Jewish home, became a believer out of the hippy movement in 1971 through a Pentecostal Holiness church, worked there 22 years in full time ministry traveling much of the world speaking in many conferences abroad, was divinely contented and left that church in 2001, came into the finished work of Calvary and evolved over the years into inclusion and knowing God in the heavenly realm, finding the key is intimate and personal relationship with Christ within.

1:17:27:19 Reptilian / Ant like beings are longing for restoration.

More On Daniel Newman At – https://pod.co/divine-decadence

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